Kuroi Chan
Kuroi Chan 10 soat oldin
I think the moment from 2:17 to 2:58 It's the most beautiful Her voice
RazzaSkatesBaker 10 soat oldin
Dude remember MTV haunted house? Or like headbangers ball? Damn mtv is dead. We went from not just grunge, but among the best venues to this? This is embarrassing mtv.
fiddlestickz muzik
fiddlestickz muzik 10 soat oldin
The mix is very muddy lacking any high end, pity cause Miley has a great voice..
Sarahi Ramos
Sarahi Ramos 10 soat oldin
It was hard to tell them apart when they were harmonizing in the beginning since I've never heard them together their voices sound the same yet so different. This was beautiful!!
Audrey Weber
Audrey Weber 10 soat oldin
Can we just get a amen for Noah Cyrus!! 🙏 🙏 🙏
Aristo Gina
Aristo Gina 10 soat oldin
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dora 10 soat oldin
i swear put it on spotify we need it
이보라 10 soat oldin
우리 방탄이오빠들 (수줍><)따...따룽해엽!! ㅎㅎ 근데 한국말 할줄 아..시죠?해햏영어로 말해서 햏
Julie Mac
Julie Mac 10 soat oldin
Jenelle is the way she is because of Barbara and the cycle will continue with Jace. The whole family is trash.
KübraMsp 10 soat oldin
süleyman koç
süleyman koç 10 soat oldin
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..super thanks yes yes yes yessssss yeahhhhhhhhhhh...!
Макен Адильбекова
Макен Адильбекова 10 soat oldin
agostina 10 soat oldin
Miley rockerita🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯
GosiaAga Malin
GosiaAga Malin 10 soat oldin
I could hear this all day loooong, it’s so beautiful
Akhi Rawat
Akhi Rawat 10 soat oldin
They don't need autotunes ❤️💯
Polina Makay
Polina Makay 10 soat oldin
First I saw the front Pic I thought it was Cher 😅
Penné 10 soat oldin
Iloveyou okay?
》Lovely Pieces《
》Lovely Pieces《 10 soat oldin
AS 10 soat oldin
I'm so confused. Is this a persona or really him?
Chaimae Casanovas
Chaimae Casanovas 10 soat oldin
Tunahan Gökçay
Tunahan Gökçay 10 soat oldin
kilo almışsın beh dombili gibi geliyon artık jackson adsadsadsa
Skyler Doane
Skyler Doane 10 soat oldin
So sick and TRUE
Skyler Doane
Skyler Doane 10 soat oldin
I don’t write anything anymore but I used to
Skyler Doane
Skyler Doane 10 soat oldin
This is Josh lee on Facebook hmu I’ll send ya something
Skyler Doane
Skyler Doane 10 soat oldin
Yes SIR keep on keeping on
Skyler Doane
Skyler Doane 10 soat oldin
That’s how you motivate
Skyler Doane
Skyler Doane 10 soat oldin
Keep up that persona
LoveYouir 10 soat oldin
Love yourself Relay #24.
indyra liefhebber
indyra liefhebber 10 soat oldin
Yessssssss finally
Шолпан Адильбекова
Шолпан Адильбекова 11 soat oldin
no name
no name 11 soat oldin
the fact that she's 27 scares me
FRIENDS FAN 11 soat oldin
Using animals is a bad idea. Just imagine how scared these animals were. It’s not something people just be doing.
Frito Fresh
Frito Fresh 11 soat oldin
Jesus is a myth
olivia benson
olivia benson 11 soat oldin
I wish i was a teenager when he was 16 i am 13 while he is 26 now
Şevval Tunç
Şevval Tunç 11 soat oldin
hiç güzel değil
Its Lala
Its Lala 11 soat oldin
this is the best video to ever exist of her 🤤🤤🤤 the looks and THE VOICE
Bright Days Ahead
Bright Days Ahead 11 soat oldin
AbsolutƎ BrilliancƎ
_미개한 한국을 개량하자
_미개한 한국을 개량하자 11 soat oldin
Good english pop
Elena Gutierrez Garcia
Elena Gutierrez Garcia 11 soat oldin
love it!
