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Man In LOVE With His CAR 🚗 | React Couch
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If you were a man in love with your car would you risk your serious relationship to talk about it on TLC? REACT COUCH!! DAILY ...
Girl Loves To Drink Air Freshener | React Couch
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Welcome back to react couch. This girls strange addiction is drinking air freshener every chance she gets! Her breath is so fresh!
Love After LockUp - React Couch
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Thank you for watching the React Couch with Love After Lockup. Thug Luv with Michael and Megan. Its a wild story of true love ...
Bad Parenting Fails | React Couch
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Thanks for watching Bad Parenting Fails on React Couch! If you thought youre parents were bad then check out these amazing ...
Big Ed Ruins Everything | 90 Day Fiancé - React Couch
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Big Ed cant stop Ruining every moment with Rose. Secrets and trust issues everywhere. React Couch is watching TLC 90 Day ...
Dr Phil Destroys The Ultimate "Karen" Mom | React Couch
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Dr Phil destroys a woman who may be the Ultimate Karen! Thanks for watching React Couch! This guest is wild! The ultimate ...
The Amazing FLEX TAPE!! - React Couch #19
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Flex Tape can do it all! Literally anything it seems. Phil Swift patches holes, houses, boats, buckets, and even our souls. Thanks ...
Dr Phil: Spoiled Daughter Gracie Gets Punched By Mom | React Couch
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Back with more Dr Phil and Spoiled Bratty Daughters. Gracie is so bad she got punched by her mom three times! Set up straight ...
Woman Addicted to Sniffing Gas | My Strange Addiction - React Couch
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React Couch is watching TLC My Strange Addiction where a woman can't go 10 minutes without smelling gas. Theresa is ...
Girl Collects Cockroaches | React Couch | My Kids Obsession
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Thanks for watching React Couch! This girl collects cockroaches on my kids obsession on tlc uk. 9 year old girl collects ...
Husband Pulls His Wife's TEETH | Extreme Cheapskates TLC - React Couch
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React Couch is Watching TLC Extreme Cheapskates Woman Has Her Tooth Extracted By Her Husband With A 1920s Barber Tool ...
Unintentionally Awkward Funny Moments from 90 Days Fiance | React Couch TLC
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React Couch on Awkward Unintentionally hilarious 90 day fiance TLC moments. Check em out Some big Ed, Paul, Anfisa, Jorge ...
I'm a Cat | React Couch
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Thanks for watching React Couch I'm A Cat! This woman identifies as a cat and is a real cat lady! Its actually a pretty nice story of ...
Dr Phil vs Cyborg Son From The Future | React Couch
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We're checking out Dr Phil vs the Cyborg Son from the Future on React Couch! He's also a rapper and astral projects while he ...
The Worst "Fried Rice" We Have Ever Seen
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Bless Kay and her Cooking. Today we're reacting to the worst Special Fried Rice recipe we have ever seen. Kay endlessly ...
Is Jeremy Kyle Our New Dr. Phil? | React Couch
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You guys told us Jeremy Kyle is like a british Dr. Phil. So we're going to watch on React Couch and see if any of you have any ...
Pregnant Dumpster Diver | Extreme Cheapskates - React Couch
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React Couch checking out Extreme Cheapskates with a pregnant lady who dumpster dives for pills! New to the channel?
Dr. Phil vs BIG BRAIN 'Gold Digger' | React Couch
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React Couch is watching Dr. Phil Take on alleged 'Gold Digger' and all the guests have some of the highest IQ big brains ever ...
Dr Phil Crushes the Dreams of Murder Rapper ICP Fan - React Couch
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This week in Dr Phil month the doc talks to ICP fan and Murder Rapper King Krimzon and goes all in. He calls up ICP and starts ...
The God Warrior Fights To Protect Family From The Dark Side
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React Couch watching Trading Spouses or Wife Swap where The God Warrior fights to protect her family from the dark side.
