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Ep 194: Boruto, Kawaki, and Naruto battle for the bathroom! Watch Boruto on Crunchyroll:
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Crunchyroll Collection
Crunchyroll Collection 25 kun oldin
Watch episode 194 here!
mohawk m
mohawk m 15 kun oldin
hai saya suka naruto saya girle saya suka jadi hinata saya orang islam❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
mickel chomakhar
mickel chomakhar 21 kun oldin
Prinzelle Lorein F. San Agustin
Prinzelle Lorein F. San Agustin 22 kun oldin
Ali Turaif
Ali Turaif 22 kun oldin
When will you get dubbed
Ilijah Thompson
Ilijah Thompson 23 kun oldin
I watch it on hulu
Anime D. Senpai - Comparisons, Quizzes & More
Anime D. Senpai - Comparisons, Quizzes & More 22 soat oldin
1:18 - 1:26 please don't tell me these things flying when they hit each other are what I think they are 😅
Kermii Kun oldin
The real reason why naruto stopped them is he dont want to get the animation budget to go high
RyukenX /リュウケンX
RyukenX /リュウケンX Kun oldin
Reiner : I'm sick and tired of walls Naruto : I'm sick and tired of nature calls
Jemimah Yi
Jemimah Yi Kun oldin
Hahaha now lets imagine what would have had happened if Naruto still sucked at Shadow Clone Jutsu like he was back at the Academy? lol
bridget mbinya
bridget mbinya 2 kun oldin
Did kawaki just say the n_word? 🤔🤔😅🤣
Reslurkk Kun oldin
Nishchay Bahukhandi
Nishchay Bahukhandi 2 kun oldin
Who is kawaki's voice actor.... I m trying so hard to remember...but I can't....I have heard the same voice before.... Edit: is it bakugo? Aur Levi? Edit 2: it feels like eren....
KiLLBiLL 2 kun oldin
Its megumis VA from jujutsu kaisen
Leaf _111
Leaf _111 2 kun oldin
They only have 1 bathroom?
JohnWillem 12
JohnWillem 12 2 kun oldin
They forgot to wash there hands
Bartosz Jasiorski
Bartosz Jasiorski 2 kun oldin
I just watched first season NARUTO
Linh linh
Linh linh 3 kun oldin
Silencio 3 kun oldin
Never pause Naruto, It's a known fact and a mistake you will regret
1-4-1 Zeus Saha
1-4-1 Zeus Saha 2 kun oldin
But this is boruto and I can pause
Illegitimate Otaku
Illegitimate Otaku 4 kun oldin
1:11 Did Kawaki just call Boruto's meat small? 😯
T Reezy
T Reezy 4 kun oldin
Bruh they didn't wash their hands. That's real animosity to try and give your opponent pink eye
birbje 4 kun oldin
wash your hands
Fausto Orieta
Fausto Orieta 4 kun oldin
pero che no se lavaron las manos
NoodleBrick Squad
NoodleBrick Squad 4 kun oldin
I can't wait until RT TV reacts to this 🤣
rayane alsudani
rayane alsudani 4 kun oldin
is esi boruto
Bryan Naing
Bryan Naing 4 kun oldin
You know, as a family of four I would've assumed they had more than one toilet especially considering the scale of their house.
Mysterious Senorita
Mysterious Senorita 5 kun oldin
I hope they dont end up kissing like Sasuke and Naruto
Jordan Fuifui
Jordan Fuifui 5 kun oldin
Theory: When Kawaki said "Shrimp" he was referring to Boruto's... 👀
1-4-1 Zeus Saha
1-4-1 Zeus Saha 4 kun oldin
Kawaki is older , so obv boruto will be smaller
Cultcik 5 kun oldin
Me and my family:
Mahdhi1235 5 kun oldin
what are those tattoos
Timothy Yudhistira
Timothy Yudhistira 5 kun oldin
Shanielle Williams
Shanielle Williams 6 kun oldin
I don't usually take sides with siblings but in all fairness Boruto started this one
Khaleesa Syahrul
Khaleesa Syahrul 6 kun oldin
Noruto didn't click face
Akin Vorakanonta
Akin Vorakanonta 7 kun oldin
Why did everyone ignore the fact that they didn’t wash their hands before fighting!!!!!
1:00 tf are they bouncing for?
Hinata :3 shy girl
Hinata :3 shy girl 7 kun oldin
Bolta Anims
Bolta Anims 8 kun oldin
But did the clone wash it’s hands? 🤔
Imani Bey
Imani Bey 8 kun oldin
This battle is better than the 2nd VOTE fight.
Just a Random Weeb
Just a Random Weeb 8 kun oldin
0:51 i love this moment
Chloe Thompson
Chloe Thompson 8 kun oldin
Poor naruto
Joel Bird
Joel Bird 9 kun oldin
I sure hope they wash their hands.