LadyD 11 soat oldin
Does any one else get among us vibes 😍😍😍
Sophie Deetz
Sophie Deetz 11 soat oldin
This song is such well written- both beautiful voices
Clara Bekaert
Clara Bekaert 11 soat oldin
Styles will he become a werewolf in season 7 ? He's my crush in teen wolf and it would be great if he too became a werewolf 😍
Jei Connolly
Jei Connolly 11 soat oldin
Mia Sereli
Mia Sereli 11 soat oldin
so iconic
Fathia Hassan
Fathia Hassan 11 soat oldin
Why does this make me thirsty?????
P H O T O S H O P 11 soat oldin
4:28 ahhaha lol that girl trip hahahah but she pretended it never happened hahaha professional ahhaha but still hilarious
Priya Sivakumar
Priya Sivakumar 11 soat oldin
Emily Collins
Emily Collins 11 soat oldin
So b e a utiful 👌
Hatea 11 soat oldin
This is what she's actually capable of. Not some random pop songs
Alexandra Dominguez
Alexandra Dominguez 11 soat oldin
So much talent ❣️
U E 11 soat oldin
I got so turned on
Паулина 11 soat oldin
REQUEST DIMASH, самый любимый певец,восхищаемся им,его песни хочется слушать и слушать!!!
AlexOriginates 11 soat oldin
who's here because they like the Miley Cyrus cover of this song better than the original? oh and also, if you're here from TikTok too
Bleeding Dc
Bleeding Dc 11 soat oldin
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Raj Jar
Raj Jar 11 soat oldin
Thanks autotune
nami 1216
nami 1216 10 soat oldin
Саша Шитикоа
Саша Шитикоа 11 soat oldin
Ну почему у них как не певица то голос есть., харизма, слушать приятно. У нас - такое ощущение что........... Жопа.
Cherrylistha Arora
Cherrylistha Arora 11 soat oldin
>> ❤️❤️ Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??xr
Rabiyatul Adawiyah
Rabiyatul Adawiyah 11 soat oldin
ini sangat berbahaya
CrashvanderSpek 21
CrashvanderSpek 21 11 soat oldin
Now, where to find 6 friends to do this with me???
mociky jiangkit
mociky jiangkit 11 soat oldin
FUll HAD それは食べるのに良い場所です。..
Bridget Howard
Bridget Howard 11 soat oldin
I really like bts
BORN TO INTONE 11 soat oldin
In this song she used some Hindi words and the starting music is like Indian she is wearing a costume like that and kept bindi
Shiny 12 soat oldin
If someone said it was an electrical chair, peace out ✌️
MAZI SBK 12 soat oldin
She can never be canceled
Quennie Clores
Quennie Clores 12 soat oldin
ewwww disgusthing sorry
munir shemsu
munir shemsu 12 soat oldin
Will and Sacha are insane humans
Shrek 12 soat oldin
If they get so mad why do they sign up for this? Do they not know they’ll get a f’ed up tattoo?
Harley S
Harley S 12 soat oldin
Change this right now to Noah Cyrus ft Miley Cyrus😂 that's Noah's song
Chinyere Ukpong
Chinyere Ukpong 12 soat oldin
Where tf is derekkkkkk?
Lottie Eaves
Lottie Eaves 12 soat oldin
Why were they so shocked at rdj, did they even watch iron man?? 😂
Diyor MS
Diyor MS 12 soat oldin
он реально король респект
classicstorm 12 soat oldin
Why does he sound like that?…
Jenna Grome
Jenna Grome 12 soat oldin
Raj Anmol
Raj Anmol 12 soat oldin
Your performance so amazing and your look so good
nami 1216
nami 1216 10 soat oldin