Angelic! Cassandra Coleman Is A Voice The World Has Never Heard! - American Idol 2021

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American Idol

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Cassandra Coleman walked into the American Idol audition ready to put her fears and insecurities aside and pursue her life-long dream of singing and performing, and boy...did she deliver! According to Lionel Richie, Cassandra’s performance was as “angelic as it’s gonna get.” Luke Bryan tells Cassandra she’s “a new voice the world has never heard before.” Lionel wants Cassandra to remember this one thing: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Will Cassandra take Lionel’s words of wisdom to heart going into Hollywood Week?
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

paulnagle77 43 daqiqa oldin
I am love with this whole performance. Hope she wins.
Ahmad Doang
Ahmad Doang 54 daqiqa oldin
Angelic voice
Raymond Redington
Raymond Redington Soat oldin
The best part is when she sang blanket on the hood
Liam Soat oldin
Most beautiful soul to appear on IDOL, No contest. Her look, beautiful. Her voice , and she has no clue how wonderful she is..Thank you God
Stuart Lynch
Stuart Lynch Soat oldin
Well I 'was' having shit day, and it's just been saved.
Andrea Ramirez
Andrea Ramirez 2 soat oldin
BIG Florence vibes 🤩
Kim Robinson
Kim Robinson 3 soat oldin
She gave me chills! Her voice is pure magic and she is so appealing. I hope she goes far and has great success.
Leah Joy
Leah Joy 4 soat oldin
I think I’ve come back to watch this video like 200+ times... she is unbelievable
Abbey K
Abbey K 5 soat oldin
Florence and the machine vibes! She sounds amazing!!
Andrea Iglesias
Andrea Iglesias 7 soat oldin
WOW! 🤩
Jennifer Lisa
Jennifer Lisa 7 soat oldin
Her smile reminds me of Kiera Knightley
Jim Brinkley
Jim Brinkley 8 soat oldin
I love the souls of all 4 of these individuals.
The M3
The M3 8 soat oldin
Wow .. her voice and her appearance is so like Angelical
Jayson 8 soat oldin
eto manok ko
superfast30 10 soat oldin
Sweet person!
Bry Gar
Bry Gar 10 soat oldin
I've watched this so many times. She is something else and so classically feminine, seems untouched by this '21st century machine'.
Mike Tettmar
Mike Tettmar 12 soat oldin
Wow how original I could listen to that all day long...
Jessica Roper
Jessica Roper 14 soat oldin
I just hate to see the industry take a pure God-given talent like this girl has and just corrupt it to hell. They will have her singing crappy lyrics, dressing provocatively and shaking her ass!! Ask Katie Perry!!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
ehLayan 15 soat oldin
Came here for The Killers, stayed for Cassandra. Wow. Her voice just forces you to feel. I fell in love. She's amazing.
Ivan Malle
Ivan Malle 18 soat oldin
Micheal Naser
Micheal Naser 20 soat oldin
Her Voice like birdy alittel bit ❤️
None Yun
None Yun 20 soat oldin
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 20 soat oldin
Sarah Tan
Sarah Tan 21 soat oldin
Bruh she kinda looks like Keira Knightley
carmgc 22 soat oldin
i can hear the late Dolores of The Cranberries in her.
Chris topher
Chris topher 22 soat oldin
Why do i love your voice and you so much...😔😔😔😔
Sean 22 soat oldin
She needs to duet with Ben Platt.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 20 soat oldin
There is something so American about her
youbelong2me 23 soat oldin
"was that okay?" GIRL.... DUDE... WHAT?!??? It was BETTER than "okay!" And then she's like "I'm mediocre" with instruments and kills it on the piano. I LOVE HER! SHE IS PRECIOUS!!! I love her modesty and how humble she is. She is so lovely 🥰🥰🥰
Nicholas Kruger
Nicholas Kruger Kun oldin
Goosebumps!! I hope she wins 2021!!!
Saniago Dakhi
Saniago Dakhi Kun oldin
Super super great!!!!!! Love it
Armiko Ritonga
Armiko Ritonga Kun oldin
top 3 Material
Rudy Valentino
Rudy Valentino Kun oldin
She sings good but sounds like other singers out on the market
Julian Marcel
Julian Marcel Kun oldin
She’s amazing, top 5 in my book
Micalah Kun oldin
Oh my goodness 😩😩😩
Chris K
Chris K Kun oldin
florence and the machine
Erik Kun oldin
Another episode past and she's still the best. ;)
Mr. Kirun
Mr. Kirun Kun oldin
I say again this is a women top 3 mybe the winner 👍🏻
undying Kun oldin
Oh lmao she will win this season.
idk Kun oldin
very folk genre I LOVE IT
Coco Kun oldin
2:24 Katy Perry is for sure an ALIEN. Look at this response. Evidence for my conspiracy theory continues to grow. It's only a matter of time Katy before the truth is revealed.