I am Cherrymilk QwQ
I am Cherrymilk QwQ 9 kun oldin
aleeza 9 kun oldin
when washing hands is irrelevant-
Uzumaki 10 kun oldin
Boruto and young Sasuke would be a good rival
Shinobi World
Shinobi World 10 kun oldin
Naruto vs Boruto karma mode - @
Pix Productions
Pix Productions 11 kun oldin
Why does this fight have better animation than the Naruto vs Boruto fight?
James Silvers
James Silvers 7 kun oldin
Bc the animator jay1jay1jay1 is a underrated animator who is pretty good and did this part , the animators who did the naruto vs boruto v2 were probably worse then him
1-4-1 Zeus Saha
1-4-1 Zeus Saha 9 kun oldin
Which Naruto vs boruto fight there are two lol
Mmmm Hmmm
Mmmm Hmmm 10 kun oldin
Because it's new gen fight
spellbreath 2
spellbreath 2 11 kun oldin
Plot twist boruto is the badguy and this guy is the good guy.
Abhiram .S
Abhiram .S 8 kun oldin
@Mmmm Hmmm no i think when konoha relies on cyborgs and forgets about shinobi basics, boruto raises his voice against that and organizes those who follow the paths of shinobi and creates his own faction and stands against konoha and destroys the village
Mmmm Hmmm
Mmmm Hmmm 10 kun oldin
Nah. Boruto said "I'm still Shinobi". So he is saviour
mehroop 11 kun oldin
So hype
deadspider82X 11 kun oldin
That’s disgusting they didn’t even wash there hands
early sunsets over monroeville
early sunsets over monroeville 11 kun oldin
they're literally like naruto and sasuke in childhood
Beriorn 11 kun oldin
Starting more than 900 episodes ago, Naruto still does toilet humor. Gotta hand it to the series for sticking to what it knows.
The givin Sword
The givin Sword 11 kun oldin
Don’t forget this all started because of peeing
Ninja 1
Ninja 1 12 kun oldin
1:15 Did They Wash Their Hand Before Fight?
ArchangelAzrael. 12 kun oldin
They didn't wash their hands lol
Big Bob
Big Bob 12 kun oldin
They didn’t even wash their hands before fighting.
awaken my master
awaken my master 13 kun oldin
0:34 kawaki says the n word
Gamer freddy boy 2008
Gamer freddy boy 2008 2 kun oldin
That isn't the n word bruh
Yelyah 13 kun oldin
They didn't wash their hands :[
NorthernStal The famously unknown penguin
NorthernStal The famously unknown penguin 13 kun oldin
Is no one talking about how boruto and kawaki still went peeing like only 1.5m apart?
1-4-1 Zeus Saha
1-4-1 Zeus Saha 13 kun oldin
Plz re watch the whole arc just watch it bro
Pech Thou
Pech Thou 13 kun oldin
Jesus is coming soon so please repent for your sins God Bless ❤️
Youraj Tiwary
Youraj Tiwary 13 kun oldin
Fight is getting dirty
a1roxen 13 kun oldin
Does boruto in this fight look like a teenager
PhenomsServant4 13 kun oldin
Did Naruto drink expired milk again?
atakan oksay
atakan oksay 13 kun oldin
Bro wash your hands
AlphaMale 13 kun oldin
Boruto has no skill he needs to thank momoshiki for his karma
AlphaMale 9 kun oldin
@David MullerI watched the fight and now i take it back
David Muller
David Muller 10 kun oldin
Boruto vs Ao says hi
caringal family monserate
caringal family monserate 13 kun oldin
Merged Zamasu
Merged Zamasu 13 kun oldin
Peeve 1:45
Just2friends 13 kun oldin
Didn’t even wash their hands
Hi It's Alex
Hi It's Alex 13 kun oldin
Remember to wash your hands
•Crunchy Baddie •
•Crunchy Baddie • 13 kun oldin
I love how Naruto casually does a hand sign while taking a dump
SpLaT_RXFF 13 kun oldin
smh, they didnt even wash their hands
Pgc freitas
Pgc freitas 14 kun oldin
Naruto clone didnt wipe Boruto and kawaki didnt wash hands. Amazing
Lucurato 14 kun oldin
Imagine fighting over a bathroom. Lol. Not a clean fight if you know what i mean. I still loved boruto and kawaki fight.
Fazefirefly -
Fazefirefly - 14 kun oldin
My mans hokage and still can’t build a toilet
Steffan Blanco
Steffan Blanco 14 kun oldin
So can I just skip all episodes before this?
Steffan Blanco
Steffan Blanco 10 kun oldin
@Dc5 okay, thanks
Dc5 10 kun oldin
If u want to try a couple episodes to see how good the anime can be some times then u should watch either the mitsuki episode, episode 189, or either fight against deepa. Just search them up
theprinceton 13 kun oldin
@Steffan Blanco dont let people decide for yourself , instead try yourself and judge it on your own , advice : watch all the eps (slowly so you dont get bored)
Steffan Blanco
Steffan Blanco 13 kun oldin
@1-4-1 Zeus Saha It's okay if you like trash anime tho, I don't mind
1-4-1 Zeus Saha
1-4-1 Zeus Saha 13 kun oldin
@Steffan Blanco it's wasn't trash it was mid , it's not unwatchable , did u just blindly trust others or even watch stuff ? Just do whatever u want at this point
Manny 14 kun oldin
Yxql 14 kun oldin
Bruh, the thumbnail lol
Eliezer Broche
Eliezer Broche 14 kun oldin
One pray for Naruto's peace is one like for me 👎👍
Shitanshu 15 kun oldin
0:51 0:51 0:51 0:51
Koro Sensei
Koro Sensei 15 kun oldin
The fact that they dont even wash their hands disturbs me
Tanaka Minoru
Tanaka Minoru 15 kun oldin
I love KAWAKI⚘⚘
Big Boy
Big Boy 15 kun oldin
They not gonna wash their hands first?
