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There are bots in Among Us now. They have heat vision and supersonic hearing, and they only have one weakness. Can Player work with Veteran to win finally win a game? Or will the bots come out on top?
🡆 Abigail Turner -
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Dj Sparkles
Dj Sparkles 6 kun oldin
@Object Stuff Here ur not first
Dj Sparkles
Dj Sparkles 6 kun oldin
@I Play Video Games ur not first
Rafael Jimenez
Rafael Jimenez 7 kun oldin
I’ve seen the real Mr. cheese in among us
Debbie 7 kun oldin
Ferdine Fava
Ferdine Fava 15 kun oldin
when player said this is impossible he ment imposterble
pardeep kumar
pardeep kumar 2 soat oldin
guys please subscribe this video if you like it? i think GameToons happy☺️☺️☺️😍😍😍 press this👍 please
Donna Rose
Donna Rose 4 soat oldin
H d double hockey sticks
Life of brother 5000
Life of brother 5000 9 soat oldin
Shouldn't Player and Veteran have won when MrCheese was killed???
LegionxMaster 11 soat oldin
Player and veteran should have won because they killed mr cheese and it there was the crewmates
tovah boucher
tovah boucher 13 soat oldin
I just wanted to proof my theory that the gentleman and mr. Cheese are dating but the gentleman doesn’t want to reveal it. The gentleman bot is constantly saying how nice mr cheese looks and is obviously programmed to say it. The first time he says this mr cheese says not. In public, so it leads me to believe that mr cheese is hurt he can’t reveal his relationship to the world and is using the gentleman bot to live in a world where they are out and he is the one keeping the information private and therefore in control
Brockster 106
Brockster 106 16 soat oldin
Hayden Brown
Hayden Brown 20 soat oldin
Wait on 5he thumbnail is that a reference to the terminator?
59 Abhishek pranav kumar varanasi
59 Abhishek pranav kumar varanasi 21 soat oldin
But when veteran killed mr cheese , the imposters should win, isnt it.
MixYT 23 soat oldin
Wait.. if caps a bit how has he been stabbed and got his neck snapped?
Scarlett Reddy
Scarlett Reddy Kun oldin
Epic Toby
Epic Toby Kun oldin
Alternate title: video that no-one will notice that poopy farts acctually talks (well he screams but F*** you)
sushavan pradhan
sushavan pradhan Kun oldin
Mari Montano
Mari Montano Kun oldin
I didn't think they would be robots🤖🤖🤖
lovebug777 Kun oldin
Angela Kun oldin
Mr. cheese I played as you last time
Dipak Kumar Chakraborty
Dipak Kumar Chakraborty Kun oldin
Poopy Farys is a very useless player always farting
Matthew Senivota
Matthew Senivota Kun oldin
i love you mr chees
Jessica Jackson
Jessica Jackson Kun oldin
The video is good but Player and Veteran should of won because it is two imposters against two crewmates
carealoo744 Kun oldin
Eyes are made of flesh?
Thembi Sylvia Msomi-Dacco'
Thembi Sylvia Msomi-Dacco' Kun oldin
Know that I am in the human dimension I can finally get my revenge 0:10
David Li
David Li Kun oldin
The bawdy toast densply turn because nut biophysically hover from a woebegone dancer. chunky, outstanding authorization
Marcelo Kun oldin
Gametoones predicted the new Kill animation
Ashutosh Mehta
Ashutosh Mehta Kun oldin
that was a scary movie
UltraDConline Kun oldin
the first time poopy farts had ever spoken was a scream
Kaiden Games
Kaiden Games Kun oldin
Wait when player and veteran killed mr cheese there were 2 crew and imp before gentleman killed veteran there were :crew:captain+gentleman/imp:veteran player
Everyonek Higher
Everyonek Higher Kun oldin
Great news that the first thing you can see here are you think
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese Kun oldin
im here because of the 14th episode lol
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez Kun oldin
This reminds me of The Banana Splits Movie and The Gentlebot is like Fleegle and Mr. Cheese is like Drooper
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez Kun oldin
8:41 That part reminds me of Family Guy when Brian try to kill the evil Stevie and shoots the real Stewie
Mario Posada
Mario Posada 2 kun oldin
Wait Wait Wait In Among Us Logic 14 That Realeased Today It Said That Mr.Cheese Cheated In This One So I Observed Closley At Mr.Cheese That’s When I Realized He Was Not A Bot But He Said He Made The Gentle Bot
Banksman Productions
Banksman Productions 2 kun oldin
I don’t like this stu
Jaiden_Plays27 2 kun oldin
Mr Cheese also cheated lol
pixel gunner
pixel gunner 2 kun oldin
poor player they can't win the game poor
Marc Giesemann
Marc Giesemann 2 kun oldin
Seraphia Hess
Seraphia Hess 2 kun oldin
yo, that got deep.