The Worst "Fried Rice" We Have Ever Seen
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Bless Kay and her Cooking. Today we're reacting to the worst Special Fried Rice recipe we have ever seen. Kay endlessly ...
Paul Runs Away From His Family
Ko‘rishlar soni 570 ming 11 oy oldin
React Couch is watching Paul Running from His Problems and Family on 90 Day Fiance. Paul and Karine have moved to America ...
Stranger Proposes to 17 Year Old at Her Birthday | React Couch TLC
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We watch Complete Stranger Proposes To 17 Year Old At Her Birthday Party! | Gypsy Brides US TLC on React Couch! New to ...
16 Year Old Forced To Marry Older Cousin | Gypsy Brides US TLC - React Couch
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React Couch is watching TLC Gypsy Bride Arrested After Argument About Arranged Marriage To Cousin | Gypsy Brides US where ...
Mother Has 7 Cursing Out Of Control Kids
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We're reacting to Supernanny andThe Silva Family where the Supernanny Attempts to help a mom with 7 swearing and out of ...
Giving Family 'Lost' Items As Gifts For Christmas | React Couch
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Thanks for watching React Couch! Extreme Cheapskates on TLC Uk. This woman takes her family's items and gives them back to ...
Man Has To Fight His Own Mom On Wedding Day
Ko‘rishlar soni 353 ming
We're watching TLC Gypsy Brides US where a man has to fight his own mom on his wedding day. His mother isn't happy about ...
Class Clowns Destroy Principal - React Couch
Ko‘rishlar soni 447 ming Yil oldin
Two class clowns destroy principal over school dance on the show Principal's Office on TruTv. React couch is here to laugh at it ...
Woman Addicted to Being A Furry
Ko‘rishlar soni 256 ming
React Couch checking out TLC UK My Strange Addiction where a girl is addicted to being a furry and fur suits. New to the ...
Ko‘rishlar soni 407 ming Yil oldin
Have you ever wanted a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe with all of her skin ripped off? Well look no further! React Couch + IAYOT ...
Girl Drinking Gasoline! |  My Strange Addiction - React Couch 🔥
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Thanks for watching Girl Drinking Gasoline! From My Strange Addiction on React Couch! Meet Shannon, the 20-year-old addicted ...
Dr Phil vs. Ultimate Spoiled Man Child - React Couch
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Dr Phil gets out the knife hands on the Ultimate Man Child, Rapper, Actor, Producer, Family Ruining cool guy Brandon!
Real Life "HULKS" Inject Muscles With Oil | React Couch
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Fake bodybuilders or Real Life Hulks inject muscles with oil. Welcome to React Couch! TLC UK has a lot of interesting videos like ...
Man Eats Food Out of Jacuzzi ! | React Couch
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Thank you for watching react couch where a man eats food out of his jacuzzi. He also puts everything in his refrigerator. TLC Uk ...
Dad Pays $30,000 Fairy Tale Birthday Party | React Couch
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React Couch is checking out Dad's gotta fork out over $30000 Dollars for a Fairy Tale Birthday Party on TLC. Outrageous Kid ...
Dr Phil Lets Angry Teen Send Self to the Ranch | React Couch
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Today on React Couch we check on DR Phil and an Angry Teen Sends Self to the Ranch. He even thanks Dr Phil for it! The ranch ...
Grandma Calls Police On 6 Year Old - Dr Phil
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We're Watching Dr Phil where Grandma Called The Police On A 6-Year-Old on React Couch and Dr Phil drags the whole family!
Mother And Daughter Go For A "Couples" Booty Clean On SMothered
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Our favorite Mother Daughter couple Mary and Brittani go for a couples booty clean on SMothered TLC. New to the channel?
Vegan KAREN Attacks Other Vegans - 6 Vegans Vs 1 Meat Eater - Jubilee React Couch
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React Couch is gonna figure out who the Fake Vegan in Jubilee 6 Vegans vs 1 Meat Eater! Vegan Karen Attacks!! This is also a ...