Anakin Saved Grogu During Order 66 - Star Wars Theory

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Star Wars Theory

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During The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 5 scene with Ahsoka Tano, Grogu and Din, we found out that Grogu was a student of the Jedi Temple until the Clone Wars, aka, Order 66. Could Grogu's parents have been Yoda and Yaddle? Who saved him during Order 66? Anakin could have left him alive...what if the reason for that is because of the old legends story about Yaddle saving Anakin?
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Ahsoka Skywalker
Ahsoka Skywalker 20 soat oldin
I like this theory, just how I liked “Vader’s Ghost” (But it breaks Canon)
DragonBallScorp 21 soat oldin
This is a good theory but how do we know grogu was even alive back then?
Syphus590 Kun oldin
They should have A Yoda, Yaddle, and Grogu Disney + series
Scott R
Scott R Kun oldin Any chance this could happen considering most people don't like the Kennedy trilogy?
Ur T0aster
Ur T0aster Kun oldin
Yoda species were so rare because of how slowly they aged/ For human a life compare to Yoda species might be a 15 years/ This why Grog knew soo many masters
remuspegusas12 2 kun oldin
Asoka forgot about yaddle
Fantom Theorist
Fantom Theorist 2 kun oldin
Grogu is so cute looool
Oscar Covarrubias
Oscar Covarrubias 2 kun oldin
I don't know why I'm making this video. LOL. I'm going to keep saying Yay-tel. LOL. Great story though.
J J 2 kun oldin
I’m here cause in battlefront 2 anakin said I rather kiss gorgu on the hut than be here
Bjorn Svenby
Bjorn Svenby 3 kun oldin
Bail Organa saved Grogu and Yoda.
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 4 kun oldin
They have added non-cannon things in the past. Like the Palpatine clones
noah white
noah white 4 kun oldin
I think it’s a excellent theory. It was stated many times anakin hadn’t turned comepletly till he had the visions of padme trying to turn him Back n the building collapsed on him
Misima 4 kun oldin
Aaand Clickbait. Also R2-D2 saved grogu.
Coral Blake
Coral Blake 4 kun oldin
His mission was to kill the younglings. Grogu was the same age as Anakin. Maybe this was an age thing, Grogu wasn’t that young, in his eyes.
Kiron Kabir
Kiron Kabir 4 kun oldin
Maybe Grogu was a child made by the force, just like Ani? He was taken into the temple at a super young age and he was born in Yoda’s home planet’s village, Yoda happened to be there and took him. idk
Leander Rodriguez
Leander Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
There was one more of yodas species in KOTOR
shperax 5 kun oldin
I can't be the only one that thinks Ben killed Grogu at Lukes training temple the night he went crazy and turned to the dark side.
Charles yt
Charles yt 5 kun oldin
Isn't Yaddle the master of Yoda? So she would have had a baby with her apprentice? Bruh
Legendary Goji
Legendary Goji 5 kun oldin
I wonder if grogu died when kylo burnt the other jedi temple down
Jen Vader
Jen Vader 5 kun oldin
i have a strong feeling R2D2 saved Grogu my feelings tell me its R2 just rewatch & focus on R2 throughout the entire film of SW ep3 especially from the time Anakin was tearing alone in the jedi council
jamya 6 kun oldin
honestly, this kinda makes sense..if we can remember back when disney+ was first releasing there was talk of remaking a whole new stars wars storyline sort of separate from the original with an anakin skywalker plot. i don't know if that is still something that is in the works or even talked about amongst the directors and writers. if anyone has more information about this please leave a comment, i am really curious.
Arthur Kurbedzis
Arthur Kurbedzis 6 kun oldin
Grogu is the sweetest thing in Star Wars universe!
Jacob Mitchell
Jacob Mitchell 6 kun oldin
grogu wasnt alive when order 66 happened
A random commenter
A random commenter 6 kun oldin
What if yoda arrested palpating instead of made windu?
