Down With the SICK
12 kun oldin
I Got Stuck On A Roof
The Last VidCon Recap
My School Dress Codes
Backyard Stories
Working Late (Scary)
My Crazy Theatre Teacher
Almost Run Over By A Car
The Girlfriend Fairy
Over The Moon
3 yil oldin
Flight of the Valentine
THERE'S 20,000 OF US!
4 yil oldin
6 yil oldin
The Sochi Hotel Games
Fernando Guerrero
Fernando Guerrero Soat oldin
I'm sick to
Yellow Mello
Yellow Mello Soat oldin
one of the teachers i had gave me bad grades because I wasn't popular
Gacha Caramel Apple OwO
Gacha Caramel Apple OwO 2 soat oldin
the first drawing was Jesus
songs Campbell
songs Campbell 2 soat oldin
Don't do that that was terrifying
A-JEXX ! 2 soat oldin
(O_O) number 3 was.... Weird
A-JEXX ! 2 soat oldin
I know it's been 3 years since this video was posted
syhai 1984
syhai 1984 2 soat oldin
Что может быть лучше, чем говорить по-испански, но писать по-русски, ха-ха
Brasil impérialista mapper
Brasil impérialista mapper 2 soat oldin
Ok , Tabbes really scares me to the bones
Lemesa •v•
Lemesa •v• 2 soat oldin
6:49 was hilarious 😂😂
Wholesome Police
Wholesome Police 2 soat oldin
and now you're verified
Ethan Lane
Ethan Lane 2 soat oldin
Rebecca in a nutshell Rebecca: give me your credit card
Anime Fan
Anime Fan Soat oldin
not really
Brasil impérialista mapper
Brasil impérialista mapper 2 soat oldin
Somethimes , tabbes scares me
Huerta Elijah
Huerta Elijah 2 soat oldin
I am watching this when she has 6 mil subs
Rachel Roth
Rachel Roth 3 soat oldin
This has more comments than adam’s first video
q͒T͒z͒o͒m͒b͒i͒ S͒c͒a͒r͒l͒e͒t͒t͒e͒
q͒T͒z͒o͒m͒b͒i͒ S͒c͒a͒r͒l͒e͒t͒t͒e͒ 3 soat oldin
Seeing you with a mouth is weird
Jayten Ozero
Jayten Ozero 3 soat oldin
What advice would you give to someone you know that story
reneesmith120781 3 soat oldin
Why don't you have mouth's
Nick Kerr
Nick Kerr 3 soat oldin
Oh my God I just realized we have the same birthday
Temier Williams
Temier Williams 3 soat oldin
Temier Williams
Temier Williams 3 soat oldin
Ohll i bing
daily cerealmqlk
daily cerealmqlk 3 soat oldin
Aiden Elliott
Aiden Elliott 3 soat oldin
Hey nice, you FNaF referenced.
Leith Hayes
Leith Hayes 3 soat oldin
Explainer babies 😂😂😂
Simple Guy
Simple Guy 3 soat oldin
i have bean looking for this vid for 7 months now because i thought it was on jaidens channel and now i feel stupid.
Anime Fan
Anime Fan Soat oldin
Sam's Parakeets
Sam's Parakeets 3 soat oldin
"The geek was strong in this one" Becca- 2019
The Jamal that pulled Out the 9
The Jamal that pulled Out the 9 4 soat oldin
One time in high school I wore a tank top (with my shoulders showing) and I didn’t get in trouble for it, every teacher turned a blind eye, I told my friend about this and she said: *HOW THE FRICK DID YOU NOT DIE?!?*
Gerardo Rolon
Gerardo Rolon 4 soat oldin
Ayyyyy a 9 year old video
Maximilian Gore-Perez
Maximilian Gore-Perez 4 soat oldin
One time I got a call and I answered and it was a robot who simply said “goodbye” and hung up
Autumn Rodriguez
Autumn Rodriguez 4 soat oldin
I love your channel
Jaceblue04 4 soat oldin
This is why I NEVER answer calls from unknown numbers.
