Keep it 100 ft. DDG
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Keep it 100 ft. NLE Choppa
Black America Votes 2020
Joe Biden Town Hall
TSR Prom Takeover
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Shawnee' Owens
Shawnee' Owens Soat oldin
The conversation gets better and better as it progresses.
Ricardo Vazquez
Ricardo Vazquez Soat oldin
Lol...that's you ...u rat!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Ben Holland
Ben Holland Soat oldin
Shame on this podcast for selling there soul for fake kid who isn’t even real, we got to start waking up, I wonder how many real men who actually have a street code will go to prison because dumb kids will think this is cool, I get people like drama but damn we got to wake up and know what this leads to and actually try to educate our kids , I hate this social media life ✌️
Ben Holland
Ben Holland Soat oldin
Please people don’t be asleep, he is fake and we all know this and he is still selling you shit !!!! He is a cartoon character at best !! Don’t waste time with this garbage improve your selfs !!! Only in 2020 😂🤣
KodfeaT c
KodfeaT c 3 soat oldin
If shotti was always in his house when he wasn’t there and Sarah and shotti were always seen on live flirting together to the point where even the fans were pointing it out then Sarah for sure lied on her daughter’s grave and why else would shotti always be in 69 house while he’s gone to smoke and eat his cheez it’s?
Shawnee' Owens
Shawnee' Owens 3 soat oldin
My dear, this is so beautiful. Her interview style is so authentic and unforced. She navigated this conversation beautifully.
Zenia Creighton
Zenia Creighton 3 soat oldin
He's so smart
Happy Life
Happy Life 3 soat oldin
This woman was waaay outta line. He is a really giving young man. I dont know how he sat there. Shows he is SOLID. We all love u 69. 240 million views on ur youtube songs says it all. Xoxo The rest of them need to sit back and lick their wounds. Heal 69 ur a beautiful young man xoxo 😎💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Luis Nunez
Luis Nunez 4 soat oldin
He aint no gangster
Tahdo Billy
Tahdo Billy 4 soat oldin
Yvng Expressions
Yvng Expressions 4 soat oldin
“ so you was cheating ? 69: yeah I was cheating 😭 you definitely know it’s the whole truth
BobaDavis 5 soat oldin
Honestly, if y'all watched the Hulu documentary about his situation, I believe it was said that going state's evidence was the only thing that would not only keep him at minimum jail time, but keep him from being killed by the people he associated with.
That's Grace -Desan Watson
That's Grace -Desan Watson 6 soat oldin
A true love design allows for choice.
That's Grace -Desan Watson
That's Grace -Desan Watson 7 soat oldin
Exactly. When do I get that big bear? So accurate.
Janelle McCann
Janelle McCann 7 soat oldin
His interviews make me like him..I really respect him for keeping it professional and not walking out cause she was hating from the jump and just wanted to argue.
NiChole Milton
NiChole Milton 7 soat oldin
👀I wanted to subscribe but it says “The Shade Room”-😬are they linked or am I bein punk’d?
frank leal
frank leal 8 soat oldin
69 socks u didn't have loyal friends with you. If I was ever given a friend like that would have mad respect 🙌
Gabriella Harris
Gabriella Harris 8 soat oldin
Ooo that hit me in my dam ❤️
Kevin Turner
Kevin Turner 8 soat oldin
Idc this dude a warrior of a struggle regardless
Escobar Jit Montana
Escobar Jit Montana 8 soat oldin
Ngl 69 a great story teller
Nelson Lobo
Nelson Lobo 9 soat oldin
-58:09..."i was on a tour, coming from Athens.. Or Greece...." psml... Athens is the Greece Capital😂😂😂
jesse smith
jesse smith 9 soat oldin
The way that 69 snitched is nothing like what Snoop did. Snoop asked for help in a situation where if he just started shooting at these dudes he would've gone to prison for sure. So all ya'll that think you so gangster go ahead and go to prison because you can't last long on the streets being "gangster" the way ya'll claim to be. The rest of us try to be smart and it ain't a betrayal of loyalty if you ain't tellin on your friends. Quit all this snitch shaming. It's between the snitch and who he snitching on period. It ain't like any of ya'll have to trust him OR Snoop LOL.
