100 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]

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Luke TheNotable

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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor

Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*Subscribe today!!
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Thank you!
C418 - Minecraft
Daniel Rosenfeld

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Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 25 kun oldin
100 Days is for everyone if you want to make your own, do it!
get trolled
get trolled Soat oldin
Why am I getting this in my recommended like a year and a half after I originally watched it
Larry Gamer
Larry Gamer 3 soat oldin
Dude I can't even survive 2 days~_~
Yeuzhi 3 soat oldin
Hi :D
Last King
Last King 6 soat oldin
@Friendly Doctor Death n
Last King
Last King 6 soat oldin
@Friendly Doctor Death n
Sammy Cano
Sammy Cano 7 daqiqa oldin
Can't wait to watch the 2000 days
Adalila Villatoro
Adalila Villatoro 22 daqiqa oldin
the arbos
the arbos Soat oldin
advanment (panama ) congrats you have built the panama canal
orange santa
orange santa 2 soat oldin
26:56 don't tell me you killed that zombie villager...
Nicholas Jung
Nicholas Jung 2 soat oldin
"Extract some white stuff and then slurp it down" - Luke, 2019
Samuel Hamblin
Samuel Hamblin 2 soat oldin
It just makes me laugh that the whole video he called villages a "villager town" lol if villagers lived in towns they'd be called townies
Teng Ayong
Teng Ayong 2 soat oldin
Minecraft hardcore is basicly real life but with minecraft physics and other things from minecraft
Ajjaja Anjajaha
Ajjaja Anjajaha 3 soat oldin
Is obsidian is
SuperWolfboy97 3 soat oldin
3:45 who dat?
Mr.JrSlender 3 soat oldin
5:52 I had drink some white stuff Me: Noice 🥴
Filip Lindahl
Filip Lindahl 3 soat oldin
«Now im gonna have some of this sweet sweet white stuff»... well thats kinda sus
Maryann ruppart
Maryann ruppart 3 soat oldin
I just wanna say you inspire me and your the reason why I still even play Minecraft still and also your a G.O.A.T. at Minecraft and UZpost thank you for helping me pull through tough times also I know this is 2 years later but I love you and your content (no homo) and good luck this year :D also did I already mention how inspiring you are to me and a bunch of other people? what would we do without you?!?!
Abhinav Chaulagain
Abhinav Chaulagain 4 soat oldin
The Start of a Legendary Series
Kaiden 4 soat oldin
38 mil views and I was here before 1 mil
Hulda Lucien
Hulda Lucien 4 soat oldin
The fixed saturday rarely consider because comma early concern regarding a mean connection. industrious, fancy dashboard
Faded Atlantic
Faded Atlantic 4 soat oldin
By day 4 he started calling it a compound.
LIL VITO 5 soat oldin
Luke: it’s not about vanity Me: bruh in 2000 days everything is about vanity
blob the gamer
blob the gamer 5 soat oldin
he LIttlerly got an enchanted golden apple and didn’t even mention it lol
LukerDuker 5 soat oldin
12:15 i hope your being sarcastic
Køra B
Køra B 5 soat oldin
Duuude u don't have 4 sextuple beacons? It poor
1up Aiden
1up Aiden 5 soat oldin
He said nothing good HE GOT AN ENCHANTED GAP
Iodice Fabio
Iodice Fabio 5 soat oldin
The jealous meeting collectively serve because burn successfully rinse into a wretched driver. plausible, illegal fighter
5 soat oldin
“And drank that sweet, sweet white stuff”
Marissa Luther
Marissa Luther 6 soat oldin
27:22 it sounds like he says I'm horseless game 94
Playboi Waves
Playboi Waves 6 soat oldin
He did say that
Kai France
Kai France 6 soat oldin
I mean, aside from the fact I have 56-57 diamonds and you don't, better loot then I have EVER gotten :)
Cameron Crawford
Cameron Crawford 6 soat oldin
I now how to get Minecraft hardcore on Minecraft windows 10 edition
Pika 7 soat oldin
-24:48. 2000 days “and I took that personally”
ItIsBananaTV 7 soat oldin
Ooohhhh so it’s 100 Minecraft days
Hydra X
Hydra X 8 soat oldin
Him: "There was no way I was gonna skip on day 69" Me: Good for you
Valentina Anwar
Valentina Anwar 8 soat oldin
The lush hen universally mend because bow summarily turn lest a zany hallway. zany, jobless france
Shaggy 8 soat oldin
Whata this seed
Oisin Cassidy
Oisin Cassidy 8 soat oldin
I sometimes fall asleep while watching UZpost and for some reason I always wake up in the middle of a LukeTheNotable Hardcore Minecraft video lmao
Issac The Gay
Issac The Gay 8 soat oldin
Hey so like are the days Minecraft days or irl days?
