Micah Dysart
Micah Dysart 8 soat oldin
No cap this has been my load out for arenas EVERY GAME!! IM AMAZED MY LOAD OUT IS ON A TGM VID
Stealthninja 8 soat oldin
Impressive now do it again
Sky-face 8 soat oldin
Will it get to other countries soon🤕
Badoge 8 soat oldin
They even got the solo line? 4:23
haiden rimar
haiden rimar 8 soat oldin
The bow made it
Pork Chop
Pork Chop 8 soat oldin
herbert _
herbert _ 8 soat oldin
What I do is just fully upgrade the Mozambique and get an r3 or any other gun when we hit purp shields
Angus Smmiith
Angus Smmiith 8 soat oldin
There is also a new piece to pathfinders past hidden on the map
Daniel Hughes
Daniel Hughes 8 soat oldin
The best way to avoid being punched out! Just fly away. Wow- this was crazy!
Crash. 8 soat oldin
1:02 the best combo with the best optic😂
Mogu 9 soat oldin
Did he forget about horizon?
Collin Hammond
Collin Hammond 9 soat oldin
New main?
Spiral 9 soat oldin
I played Loba and saw the keycard in the ult and I was like what is this.
Psycho__Hawk 9 soat oldin
Honestly this battle pass sucks but the season is good😩 whats the best battle pass season for you regardless of the season?
Thatonefoo760 Jimenez
Thatonefoo760 Jimenez 9 soat oldin
I got two back to back clutch medals 2v3 and I got clutch twice than the other team picked up slacked and whooped us. Hahahha.
Alex Winslow
Alex Winslow 9 soat oldin
Damn gaming merchant your games are ya sly intense but this is on the next level
Mr. Log
Mr. Log 9 soat oldin
Ask ottr
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter 9 soat oldin
Wattson is precious and must be protected at all costs
Slandxx 9 soat oldin
Do you need the butterfly knife
Hulksmasher2342 3
Hulksmasher2342 3 9 soat oldin
What do the arms even do?
Registeelurgirl 9 soat oldin
we need a lore recap video already!!!!!!
Dutch Van der linde
Dutch Van der linde 9 soat oldin
Bro this season reset all my skins and all my weapon skins
Kingchristian 9 soat oldin
I always assumed octane was bald or something
Taveon Green
Taveon Green 9 soat oldin
My favorite loadout is the bocek bow and peacekeeper
Owen West
Owen West 9 soat oldin
Damn these skins are dope as hell
Mohapayday _2
Mohapayday _2 9 soat oldin
Pathfinder could defeat jack cooper . Wow Literally a rifleman who got promoted as a pilot going against half and army and highly trained pilots can get defeated by a pathfinder . The real answers u need to do more research cuz a pilot can take falls and can regain health while a pathfinder cant and a depends on the pilot tier each pilot have a generation G2 and so on jack cooper was listed with the highly trained pilots
Jack Singer
Jack Singer 9 soat oldin
I've gotten mine for 959 meters in a public match. It was probably a glitch because I don't remember sniping anyone.
No More Yubi
No More Yubi 9 soat oldin
It's like you're playing against bots.
Nicholas Jayme
Nicholas Jayme 9 soat oldin
Thanks so much!!! I just got Valkyrie and I’m horrible 🥲😂
i’m a weeb
i’m a weeb 9 soat oldin
Robertfonia 9 soat oldin
when the bow actually comes out
ThiccBirdBoi 9 soat oldin
1:09 "Loba told Revenant that she f..." *video buffering* mr: she wut
OuhMy G
OuhMy G 9 soat oldin
I'll be honest the whole punching the ground thing was something I believed ever since it was first announced and even tho ur telling me it dont work Im still gonna do it cuz well its a muscle reaction for me to just do it and tbh I always thought it didnt work but I could never stop doing it
Reed Harris
Reed Harris 9 soat oldin
I’d say Flatline and Bocek
MBFC TV 9 soat oldin
The first 2 don't count because you used a spitfire
Gainz-SFI 10 soat oldin
What a garbage battle pass haha
Birb 10 soat oldin
Would’ve been more with rampart