Gaston Glock
Gaston Glock 10 soat oldin
This nigga lowkey funny 😂😂
Joshua T
Joshua T 10 soat oldin
If only he didn't snitch I was always raised that way no one has the right to snitch and get someone caught up endless you the feds
Joe Doe
Joe Doe 10 soat oldin
6ix9ine that nigga man frfr
Joe Doe
Joe Doe 10 soat oldin
Bro ppl just hate being proved wrong 69 has proven her wrong they just hating on him cause he winning fr
CAREX 330 10 soat oldin
They was smashing his girl, they kidnapped him and tried to kill him, they stole his chains and stole money, but "He snitched on his boys" THOSE WASNT HIS BOYS THEY WAS SNAKES SMH
Jeremiah Portillo
Jeremiah Portillo 11 soat oldin
Danny is telling everyone the truth.
Steph Curry
Steph Curry 12 soat oldin
toast toasted
toast toasted 13 soat oldin
You know what I am saying?
Paul Owen
Paul Owen 15 soat oldin
what the fuck am i looking at?? seriously looks like a crack head on a very bad trip went crazy with hair dye and magic markers!!!!...
Jeremy pelchier
Jeremy pelchier 15 soat oldin
you go boi
readyrepairs 17 soat oldin
Trying to figure out a way to bring the concept to the mases, that raising the minimum wage wont change anything for poor people, and it will hurt everyone who has applied any effort at all to building a career. It seems especially rampant in black communities, and proposed by those who are trying to reach that community - If the minimum wage is increased from lets say 10 to 15 as an example. This will cause employers to pay their employees more, which will also result in the cost of staples such milk/bread/literally everything. The increase will be proportional, so even though you will now make 15 per hour, you will have gained no increase in purchasing ability. So nothing will change for you. However, for the person ( if you want this to be about race, lets say the person in question is a black american with 2 kids and a degree they havent been able to leverage yet) who just got a promotion by working extra late hours, and hard at a job, and is now making 17.50 an hour. This person just got to a place where they were making almost twice the minimum wage, and can now provide more for their family - with the increase in minimum wage - you have now set them back to where they were 2 promotions ago, 3 years of work ago, because now they are only making 2.50 an hour more than the minimum wage, and the rent will be increasing, the cost of feeding their children will increase etc. The concept of raising the minimum wage is a concept for the lazy. Support the hard work and effort of those who are willing to do it - instead of supporting the lazy masses who want something for nothing - the concept requires that you pander to those who are so lazy that they cant even bother to apply the effort to think ahead.
eric bannister
eric bannister 18 soat oldin
Irish mob316 ride for 69!! 33s up!!
eric bannister
eric bannister 18 soat oldin
Anybody that don't get where 69 coming from is fake as fuck!! Anybody that can say 69 a snitch and and wouldn't do exactly what he did are punk wannabe gangsters that don't know what a real gangster is about and are following the fake gangster blue print that Snoop Dogg established and is a fake gangster!
Alicity marines
Alicity marines 18 soat oldin
Eye for a eye type of shit
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 19 soat oldin
Yep, jst wasted 3 ins of my life I'll never get back. Just wanted to see what all the fuss was about with this fun diped skittles eating fool.... Unbelievable what kids are into these days 🤦🏻‍♂️
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 19 soat oldin
Man, I don't even know this fool, or his bullshit yelling, which I think you guys are now calling "music" these days, but damn, ya'll all on here sucking on his underwear like he's GOD or something.
Nkululeko Shelembe
Nkululeko Shelembe 19 soat oldin
You said you was with your baby mama, you was cheating? "Yeah I was cheating"😂😂
Marque Reliford
Marque Reliford Kun oldin
Marque Reliford
Marque Reliford Kun oldin
Marque Reliford
Marque Reliford Kun oldin
he KNOW he not invincible
Charbadar C
Charbadar C Kun oldin
Gay vibes!!!!!
Rogue dr3amerrr
Rogue dr3amerrr 14 soat oldin
He literally has a gf and is hoein around 💀
apotebill Kun oldin
This interviewer is so weak.
