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juSTIn Turner
juSTIn Turner 58 daqiqa oldin
Yes! I’ve missed this🤙
Earthworm Shaggy
Earthworm Shaggy 2 soat oldin
Lol any subaru Fans from Re zero eh?
Subiefan91 2 soat oldin
This is so awesome this is one of my favorite things to watch.🔥👍
Kamal __
Kamal __ 3 soat oldin
ugliest tail lights ever. hope wrx get someting better
Kamal __
Kamal __ 3 soat oldin
tail lights SUCKS
erik hale
erik hale 3 soat oldin
I really missed this show, I just didn't realize how much until it came back. Very glad we're going to see more of the gymkhana car development.
Jackson Policani
Jackson Policani 4 soat oldin
Antilag out of spec for years and the ara knows it
haierthanhai 5 soat oldin
wait.... subaru let their best driver walk? : |
VpR 5 soat oldin
The wait between each episodes now...
VpR 6 soat oldin
Welcome back SMU!
Raul Roman
Raul Roman 6 soat oldin
This has to be the best series on UZpost
Ron Hicks
Ron Hicks 6 soat oldin
Wow this is badass brandon semenuk is one of the illest most crazy mtbers I've ever watched. Now he is driving rally and suby at that. So cool.
Anoob Hey
Anoob Hey 8 soat oldin
I missed this series so much
Lazarus D
Lazarus D 8 soat oldin
After watching this episode you can see why rallycross was canned in the U.S. It's suppose to be close racing not a demo derby.
Jim Klersy
Jim Klersy 8 soat oldin
This is the best thing on UZpost. Thanks for all the hard work and the amazing footage. I look forward to every episode!!
Jay Bones
Jay Bones 9 soat oldin
Thank you for your service Higgins. Been a pleasure watching you all these years in the subaru
MR REFLEX 10 soat oldin
sweet lamb one of the most iconic stages in wales.
Cade Neuwirth
Cade Neuwirth 10 soat oldin
I wonder what the stage time that car that Chrissie told to go get a fire truck was. Talk about lighting a fire under your ass!
lifeisgood070 10 soat oldin
Who manufactures this transmission and what is the model number? That's some bullshit right there.
BList 14 soat oldin
Hold on hold on did the very same guy who originally told Ken block they wouldn't be getting involved in gymkhana because it's his side video thing just try and say that gymkhana is a blessing for them when they have the ability to do gymkhana from the start That's hilarious.Y'all gave up mad free advertising because you didn't have a vision for the future Now y'all trying to catch up
BList 14 soat oldin
Will launch control be doing behind the scenes of the gymkhana with Travis pastrana
David Pizzo
David Pizzo 14 soat oldin
I hope Higgins and Drew find a new team.
AngelSergio 14 soat oldin
Here i am, crying for a car I’ve never seen as it burns to the ground.
86Themadhatter 14 soat oldin
Not often you see a current and multiple rally championship winner get dropped for a slower more unpredictable driver. I'm salty AF :D
on way
on way 17 soat oldin
Get back to the wrc Subaru!
Dani Piros
Dani Piros 18 soat oldin
Mnr. Weed
Mnr. Weed 18 soat oldin
i love love subaru
Josey Wales #8178
Josey Wales #8178 19 soat oldin
The outro is pretty cool. Good job I've missed the show
Luis Tapia
Luis Tapia 21 soat oldin
I have a stupid question. In other racing, like F1, Indy, IMSA etc.. they have pilots with years in the amateur ranks. Here Travis and this new dude both were racing bicycles (according to the video). Is it only because Rally is not as big as the others? FYI Subaru.. This will be my next car. Thanks for the vidz.
Burai Navarro
Burai Navarro 22 soat oldin
Sad to see Atkinson and Sandell leave with Higgins and Solberg. All good things really has to come to an end. At least keep Speed for rally cross program. Speed is all that is left for me to anticipate on the rally cross, as rally would be more for Pastrana and Semenuk to take over.
IvelLeCog 22 soat oldin
Oliver Solberg i reckon is going to have one of those careers that define the sport. He's young, driving at a very high level. His old man is a driver so it's possible he has a natural aptitude for it. He's not even at his prime yet, so I can imagine him having a competitive career that lasts 20 years or so. I think starting at a young age must help significantly, the brain is more in tune with the car and it becomes an extension of the body.
Mister Motel
Mister Motel 22 soat oldin
he starts of with "warming up his tires" at 100mph.... ><
dry509 22 soat oldin
Which Subaru models and engines and transmissions are used in Rallye car racing?