Brian Tapia
Brian Tapia 6 kun oldin
I don't know how this will go. But what is good is that it's a wide open and fresh for story direction. No plot holes so it's safe to say Yoda and Yaddle bang it out then baby Yoda comes she leaves the order so she can train baby Yoda in secret with only the grand masters knowing.
Ashley Hill
Ashley Hill 7 kun oldin
Grogu could very well be a clone of Yoda, he did go to Kamino in episode 2
SHAHZIAR IDRIS 7 kun oldin
It was shown in Episode II (i think) that Yoda teaches younglings. I believe it was the part where Obi-Wan went to see Yoda asking about a missing planet in the Jedi archives. So, it could be that Grogu remembers Yoda as a teacher. As Yoda is quite adamant that Jedi have no emotional attachments, i don't think Grogu is closely related to him. Maybe its because they were of the same species that Grogu particularly remembers Yoda.
Gary C.
Gary C. 7 kun oldin
Anakin lost to Obi Wan because he fell asleep during the class on high ground.
Grogu Minch
Grogu Minch 7 kun oldin
“The way..this is”
Gonzalo Mardones
Gonzalo Mardones 8 kun oldin
maybe jocasta saved him
SheLovesSosa 8 kun oldin
What if he saw yadle in grogu and was like “u saved my life once, so now I’ll let u live” or sum like that
Mario 8 kun oldin
Yaddle saves Anakin. What does she get in return? -Anakin turns to the dark side -kills younglings and almost all the jedi in the council -becomes a dark lord and slaughters lots of innocent people around the galaxy Yaddle: a idiot, he is.
Ryanator 8 kun oldin
But I assume grogu is dead now because kylo destroyed the temple and killed all of Luke’s students
Tony Manero
Tony Manero 9 kun oldin
Bail Organa saved Grogu, with the help of an unknown Jedi. Most likely Jocasta.
Omega ThePro
Omega ThePro 10 kun oldin
Realized that between the 9 movies of star wars every 3 movies have their own groups for example in episodes l(the phantom menace)-lll(the revenge of the sith) the bad guys where order 66 and the good guys where the new republic then through episodes lV-Vl the bad guys where the empire and the good guys where the republic and through episodes Vll-lX the good guys are the resistance and the bad guys where The First Order
Total Creative Gaming
Total Creative Gaming 10 kun oldin
if Grogu was the offspring of Yoda & Yaddel, then why did they abandon him? or why did Yoda abandon him, if Yaddel is possibly dead?
Jack Benton
Jack Benton 10 kun oldin
The way I've always looked at it is by the time anakin was killing kids he was already gone and turned to Vader fully transformed I don't think anakin would of killed younglings without having already fully turned so 4 me this theory doesn't hold enough weight with how corrupting the dark side is on a jedi mind particularly a strong jedi
James North
James North 10 kun oldin grogu is saved(Tarantino style😎)
Jonas Der
Jonas Der 10 kun oldin
Grogu is 50 years old. Anakin didnt save him during order 66 cause he wasnt born
Dugroz Reports
Dugroz Reports 10 kun oldin
Unsolved, best left, some things are.
Harold The Dolphin Puppet
Harold The Dolphin Puppet 10 kun oldin
Austin Alexcee
Austin Alexcee 11 kun oldin
Jedi master vandar not legends? If so I found four of yoda’s species
scooter is awesome
scooter is awesome 11 kun oldin
Grogu is much wiser & stronger than he projects. And Im sure he can talk. He's a 50 year old trained Jedi. He's playing everybody. Hiding his wisdom & abilities. just like yoda did when he met luke for the first time
Seven Sisters
Seven Sisters 11 kun oldin
Oh thank God, somebody called him Grogu. People who say '' baby Yoda '' should be banned from Starwars.
Ben 6
Ben 6 11 kun oldin
I thought baby yoda was yoda or is he????? I need explanation
A. Harrison
A. Harrison 11 kun oldin
Hi, so I love Star Wars, but I'm noticing I really don't know anything. I've only watched the Star Wars movies, and The Clone Wars. I will watch rebels but I'm not there yet. You were talking about books and other masters I've never even heard of. I didn't realize that there was basically a female version of Yoda. How the hell do you people know all these things? I played The Fallen Order and had no idea who the Master Yaddle person was. I just figured it was a jedi that died during Order 66 or something like that. How can I learn all of these things? Where do I even start? If you do read this, thanks.
