Planet Iscandar
Planet Iscandar 4 soat oldin
I bought the Bluray but it doesn't play in my computer (with VLC). Some kind of library is missing. No idea how to fix it. the disc is working fine on my Sony BluRay player. Only in my computer it doesn't work. Any idea?
Harsh Mehta
Harsh Mehta 4 soat oldin
we would love to see The Amazing spider-man 3 Sony studio Marvel spider-man sucks
No one Special
No one Special 5 soat oldin
Best Spider-Man👑💔
Sarvar Salyamov
Sarvar Salyamov 5 soat oldin
Venom 2!!
shreya choudhary
shreya choudhary 5 soat oldin
y’all this movie is brilliant, definitely recommend.
Your Love
Your Love 5 soat oldin
Vote for Part 2....🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Blancior 5 soat oldin
apple-sauce 5 soat oldin
It was okay to be honest…. Not enough drama, cliche characters and there wasn’t any real climax.
Google user
Google user 5 soat oldin
We live in a society where this trailer is a distant memory
No one Special
No one Special 5 soat oldin
Ugly Jerry
Ugly Jerry 5 soat oldin
My Weapons I Use Is Long Sword And Bowgun (Light Or Heavy)
Abhi creations
Abhi creations 5 soat oldin
One of the best movie @youtube thanks for recommending
Mayur Gangurde
Mayur Gangurde 5 soat oldin
We Are Venom
Aryansh Rao
Aryansh Rao 6 soat oldin
Imagine Morbius and Venom in MCU❣️ 😁😁😁
Bawu Ames
Bawu Ames 6 soat oldin
The Most Movies You Should Watch It From Sony Pictures Entertainment 1. The Unholy 2. The Father 3. Peter Rabbit (2018) 4. Bad Boys For Life 5. The Other Guys 6. This Is The End 7. Groundhog Day 8. Little Women 9. Greyhound 10. Jumanji: The Next Level 11. Superbad 12. Men In Black: International 13. Black Monster with Long Tongue (2018) and more
5-B 19 Kashish Shah
5-B 19 Kashish Shah 6 soat oldin
Oohoo so boring trailer there is no jump scare any where
Malcolm Stuart
Malcolm Stuart 6 soat oldin
I don't understand all the haters. This is a bloody good movie. Very entertaining. What do people expect? To hell with them, I don't care.
Malcolm Stuart
Malcolm Stuart 6 soat oldin
Excellent entertainment. Lighten up, negative people.
Crochet Cricket32
Crochet Cricket32 6 soat oldin
Click bait. Hardy har har!
keone 7 soat oldin
Ryan Reynold's demise was pretty intense and sad.
Kennard Arthur
Kennard Arthur 7 soat oldin
DarknessLightRose Gemini
DarknessLightRose Gemini 7 soat oldin
Family fav movie. Great movie to watch.
Sheila K.
Sheila K. 8 soat oldin
I am sooooo sick of all these evil kid movies where they all win. Like why cant some die so their can be a happy ending. JUST KILL THESE EVIL KIDS ALREADY
MichyWatches 8 soat oldin
Loving this whole episode. Seeing everybody is such a joy! Knowing I grew up with them and seeing them all older, only makes me appreciate the memories of it all. Ann Callaway nearly made me tear up with her rendition of the theme song. So much nostalgia in that tune, staying up late to watch Nick at nite and waiting for the Nanny to play. Also seeing all the Sheffield kids is a real treat! The girls grew up beautifully. (EDIT) OMG Nicholle with her wardrobe changes! She’s gorgeous! Seeing Benjamin (Brighton) was awesome, he’s still got that wit in him. Hope to see all of them again in the future.
god of gunships yt animz
god of gunships yt animz 8 soat oldin
Weak Ass Fade Stan
Weak Ass Fade Stan 9 soat oldin
I’m binging this show right now on hbo Max. I’m 30 now and I can finally understand everything. I have to admit that this is one of the best shows ever. Maxwell looks so good!!
Shearing new things
Shearing new things 9 soat oldin
That Guy
That Guy 9 soat oldin
The movie might not have been dark and edgy like lots of you always want but i always found this movie great
Vicious 10 soat oldin
Once this trailer comes out EVENTUALLY AFTER ETERNITIES, how many views do you guys think it's gonna get after the first week?
Morbius 10 soat oldin
Easily 20 million views + #1 on trending
Nyctyophilic melophile
Nyctyophilic melophile 10 soat oldin
**twerking with Lucille**
Talullah 10 soat oldin
Charlotte van Langevelde
Charlotte van Langevelde 10 soat oldin
It’s not cut.. I most definitely saw it in the series. Maybe only in Europe?
Azael Gomez
Azael Gomez 10 soat oldin
This movie could’ve been saved if they actually stuck to lore or they should’ve embraced the horror violence in it and it probably would’ve been better received. Instead of it being PG-13.
yummysperm 10 soat oldin
The winner is the 1994 adaptation. Overall, both films are well done and I think please most fans of Alcott and Little Women. However, there can only be one winner, and that is the 1994 adaptation. Thank you for reading!24 Jan 2020
yummysperm 6 soat oldin
yummysperm 6 soat oldin
@aj pat okay you are childish, immature and i can tell you're under 12. 1994 is the best, deal with it baby boy 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
aj pat
aj pat 7 soat oldin
Your word is pathetic. The winner here is the 2019 version, and the ratings prove that, of which you can't comprehend. Do yourself a favor and leave. Like, you've got nothing good to say.
Caleb Busing
Caleb Busing 11 soat oldin
The Venom in this movie is better than the Venom in Spiderman 3.
