AGENT JONES vs. RAVEN! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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Agent Jonesy and Mando investigate the disappearance of Marigold. As the two walk up a nearby tower, a Spire Guardian confronts them. She is displeased to see Agent Jonesy has failed to follow the warnings of the Spire Assassin and continues to trespass. Just as Spire Guardian is about to attack, the Mandalorian pushes Agent Jonesy away allowing him to escape. From here, Agent Jonesy lands on the ground and is met with Raz who teleports him out of there. Agent Jonesy attempts to cry for help, which works as Raven from the Teen Titans flies in to attack Raz. Just as she’s about to take Raz out, Agent Jonesy has a change of plans and decides he actually needs him. With Raven failing to listen, Agent Jonesy and Raven duel it out. During the battle, Raz is able to awaken and teleport both him and Agent Jonesy out of there. From here on out, Raz and Agent Jonesy meet some of his old partners, Kondor and DeadEye.
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Jeremy Delgado ying
Jeremy Delgado ying 18 soat oldin
Wait John Jones is fake he is a copy of him
crazybloxgamezbutnoamongus 10 kun oldin
700 comment lol
Ninja Meggy
Ninja Meggy 11 kun oldin
Reven is really stupid
Linette Rebolledo
Linette Rebolledo 13 kun oldin
waht hapend wid john jones arm:/
wakeful_month Gaming
wakeful_month Gaming 16 kun oldin
3:37 when your little siblings snitch
Melvin Rahman
Melvin Rahman 17 kun oldin
Lol 3:34
Dangelo Charles
Dangelo Charles 21 kun oldin
0:31 oooooo mando,i think i know who her boyfriend is
jacobthegamer10 27 kun oldin
jonesy is gooooooooooooood
Col Scarbs
Col Scarbs 28 kun oldin
Bruh handsolat We dun broke bios
Bruh handsolat We dun broke bios 29 kun oldin
Plot twist there on a honey moon
Xmoe Oy oldin
Deadeye is my favorite the fact that he’s a cowboy Grim Reaper and he can’t die and every time he does get defeated he’s like you can’t kill what is already dead we will meet again The only skin in Fortnite I would buy
Aleks the little bean ;3
Aleks the little bean ;3 Oy oldin
If I didn't know Raz is Holding Kevin with him not ThE zErO pOiNt
Conzok2 Oy oldin
6:07 Raven: azarath Metrion zi- Raz: I LIKE YA CUT G
Christopher Meachem
Christopher Meachem Oy oldin
this shits garbage
Blade YT
Blade YT Oy oldin
ok so now John Jones is working for deadeye and kondor and the mandalorian got teleported to a weird location
Eabusham2 Oy oldin
Eabusham2 Oy oldin
Justyna b
Justyna b Oy oldin
Im 667 comment...without me there was 666 comments
TTVkingRay9 Hoyte
TTVkingRay9 Hoyte Oy oldin
They did a great job on ravens voice
TTVkingRay9 Hoyte
TTVkingRay9 Hoyte Oy oldin
I wish they made a video where raz proposes to raven
M o o n
M o o n Oy oldin
•Mr Cloudz•
•Mr Cloudz• Oy oldin
I wanna voice act for this series!
Sean Melo
Sean Melo Oy oldin
All of you guys new scape pro’s or amazing I always play your games is awesome
Dylan Brooks
Dylan Brooks Oy oldin
the way he screamed "lexa" 🤣🤣im dying
Kobs the Dude
Kobs the Dude Oy oldin
How do you have no pickaxes and nothing in your hand
josh davis
josh davis Oy oldin
aight John Jones is the side comedy guy I needed
ت Oy oldin
When Deadeye said "What do you know about the Zero Point" I heard Syrup boy🤣🤣
Lynne Herzig
Lynne Herzig Oy oldin
Let's talk about the ending
Legacy Oy oldin
“Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment”🏆
kevaun everything-Plus deluxe!
kevaun everything-Plus deluxe! Oy oldin
inot nickplays YT
inot nickplays YT Oy oldin
Ernesto Perez Arista
Ernesto Perez Arista Oy oldin
Antonio Peralta
Antonio Peralta Oy oldin
Raz does not look Australian.
