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Катюша 30 daqiqa oldin
I tried to build this too but it was so hard i had to use a real car
Harry Agrotis
Harry Agrotis 30 daqiqa oldin
You can never ever fix stupid
Sal Rodriguez
Sal Rodriguez 30 daqiqa oldin
She could a least wear a mask..BUSTED !
Kamala Specht
Kamala Specht 30 daqiqa oldin
You didn't realize there was any violence? I don't get this. You are attractive , articulate and educated. Yes Jenna , people were hurt and people died during the Trump Insurrection that you gleefully took part in.
Chenna_tuu 31
Chenna_tuu 31 31 daqiqa oldin
😂😂😂 STFU and do your time!!!
Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson 31 daqiqa oldin
The dumbest inssurectionists ever! Lock em all up in Gitmo!
ktownlee 31 daqiqa oldin
I don't think she clearly realizes what she has done and consequences of her actions. She will surely regret in later times along with those who participated. Risked going to jail, job, career, and family & everything for what?
KG KG 31 daqiqa oldin
No pardon for you! - Soup Nazi
Baroness Cobra
Baroness Cobra 32 daqiqa oldin
Everybody knows that These cars don't work on dummies ..daaaah !!!
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 34 daqiqa oldin
THANK GOD the responding cop was black. Someone might have died otherwise.
ROSALIA MARTINEZ 34 daqiqa oldin
May the Lord have you in his arms . Thank you for your service .
SVGLNR 35 daqiqa oldin
Now this is how pranks should be made.
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill 36 daqiqa oldin
When are ppl gonna understand left right or up down. They don't care about you.
DevinTD09 36 daqiqa oldin
So I went to this school for about over 6 year and I still go, I was wondering why I haven’t seen mrs:woods anymore
Sal Rodriguez
Sal Rodriguez 36 daqiqa oldin
Like her President not taking responsibility for her wrong actions...So did Donald Trump personality call her and forced her to go? too late.. a pardon? pardon me...hello I can't hear you...it was a crime, now do the time.
Deadpool316 37 daqiqa oldin
White privilege at its finest
Lona Turner
Lona Turner 37 daqiqa oldin
Rev Patricia Bailey
Rev Patricia Bailey 38 daqiqa oldin
There are so many things wrong with her thinking process! I still feel anyone who is found guilty of this should be put on a lifetime registry and be required to do years of counseling to help with this deviant thinking process because they are a danger to our communities. Plus any other jail time so deemed by the judges.
R James
R James 39 daqiqa oldin
Congratulations you played yourself.
Chaileeportraits _
Chaileeportraits _ 40 daqiqa oldin
Tell the fucking pedestrian to Walk on the pedestrian lane....coz im coming in hot... how'd you expect me to drive 20miles an hour on a mclaren P1 😂😂😂😂😂 automatic breaks and i Aint seeing nothing at 200miles an hour
Brandon Mills
Brandon Mills 41 daqiqa oldin
Ehem tesla
ptinio2 41 daqiqa oldin
The party of law and order.....
steven hew
steven hew 42 daqiqa oldin
My she is really stupid may she do time
lojzina Praha
lojzina Praha 48 daqiqa oldin
K W 50 daqiqa oldin
This really grates me.
Moges720 51 daqiqa oldin
Candace’ s brother emerges from the sunken place. A sociopath working with people who want to see his demise.
Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi
Charlie from Starkville, Mississippi 52 daqiqa oldin
The irony of these criminals calling others “traitors”. These are the most dangerous people in America.
K W 52 daqiqa oldin
The party of "personal accountability".
David Bell
David Bell 53 daqiqa oldin
You don't have to smell the BS to know it is there
daddymuggle 54 daqiqa oldin
Sorry love, the 'president' is busy covering up his own crimes. He doesn't give a damn about you. On the bright side, your realty career is looking promising. I hear that D Block at Terre Haute federal pen is hot hot hot!
Be WaRe
Be WaRe 54 daqiqa oldin
thats what that criminal thug get...give her 10 plus years
Fast Eddy Love-Muffin
Fast Eddy Love-Muffin 55 daqiqa oldin
Correct me if I'm wrong but don't you have to be convicted to get a pardon? In other words, you don't get a pardon before your trail. So she's SOL.
EmirJesus1 55 daqiqa oldin
When they ran over little jimmy over and over again. That hurt my heart 😭
Smitty Smiff
Smitty Smiff 56 daqiqa oldin
My God, ignorance is bliss......smdh.
rrboss33 56 daqiqa oldin
Bank robbers ain't robbers if they dint get the money either
Justo D
Justo D 57 daqiqa oldin
Karen Waddell
Karen Waddell 57 daqiqa oldin
Not Normal! Guilty.
Forty1 Thirty3
Forty1 Thirty3 58 daqiqa oldin
If she just wore a mask, she might not have been caught. Oh the irony!😂😂
gem 4life
gem 4life 58 daqiqa oldin
She feels wronged, boo f*cking woo. I don't feel sorry for you.
