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Our draft expert Ryan Wilson releases his 2022 NFL Mock Draft.
(0:35) Top 10
(1:45) No. 1 pick to the Texans
(2:43) No. 2 pick to the Lions
(3:57) No. 8 pick to Washington
(5:04) No. 9 pick to the Raiders
(6:06) No. 10 pick to the Panthers
(7:19) No. 14 pick to the Cardinals
(7:35) Picks 11-20
(8:30) No. 26 pick to the Broncos
(9:36) Picks 21-32
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Deejay Jr.
Deejay Jr. 2 soat oldin
Yeah!! John metchie to pats!!
Joe King
Joe King 6 soat oldin
I've heard good things about Spencer Rattler. He'll be the first QB taken, IMO.
Bubba Iowa
Bubba Iowa 8 soat oldin
Joe King
Joe King 8 soat oldin
Go get your dime.
ADVGYM 9 soat oldin
All these 2022 Mocks have the Bengals picking Top 5... I wonder why?
Erik Flores
Erik Flores 17 soat oldin
cowboys get a wr this is all wrong maybe a offencive line man but not a wr
Erik Flores
Erik Flores 17 soat oldin
i want stingley to cowboys trade up for him cowboys
Jump Street24
Jump Street24 Kun oldin
Bruh how you gone have Steelers not taking a QB. I assume we gone move up for who we want.
Chris W
Chris W Kun oldin
Bengals wouldn't take a future HoF OT at #5 with an already hobbled Joe Burrow, but they're going to take a Safety at #4 with Jesse Bates & Vonn Bell already on the roster? 👍
Alfie Ward
Alfie Ward 2 soat oldin
It’s just a player ranking... chill
Francis Kanneh
Francis Kanneh Kun oldin
Kedon Slovis is worse than Derek Carr man. This selection doesn’t make sense for me at all.
Scuba Diver
Scuba Diver Kun oldin
To me, there are 4 quarterbacks to keep an eye on. Spencer Rattler, D'Eriq King, Desmond Ridder, and Sam Howell. Who knows what the order will be? All 4 have a lot of potential though.
that's right
that's right Kun oldin
Might be a weaker QB class than 2019.
Goat Edwards
Goat Edwards 2 kun oldin
Spencer rattler way better than Sam Howell
James Marschalk
James Marschalk 2 kun oldin
The top 3 or 4 players will all be on defense and OT Evan Neal is a monster but some goober will take a QB at number 1. Will wait and watch what the QBs do this year but this time last year people said Jamie Newman was a 1st round draft pick and he wasn't even drafted. Half of these QBs will fade over the year. 2023 will be a much better year for QBs in the draft
G.P.B. Grow, Press, Bake
G.P.B. Grow, Press, Bake 2 kun oldin
Giants will take Zion Nelson and Cade Mays.
Brendon Ralph
Brendon Ralph 2 kun oldin
Why TF would the giants draft another CB
G.P.B. Grow, Press, Bake
G.P.B. Grow, Press, Bake 2 kun oldin
Zion Nelson and Cade Mays
King Petty
King Petty 2 kun oldin
The Lions would take 3 other qbs before him . That's not happening.. and if Goff looks good this year, we might not even take one
Braden Damiani
Braden Damiani 3 kun oldin
Not gonna lie we might be better off keeping jared goff
Dennis Bartholomew
Dennis Bartholomew 3 kun oldin
So much hate for my football team lmao #2 defensively and upgraded on offense and we do way worse 😂
Luis Murillo
Luis Murillo 3 kun oldin
Ur mocks suck
Jake Militano
Jake Militano 3 kun oldin
Raiders a bottom 10 team and taking a QB?! 🤣🤣🤣
Brandon Wirth
Brandon Wirth 3 kun oldin
A North Carolina QB going number 2 overall...oh boy lol 😂
2LiveProductions 2 soat oldin
Jump Street24
Jump Street24 Kun oldin
Howell the #1 qb for next year. Somebody could jump him. Cut it out. School dont matter, each player is there own not some prevous guy...
Nick Lands
Nick Lands Kun oldin
Hell, unlike Trubisky, at least Howell has more than 1 season as a starting college QB for them
Francis Kanneh
Francis Kanneh Kun oldin
Damn give Sam a chance he’s decent.
William Tyndall
William Tyndall Kun oldin
and a defensive end going 1 pick before him 😂
Israel Raider
Israel Raider 3 kun oldin
Slovis not that great of a qb
Nick Sin
Nick Sin Kun oldin
He’s going to be the best qb in the draft. Uscs oline was so bad last year. He was getting murdered all year. Think of it being as bad as joe burrow with the bengals
Wick Waserio
Wick Waserio 2 kun oldin
LBNAT21 3 kun oldin
He’s got the colts in the playoffs but gave the Eagles only two 2 picks plus we would never draft another Dlinemen first round
DBA_ Luke
DBA_ Luke 6 soat oldin
Fletcher cox??
407Khmer 3 kun oldin
The #1 pick will be a QB again. Lol
michael martin
michael martin 3 kun oldin
This guy is an idiot. We are not talking Slovis or any other QB at 9. WE DO NOT NEED A FRACKEN QB. We have a BOAT LOAD OF NEEDS AND NONE OF THEM ARE AT QB.
John Paul Rodriguez
John Paul Rodriguez 3 kun oldin
Garrett Mashburn
Garrett Mashburn 3 kun oldin
Never enough mock drafts
Fissey Gaming
Fissey Gaming 8 soat oldin
@Isaac Brady ?
Isaac Brady
Isaac Brady 9 soat oldin
@Fissey Gaming lo
Isaac Brady
Isaac Brady 9 soat oldin
@Fissey Gaming l
Isaac Brady
Isaac Brady 9 soat oldin
@Fissey Gaming m
Isaac Brady
Isaac Brady 9 soat oldin
@Fissey Gaming and
Dylan Nickerson
Dylan Nickerson 3 kun oldin
Lions have a top 5 o-line so I find it hard to think that they'll be super bad next season. Running the ball alone will get them a couple wins. Not to mention they have a Super Bowl QB.
Payton Robertson
Payton Robertson 3 kun oldin
Second comment
Beardedsoul78 3 kun oldin
Finally you did it
Michael Megale
Michael Megale 3 kun oldin
Don’t know anything about next years draft but I have a problem with it and what’s going on
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