I'm Coming Out.
9 oy oldin
Leadar A
Leadar A 5 soat oldin
Why did she had to take growth blockers ? Whats wrong about tall women?
Liz Farnham
Liz Farnham 5 soat oldin
The fact that no one actually takes the throne
Ariel Dawson
Ariel Dawson 5 soat oldin
I looooooove!
Adriana & Yasmin Mora
Adriana & Yasmin Mora 5 soat oldin
Love you pleaseee pick me!!❤❤❤ insta: this_cutie_Adriana
Taylor Spencer
Taylor Spencer 5 soat oldin
I love you Nikki. I am sorry that this happened to you. You are such a good person and shouldn’t have had to deal with everything you have had to. And I’m so sorry. But you encourage me to be me and live myself for who I am. So thank you and keep doing you ❤️❤️ love you
Taylor Millwood
Taylor Millwood 5 soat oldin
What eyeshadow palette did she use!?!?!
Farrah Linda
Farrah Linda 5 soat oldin
nikkie's liner is stellar , that shape on her liner,,,
Just Filip
Just Filip 5 soat oldin
You are sooo beautiful WOMAN I love youu😍
Just JP
Just JP 5 soat oldin
Like every Nikkie look, the duivel is in the details! IG: @dragqueenjp
GalopNoor 5 soat oldin
Kan je een nederlande video maken
WonderSakshii 6 soat oldin
Selena is so so so beautiful ❤️
Brendan Plank
Brendan Plank 6 soat oldin
Dutch word of the day: "duivel" Ig: brendan_pm_
Kween Vanity
Kween Vanity 6 soat oldin
Ig: Beauty_school_knockout Duivel
Atqia Elsa
Atqia Elsa 6 soat oldin
Can you make a video where you will do your makeup in reverse way?😍😘
Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams 6 soat oldin
I see that you’re always doing makeup on others, and I love that! As someone who is going through cosmetology school right now and focusing on makeup, can you please please do a tutorial on how you stay sanitized with your makeup/makeup brushes/process ?? I’m curious as to other ways then it can be done other than the way I’m being taught!
Holly Cayouette
Holly Cayouette 6 soat oldin
One “duivel” of a look! IG: hxlly711
Nia Rose
Nia Rose 6 soat oldin
You are pulling off this Duivel look, honey! ;) IG: poisonedapplepub Love you. Love your looks. <3
Manny Ortiz
Manny Ortiz 6 soat oldin
She was making so many faces lmao I feel as I alr she was trying to impress him
Alan_javez 6 soat oldin
Nikki really needs to dye her hair to brunette it looks really nice
Mya Summers Doll
Mya Summers Doll 6 soat oldin
This was very crazy but you pulled it off lolol💋❤
Katie Anne
Katie Anne 6 soat oldin
Lovin the Duivel face! Super spooky! @katelawsonmakeup 😊
Natalia Maria Cintron
Natalia Maria Cintron 6 soat oldin
So... im watching this video right now and... WTF NIKKIE HAVE A PHOTO WITH ATEEZ IN SOUTH KOREA?!
Valeria Rayo
Valeria Rayo 6 soat oldin
Dutch word of the day: duivel IG: valispurplish
Karly Briard
Karly Briard 7 soat oldin
Dutch word of the day: Duivel Ig: karlybriard❤️
Nathan Nab
Nathan Nab 7 soat oldin
I love Among us. ( ik ben Nederlands trouwens 🇱🇺)
Seth Tollenaar
Seth Tollenaar 7 soat oldin
Neeee, Nederland a en holland is niet het zelfde. Nederland is het land Holland is een province Maar nog heel leuk
Catarina Nascimento
Catarina Nascimento 7 soat oldin
@cata.nas (on insta), and Dutch word of the day is "Duivel" :) .
Bryan Corona
Bryan Corona 7 soat oldin
Nooo 😩 i wish this pallete wasn’t limited ! 😭
Be like Ranad
Be like Ranad 7 soat oldin
jime sancho
jime sancho 7 soat oldin
I just searched shane dawson i-
Aaron Buchanan
Aaron Buchanan 7 soat oldin
Duivel ......aaron.buchanan.5201
Courtlynn Boyle
Courtlynn Boyle 7 soat oldin
I'm seriously crying rn!!!! You two are so inspirational, i would really love to meet you both someday soon!!! <3
Tammy Urbina
Tammy Urbina 7 soat oldin
I love the "Duivel" voice you made at the end! I do it too, sice I was a kid and it's so fun to scare people with it, lol. My insta= @wildasphodelus
Monique Christiaans Abdilla
Monique Christiaans Abdilla 7 soat oldin
it would be so exciting to see you play among us
Rita Policarpo
Rita Policarpo 7 soat oldin
de duivel is nothing compared to 2020 😂 ig @politsunami
manish rana
manish rana 7 soat oldin
i love chicken to eat
Kwisten050 7 soat oldin
My evening: eating olives & pickles, knitting a scarf, and giggling at Nikkie scrubbing her one-dip brows.