Coco Kun oldin
There is something so American about her
Janelibeli 1980
Janelibeli 1980 Kun oldin
I love HER!
LA B Kun oldin
Wow. I'd buy her album today.❤️
Peter Athana
Peter Athana Kun oldin
She’s got that radio hit voice. Very easy to listen to
John Pang
John Pang Kun oldin
So pure and authentic..
Alberto Romo Martens
Alberto Romo Martens Kun oldin
Does she has 4 vocal cords ?
Demetres Official
Demetres Official Kun oldin
W O W 😳
Alicia Briscoe
Alicia Briscoe Kun oldin
Beautiful ❤️
jazmin gonzalez
jazmin gonzalez Kun oldin
This season is to freaking good!!!
ObiWon Kevobi
ObiWon Kevobi Kun oldin
Goodness, I absolutely l o v e her voice... geezus it’s crazy to say but her tone might be my most favorite I’ve ever heard. Damn
shane bucao
shane bucao Kun oldin
Jesse Saloman
Jesse Saloman Kun oldin
okay am I fucking crazy or does she look just like keira knightley?????? like their smiles are identical I swear!
Dan Castro
Dan Castro 2 kun oldin
She's doing a great job putting her own twist and sound on these pop alternative songs from bands with male vocalists and not singing songs from artists whose tone are kind of similar to hers. This might be an unpopular opinion but I think she should also flip a song by a current female pop star. Just imagine listening to her pure and angelic maiden version of an Ariana Grande pop song like One Last Time. She might not agree personally with the sentiments of the song but there's actually great melody in it (there's a trio of guys who covered it here on UZpost) and if you add her voice to that, I think it would be a killer.
••• xD35P153x •••
••• xD35P153x ••• 2 kun oldin
Anyone who connects with this song and these lyrics has to be moved by the emotion her rendition brings to what is one of my favorite Killers song. Absolutely stunning performance.
Ralph Kemp
Ralph Kemp 2 kun oldin
Top 10
EVAH wanjiku
EVAH wanjiku 2 kun oldin
Shelley Londry
Shelley Londry 2 kun oldin
She’s got a gorgeous voice but needs another song to showcase her verbatim in that voice❤️
Ebo J.
Ebo J. 2 kun oldin
Mediocre 👀! Amazing is what Cassandra is!
David Eddy
David Eddy 2 kun oldin
The vibrato in her voice on the Killers song made her sound somewhat like Iris DeMent (look her up). Cassandra is an amazing & beautiful talent but right now I'd give the edge to Casey Bishop who's nine years younger and has a stunning voice and the control of someone that's been singing for decades (almost makes you believe in reincarnation, like what Katy said). If AI was purely a talent competition and not a popularity contest at the end, which is what happens after the voting gets thrown out to the viewers, based on what I've seen so far, Casey would be #1 & Cassandra #2. Phenomenal talent this year on AI.
David Shiel
David Shiel 2 kun oldin
Nailed it
Bholen Random Videos
Bholen Random Videos 2 kun oldin
She is my favorite
Pablo Zubiaurre
Pablo Zubiaurre 2 kun oldin
She is going to be one of the best on the live.
Caroline W.
Caroline W. 2 kun oldin
She reminds me of Florence and the machine 💗💗💗💗
Perth Pete
Perth Pete 2 kun oldin
Great mate!
Valerie Sheldon
Valerie Sheldon 2 kun oldin
God she's brilliant. Raw god given talent.
56music 2 kun oldin
best, this is the performance/audition which keeps playing in my head...possible winner...haunting and so innocent
Rahmat Alam
Rahmat Alam 2 kun oldin
I can't wait to see her perform again..
Mohammed Alla
Mohammed Alla 2 kun oldin
Aaaggghhhh what a voice
Garth Smith
Garth Smith 2 kun oldin
She to me is the top voice so far!
Kimberly ***
Kimberly *** 2 kun oldin
She is precious! Beautiful soul and a beautiful voice!
dean2663 2 kun oldin
Very shrill. Horrible to my ears.