M Power
M Power 16 soat oldin
ゆー 22 soat oldin
Mac Vic
Mac Vic Kun oldin
I strongly believe that 33_hack on IG has the qualified tools to get your work done in not less than an hour he is fast and reliable he is also very legit use him now
Prince Nyerere
Prince Nyerere Kun oldin
Please post Oliver’s full onboard videos
dabbie john
dabbie john Kun oldin
A good work deserve a good recommendation and good appreciate you'll not believe what just happened my stolen Benz was tracked down through 33_hack on IG now I know why people always recommend him
Julian Devera
Julian Devera Kun oldin
This video needs an epilepsy warning
Timothy Roper
Timothy Roper Kun oldin
11:49, is that white Crosstrek going to be raced in the US once things get going again?
noredcr 21 soat oldin
thats a gr sti hatchback
Shruggy Kun oldin
I don't care what complaints there are for this car, we're still getting a sporty car with a manual in 2022
DuhDuh Kun oldin
damn... I don't like Pastrana's character... too bad Higgins left
Michael Lenoch
Michael Lenoch Kun oldin
Steven Woodruff
Steven Woodruff Kun oldin
Launch control is too good, made me buy a new STI last year. I was starting to worry they wouldn't have a new season in 2020. So glad it's finally here!!!
GreezyAF Kun oldin
for these sequential transmissions you only use the clutch for natural to first and reverse right?
sdwarf36 Kun oldin
Charlie Gerry is my hero!
Comedor de guiromiss
Comedor de guiromiss Kun oldin
TC Walker
TC Walker Kun oldin
Heaks Kun oldin
omg..... no way
Josh Bauer
Josh Bauer Kun oldin
Yesssssss it’s back!!!!
Victor Ondeng'
Victor Ondeng' Kun oldin
you release Higgins then COVID-19 strikes. mmmh, sounds like karma to me. Had to pause and deal with the heartbreak first. will continue watching in a few days. Adios.
Tim Odjav
Tim Odjav Kun oldin
I’ve been waiting all year for this. I saw one of the cars on the highway couple months ago in northern illinois was stoked about it.
little ticked off
little ticked off Kun oldin
Benji_XV /
Benji_XV / Kun oldin
Low Yeeliang
Low Yeeliang Kun oldin
Ever wonder why wasn't Toyota mentioned? Brz in collaboration with Toyota?
Colten Fry
Colten Fry Kun oldin
Launch Control is so good.
Barry O' Neill
Barry O' Neill Kun oldin
I missed his voice 🤙🏼👌🏼😂🤙🏻🤙🏻🎵
Ramon Vargas
Ramon Vargas Kun oldin
Lack of diversity
willkilla Kun oldin
WRC is all that matters.When will the Sti gets an update??
Kevin McKee
Kevin McKee Kun oldin
incredible!!! thank you!
Rosy skyler
Rosy skyler Kun oldin
Darren Aitken
Darren Aitken Kun oldin
What category would these cars fall into wrc , group A , can’t find an answer anywhere ?
Cam RSR Kun oldin
Landrover was one of those brands my father told me to stay away from. Thanks dad!
DuhDuh Kun oldin
crazy how both cars had trouble and made driving mistakes but still got 1st and 2nd... they really do compete against each other, everyone else competes for 3rd
Live Free Moto
Live Free Moto Kun oldin
awesome to see these back !
nick nunamaker
nick nunamaker Kun oldin
Bad Move Subaru. Pushing Higgins out. That’s absolutely stupid. Let’s throw someone who wins constantly out the door.
William Powell
William Powell Kun oldin
Lol cars, do it on a bike dude.
Marvin Visser
Marvin Visser Kun oldin
Passion! I love it. Cool vid and good luck guys
William Nevels
William Nevels Kun oldin
I have been waiting for this, then i missed it by a day. Im terrible. Holy smokes! What an ending! What a cliffhanger!
Densetsu Kun oldin
This car looks amazing. I wish this was available when I bought my first car...
EL J Kun oldin
Travis Pasterma
Peterfuma Kun oldin
Is it possible to buy your merchandise? Would love some!
Maverick224 Kun oldin
Wow followed both careers of TP and Sem in MTB knew TP was coming back, but didn’t see Brandon making the switch and taking a seat, pretty sic team tbh, sad for David Higgins though, dropping a regina reigning champ and someone who done so much for the team and the sport is tough. wish him all the best, he deserves respect and some loyalty, I am sure someone as successful as him has a plan and good things to come. Good to see LC back though, that end with TPs car on fire, that’s brutal, hopefully it’s ok in the next episode...
Ian Deming
Ian Deming Kun oldin
Im kinda mad they didn't keep Higgins
Kyle Beck
Kyle Beck Kun oldin
Its so nice seeing people taking COVID seriously. Good job guys! 👍👍👍👍Sad to see Higgins gone.
ClutchGasGo Kun oldin
Netflix needs a series like this for every form of motorsports ! (although happy this is free on YT)
Shawn Fasquel
Shawn Fasquel Kun oldin
This is so well done! Happy to see it back. Good job Team Subaru.
Nathan Rowley
Nathan Rowley Kun oldin
Let’s go!!
SubiSkank Kun oldin
How I’ve missed you Launch Control!! The highlight of 2020!!
Gaston Maqueda
Gaston Maqueda Kun oldin
I prefer the old desigh
Azurym xd
Azurym xd Kun oldin
Great show hope this blows up