Johnny G
Johnny G 11 kun oldin
when Grogu looked up at Asoka he definitely knew the name but Asoka also gives a slight nod which I think could be her telling him that Yoda has died because after that exchange Grogu looks at his lap quite sadly so that's another meaning that it could have.
omw9 11 kun oldin
Who all did Alt + F4? Just for the heck of it...?
D4RK Lazer
D4RK Lazer 11 kun oldin
Why would he save grogu but not the other younglings
benjamin jabbari
benjamin jabbari 11 kun oldin
yodel shouldve had a story when yoda in clone wars visits that force island plays that qi gon told him to do
Dayvion Hill
Dayvion Hill 11 kun oldin
Anakin did not save grogu at the end of the mandolorin it was luke sky walker
Intrekiller Bull
Intrekiller Bull 11 kun oldin
If baby yoda was in the Jedi timpol where was when anakin killed those little kids
-Wendy's- 11 kun oldin
not true. grogu has access to an advanced force mind control technique which works on even the strongest minds, not just the weakest. grogu experienced alot of bullying during his time with the jedi leading him towards the dark side. he used his advanced force technique to order anakin to kill the younglings because anakins intentions were to spare them. grogu traveled far and wide to learn ancient sith ways, eventually becoming the strongest sith to ever live. he discovered that palpatine was a sith lord and quickly forced him under his control. the story continues as you know it, except grogu's the one pulling the strings. after witnessing the death of palpatine, grogu snuck aboard lukes ship so he could escape the death star, laying low until what we know as the mandalorian.
Doug M
Doug M 11 kun oldin
Maybe Grogu did rise like a phoenix, out of the ashes.
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas 12 kun oldin
Well I guess she could return cause I’m the legends anakin only saw her disappear only leaving light particles so she could be somewhere else with the force or summin ..... idk
John Richardson
John Richardson 12 kun oldin
This theory would make sense. Here is my take on this......Ankin saves Grogu. Luke still sensed good in Vader during Return of the Jedi. This allowing Ankin to become a force spirit with Yoda and Obi-Wan.
sliced-american-ham 1
sliced-american-ham 1 12 kun oldin
"Jizz then dipped i did"- yoda
Vickemannen 92
Vickemannen 92 12 kun oldin
Idc who you are, no ones so evil to be willing to kill Grogu
Tony Little
Tony Little 12 kun oldin
Clickbait bs just like mike zeroh lol.....
༒Ṩΐxeͥlb๏๏ϻδexy༒ MRメδexyBᴏʏ࿐
༒Ṩΐxeͥlb๏๏ϻδexy༒ MRメδexyBᴏʏ࿐ 13 kun oldin
Grogu stay strange and survive this missed up world my child but don’t go to the temple
Pugzy 13 kun oldin
Maybe R2 Saved Grogu because when they saw each other grogu and r2 were happy
Cudder str8 legend
Cudder str8 legend 13 kun oldin
yoda never had kids its against everything star wars
baby Yoda lover
baby Yoda lover 13 kun oldin
He’s only 50, would that align with the time line
Saucy Dragon
Saucy Dragon 13 kun oldin
im so happy I found this channel.
Teajon 14 kun oldin
No way yoda kept his nut for 900 years. He definitely had fun time with yaddle
Patrick Butler
Patrick Butler 14 kun oldin
It's so painfully obvious that Grogu is a clone of Yoda that it almost hurts.
Prashant Tiwari
Prashant Tiwari 14 kun oldin
I believe this is the best explanation video of yoda and grogu on UZpost.