Mya Summers Doll
Mya Summers Doll 7 soat oldin
This looks so cool I love being creative especially when you don't know where it look is going and then pop there goes something right there IG mya_summers2021 "duivel"❤💋🎃
manish rana
manish rana 7 soat oldin
you look like you was at you're younger days ooooooooooooooooooooomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hugs( salena gomez ) and here you go with the kisses ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Aaron Buchanan
Aaron Buchanan 7 soat oldin
Your such a beautiful soul and FRAKIN BOSS ASS QUEEN
manish rana
manish rana 7 soat oldin
hey salena gomez my girl you look ossum great must say soo good
jandra shaw
jandra shaw 7 soat oldin
am I the only one surprised she didnt intro it as halloweek?
Bri Shoemaker
Bri Shoemaker 7 soat oldin
This is CLASSIC 😂🤣😂 great job!
Anjali Nandwani
Anjali Nandwani 7 soat oldin
the Duivel wears Prada @anjali_nandwani p.s i love this look so much !!
ShesReady2Live 7 soat oldin
Girl, why didn't you use a primer or something so your skin wouldn't stain?? Lol
Paola Urquijo
Paola Urquijo 7 soat oldin
@saiyaninjamichelle duivel
Christine Delgado-Cruz
Christine Delgado-Cruz 7 soat oldin
What Duivel-ish will happen in November. Love your stuff always! @mamacitapr
Kate_Kosmo 8 soat oldin
My first Halloween costume that I can remember was a DUIVEL. I still have a polaroid picture of it and I was too cute. IG: @Kate_kosmo
Chun Garcia
Chun Garcia 8 soat oldin
This year might be a " duivel " year to others but for me this year was full of lessons to learn in life to be able to survive in the future. You have God to save us all and our family and love ones to guide us. 😍 IG: @chunskieee
Zach Grant
Zach Grant 8 soat oldin
kenzie welch
kenzie welch 8 soat oldin
I would be at a music festival :((
Devin Bailey
Devin Bailey 8 soat oldin
The duivel is absolutely fu-king us in the a$$ in 2020.... Instagram: @devvbailey
Scott Mclaughlin
Scott Mclaughlin 8 soat oldin
Nakaya Losh
Nakaya Losh 8 soat oldin
Camila Coto
Camila Coto 8 soat oldin
@camicoto1 Duivel
Laura G
Laura G 8 soat oldin
@the_xplaura Duivel hehehehe
wilbert to
wilbert to 8 soat oldin
That’s not creepy the only thing that would really scare me is if they start dressing for people to vote 😭😭😭 nvm imma not give you this idea it’s creepy
PRINCE MARVIN 8 soat oldin
Maiva La
Maiva La 9 soat oldin
selena is my idol
Kimberly Luiz
Kimberly Luiz 9 soat oldin
This year is a pure Duivel!! I'll love to see a stream of you playing among us!! Ig: Kimyluiz
Mateo Suárez
Mateo Suárez 9 soat oldin
I mean....the "Duivel" could never pull up this glam Ig: @violet_vertigo.cos
Lucetta Cole
Lucetta Cole 9 soat oldin
I was doing just fine with 2020, since I was a essential worker. Then I became a student in a school that was always online. Then 2 months ago hit me some health issues, since ig 2020 decided it wants to make sure everybody suffers somehow. 😂
Debbie Kearns
Debbie Kearns 9 soat oldin
Shes very beautiful xxxx
Caroline Nuncio
Caroline Nuncio 9 soat oldin
Beauty Nikkie 💕!!! I bought your palette a month ago and I haven't receive it yet :(((((
Jaytubetorials 9 soat oldin
A beautiful red 2020 Duivel 😈 @jay_camher
Kayla Grow
Kayla Grow 9 soat oldin
i can’t wait to recreate this look and make myself look like a duivel insta:kaylaaa.growwww
♪alanwalker.original ✓
♪alanwalker.original ✓ 9 soat oldin
Becky has a lot of maku up 😂✌🏻
Madison Poole
Madison Poole 9 soat oldin
Duivel __madison__p
Raven Ahl
Raven Ahl 9 soat oldin
My 3 year old was acting like a total duivel today. 🙄🤪 @outcamewolves
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 9 soat oldin
I'd definitely dance with the “Duivel” if they looked so glamorous. Luv u Nikkie MateoDrew_
Jordan Julian
Jordan Julian 9 soat oldin
I’m honestly shook how long it took her to blend that first orange shadow
Leslie Nolan
Leslie Nolan 10 soat oldin
Giiirrrlllll... You killed this look!!!! 2020 has been the duivel, but your videos shine some much needed light on the world! IG: leslienolan00
Wonder Rose
Wonder Rose 10 soat oldin
this was super cute love this nikkie
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 9 soat oldin
2020 is literally the duivel! insta: @reanna_peterson
Ma Carmen Navarro
Ma Carmen Navarro 10 soat oldin
Taleness 10 soat oldin
The eyebrow on the right is lower than the one in the left but still looks amazing on you ilysm ❤️
Cardona Bratz
Cardona Bratz 10 soat oldin
Flinders, flinders love you so so much and love maddie so so much
Miz Wonton
Miz Wonton 10 soat oldin
Woahhh I’m obsessed 😍 This Duivel look is incredible 👿 Your videos are keeping me inspired ❤️ I’m so happy you came out with a palette and it’s my new favorite palette 🎨 love from Vietnam 🇻🇳 @ mizwonton
Emma Walski
Emma Walski 10 soat oldin
This “duivel” look is to die for😍 I’m going to have to try this!! @emma.walski
Vera theBanana
Vera theBanana 10 soat oldin
Psst you should make Jeroen & Tygo guest star in one of your videos