Caleb Busing
Caleb Busing 11 soat oldin
I would love to have Venom inside me and be his host.
Wolfy 11 soat oldin
Trailer could’ve ended at 1:37
Milo P
Milo P 11 soat oldin
starguy2718 11 soat oldin
"Let's get you to your cabin, so you can get some rest." He just woke up, from 120 years of sleep. LOL !!!!!!
Rico Cahyadi
Rico Cahyadi 11 soat oldin
Captain Phillips meet Saving Private Ryan.
Dreamers imi negev
Dreamers imi negev 11 soat oldin
King Boye
King Boye 11 soat oldin
We want a real trailer and some right news about this not some fake leaks
King Boye
King Boye 5 soat oldin
@Bawu Ames all people do this sleep wake up again again again
Bawu Ames
Bawu Ames 6 soat oldin
sleep, waking up, sleep, waking up again, again and again
Melly Neuva
Melly Neuva 11 soat oldin
How is no one else saying they’re sad James Marsden wasn’t here? Loved this so much ❤️
Navi Sacdalan
Navi Sacdalan 11 soat oldin
you receive money we receive part 2
Navi Sacdalan
Navi Sacdalan 11 soat oldin
yo give us part 2
Andrew2980 11 soat oldin
Emoji Movie Adults: SAusAge PArty?!?!?
Michael Grey
Michael Grey 11 soat oldin
Forgettable movie. you forget who is in it even while you're watching it LOL!
Miyu 12 soat oldin
April 7th: The birth of Mini Pufts
lauriegenie 12 soat oldin
Aw, I thought this movie was so cute!
Maganti Hemanth
Maganti Hemanth 12 soat oldin
Renuka Sahu
Renuka Sahu 13 soat oldin
Damien Stitchman
Damien Stitchman 13 soat oldin
Give us a real trailer already
Bawu Ames
Bawu Ames 6 soat oldin
Ryan Santoro
Ryan Santoro 13 soat oldin
This is a nice packman movie i think
Benji James
Benji James 13 soat oldin
Dear Movie Trailer Editors and those with the final say, Why stoop so low, that your skills as a video editor, are thrown out the window? Why have a trailer that literally shows everything? Why can't you see this doesn't give people confidence to watch your movie? Why don't you have faith in your audience to understand a trailer that shows nothing instead? LOOK, LISTEN AND LEARN! PLEASE!
Crane [GD]
Crane [GD] 13 soat oldin
Plot Twist: this is the actual trailer
Bawu Ames
Bawu Ames 13 soat oldin
me: when venom 2 trailer comes out! anyone: when bawu ames dying OMG Jeezz.......why bawu is still alive!?! we want bawu dying first before venom 2 trailer release.
Snorplax 5 soat oldin
@Shady Mostafa he’s probably some 4 year old using his mom or dads phone to troll people
Shady Mostafa
Shady Mostafa 5 soat oldin
Bawu Ames
Bawu Ames 13 soat oldin
in my thinking: so Ridiculous guys.
Flavio PM
Flavio PM 13 soat oldin
Solo rorschach xd espera esta peli
Jon Hazard
Jon Hazard 13 soat oldin
Property of sony entertainment.
Christopher Blair
Christopher Blair 13 soat oldin
I don't love this as much as everyone else but it already has more creativity in these 54 seconds than the entirety of GB 2016.
André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory'
André Deketele 'AstuteComplexTheory' 14 soat oldin
I only came here to give a dislike, this must be the worst remake in a long history of horrible remakes. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a minus 10k, it's that bad.
Zombi Jr
Zombi Jr 14 soat oldin
Seems like an alternative universe of Superman
Scubu Steve
Scubu Steve 14 soat oldin
From standin on the corners boppin'
Shaddowblade Gaming
Shaddowblade Gaming 15 soat oldin
This reminds me of when my little sister went through something similar to this and the doctors insisted that everything was fine with her but I didn't give up and a few hours later my little sister flatlined and the doctors were able to bring her back and they later found out that my little sister had a parasitic infection that she got when she went to summer camp several years ago I forget what the doctor said it was but I almost lost it when they insisted that my little sister was fine but I'm grateful that they were able to heal my little sister
Kayla Bennett
Kayla Bennett 15 soat oldin
We need Venom The world needs him
Yashvs 7 soat oldin
Sony is trolling people and we don't know why
McNuggerJuggets 15 soat oldin
Venom 2 trailer
nana CIK NAA
nana CIK NAA 15 soat oldin
Based on worlwide phenomenon???
Berky 15 soat oldin
It's like The Crown but with corona
Phoenix 15 soat oldin
No scarifice means no victory. IRON MAN❤❤
SatisfactionLoveQuality 1
SatisfactionLoveQuality 1 15 soat oldin
Jeffrey Dean Morgan? *I’m in.*
Mr. All Class
Mr. All Class 16 soat oldin
That siren brings back memoirs
Laiya 16 soat oldin
yo the aliens in this movie were scary af
Jordan Akahi
Jordan Akahi 16 soat oldin
5 years later and it still is gold
Eyad Ahmed
Eyad Ahmed 16 soat oldin
Ethan Gilliland
Ethan Gilliland 16 soat oldin
Still the best spider man
L S 17 soat oldin
No. Just no
Katie Walker
Katie Walker 17 soat oldin
They just don’t dress like they used too !!
Spy From Team Fort 2
Spy From Team Fort 2 17 soat oldin
one word bad
floyd grit
floyd grit 17 soat oldin
when man say "im not ready" move on that no man just a mankid
Anubhav Mishra
Anubhav Mishra 17 soat oldin
From heaven Tony will proud on Peter as he put's Nick Fury's call on voicemail😂😂😂😂