Mostafa Elemshaty
Mostafa Elemshaty 2 kun oldin
Mr cheese :I can finally exact my revenge me:what revenge does Mr cheese want?????
Jwan Yaseen
Jwan Yaseen 2 kun oldin
Is so much funny that Mr cheese and The bot is funny whan Mr cheese died hahaha
thegentleman 2 kun oldin
:0 i look like the robot
Whatever 2 kun oldin
Wow mr. Cheese, really good gaming =_=
Yu 123 123
Yu 123 123 2 kun oldin
Wait Wait , 7:28 Player = İmpostor But Where is the sabotage and kill button ?
Erick Coba
Erick Coba 3 kun oldin
spanihs plissssssssss por cierto no se ingles .-.
Silvia Naffa
Silvia Naffa 3 kun oldin
Silvia Naffa
Silvia Naffa 3 kun oldin
Valentin Acuña
Valentin Acuña 3 kun oldin
The gentleman vs player
Anais Botez
Anais Botez 3 kun oldin
7:44 me ; Aaaawwww, i ship it so hard.
HenrY 3 kun oldin
You the know rules and so do i.
LaMel 3 kun oldin
The gentle bot was in lie mode when he said me cheese looked nice today
Zeplynn Jenkins
Zeplynn Jenkins 4 kun oldin
Christine Kelley
Christine Kelley 4 kun oldin
I know one it is
Alessandro Bruzzone
Alessandro Bruzzone 4 kun oldin
Mother!!! Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
Alessandro Bruzzone
Alessandro Bruzzone 4 kun oldin
KIRAN VERMA 4 kun oldin
It's just so funny captainbot doesn't know he's a bot lol
Blooper 4 kun oldin
shafinaz hanafiah
shafinaz hanafiah 4 kun oldin
The thumbnail: Gentleman: *SO YOU HAVE COSEN DEATH* Player:.......... *Help*
Aarushi War
Aarushi War 4 kun oldin
Two players lol
Yooks InAYolk
Yooks InAYolk 4 kun oldin
That was the biggest plot twist I’ve ever witnessed
LA Sisters
LA Sisters 4 kun oldin
Blue SillyDragon
Blue SillyDragon 4 kun oldin
Hey GameToons Come In Here Please Is Episode 10 Mr Cheese & His New Part Or The GentleBot So It’s Mr Cheese & His New Part So Mr Cheese Has His New Part & He Calls His New Part The GentleBot
Pencilmario 9
Pencilmario 9 5 kun oldin
Is nightmaregentilmen
Infinite VanHorn
Infinite VanHorn 5 kun oldin
When the Player robot has a face error at 3:12 this is what the tiny message reads: "Reliable Packet not ack'd" Im sure none of you wanted this but honestly idrc
Tatu 5 kun oldin
2:45 The fake one is a hacker the one >>>>> is real
MrCheese YT
MrCheese YT 5 kun oldin
Hahaha! The bot strategy!
Evelyn Prasad
Evelyn Prasad 5 kun oldin
I like the Mandalorian
FrostGamingBoy! 5 kun oldin
Does anyone Feel bad for Mother Children Timmy And Franklin At 5:03 Yes No
J H Lim
J H Lim 5 kun oldin
Captian bot : *01100010011011110110100000*
FrostGamingBoy! 5 kun oldin
Player Bot:1111111111111
K-Pop Fangirl
K-Pop Fangirl 5 kun oldin
He is not such a loser anymore
Familia Benitez
Familia Benitez 5 kun oldin
wait werent player and veteran supposed to win . In the meeting there was 6 they voted out Poopyfart96 so there is 5 players so they needed to kill 1 person and they did which was Mr.Cheese >:( so they were supposed to win
cool watterson
cool watterson 5 kun oldin
Wow, mr cheese in real life is cool ngl
Shark and Panda Gaming
Shark and Panda Gaming 5 kun oldin
These vids are great! Aldo I hope I can get a displate for my birthday or Christmas but it would have to be a while because my birthday is December 21 and christmas is December 25 and the date is January 12.