Jace 14 kun oldin
What if R2 saved grogu
john cole
john cole 14 kun oldin
then he killed all the other padawan? he was too far gone at this point to be saving anybody
Nytro Pro
Nytro Pro 14 kun oldin
I don’t think anakin could hide him because Luke was alive so it would be after revenge of the sith
Sam Merrett
Sam Merrett 14 kun oldin
This is a litterill yaddke vid 😂😂
primetime798 14 kun oldin
Great theory but will not happen. Anything you post or do will never happen now. Sorry it is just not realistic. Have fun because everything you post for future theories will never happen now. Not your fault but because they do not want to admit your ideas. Fun stuff but now Disney will have to make you into story group or do everything they can to push themselves from your theories. Love ya man! I hope we could open up dialogue between each other.
the derpy sandwich
the derpy sandwich 14 kun oldin
what if Yoda and Yaddle made Grogu that would be weird since there is about a 500 year difference.
Arim Oh
Arim Oh 14 kun oldin
Funfact: The reason why Palpatine and the Sith hate and want to destroy the Jedi is because the Jedi orchestrated the "Sith Holocaust" Where the Jedi attempted to exterminate the entire Sith race! Hence the title "Revenge of the Sith" because Palpatine wants to avenge the billions upon billions of unarmed innocent Sith that were slaughtered and butchered by the hypocritical Jedi Scum! The Sith Holocaust was the event that fueled Palpatine's hatred and vengeance towards the Jedi!!! Palpatine would request the creation of the Clone armies and the protocol Clone Order 66 to avenge the once proud race who became victims of genocide by the Jedi and the Republic!!! The Sith Holocaust resulted in billions upon billions of innocent unarmed Sith being slaughtered and exterminated to the brink of extinction! While the Jedi Purge or Clone order 66 resulted in only thousands dead!!! Tell me everyone who is more evil!? Palpatine and the Sith who were persecuted and forced by the Jedi and fought a war driven by hatred and revenge for the Holocaust or the Jedi who continue to ravage the lives of countless species across the Galaxy!? Let us never forget that the Jedi also commanded armies of clone slaves and sent them to die in the worst battles and wars losing blood, limb, and their souls!!! At least the Separatists used only robots which is way more ethical and moral than cloning human slaves!!! You also realize that the Sith were acting because of actions taken in the past (people pretending to be their friends then conquering them), AND those of you whining about how "the Sith started it" your point falls apart when you realize the Jedi trying to commit genocide on not just an entire species, but an entire species and ever planet they lived on. Since when is genocide EVER an acceptable option when those being killed are innocent? The answer is never. Also, please no butthurt crying that "oh the sith are evil because they attacked the Jedi and the Republic!!!!" after said Jedi and Republic committed genocide. They were murdering innocents first. #SithLivesMatter #CloneLivesMatter #TheSithHolocaust #RevengeToTheFallen
Marques de Valera
Marques de Valera 15 kun oldin
I think Grogu was saved by the the Temple Guard that will one day become the Grand Inquisitor in Star Wars Rebels. He was present at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during the attack by Anakin Skywalker now known as Darth Vader and his battalion of Clone Troopers and we know he survived the attack as his presence in SW Rebels makes clear. It is likely he fled with Grogu, hid the child. He was later captured and corrupted becoming a Dark Jedi and head of the Inquisition.
FindingSoup148 15 kun oldin
Uhhh Mando takes place after order 66
Rebecca Logan
Rebecca Logan 15 kun oldin
I've never heard of or seen the female yoda wtf lol
rumand_coke 15 kun oldin
wow im seriously shocked that YOU of all people would upload such a headline for a video.
rumand_coke 15 kun oldin
once again a proof that anakin fanboys are not reasonable. sorry not sorry
Ethan Seevers
Ethan Seevers 15 kun oldin
Luke wakes up from a meditative trance after seeing visions which are scenes from the sequel trilogy he opens his eyes to watch Young Ray and young kylo run across a doorway and he understands he must change this future. Fire truck this plot allows you to keep its and pieces of the old trilogy explains Ray's actual origin and can still redeem Star wars basically the sequel is a bad dream. I think Finn should come back with a similarside but he needs to not be a little bitch and there needs to be a more powerful dark Jedi that rises in the mandalorian and takes kylo under his wing. Finding the starforge could also be cool
mikoniko42 15 kun oldin
Sparing Grogu doesn't have Anakin fully turn to the dark side makes sense actually. Even as Vader there was conflict within him, in episode 6 Luke does say himself that he senses the good in him.
