Millennial farmer
The Farm Must Go On!
Ko‘rishlar soni 70 ming 7 oy oldin
We have got just a few acres of tillage to touch up, along with a special story near and dear to our farm history. As shared in the ...
Buffalo Ranch
Ko‘rishlar soni 270 ming
Buffalo Ranch-We had a blast visiting a Buffalo/Bison Ranch in SD! These animals are BIG,BEAUTIFUL and TASTY! Two South ...
Ko‘rishlar soni 527 ming
Field Trip!! TILE PLOWING with Master Pipe Layer Randy, my Off The Husk Co Host. I also help Randy clean his contacts. Special ...
Gobble Gobble
Ko‘rishlar soni 343 ming
Gobble Gobble! Millennial Farmer tours Oakdale 6th Generation Turkey Farm. Where does your Thanksgiving Turkey come from?
Ko‘rishlar soni 537 ming
She's FROZEN! Last minute #Harvest wrap up! #BitterSweet Check out SimpliSafe's holiday sale by visiting ...
She's Dead!
Ko‘rishlar soni 588 ming Oy oldin
She's Dead- I can't believe it, but anything that gets near this farm WILL HAVE A DEAD BATTERY. #WashDay must go on!
Worst Day EVER!
Ko‘rishlar soni 446 ming
Worst Day EVER! Nothing but problems with the Air Cart. #Misery The goal of the Grain Bin Safety campaign is to reduce the ...
Youtube Retirement
Ko‘rishlar soni 629 ming 5 oy oldin
UZpost Retirement- Is it time?! Guess who's Back?!?!?! Bethany!!! It's time to wrap up #Harvest2020 and harvest our Test Plot.
Tensions are Running High
Ko‘rishlar soni 505 ming 2 oy oldin
Tensions are Running High-Nothing seems to be going right with the stril-till machine and aircart. The goal of the Grain Bin Safety ...
The X9 Harvests Corn!
Ko‘rishlar soni 696 ming Oy oldin
The new John Deere X9 combine finally hits the field with Onyx running the grain cart. We had some more work to do around the ...
Trying To Keep Up With The X9 Combine!
Ko‘rishlar soni 814 ming 25 kun oldin
Trying To Keep Up With The X-9 Combine in corn is definitely a challenge for Onyx in the grain cart and our 3 semi trucks!
Guess Who Has Covid?!
Ko‘rishlar soni 617 ming 3 oy oldin
Guess Who Has Covid?! Onyx. Farming must go on! Strip tillage with Tillage man Sam are on the agenda for today.
Millennial Farmer Wheat Harvest
Ko‘rishlar soni 612 ming 8 oy oldin
Harvesting Wheat with Randy The Master Pipe Layer. Special Thank You to Our Channel Sponsor Farmers Business Network ...
Clean up!
Ko‘rishlar soni 357 ming
Clean up!! It always feel so good to finish harvest and get things cleaned up. Off The Husk with Rob Sharkey The Shark Farmer.
Adding To The Lineup!
Ko‘rishlar soni 616 ming 26 kun oldin
Adding To The Lineup! We got a new to us John Deere 8320RT. Dad's been away recovering from knee surgery while Jim and I ...
Something Kinda Neat!
Ko‘rishlar soni 535 ming
Some of the nicest harvest weather we've ever had suddenly changed over night. The snow blower and snow pusher might be a ...
Men Vacuum The Same Way They...
Ko‘rishlar soni 388 ming 4 oy oldin
Men Vacuum The Same Way They... What an awesome invention. There will be no shame this Thanksgiving when my mother in ...
We're Going to Finish Harvest One Way or Another!
Ko‘rishlar soni 511 ming
We're Going to Finish Harvest One Way or Another! How and when is dependent of mother nature.
This is Frustrating
Ko‘rishlar soni 417 ming 9 oy oldin
This is Frustrating, Harvest 2020 won't go down without a fight. The goal of the Grain Bin Safety campaign is to reduce the ...
Tillage in the Snow!
Ko‘rishlar soni 508 ming
Snow Tillage-Because we live in MN! We'll be back to harvesting corn in a day or two but in the meantime here is an awesome ...