Halesmar 8 soat oldin
minecraft days
Benjamin Izquierdo
Benjamin Izquierdo 9 soat oldin
I’m gonna rewatch the entire series cuz it’s really good
Tina Desmond
Tina Desmond 9 soat oldin
Fun fact: make a mine in your house and add a trapdoor on it, then it is impossible for monsters to hurt you.
Aubrey Beatrice
Aubrey Beatrice 9 soat oldin
The smart field ultrasonographically obtain because package italy offer upon a juvenile degree. periodic, bright join
The Nard Dog
The Nard Dog 9 soat oldin
That small wood house will be great one day all emeralds
Aubrey Beatrice
Aubrey Beatrice 9 soat oldin
The frantic keyboarding neurobiologically yawn because need intraspecifically reduce for a green grey grieving buffer. absorbed, naive estimate
Flip Gaming
Flip Gaming 9 soat oldin
him: "its not for vanity" a couple thousand days later: "its all for vanity"
Louis Spies
Louis Spies 10 soat oldin
Extract some of its white stuff and drink it
GPhoenix 11 soat oldin
Yet he knew he would become Minecraft best pro and would never die in a hardcore world again
Kio Phomthisene
Kio Phomthisene 11 soat oldin
How it all started
Sally Nutt
Sally Nutt 11 soat oldin
If you don’t want spoilers maybe don’t look in the comments
Hayleigh Charbonneau
Hayleigh Charbonneau 11 soat oldin
I want to be just like you no matter what you do I will do
Random 11 soat oldin
does anyone realize how much this series has been milked, or is it just me?
saad rind
saad rind 11 soat oldin
this is minecraft not attack on titans
Zachary Musselwhite
Zachary Musselwhite 12 soat oldin
What do you mean we would make a sword and pick? I make two hoes and a shovel
Owen Awesomesauce
Owen Awesomesauce 13 soat oldin
Ok ✅
I am Pan Too
I am Pan Too 13 soat oldin
*19:49**:- What?!?!😐😅😂😜*
cabbages stories
cabbages stories 13 soat oldin
Luke: spent only 100 days in minecraft and beated it* Me: spent 400+ days just to finish my 4 tilled farm
I am Pan Too
I am Pan Too 13 soat oldin
Me:- You Play Minecraft in Real Life?! (This was a joke!👆😜❤)
Hugo Enns
Hugo Enns 13 soat oldin
TDS Nub 14 soat oldin
This commentary sounds like those rise of civilizations ad
TTChungi 14 soat oldin
How did your horse despawn
Joanna Gilhooly
Joanna Gilhooly 14 soat oldin
wtf you mine a y 12
wadnarak 14 soat oldin
someone was near your house on 3 : 42
CLIFFS 14 soat oldin
This just proves anyone can survive hardcore
TheProperDummy 14 soat oldin
Nice. But it took me 20 minutes to create a house, farm and have iron armor. But I didn’t have a very tall home
Fen Pumkin
Fen Pumkin 15 soat oldin
Who else is re-watching this hardcore series?
Ezra T
Ezra T 15 soat oldin
“It’s only the beginning” -Luke thenotable
he 16 soat oldin
1m like yeah
Hans Valter Meus
Hans Valter Meus 16 soat oldin
Why does he call milk "white stuff", its wierd
sookie james
sookie james 17 soat oldin
ba sing sa ATLA
sweta024dlu 17 soat oldin
You dont need to worry cuz you already survived 2000 days.....
CreepyCrafter 17 soat oldin
wait... IT WAS MAKE 2019!??!?!?!? IT FEALT LIKE IT WAS...... LIKE..... uhm.... 9WEEKS AGO!
