Lanna's Corner
Lanna's Corner 21 soat oldin
Who is ronron
ACE rottweiler
ACE rottweiler 21 soat oldin
nessa could have won she did not got her third point
Sameen Shahid
Sameen Shahid 21 soat oldin
How are you guys so kind? ily.
Leah Kuo
Leah Kuo 21 soat oldin
'Up' IS a Pixar movie, Nessa. Your memory is fine!
R2 Playz Games
R2 Playz Games 21 soat oldin
matbuffy 21 soat oldin
Nessa’s glasses is better
Dance with Dhriti
Dance with Dhriti 21 soat oldin
The scream at 18:02 Sound like she just lost a loved one 😂
Anber G
Anber G 22 soat oldin
CAROL!!! Why you show up?? lol!
Roberto Romero
Roberto Romero 22 soat oldin
these are very true
Jinxyxy Xy
Jinxyxy Xy 22 soat oldin
I want you guys to do a collab again but you guys reacting to roi and Alex’s old videos
Peach Flores
Peach Flores 22 soat oldin
This is literally so amazing that all their channels was my childhood 😭😭😭
Harmony Parnell
Harmony Parnell 22 soat oldin
# Team Nessa
ShawnVBEasy 22 soat oldin
Poor Roni 😂😂 15:05 That face though
Saanvi dube
Saanvi dube 22 soat oldin
I feel kinda bad for their dad
Neeta Dcosta
Neeta Dcosta 23 soat oldin
Vanessa's forehead is square and veronica's is quite round
Vyomika Dhamija
Vyomika Dhamija 23 soat oldin
Why were people making such a big deal just about pasta and noodles 🤨
Charity Wong
Charity Wong 23 soat oldin
What is the link to get this card game?
Filomena Almeida
Filomena Almeida 23 soat oldin
At 11:41 I nearly died of laughing 😂😃😅😆😁
Math: The Why Behind
Math: The Why Behind 23 soat oldin
Wow, it seems to take so much effort!
Darlene zjnuga
Darlene zjnuga Kun oldin
Hi hi Hi hi hi hi
Joudi Nasrallah Jade
Joudi Nasrallah Jade Kun oldin
MariChat Kun oldin
Your dad is funny
Farida Galdo
Farida Galdo Kun oldin
4:59 10:47
Sadhna Kun oldin
I watch this whenever I’m bored lol
Zahirah Faris
Zahirah Faris Kun oldin
Roni is me , im very sensitive with smelly things😂😭
tani Kun oldin
i wasnt from the verry verry verry begining because iwas born in 2011 but i love you guys plus im a girl anyway
Zahirah Faris
Zahirah Faris Kun oldin
this is why i didnt like playing this kind of game . my reaction definitely like this 11:51 😂😂😂 JUST WATCHING THIS MAKES ME WANT TO THROW UP 😂😭
Bianca Kun oldin
This was so dramatic... I love it!!!
Haylee Rivera
Haylee Rivera Kun oldin
Carol made an appearance y'all 🤣👏🏻
Maefel TV
Maefel TV Kun oldin
My stomach hurts laughing. Oh mg goodness 🤣🤣🤣
SM - 05GS 821191 Dunrankin Drive PS
SM - 05GS 821191 Dunrankin Drive PS Kun oldin
18:40 rip coffee mug
nathalie Forever heart
nathalie Forever heart Kun oldin
The merrel house
Vera Burmeister
Vera Burmeister Kun oldin
I thought that youtubers weren't supposed to share their status with god.
Bernadette Banacia
Bernadette Banacia Kun oldin
11:30 and 11:35 roi sounds like he is sinning in a choir for church hahahhaha
Vera Burmeister
Vera Burmeister Kun oldin
Please please please don't make one of those exclusive clubs! UZpost is supposed to be a platform where people can post things for others enjoyment BUT IT FREE!!! And as soon as you try to get more money People lose all respect for you and what you do. I don't like it. you basically giving people that have enough money the chance to see exclusive footage and sneak peeks and behind the scenes. I stopped watching people like Rebecca Zamolo and Ben Azelart just because of that. I really do like your channel but not if you guys are gonna turn into jerks that only want money. Please don't make one!