Fast Eddy Love-Muffin
Fast Eddy Love-Muffin 58 daqiqa oldin
At some point people with a conscience & common sense would have turned back. She still doesn't get it. Or this is what her lawyers are telling her to say on social media & msm. Hard to believe she believes she did nothing wrong. Anything's possible I suppose.
Leslie C.
Leslie C. 59 daqiqa oldin
trump aint gonna help ya sweetie!!!!! so thats your president mensa
stormhawk 149
stormhawk 149 Soat oldin
Did I just see a Tesla?
Darak Eaddy
Darak Eaddy Soat oldin
Someone might want to tell Jenna that Trump isn't going to waste his pardons on pawns like her. If he abandoned his own vice-president what do you think he is going to do with a bunch idiotic like the Capitol Terrorists. He only used you idiots because he thought you could help get the Presidency back, you all failed and remember you all cheered him on when he stated he doesn't like failures like distinguished Senator John McCain.
Ernest Harper
Ernest Harper Soat oldin
Stealing in the name of the Lord.
Sri Mr
Sri Mr Soat oldin
Doesn't feel ashamed for killing 5 people and needs a pardon?! #lockherup
bwvid Soat oldin
Bye 👋 Traitor itch! So much for trying to silence the Black Vote.
john morris
john morris Soat oldin
Why did she not listen her president. He never told anyone to do what she did. Take the consequences.
Beauty Fein
Beauty Fein Soat oldin
REALITY....None of them will be charged unfortunately 😕
humangeneric777 Soat oldin
Thinking she deserves a pardon is the height of white privilege.
Kerry Proulx
Kerry Proulx Soat oldin
We all deserve a pardon lmao
Captain CJ 97
Captain CJ 97 Soat oldin
Relying too much on technology when driving a thousand pound death machine yeah that's not a good idea
Evan Schreiber
Evan Schreiber Soat oldin
Damn Trump was right along along...
Hector Mendoza
Hector Mendoza Soat oldin
Pardon? Really? Seems you really lack some smarts.
Valerie Donovan
Valerie Donovan Soat oldin
Arrest them all.
Stormrider Kaos
Stormrider Kaos Soat oldin
Hi girlfriend's dad's truck ... oh-oh! Nice story to watch amid the fallout of the Capitol insurrection attempt.
Robin Arvin
Robin Arvin Soat oldin
They all are cowards. 20 years is not long enough. They tried a Coup d'etat. They ate traitors to America.
pingman2 Soat oldin
This Glorified Karen needs to go down for a long period of time, don't cut these people any slack!!!
anthony wilson
anthony wilson Soat oldin
that boat ride around the world was rough on troy
tfcooks Soat oldin
“This tweet will self-destruct in 20 seconds.”... “Should you or any member of your MAGA Force be caught or killed, the President will disavow any knowledge of your action”
borrowtime Soat oldin
Trump won’t pardon any of these people after pawning them for his ego
emersoneee2008 Soat oldin
Lol 😂
Harshit Chotalia
Harshit Chotalia Soat oldin
The more you depend on AI, the more you lose your intelligence.
stephen carroll
stephen carroll Soat oldin
I’m sorry but she deserves what she gets Serves her right. Shame on you lady
damien11235 Soat oldin
MAGA new definition for all the capitol rioters “ MY ASS GOING AWAY” everyone knows where your asses are going. Orange suits yall
ncmonnin Soat oldin
Most entitled Karen ever possibly?
HeROsiNhEaVeN Soat oldin
Jay DKB Games
Jay DKB Games Soat oldin
Misdemeanors is all they getting even though people actually died all they getting hit with are Misdemeanors..lets see if he gives that pardon.
Debbie Flaherty
Debbie Flaherty Soat oldin
That’s “Becky’s Flowers” IN TEXAS ....NOT “Becky’s Flowers’ in Midland!!
SuperNintendo Chalmers
SuperNintendo Chalmers Soat oldin
Trump got his own people in a ton of crap. Lol
Dashboard F
Dashboard F Soat oldin
Pardon tiger king first . Pleaee
JGP 007
JGP 007 Soat oldin
If this isn’t white privilege/entitlement I don’t know what is?
Roy's Place
Roy's Place Soat oldin
Wow he had sounds like a big roll in the capital riot . Don’t be kind show him no mercy ! It’s all calculated.should of been no bail !
Edward L Gross
Edward L Gross Soat oldin
I just went there like I was told. Who’s the sheepie 🐑
Alexander Perez
Alexander Perez Soat oldin
Don't have any shame in my heart of what I did.. i don't feel like a criminal. *Writing down, in case that works in a court of law* lol
Joenel Saracho
Joenel Saracho Soat oldin
Bethany Davis
Bethany Davis Soat oldin
So does BLM get pardons? Like you?
A paranoid Android
A paranoid Android Soat oldin
Fucking legend
Hammond Nordland
Hammond Nordland Soat oldin
Not so brave anymore huh cultist?
google429 Soat oldin
take care 👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙃🙃
Ferny Easting
Ferny Easting Soat oldin
I love how all the racism comong out at one time 😇