Maulana Ihsan
Maulana Ihsan 14 kun oldin
Joshua Billie
Joshua Billie 15 kun oldin
Didn’t even wash they damn hands
nono4564 15 kun oldin
Shadow clone jutsu in the toilet. I always imagined it as a joke when being late for school. Now Thank you.
Maria Carpio
Maria Carpio 15 kun oldin
I think kawaki is much better than boruto, he is very handsome but It looks like he has suffered a lot, that's why Naruto understands it
Mākasu 15 kun oldin
If Kawaki is the new Sasuke then what's up with Mitsuki? Is he supposed to be like Gaara?
Surekha Gondhalekar
Surekha Gondhalekar 2 kun oldin
@Vaqu that is why they are different and their bactstories are diff
Vaqu 3 kun oldin
@Surekha Gondhalekar kawaki didn't lose anyone so there wasn't anyone to get revenge on. He could only get revenge on Jigen but he knows that's impossible because he's too strong so he dosen't even think about it
Surekha Gondhalekar
Surekha Gondhalekar 3 kun oldin
@Vaqu also their goals tells about their personality a bit
Surekha Gondhalekar
Surekha Gondhalekar 3 kun oldin
@Vaqu but he is more caring when he escaped from the facility he gave that dog the bread and refused from killing the child and he also tried to fix the vase but sasuke didn't care about anyone just power and his goal
Vaqu 3 kun oldin
@Surekha Gondhalekar those are their goals not personalities
Sandra Gruber
Sandra Gruber 16 kun oldin
Just Enjoy
solo62 thee aggressive hounds apex python
solo62 thee aggressive hounds apex python 16 kun oldin
Imagine kawaki meets sasuke
arProdigy 16 kun oldin
When a toilet fight has better budget and animation than the 7 Deadly Sins season 4
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson 17 kun oldin
Neither of them washed those hands they've been throwing....gross!
christopher viernes
christopher viernes 17 kun oldin
christopher viernes
christopher viernes 17 kun oldin
Porg Intelligence
Porg Intelligence 17 kun oldin
Ok, I still wanna know why did Kawaki stand next to Boruto..
Abbi Muh robbi
Abbi Muh robbi 17 kun oldin
berke okan
berke okan 17 kun oldin
nice battle
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 17 kun oldin
it's all fun until boruto finds out that sasuke was in the bathroom too..
Kroshark 17 kun oldin
At least wash ur hands
SARADA UNCHINA 17 kun oldin
R B 17 kun oldin
Everyone remember when Naruto and his shadow clones fought each other to get into the bathroom because he drank bad milk
Nati Haftay
Nati Haftay 17 kun oldin
what a min did those two fight with out zipping their pants
1-4-1 Zeus Saha
1-4-1 Zeus Saha 15 kun oldin
They zipped bru
Otsutsuki 17 kun oldin
yes they did you can hear them zipping
KiyoDi 6
KiyoDi 6 17 kun oldin
Bro wash your hands first
00VIPERMOON00 17 kun oldin
Kristoffer Mouamba
Kristoffer Mouamba 17 kun oldin
Then: Kakashi stops Naruto and Sasuke while fighting Now: Naruto stops Boruto and Kawaki while fighting
George Moubayed
George Moubayed 17 kun oldin
I dont know why but I feel like if naruto was there he would tell them to go together for some reason
Im Shreyan
Im Shreyan 17 kun oldin
the fact that they had a fight about going to the bathroom and almost better than fight between naruto and sasuke is just amazing
Lucurato 14 kun oldin
So true
1-4-1 Zeus Saha
1-4-1 Zeus Saha 15 kun oldin
Well yeah it was for only 12 seconds but it was still better than that 5 minute fight tbh 😂
Esraa Adel
Esraa Adel 17 kun oldin
leah rainbow family
leah rainbow family 17 kun oldin
Is it a fanart
DiViNe SaGe-16〰61
DiViNe SaGe-16〰61 16 kun oldin
No, it's on the crunchyroll channel
Ezxlexx忍 17 kun oldin
Yes it's a fan made video posted on official *Crunchyroll*
Agus Dimas
Agus Dimas 17 kun oldin
@leah rainbow family only Boruto fans know 😎😎
leah rainbow family
leah rainbow family 17 kun oldin
MLG BOI 18 kun oldin
PhantXmBLXZE 18 kun oldin
Bro wash your hands before fighting
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