Adrien Broner vs Marcos Maidana | Utlimate Highlights (Problem Solved!)

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"Adrien Broner vs. Marcos Maidana" was a boxing match between American Adrien Broner and Argentine Marcos Maidana. The match was held at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Maidana won the fight by a unanimous decision.

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Music_ collection Soat oldin
Oliverio Cab
Oliverio Cab Soat oldin
jajajajaja grasias por este buen bideo me a echo reir bastante felisidades maidana saludos desde mexico grasias tambien ati negrito estas listo para payaso del sirco soley
Jeffrey Wong
Jeffrey Wong 14 soat oldin
Kopal ka broner yabang mo
Edwin 16 soat oldin
same result if Pacquiao fights Mayweather during in his prime.
Daniel Carrasco.
Daniel Carrasco. Kun oldin
En el minuto 1:30 el bocon se mando un tremendo paso polveado Jajajajajajajajaj
Joshua Michael Ascaño
Joshua Michael Ascaño Kun oldin
Broner looks like Bambi learning to walk for the first time
Jrm fishing Rodriguez
Jrm fishing Rodriguez 2 kun oldin
Problem solved so satisfying
Attackon Kb
Attackon Kb 2 kun oldin
The fight was just good because of the beef they had but u got a A skill fighter that was doing all this parting vs A brawler that just be throwing shi and at the end of the day
Attackon Kb
Attackon Kb 2 kun oldin
Idk how y’all really think he won that much how u hitting that hard and broner clapping his shi he should be knocked out it just show u how tough he was and how u should always focus on boxing
Attackon Kb
Attackon Kb 2 kun oldin
He never was parting he would of fuxked him up but hey that’s wht happens
monroe murchison
monroe murchison 2 kun oldin
I like seeing Adrien broner get his ass whipped
amit chandel
amit chandel 2 kun oldin
7:42.most satisfying moment of the match he will never forget this. Hats off to Marcos
Oliverio Cab
Oliverio Cab 3 kun oldin
se levanto bailando disimulando la caida baila muy chistoso mejor k el payaso del circo soley jajaja
Roberto María López
Roberto María López 3 kun oldin
como le garroteo al negro
Richard Salova
Richard Salova 3 kun oldin
Ang sarap lompuhin ni broner
plantation Free
plantation Free 4 kun oldin
That 6:26 thump got my man off the ground.
Prodbykobe 4 kun oldin
The best fight ab ever had
Even Kevin
Even Kevin 4 kun oldin
Aside for pacquiao, maidana is another my favourite boxer
anthony vickers
anthony vickers 4 kun oldin
What a dive .
footwolf54 5 kun oldin
This brings a huge smile to my face. Groaner (pun intended) at his very best was never anywhere near as good as he thinks he is.
King Zeno
King Zeno 5 kun oldin
W title
Sesedes Corbeaux
Sesedes Corbeaux 5 kun oldin
Very next fight Floyd caught the padless gloves
Jawuan Johnson
Jawuan Johnson 5 kun oldin
Ricans will never let this one go wen Mayweather done spanked every top rican y’all got 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maximus Meridius
Maximus Meridius 5 kun oldin
It's fun watching this clown get smacked around.
Eko Ko
Eko Ko 5 kun oldin
The problem ..fuck you😁
Brett Seriba
Brett Seriba 5 kun oldin
Broner what a loser kant hahaha . Maidana buddy too good
Ceddy Alarcon
Ceddy Alarcon 6 kun oldin
After the paquiao vs broner I literally searched for "Adrian Boomer" lmao
Gabriel 6 kun oldin
Like si cuando estás depre vienes y miras este video y el de Barrera violando a hammed y quedas hecho una nueva persona :)
suraj oraon
suraj oraon 6 kun oldin
Good fight wow
Gaspar Sito
Gaspar Sito 7 kun oldin
7:43 cochino jajajajjajajajajja ese Maidana 😂🔥
Abraham Jackson
Abraham Jackson 7 kun oldin
AB took a beating but kept coming, mad respect for that fighting spirit. Godspeed on your come back.....