Mina Chaudhry
Mina Chaudhry 6 kun oldin
David Vega
David Vega 6 kun oldin
wait a minute they won veteran and player won because the took out poopyfarts the mrcheese that means they won
David Vega
David Vega 4 kun oldin
@Santiago Daza Flores thanks now I'm going to tell them and the player should never have cheeted
Santiago Daza Flores
Santiago Daza Flores 5 kun oldin
Exactly now share the good news saying player finally won
Mr cheese and TheGentleman are right!!!
FrostGamingBoy! 4 kun oldin
Bryan Kranz
Bryan Kranz 6 kun oldin
In the future player finally wines but he ceaded
Daniel SAMSUNG 6 kun oldin
Cristian perez
Cristian perez 6 kun oldin
Mr cheese is crak:3
Shayna Mazuz
Shayna Mazuz 6 kun oldin
Mr cheeses voice is very funny😂🤣🤣😝
Ripper 6 kun oldin
how is noone acknowledging that player shouldve won because they were 5 and 2 impostors out of them meaning 3 crewmates and needing to kill 1 more person and they killed the bot of mr cheese? i only put this after a month cuz i thought other people would notice this
Μαρια Τσαγκανια
Μαρια Τσαγκανια 6 kun oldin
Whyyy MR. Cheece nooooooooo!!!!
Μαρια Τσαγκανια
Μαρια Τσαγκανια 5 kun oldin
Lyden Jackson
Lyden Jackson 6 kun oldin
Eva Waldron
Eva Waldron 6 kun oldin
That is true what veteran said I have had BILLIONS of bots like me
Joseph Hamel
Joseph Hamel 7 kun oldin
I love this episode player and veterin are a good team
Lucas Batters
Lucas Batters 7 kun oldin
Player should get a girlfriend
Charlize Kate Abac
Charlize Kate Abac 7 kun oldin
I wanted to see if that "0110" thing could translate into something.. it did... "t"
Salley Malia
Salley Malia 7 kun oldin
The lively toast scientifically type because court climatologically hover inside a natural sousaphone. trite, wealthy swamp
Goldenstandard 7 kun oldin
poopyfarts had a good arguements i understood where he was coming from
Tandem Zero
Tandem Zero 7 kun oldin
Wait if there were only five left shouldn’t player and veteran won when they killed mr cheese
Slic TheSnake
Slic TheSnake 7 kun oldin
9:30 The best plottwist of all time. Period.
The magna shark that has the power That’s neon
The magna shark that has the power That’s neon 8 kun oldin
Lilli Moss
Lilli Moss 8 kun oldin
I actully wactched the real termanater movie
Ava 8 kun oldin
one of those posters has my profile on it :D
Logan Blanton
Logan Blanton 8 kun oldin
Lol theres 6.9 million views. Noice
Samantha Espinoza
Samantha Espinoza 8 kun oldin
The number of vertices V, faces F, and edges E in a convex 3-dimensional polyhedron, satisfy V + F - E = 2 I googled it.
Chase Tien
Chase Tien 8 kun oldin
minebirds LJubb
minebirds LJubb 8 kun oldin
Player Won 3 v 2 veteran killed mr cheese 2v2 imps won he is not supposed to carry on trana win
Sweetie Mimi
Sweetie Mimi 8 kun oldin
We need a Mr.Cheese plushie we need it!
Altria Pendragon
Altria Pendragon 8 kun oldin
I hate the gentlemen and Mr cheese their cheating
Marie-Helene Kirati
Marie-Helene Kirati 8 kun oldin
OMG 😮 that’s just sad that player gets shot
Emilly Family
Emilly Family 8 kun oldin
Woooo among us is cool 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💜
Pocholo Simon
Pocholo Simon 8 kun oldin
Captin bot: What us your least formula of calculating polaherdra? Player bot: You can solve🤔 for kai with the 1🖕🏻(number) of vertacice - the 1(number) of edges(like a love❤ letter💌)+ the number of faces😐 = 2✌🏻
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