Chica World.
Chica World. Oy oldin
pistol on my hip like ima cop yea,yeayea
JoshieBoy Oy oldin
confirmed..............raz is joney depp
Jerry Edwards
Jerry Edwards Oy oldin
Invxrtt Oy oldin
To be honest, Deadfire reminds me of Cad Bane from the Clone Wars
dr. dripton
dr. dripton Oy oldin
Shi, t content
shachar movies
shachar movies Oy oldin
Omgggggg yesssssss raven powers scence
shachar movies
shachar movies Oy oldin
So coollll
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez Oy oldin
I want predator back
Byron Servellon-Ayala
Byron Servellon-Ayala Oy oldin
fight fight fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jermain Henry
Jermain Henry Oy oldin
Raven: I told you NOT to cause anymore trouble now your kidnapping people 4:19
Joshua Myers
Joshua Myers Oy oldin
7:36 No More FORTNITE! 😳
todorokifan1 Oy oldin
omg y'all brought my guy deadeye back
Soldier_ Piggy
Soldier_ Piggy Oy oldin
So we gonna ignore the fact that "the child" / baby Yota has been nowhere to be seen since the new season started
Barber's Deluxe
Barber's Deluxe Oy oldin
Bruh he said he would stay there but then he just gets snapped into a different area by raze
Cameron Hammel
Cameron Hammel Oy oldin
Brian Oy oldin
Alguien que able español??
Sans_FWC-14's a noob
Sans_FWC-14's a noob Oy oldin
if he got shot in both knees that would bring me back to bo2
Micah Bowers
Micah Bowers Oy oldin
like actually, how did you get the second style for the spire assasin?
Thomasnew10 Oy oldin
I’m 9k to like!
diamond ice gaming
diamond ice gaming Oy oldin
I early
Patrick Costello
Patrick Costello Oy oldin
No it can be Raven!!!
Kelly Bean
Kelly Bean Oy oldin
Dbdbsbdjsmjs morning I hope you had some fun today and I have some good news for tomorrow I have a iwuwyw in
Queen Sami
Queen Sami Oy oldin
Wait what happened to Ohm? We haven’t seen him in a while
Myles London
Myles London Oy oldin
This comment is the only thing you’ll ever know about me. This comment is the first and the last time we’ll ever cross paths in life, you probably won’t see me in other comment sections or anywhere else in general. So, I would just like to say good luck and have fun, the world’s the limit and no one can stop you from doing what you love. No matter what you do in life, the worst case is you try your best, you be yourself, and you do what you can do with compassion, honesty, effort, and understanding. And it goes worst case and then you move on, like everything else.
Eclipse Oy oldin
Getting famous off of comments day 24, so I can live the dream life🙏
Mr FriendlyGamer
Mr FriendlyGamer Oy oldin
This Video Is So Good!
Novagaras Oy oldin
Are these films realated to fortnite story? Or you made it up. It would be intresting if it actually was fortnite story!
Bulbasur Productions
Bulbasur Productions Oy oldin
Agent John jones face reveal?????
Doodeppp Pppp
Doodeppp Pppp Oy oldin
Is that a unrelenting skin
Bryson Easley
Bryson Easley Oy oldin
A-Boss 4-lyfe
A-Boss 4-lyfe Oy oldin
Ravens voice is just killing me lol
Blade YT
Blade YT Oy oldin
The Type Family
The Type Family Oy oldin
Why does raz give me John Constantine vibes
Adam Rawlings
Adam Rawlings Oy oldin
Hey I was watching vids of gametoons if that one of your channels it said by newspapepro
Savag3 XD
Savag3 XD Oy oldin
A channel called Fortnite events are stealing your thumbnails
sujata sehgal
sujata sehgal Oy oldin
Did anyone notice that in the chapter 2 event midas probably used the zero points power?
Filip Gajic
Filip Gajic Oy oldin
"You are nowhere and every where." Such a cliche.
Caleb McCaslin
Caleb McCaslin Oy oldin
R.I.P. lexa
Jose Rubio
Jose Rubio Oy oldin
He is gold!!!!!!!!