TAPtalk 7 kun oldin
TAPtalk 7 kun oldin
That was the fakest drop to the canvas I've ever seen after the headbutt. I haven't laughed so hard.
alexander Molde
alexander Molde 7 kun oldin
😃mr. Problem, butata ka ano! Subra ang yabang mo kasi!
Klaus Bolvig
Klaus Bolvig 7 kun oldin
Such an ass AB. I sincerely hope he as he did would lose. I just saw him lose to mickey Garcia. And his arrogance is misplaced as it was in this fight.
Jimmy B.310
Jimmy B.310 8 kun oldin
That was beautiful
jocumar117 9 kun oldin
Bien Maidana, poniendo en su lugar a ese bocon...le diste duro y hasta le devolviste la punteada....
Simon Simcic
Simon Simcic 10 kun oldin
Whatching this when havin bad day.
nasir SMITH
nasir SMITH 10 kun oldin
Peep the masonry hand shake 9:09
MadD DawgG
MadD DawgG 10 kun oldin
Here after watching the video of his arrest on RWP
Oliverio Cab
Oliverio Cab 10 kun oldin
ja ja ja ke ridicules estubo asiendo el negrito asta guey se bolvio
Dani G
Dani G 11 kun oldin
John Doe
John Doe 11 kun oldin
Who else here after watching Broner get arrested 😂
Amidamarobby Rodriguez
Amidamarobby Rodriguez 11 kun oldin
this fight never fail to satisfy me for beating my nigga broner
yotubers Martínez
yotubers Martínez 11 kun oldin
No me canso de ver está pelea..ahora vamos x más con Castaño le falta un poco creo más deveria buscar un mejor entrenador de México o de EE.UU alguien qué lo haga crecer más ya que le sobra estilo de guerra..pero le pegan demasiado...sdos desde Santa fe argentina..
gustavo Diaz
gustavo Diaz 12 kun oldin
Tony Roman
Tony Roman 12 kun oldin
Le dio un prestigio único al boxeo y deporte Argentino, otra leyenda.Respeto!
Memphis 96
Memphis 96 12 kun oldin
Khabib vs Mcgregor boxing version
MAD speciesTv
MAD speciesTv 12 kun oldin
This what u get when you idolized the wrong guy Gayweather
Yannick Carrasco
Yannick Carrasco 12 kun oldin
Maidana and lover'
abdul smith
abdul smith 12 kun oldin
Broner got his Ass handed ✋🏾to him lol !!! 🤦🏾‍♂️
wally19 13 kun oldin
this was so satisfying to watch and here again even better to review.
Cam Munsta
Cam Munsta 13 kun oldin
I don’t know the exact reason AB pissed so many people off but he fought a ballsy fight here.
diego 14 kun oldin
Someone saw the canelo with a cap in the public? Surely he saw this fight and did not want to fight with Maidana
L L 15 kun oldin
hahaha, poor ashole...
kevin The woo
kevin The woo 15 kun oldin
He deserved it, he was a humble person
390- SST
390- SST 16 kun oldin
Broner had his Ego handed to him with a shovel, now that's a problem. Real white men don't do doggie style now he knows.
Joseph w rocha Silva
Joseph w rocha Silva 16 kun oldin
Maidana deu uma surra também no mauyte
Joseph w rocha Silva
Joseph w rocha Silva 16 kun oldin
Maidana the best.
Juan Cruz
Juan Cruz 16 kun oldin
Maidana almost killed that trash talker, what a great fight for El Chino
Theodore Garlington
Theodore Garlington 16 kun oldin
New eyes since it came out the gloves were messed with
Eventos Sensoriales
Eventos Sensoriales 16 kun oldin
Maidana lo sonó a los 10 segundos!
Bong Samuel Jr. Legaspi
Bong Samuel Jr. Legaspi 17 kun oldin
Soo satisfying...hehe
Sajin K saji
Sajin K saji 17 kun oldin
Шамиль Омаров
Шамиль Омаров 17 kun oldin
Красавчик майдана
Mark Farrell
Mark Farrell 17 kun oldin
Broner has been given the BONER
Chr A
Chr A 18 kun oldin
TS Bray
TS Bray 18 kun oldin
I will honestly never get tired of watching Maidana beat Broner.
