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Kristen Welker's Best Moderator Moments at the Final 2020 Debate | NowThis
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Kristen Welker didn't back down as moderator of the final 2020 debate. » Subscribe to NowThis: ...
NBC’s Kristen Welker maintains order for final presidential debate
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NBC's Kristen Welker took charge of moderating the final presidential debate, managing to keep order between the two ...
TODAY Welcomes Kristen Welker As New Weekend TODAY Anchor | TODAY
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Kristen Welker is a familiar face to TODAY viewers, but now she's taking on a new role: as co-anchor of Weekend TODAY every ...
Congratulations To Kristen Welker On Moderating Final 2020 Presidential Debate | TODAY
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Peter Alexander and Dylan Dreyer congratulate Kristen Welker on Weekend TODAY following the final presidential debate ...
Kristen Welker Reacts To Maya Rudolph’s ‘SNL’ Impression | TODAY
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NBC's Kristen Welker tells the 3rd hour of TODAY team that seeing Maya Rudolph impersonate her on her last weekend's ...
Kristen Welker’s Presidential Debate Preparation Was Intense
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Kristen Welker reacts to the bipartisan response to her moderation of the final presidential debate, shares how her Peloton bike ...
President Trump Criticizes NBC Debate Moderator Kristen Welker
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The commission that runs presidential debates announced that it will mute the candidate's mics for the first two minutes of their ...
Watch Kristen Welker Dodge Falling Equipment During Live Report | TODAY
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While doing a windy live shot during “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC, correspondent Kristen Welker dodged falling lighting ...
Breaking Down Trump's Change In Strategy As Biden Leads In The Polls | NBC News NOW
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As former Vice President Joe Biden has gained a lead over President Trump in the polls, NBC News' Kristen Welker takes a look ...
Watch President Trump Congratulate Kristen Welker On Weekend TODAY Role | TODAY
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During a news conference in Davos, Switzerland, President Donald Trump took a question from NBC's Kristen Welker - but first ...
Maddow: Kristen Welker A Clear Winner In Managing Debate | MSNBC
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Rachel Maddow praises Kristen Welker's handling of the second 2020 presidential debate, ensuring order and clarity and doing a ...
The Surprising Reaction To Kristen Welker's Debate Performance
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The rogue fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence's head may have been the unofficial winner of the 2020 U.S. vice ...
Chris Wallace Jealous of How Kristen Welker’s Debate Went
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Millions tuned in to the final presidential debate last night, which was moderated by NBC's Kristen Welker. The debate had a ...
Peter And Kristen Share How They’re Spending The Summer During The Pandemic | TODAY
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Join Weekend TODAY's Peter Alexander and Kristen Welker as they show you their favorite places in the Washington, D.C. area ...
Kristen Welker Surprised With A Cake To Celebrate Her Birthday On Weekend TODAY | TODAY
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Peter Alexander and Dylan Dreyer surprised Kristen Welker with a sweet treat for her birthday. “Oh, my gosh, look at this cake,” ...
This Is A Step-By-Step Guide To Questioning. | Kristen Welker | MSNBC
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Kristen Welker questions Representative Justin Amash about the impeachment rumors surrounding President Trump as a result of ...
Peter Alexander And Kristen Welker Named Chief White House Correspondents | TODAY
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Dylan Dreyer congratulates Weekend TODAY co-anchors Peter Alexander and Kristen Welker after they were named chief White ...
NBC’s Kristen Welker: Trump 'Increasingly Embattled Because Of The Russia Investigation’ | NBC News
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President Trump responded to Michael Cohen pleading guilty to lying to Congress about the work he did on a Trump Tower ...
Kristen Welker Wins Outstanding Broadcast Journalist Award | TODAY
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NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker has won the Outstanding Broadcast Journalist award at the Washington Women ...
Watch Kristen Welker’s First Moments As A Weekend TODAY Co-Anchor | TODAY
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Kristen Welker kicked off her first broadcast as co-anchor of Weekend TODAY Saturday. Peter Alexander welcomed her to the ...
SNL vs. Reality | Trump and Biden's final debate
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Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin returned as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Trump on “Saturday Night ...
Moderators Set For Presidential Debates: Kristen Welker, Chris Wallace, Steve Scully | TODAY
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NBC News' Kristen Welker has been tapped to moderate the third and final presidential debate Oct. 22 at Belmont University in ...
Trump slams presidential debate moderator Kristen Welker
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Upon arriving to Phoenix, Arizona, President Trump slammed Kristen Welker, the moderator of the final presidential debate.
Who Is Kristen Welker, Moderator Of The Final Presidential Debate Between Trump And Biden?
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Kristen Welker is a NBC's White House correspondent who will be moderating the second and the final presidential debate in ...
Trump compliments Presidential Debate moderator Kristen Welker
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President Trump compliments Presidential Debate moderator Kristen Welker.
Kristen Welker Announced As Moderator For Third Presidential Debate | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC
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Andrea Mitchell and Peter Alexander congratulate their colleague Kristen Welker on being announced as the moderator for the ...
Questions emerge over presidential debate moderator Kristen Welker
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President Donald Trump says Kristen Welker, the moderator of the upcoming presidential debate, is a "radical Democrat" who will ...
Kristen Welker (09 17 2017)
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Kristen Welker looking great filling in for Dylan.
Peter Alexander And Kristen Welker Thank Weekend TODAY Staff Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | TODAY
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NBC's Peter Alexander and Kristen Welker wrap up Weekend TODAY by recognizing the hardworking staff that continues to ...
Welker: 'We Could In Fact See Joe Biden Tonight' | NBC News
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Kristen Welker says there's indication that we will see former Vice President Joe Biden throughout the Democratic Convention.
January Issue Of Vogue Features Savannah Guthrie And Kristen Welker | TODAY
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The January issue of Vogue includes a feature on TODAY's Savannah Guthrie and NBC's Kristen Welker, calling them “pillars of ...
Congrats to NBC's Kristen Welker!
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NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker joins Weekend TODAY as co-anchor, years after first interning at Studio 1A.
Kristen Welker: "I have a dream that..."
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Commemorate King's Legacy with #DreamDay In an effort to bring the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech to ...
Final Debate Cold Open - SNL
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Kristen Welker (Maya Rudolph) hosts the last presidential debate of the 2020 election between Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and ...
Presidential Debate: Trump Says Moderator Kristen Welker Is ‘Very Biased’
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Before leaving for a campaign rally in Gastonia, North Carolina, on Wednesday, President Donald Trump slammed organizers of ...
Defending the United States Against Foreign Adversaries
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Adam Schiff, Chairman, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Moderator: Kristen Welker, White House ...
Full Panel: 'The Week That Everything Changed At The White House' | Meet The Press | NBC News
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Kristen Welker, Richard Haass and Peggy Noonan join Meet the Press to talk about the White House's shifting response to the ...
Steve Bannon To Target All Incumbent Senators Except Ted Cruz | Meet The Press | NBC News
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On the MTP Panel, Kristen Welker reports that former presidential adviser Steve Bannon is advancing the internal feud among ...
NBC's Kristen Welker to moderate Thursday's debate
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The debate is Thursday at Belmont University in Nashville. Welkers is the co-host of "Weekend Today" and a White House ...
WATCH: The second and final 2020 presidential debate
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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden squared off in their second and final debate of the 2020 election ...