We Gotta Keep Our Composure!
Ko‘rishlar soni 502 ming 7 oy oldin
We Gotta Keep Our Composure! We're back in the field harvesting the last of our 2020 crop! #Election2020 The goal of the Grain ...
It’s raining corn!!
Ko‘rishlar soni 607 ming
The Hopper Wasn't Even That Full!! The goal of the Grain Bin Safety campaign is to reduce the occurrence of grain bin accidents ...
John Deere X9 Corn Harvest 2020
Ko‘rishlar soni 489 ming
John Deere X-9 Corn Harvest 2020 continues. The weather has been great and things are dry. We can't complain. The goal of the ...
Beautiful Harvest Weather
Ko‘rishlar soni 760 ming
Beautiful Harvest Weather- You won't believe what the weather did?! We still have 150 acers in the field and almost all of our ...
That's Ruined!
Ko‘rishlar soni 416 ming 8 oy oldin
That's Ruined! Tillage Man Sam is here and we're going to hook our air cart with fertilizer up to a strip till rig, reducing our fall ...
10 Year Old Grain Cart Driver
Ko‘rishlar soni 1.4 mln 7 oy oldin
10 Year Old Grain Cart Driver- 10 year old Onyx is promoted to grain cart driver while Grandpa Nate is out with another knee ...
Ko‘rishlar soni 651 ming
IT'S A SWEET RIDE! More corn harvest, some tillage with the Case IH 620 AFS Connect Quadtrac and the 475 Speed Tiller.
Ko‘rishlar soni 641 ming
CASE IH 620 QUARDTRAC AFS CONNECT- HARVEST PROBLEMS but a Case ain't one. The goal of the Grain Bin Safety ...
Big Problem!
Ko‘rishlar soni 886 ming
Big Problem! The semi trailer tipped over in a sinkhole after we unhooked the truck. We had no luck getting it back upright ...
First day of harvest and Dad tweaked his new knee
Ko‘rishlar soni 919 ming
We finally kicked off our harvest for 2020! The weather is awesome and we have a few acres ready to go. Dad also tweaked his ...
Shout Out To All You Farm Kids!
Ko‘rishlar soni 535 ming 9 oy oldin
Shout Out To All You Farm Kids! #GettingItDone #FutureFarmers The goal of the Grain Bin Safety campaign is to reduce the ...
John Deere X9 Likes and Dislikes
Ko‘rishlar soni 733 ming
John Deere X9 Likes and Dislikes-Millennial Farmer The goal of the Grain Bin Safety campaign is to reduce the occurrence of ...
Brain Fart
Ko‘rishlar soni 464 ming
Brain Fart-I'm not driving truck today, that was yesterday. #DryerProblems #CaseQuadtrac The goal of the Grain Bin Safety ...
You Won't Believe What We Did!!
Ko‘rishlar soni 673 ming
You Won't Believe What We Did!! @Welker Farms saved the day!! We need to catch up on some tillage so I called Nick and he ...
Everything is Broken!!
Ko‘rishlar soni 453 ming 5 oy oldin
Everything is Broken!! Just another day of harvest! The goal of the Grain Bin Safety campaign is to reduce the occurrence of grain ...
Useless Millennial
Ko‘rishlar soni 546 ming 11 oy oldin
Useless Millennial- How typical is it for a 10 minute job to turn into a 4 hour long job?! New Semi on the farm and planting some ...
Holy Buckets! John Deere X9 On The Farm!!
Ko‘rishlar soni 544 ming 3 oy oldin
Holy Buckets! John Deere X-9 On The Farm!! We are getting really close to finishing up soybeans and corn harvest is going to be ...
That's Cute
Ko‘rishlar soni 464 ming
That's Cute! Look at what I stumbled upon at John Deere. Jim and I had a heck of a hard time replacing the hopper bottom crank ...
Isla Broke Her Arm!
Ko‘rishlar soni 580 ming
Isla broke her arm! Who Broke It Better Leg Arms or Isla?! Leg Arms, no doubt! Get well Scott! Dad learned to drive the new X-9 ...