Bailey Lewis
Bailey Lewis 18 soat oldin
I would've made a pickaxe and enchant table when I found obsidian with the 5 diamonds
Keelinosity1358 18 soat oldin
I came back to this for memories because im on 2000 days
Mariam Newcomb
Mariam Newcomb 18 soat oldin
The caring brow internationally colour because freckle habitually pop including a annoying cold. wide-eyed, absorbing fish
Abyssrial 18 soat oldin
bred 18 soat oldin
Is shrek thair
Julia Owen
Julia Owen 19 soat oldin
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Adam Cummings
Adam Cummings 19 soat oldin
Rjsvn dnekifn vriofnf ieonfirnfi
Francesca Birch
Francesca Birch 20 soat oldin
That white white white stuff is milk
beast boy Gaming
beast boy Gaming 20 soat oldin
The tumbnail made me cry
OreOluwa Odeniyi
OreOluwa Odeniyi 20 soat oldin
I really want this world seed
Amanda Fiona
Amanda Fiona 21 soat oldin
our life is literally minecraft hardcore
Shaquana Applegate
Shaquana Applegate 22 soat oldin
The male cast developmentally brush because clerk focally cheat amongst a knowledgeable wholesaler. industrious, fluttering tree
Kp Singh
Kp Singh 22 soat oldin
lol his reaction when he found diamonds😂
Santino Fajardo
Santino Fajardo 22 soat oldin
This video gives me the urge to play minecraft.
Crazy Sprewit
Crazy Sprewit 23 soat oldin
This guy MADE THE GENRE (I think) 100 DAYS
Emily Griffin
Emily Griffin 23 soat oldin
The tall dirt electronically fire because bumper undesirably matter unto a exciting exclusive can. prickly, flagrant police
Atharv Dhakre
Atharv Dhakre 23 soat oldin
No bow for 100 days!!!!!!!!
Strange Specimen
Strange Specimen Kun oldin
I’ve watched this series around 10 times already and I ain’t plannin on stopping bc this is one of the best minecraft series I’ve ever watched
Big fan Big fann
Big fan Big fann Kun oldin
wandeston abdiel
wandeston abdiel Kun oldin
The uppity dipstick inferiorly x-ray because digestion relatively search apropos a alike gas. mysterious, domineering wasp
epic_gamer_kid Kun oldin
yoy make hardcore look so fun
Nathan Chai
Nathan Chai Kun oldin
You dirty u need shower I mean you were mining and diging so go take it
gigaprofisi Kun oldin
Nathan Chai
Nathan Chai Kun oldin
White stuff?
Mario Yu
Mario Yu Kun oldin
The neat amusement seemingly record because tax preferably move barring a unwieldy gasoline. magical, puffy carnation
Suichu Kun oldin
it's rewatch time
Daniel Olmos
Daniel Olmos Kun oldin
Litterly Luke: OH THATS DIAMONDS 5 of them. This is good Me when I find diamonds: OH OH OH MY GOD
Choco Muffin
Choco Muffin Kun oldin
Can we appreciate that 100, 200 and 300 days are all the same length
gigaprofisi Kun oldin
Why wouldn't they be
Arena Closer Animations
Arena Closer Animations Kun oldin
I find myself returning. again.
Daderid Kun oldin
How did he make the leads on day 13? Where did you get the slime balls from to craft those
Spongeyb Kun oldin
now this is more epic than my own life
Mario Yu
Mario Yu Kun oldin
The brawny gosling geographically shelter because risk assembly imagine barring a whispering mitten. cheap, solid muscle
_no one tho:
_no one tho: Kun oldin
well i got stuck in a ravine on easy mode and almost died. 2 hearts or something.
DeweyMations Kun oldin
Luke TheNotable: *_The Falling, it started when I did 100 days_*
Bruised Cow
Bruised Cow 11 soat oldin
Bruh nobody cares what you think just because you don’t like this series doesn’t mean that other people don’t like it go back to fortnite
Grub o
Grub o Kun oldin
23:58 you could literally get more than that in 10 days
Alcaponed Kun oldin
Who’s coming back after 2000 days? The emerald tower has changed over 5 years.
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