ThanosFishyBoi Oy oldin
Ok raz with agent Jones are the main characters i guess now, this will be my favorite characters now lol
Terrie Hearne
Terrie Hearne Oy oldin
i like how agent jones yelled “LEXA!!”
Private RazorX3
Private RazorX3 Oy oldin
I will never get bored of your content LIKE NEVER
Darkmonster 76
Darkmonster 76 Oy oldin
Why is raven so cooled
BROX X Oy oldin
The second time that jones got shot on his foot..... F in chat
The 2nd Best Armed Unit At Site 19
The 2nd Best Armed Unit At Site 19 Oy oldin
So Who Won?
Kat Oy oldin
I feel like Raz and Raven are going to have a will they won't they thing
anton Davis
anton Davis Oy oldin
Seasons is better jk newscapro forever and I use code newscapro
Nabeel Asif
Nabeel Asif Oy oldin
Yeah NewScapePro is way better I don't even like any other roleplay channels because they aren't that good as NewScapePro in my opinion
Tom bear 1
Tom bear 1 Oy oldin
What do you mean John Jones barilly did anything he did a lot mando And Lexa and Jules did nothing
Astro fighter
Astro fighter Oy oldin
I'm once again asking bonehead to be a character that is useful
Samantha Krak
Samantha Krak Oy oldin
Jones make the battle pass free
Manuel Gutierrez
Manuel Gutierrez Oy oldin
I hope Jonesy doesn't turn out to be a bad guy.
Spy ninja fam
Spy ninja fam Oy oldin
Idk what To say
marigold fortnite
marigold fortnite Oy oldin
Kat Oy oldin
I REALLY want to see Deadeye vs Deadfire!🤔
Nabeel Asif
Nabeel Asif Oy oldin
@Cordae Hanner huh I guess I forgot
Cordae Hanner
Cordae Hanner Oy oldin
@Nabeel Asif Yeah but he died again
Nabeel Asif
Nabeel Asif Oy oldin
@Cordae Hanner didn't he become a ghost zombie when he died
Cordae Hanner
Cordae Hanner Oy oldin
In the NSP universe, Deadfire died WAYY back in season 6 (chapter 1)
Brandon Lovell
Brandon Lovell Oy oldin
RAZ is my favorite skin plz make more videos of RAZ
Jaden Oy oldin
WOAH hold up we just started the season and all this is happening this is cool
Muhammad KHAN
Muhammad KHAN Oy oldin
Your reality is just one of many
Zahraa Hashimi
Zahraa Hashimi Oy oldin
Do kondar vs raven
puppy dog gamer
puppy dog gamer Oy oldin
Video idea:Raven meets Raven
Gaming Comboy
Gaming Comboy Oy oldin
The day john jones who is the victim of kidnaping
djgamer gamer
djgamer gamer Oy oldin
John Jones: I am no coward. Raz: I can get you out of here. also Jones: ahhh I need help Mando Lexa! (Mando = Mandolorian)
lightening Symbol
lightening Symbol Oy oldin
Switch Oy oldin
I wish That Angent Johnes would be stronger also Jonsey falls in love
Joel Eadie
Joel Eadie Oy oldin
Why does dead eye sound a bit like herbert
Dylan77x Oy oldin
But where is baby yoda
Jacob Merten
Jacob Merten Oy oldin
Deadeye: I’m the one call’in the shots Jones’ head: no one asked
Singular SpaceGodzilla
Singular SpaceGodzilla Oy oldin
Nice, now I wanna see Batman on the island again
Killergamer198YT Oy oldin
I just want dead eye gone already
Tornado Doggos
Tornado Doggos Oy oldin
I don’t like raz
Lucas Edmondson
Lucas Edmondson Oy oldin
All I want is the predator to adopt a xenomorph...
Aya magdy Fortnight pro pros
Aya magdy Fortnight pro pros Oy oldin
Kostadin Petrov
Kostadin Petrov Oy oldin
John Jones in cinematics: I'm gonna save this bounty hunter with no fear John Jones when he hears IO: screaming very loud
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