David Manzano
David Manzano 18 kun oldin
This fight changed Broner.. he was never the same fighter after this fight. could never let his hands go anymore after taking this ass beating.
Fenix De jesús
Fenix De jesús 19 kun oldin
Es hermoso ver a un arrogante presumido siendo masacrado
Y E J I 19 kun oldin
The way broker got up LMAO, my man shaking
Rubens Minam
Rubens Minam 19 kun oldin
Q cagaso tenia ese negro por dios
Brian 19 kun oldin
Jajajaj 0:47 le rompió el ogete apenqs empezó 😂
Brian 19 kun oldin
0:47 re berreta como tropeso 😂😂
Chris Boylan
Chris Boylan 19 kun oldin
Worst. Editing. Ever.
DaGeniusOne 20 kun oldin
Nobody talks about the Heart Broner showed coming up from 135 fighting one of the hardest punchers at 147.
Grant Robinson
Grant Robinson 20 kun oldin
Y’all gotta respect Broner lmao even though he got knocked down twice, it was still a great ass fight on both sides
Rob Bardo
Rob Bardo 20 kun oldin
rubber lips got "pucked"
Cagg. 20 kun oldin
5:15 good move Maidana. Broner is a disrespectful, asshole. Always acts againts sportsmanship. He must be banned out of boxing
Lalnunmawia Khaimichho
Lalnunmawia Khaimichho 20 kun oldin
This guy broner is a joke
lee von manstein
lee von manstein 21 kun oldin
loved seeing the crowd throw garbage on broner when he left the ring
aaron 21 kun oldin
say what you want about broner he took big shots never looked to quit
AsianVideoGamer 22 kun oldin
This guy tries to copy Mayweather moves... But he doesn't dodge like the champ... Dodge as in not fighting people who actually can wreck him
Finn El Humano
Finn El Humano 22 kun oldin
Lo cago a palos por bocon
Duy Anh Vũ
Duy Anh Vũ 22 kun oldin
Trận đấu hay quá
BACKDOWN The Revenge
BACKDOWN The Revenge 23 kun oldin
did Adrien throw the match? he didn't even punch!
Fer Noriega
Fer Noriega 24 kun oldin
La pelea estaba pareja hasta que empezo
bullshit fakeaccount
bullshit fakeaccount 24 kun oldin
Look at the black attitude, that why certain people hate them
José Aguilar
José Aguilar 25 kun oldin
Ivanildo Silva
Ivanildo Silva 25 kun oldin
Apanhou mais q mulher de bandido 😂
Jose Laverde
Jose Laverde 25 kun oldin
You forgot to put the part where Broner comes out of the ring running, with tears in his eyes. Love it.
Yesica Ventura
Yesica Ventura 25 kun oldin
Llevo exactamente 20 veces viendo este vídeo a ver sin en la repetición gana el negro jajaja
Racist Killer Ultimate
Racist Killer Ultimate 25 kun oldin
I beat that boy...... It's for the hood 🤦‍♂️
ciro villegas
ciro villegas 25 kun oldin
Maidana was "the solution" to "the problem"
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson 26 kun oldin
Maidana plain dominated Broner. His weaknesses were graphically exposed in this fight. I have no idea how Broner was favored to win this fight.
Victor David Aguilar
Victor David Aguilar 26 kun oldin
Chino 💪🏽
lovely Hicks
lovely Hicks 26 kun oldin
say what you want Broner fought hard
Daud Reinhard
Daud Reinhard 26 kun oldin
I hear ah..oh..ah.... Oh yes! Oh no! 🙈
Hector Babanto
Hector Babanto 27 kun oldin
7:43 sweet revenged. all is happy
Pato789YT 27 kun oldin
Como se lo cogió el Chino
joe8256 27 kun oldin
problem solved ¡¡
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