Estevan Crespo
Estevan Crespo Kun oldin
Wait? Did 6ix9ine just called himself a simp? 😂
cell sun Risky
cell sun Risky Kun oldin
I hate this interviewer
Trent Brown
Trent Brown Kun oldin
lmaoo she ate her up
Waylon Poteet
Waylon Poteet Kun oldin
No way around it homie...u turns states evidence on folks🤷🏻‍♂️ famous ridiculous sentence- “ I feel like I’m the realest person they is” 😂🤔
whitehunter Kun oldin
Don’t let that bitch rat boy touch you so much, stay strong and don’t fall for the bitch!!!!
Elijah Scarboro
Elijah Scarboro Kun oldin
Let me ask you something 😂
Chokae' Kun oldin
yep... she's an awful interviewer... sad
Uncle Bizz
Uncle Bizz Kun oldin
if i was in athens or greece... lol
Marques Bell
Marques Bell Kun oldin
Tekashi: Be honest with me. Don't try to wiggle your way out. I've got to give it to Tekashi, he's going to get his point across. Even Charlamagne Tha God couldn't make him blink.
Richkad N
Richkad N Kun oldin
Sara swear she wasn’t fucking shotti
OnlineWorldMgmt Dot Com
OnlineWorldMgmt Dot Com Kun oldin
Who else think the interviewer was trash lmao
Cassie of BootyLoversWorld Dot Com
Cassie of BootyLoversWorld Dot Com Kun oldin
Omg y’all that BootyLoversWorld website is his! Lmao! 😂🤪😂
Clara Rojas of BootyLoversWorld . Com
Clara Rojas of BootyLoversWorld . Com Kun oldin
Who else isn’t here from the BootyLoversWorld website 🤪
Bill Hymer
Bill Hymer 3 soat oldin
Her name 😂😂😭😭
Joseph OnlineWorldMgmt
Joseph OnlineWorldMgmt Kun oldin
Who else had NO idea about his BootyLoversWorld website?? haha
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith Kun oldin
Man it's sad that everything with black and Mexican people has to be about black and Mexican people. Odumbass did that to America. Before him people were just American.
Ripon Ali
Ripon Ali Kun oldin
69 I have love for ya bro your real fuck all dem fake friends
Criss Soto
Criss Soto Kun oldin
NO I Was lying
Kas Im1999
Kas Im1999 Kun oldin
Muchdank bought me here
julian perez
julian perez Kun oldin
This dude loves clout. leave the streets behind cuz
African Lion
African Lion Kun oldin
I heard dat boy 69 loves snitching 😆😆😆
jazmin B
jazmin B Kun oldin
I don’t understand how she can put up with him touching her! I woulda stopped the whole shit to tell him to keep his muthafuckin hands to his self 😩 I dgaf how much money you have
The Summer
The Summer Kun oldin
U dont like rats but is signed by a rat tekashi got the "tee"😭😭😭
Big Dog
Big Dog Kun oldin
69 u the best bro
Big Dog
Big Dog Kun oldin
69 u the best bro
Scott Whichard
Scott Whichard Kun oldin
This video was so ratchet u gotta be more professional
dchousesy Kun oldin
Greece or Athens?are you all just gonna ignore that???? Athens is in Greece 😂😂😂 2:55
Mechella Bella
Mechella Bella Kun oldin
Like we didn't already know CARDI B is ran through 🗑 😷 😂😭
Mechella Bella
Mechella Bella Kun oldin
Take your L girl....
Mechella Bella
Mechella Bella Kun oldin
She thought she could wrap this up nicely with a bow...nice try sis
The Drop 36
The Drop 36 Kun oldin
Warrior4Q Anon
Warrior4Q Anon Kun oldin
Nobody in the game has beefed with so many people and snitched as much as 50 cent and 69
Peter Lapointe
Peter Lapointe Kun oldin
Who got ran thru ?? Lol
Abby Kun oldin
Warrior4Q Anon
Warrior4Q Anon Kun oldin
69 wearing a lace front
A1 Kun oldin
I'm sick of the media putting this moron in the spotlight, they know the power of Influential figures like (I'd hate to say it) this guy yet they advertise him. He's a fool and if youre a fan of this guy I hope you're under 14 otherwise I'd be worried
Eric Montesdeoca
Eric Montesdeoca Kun oldin
Where is her neck ?
kaylokickszit17 Kun oldin
Bruhhh...👀 The way she switched up her energy, bonding over these damn lacefronts😩🤣