shane kaberlein
shane kaberlein 16 kun oldin
This concept would to me explain exactly why Vader still had remnants of anakin left like in the vader comic where he goes into the machine he had made to save padmé (in reality it was just his own head not the afterlife of star wars) you can see blue butterfly's flying around that's the biggest sign anakin was still there just not as prominent as he was in the past or with Luke in return of the jedi but him sparring grogu in the temple that day would kinda explain why vader still had remnants of anakin after killing the younglings but before knowing he had children
Lizzie M
Lizzie M 16 kun oldin
idk everyone in the comments saying anakin either couldn't handle the cuteness and spared him, which is funny but unrealistic, and some people saying that he was too far gone to the dark side, he would not have spared him, which i believe, but i also believe the fact that yaddle and yoda had grogu to save their species and then yaddle took her son and went into hiding until she died and then mando saved grogu. :)
Tirrellx 16 kun oldin
Don't change how I see him... He killed kids. Even when he saved his son, I was still like "fuck that guy"
Tirrellx 16 kun oldin
None of that happened 🤷🏾‍♂️ not cannon... Yet... May never be.
Christine 16 kun oldin
You made me laugh when thou said "I don't even know why I am making this video"🤣
The BatSchmidt
The BatSchmidt 16 kun oldin
I feel like it coulda been R2, idk just a guess
Gabriel David
Gabriel David 16 kun oldin
so basically anakin killed children bcs he was a simp
Mike Teeter
Mike Teeter 16 kun oldin
Im a huge star wars fan
Mike Teeter
Mike Teeter 16 kun oldin
It makes me think like this could of actully happened
Mike Teeter
Mike Teeter 16 kun oldin
I love your theory
Opi Coxy
Opi Coxy 16 kun oldin
I think that if he did spare grogu then that could have been the difference that made him return to the Jedi as he wasn’t completely full of dark side but the point of him not being enough on the dark side to defeat obi-wan doesn’t count because we’ve seen him be more powerful than obi-wan like against dooku. I think the reason he lost was because of all the emotions going through him
John Reaney
John Reaney 16 kun oldin
Yaddle seems like some sort of God or omnipotent being, beyond a Jedi
Aksel BK
Aksel BK 16 kun oldin
He became left alone
The tick tack Lad
The tick tack Lad 16 kun oldin
Star Wars theory: yoda might be the parent of grogu Me: realises that yoda got it on with someone els........... Me again: trying not to visualise it
1934 Family
1934 Family 5 kun oldin
Yoda:smash,I must
TD 16 kun oldin
Yoda and yidel made grogu, which would have the highest m count. Which would potentially make him the strongest jedi ever. Anakin had to hide this to save the jedi by killing all the young jedi. Also he return the favor for yidel saving his life. His darkside was a front for the bigger picture.
Tyler Travis
Tyler Travis 16 kun oldin
So I think Growgoo was in a secret room plus I know this because there was a little Easter egg in the movie if you didn’t see it in the middle of the place where there’s like all the master Jedi is there was a square and I was the king closely and there’s a little button on it and I knew that was a trap door
Dhilipan Sankar
Dhilipan Sankar 16 kun oldin
Wait explain it more . With more detail.
C B 17 kun oldin
Great theory but I doubt this happened at all. Anakin being filled with hate and being under such a spell by Palpatine, he killed all of the younglings. Someone hid Groku and now we see him in the Mandalorian.
Grogu 17 kun oldin
Dhilipan Sankar
Dhilipan Sankar 16 kun oldin
You will stay safe youngling. Beware of ben solo . Beware ...
Daniel Love's Cars
Daniel Love's Cars 17 kun oldin
Yoda + Yaddle= Grogu That is possible and cool af. Yoda and Yaddle got a little freecky in the mediation chambers;)
KAMLU 17 kun oldin
adi mundi was fuckin
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