Lynn Reynolds
Lynn Reynolds 2 kun oldin
Martin jardin
Martin jardin 2 kun oldin
Maybe a thief stole your heart Or maybe we just drifted apart I remember driving In my daddy's car to the airfield Blanket on the hood, backs against the windshield Back then this thing was running on momentum, love and trust That paradise is buried in the dust If I go on With you by my side Can it be The way it was When we met Did you forget all about those golden nights? (The way it was) All of our plans have fallen through Sometimes a dream, it don't come true Darling! Darling! If we go on Can it be (can it be) The way it was When we met Did you forget all about them golden nights?
Drew Braaten
Drew Braaten 2 kun oldin
One of my favorite idol auditions ever
Gabby Ivette
Gabby Ivette 2 kun oldin
To those who disliked this video, have a shitty week 💩
Finance Simply Explained
Finance Simply Explained 2 kun oldin
She is the winner.
Gugun Gunawan
Gugun Gunawan 2 kun oldin
William Cummings
William Cummings 2 kun oldin
"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"🤯 Dammit Lionel another one? Now I got to go find a pen. 😊 #enrichwithrichie
T. Belker
T. Belker 8 soat oldin
That quote is from the author Neale Donald Walsch, but thank you Mr. Ritchie for bringing Mr. Walsch's quote to a large audience.
Julius Cesar Tacal
Julius Cesar Tacal 2 kun oldin
I love her. She is pure and as clear as crystal.
Jonathan Vasquez
Jonathan Vasquez 2 kun oldin
So natural for!
Michelle Bowling
Michelle Bowling 2 kun oldin
What Luke said is exactly what I thought. This girl has totally god given talent. Almost a little Sarah McGlocklen(sp) sound, with a modern twist. Love her and her subtlety.
S B Kun oldin
Sarah McLachlan
Ana Paula
Ana Paula 2 kun oldin
É muita gente boa... Essa menina é extraordinária
joey76611 2 kun oldin
God I hope they don't Hollywoodize her... She's so simple and brilliant.
ROGIE ARELAS 2 kun oldin
im literally in love with her voice and i had a crush on her already 😍😍😍she’s humble and simple but beautiful 😘😘😘
Lorena Galiki
Lorena Galiki 2 kun oldin
Life begins after the comfort zone
Tch nology
Tch nology 2 kun oldin
I find my Future wife! ^^
Maria Kawa
Maria Kawa 2 kun oldin
Irshan Utomo
Irshan Utomo 2 kun oldin
Just sign the contract... she is ready...
Kabaso Mulenga
Kabaso Mulenga 2 kun oldin
Its all about the talent. No sob story but just gifted. I loved it
Henry Stanley
Henry Stanley 2 kun oldin
This young woman has the prettiest voice I've heard in a long time
iseesmith 3 kun oldin
I don’t often rewatch auditions but I loved that so much!
iseesmith 3 kun oldin
So sweet and pretty with a voice to match 🥰
Marek Tchorzewski
Marek Tchorzewski 3 kun oldin
Amazing girl with amazing voice.......
Ovidiu Papatanasiu
Ovidiu Papatanasiu 3 kun oldin
Don't forget the pianist...!
Tenzin Wangda
Tenzin Wangda 3 kun oldin
Your voice is infectious. You're gonna win this season.😁
Erik 3 kun oldin
She better win or this show is dumb.
Crystal Reeves
Crystal Reeves 3 kun oldin
She can win for sure!!!! Love her voice
Roberta 3 kun oldin
So wonderful ❤️🤗
Kalanzi Kenneth
Kalanzi Kenneth 3 kun oldin
This season is something else dm it
ANTZ 3 kun oldin
How you gonna say you don't really perform when you been singing on smule for 6 years???? lol CassietheGinger! 23K recordings. it has paid off for sure! this was amazing.. amazing enough to where I had to come here and find you! the first one of the new American idol season I just had to go back and listen to again and again!
Kat Dorrough Music
Kat Dorrough Music 3 kun oldin
Performing in public and singing into your phone in your bedroom or your car with zero eyes on you are completely different scenarios. She didn’t say she doesn’t record. She was asked where she performs. Think about how many takes most of us do on Smule before deciding to save a join or a layer on a collab. You can do it over and over until it’s perfect. Performing is have 1 shot at it and there are hundreds or thousands of eyeballs on you while you’re doing it.
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