Qwerty Doolittle
Qwerty Doolittle Kun oldin
Vrincha, ok
Theodore Vieyra
Theodore Vieyra Kun oldin
Being a nice person is being the best friend
Baby Ella
Baby Ella Kun oldin
roni do be looking gorgeous😍😍😍
Mini Karen
Mini Karen Kun oldin
I call it the anime: merrell twins: the movie
Aissatou Bah
Aissatou Bah Kun oldin
Do a part 2 I LOVE YOU ❤😍🤩💋👭
lubaiyana meadha
lubaiyana meadha Kun oldin
When Paul said he dropped Roni and Nesssa both it was very funny 😂
Dev Jindal 9E
Dev Jindal 9E Kun oldin
Ik this is weird cause I’m after they 5.97 subs in 2021 and I’m watching a 10 year old vid I’m their biggest fan right now but not gonna lie I don’t like their voice 10 year back I love them now
Mayowa Kun oldin
It matches my sweater 😂😂😂
Tabassum Ahmed
Tabassum Ahmed Kun oldin
Dania Janae Andal
Dania Janae Andal Kun oldin
this is the proof that Vanessa and Veronica is a happy person😂😂
Jᴏᴀɴɴᴇ Mɪʏᴜᴋɪ
Jᴏᴀɴɴᴇ Mɪʏᴜᴋɪ Kun oldin
Lol Nessa is like me I don't like getting any bones or body cracked. UvU.
نعتز باربي
نعتز باربي Kun oldin
OHMYGOD I didn’t see this
Rama Parasar
Rama Parasar Kun oldin
Hopefully there’s gonna be a music video when they hit 6M subs
·ayseerA hamiysaraY·
·ayseerA hamiysaraY· Kun oldin
Hazel Aramburo
Hazel Aramburo Kun oldin
Roni: Oh we've got our friend connor here Nessa: *Coughs* God my Exes are in this video! Why are my exes are on this video!? Me: 🤣🤣🤣 Can't stop laughing
Raghad Tayeh
Raghad Tayeh Kun oldin
Strawberry jam on a toast with cucumber slices I JUST LOVE IT BRH
Aqilah Wardi
Aqilah Wardi Kun oldin
Hello im late i kniw this vid was post on 4 month ago heheheh
MariChat Kun oldin
Tbh they are not very identical
Gabi Santos
Gabi Santos Kun oldin
I wanna buy this game it looks so fun! Did u guys make it?
It’s Mahaut
It’s Mahaut Kun oldin
People were really hating on them for not cooking the way they think it should be cooked like pls we're not all professional cooks and they were trying something for fun. Some people are really unbelievable.
Peiwen Lin
Peiwen Lin Kun oldin
Its so nice when the boys try helping the girls and the girls help the boys too
Nessa and Alex are so cute
Thales Thalion
Thales Thalion Kun oldin
The intro gave me instant depression
S Rosie
S Rosie Kun oldin
Vanessa is gonna win
Qwerty Doolittle
Qwerty Doolittle Kun oldin
I got confused now who is more girly and boyish between the two
Vera Burmeister
Vera Burmeister Kun oldin
Roni is girlier that Nessa i think
moke Kun oldin
I like you
Varnika Shree
Varnika Shree Kun oldin
I can't explain how much I love this colab 😂😂😂
Kapil Prasad Prusty
Kapil Prasad Prusty Kun oldin
shashei saxena
shashei saxena Kun oldin
5:13 if l wil do that it going to be so uncomfortable for me
Jessica Xia
Jessica Xia Kun oldin
Plot Twist: The Mystery Box actually had something good inside and the Merrell Twins lost on purpose so that they could get it 😂😆
Kitty cone me Kitty cone mimi
Kitty cone me Kitty cone mimi Kun oldin
Hi I am mimi I think and my name is cool 😎
ARI Kun oldin
Please Cardi b watch this
Kitty Jane
Kitty Jane Kun oldin
Love you alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll💜💗
Anghraj Rampersad
Anghraj Rampersad Kun oldin
My cousin and i birthday is also in August
Hillary Arevalo
Hillary Arevalo Kun oldin
Merrell twins is so kind
Jisoo's Bottles Official
Jisoo's Bottles Official Kun oldin
Tiger is legit a actor😂😂
Navya Thakkar
Navya Thakkar Kun oldin
you guys are awesome sorry for the late comment love u guys
NatNat's Place
NatNat's Place Kun oldin
I love it
Nidhi Krishna
Nidhi Krishna Kun oldin
I like vanessa's
Nidhi Krishna
Nidhi Krishna Kun oldin
I think nesa
EREN yeaBIRD Kun oldin
they almost said "ewww" to every dish-
Jolene Thomas
Jolene Thomas Kun oldin
Roni calling herself ugly I- if she’s ugly I must be a troll😭✋
ruby carlyle
ruby carlyle Kun oldin
over a pilo