Brasil impérialista mapper
Brasil impérialista mapper 4 soat oldin
Rydoggo5392 4 soat oldin
My worst injury: severe sprain in my left ankle, and I tore my plantaris tendon, with damage to my fibularis longus. Was off my foot for a week and a half, and limping for over a month.
Roger Schliecher
Roger Schliecher 4 soat oldin
Brasil impérialista mapper
Brasil impérialista mapper 4 soat oldin
One time my teacher bring a +18 magazine to the class... Ok , that isn't big deal
Brasil impérialista mapper
Brasil impérialista mapper 4 soat oldin
What the duck?
Aelan Estrada
Aelan Estrada 4 soat oldin
hold up
hold up 4 soat oldin
Look out boys there is a zombie loose
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 4 soat oldin
hold up
hold up 4 soat oldin
Fun fact : strawberries aren't actually berries but bananas and tomatoes are
doodies13 5 soat oldin
Brasil impérialista mapper
Brasil impérialista mapper 5 soat oldin
Ooooohhhh , so you was that girl!
Ryan Black
Ryan Black 5 soat oldin
I upload daily and it's easy😐
Clever Argeta
Clever Argeta 5 soat oldin
your birthday on my birthday Dec 4
chocolatewolf 5 soat oldin
Legend Of Zelda Nerd 731
Legend Of Zelda Nerd 731 5 soat oldin
The first line of the song is the exact same as Rod Steward’s “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” Is that a coincidence? I need answers, not sleep.
Trina Az
Trina Az 5 soat oldin
I got a charzardEX
ZuK0 Alt
ZuK0 Alt 5 soat oldin
BeeFwee Danger: Avengers threat level
Ash Sharpie
Ash Sharpie 5 soat oldin
Rynbow99 5 soat oldin
I hope you get better :<
CooperGal24 5 soat oldin
Me again! Since you played Pokémon Snap on the N64, what if I told you that Nintendo released a trailer recently for the upcoming New Pokémon Snap game for the Switch?
ZuK0 Alt
ZuK0 Alt 5 soat oldin
I expected her to go crazy over it because of the thumbnail.
Evangelinemation studio
Evangelinemation studio 5 soat oldin
HEY REBBECA HOW SICK YA- Rebbeca:vomits*
Mary Burns
Mary Burns 5 soat oldin
your really good at singing (let me explain studios)
Kylie Kylie
Kylie Kylie 5 soat oldin
Why does the bus say Didney
M Norm
M Norm 5 soat oldin
This is TERRIFYING but true oh my god hahaha
Kaylee Wilson
Kaylee Wilson 5 soat oldin
hope you feel better
Sonic Boom 67
Sonic Boom 67 5 soat oldin
Let me explain studios help me
That 1 Other Boi
That 1 Other Boi 6 soat oldin
Much 🤒😷🤢🤮🥶🥵🤢🤒😷🤮🤡
thenka 7
thenka 7 6 soat oldin
She drew a mouth
That 1 Other Boi
That 1 Other Boi 6 soat oldin
What if you made a 3rd channel for making live action videos, since you like theatre so much. _ _ \_(“,)_/
Kennedy Fees
Kennedy Fees 6 soat oldin
I feel happy because I love your videos
Scarlet 6 soat oldin
I also have COVID It really sucks, hope you get better💕
Phoenix_ Drawz28
Phoenix_ Drawz28 6 soat oldin
Ariana Grande’s song “Into you.” Has 4.6m views, but let me explain studios was like “Imma reck this whole girls career.” By getting this song to 5.7m views. This just goes to show that you can make a song if you try hard. (By the way no hate to Ariana Grande.)
Kat097 6 soat oldin
6:44 Rebecca's Mom: *SO THEY HAVE CHOSEN DEATH*
Valerie Rodriguez
Valerie Rodriguez 6 soat oldin
Hmmmm I thought it was Mabel but it was dolls
WhiteRabbit Wonderland
WhiteRabbit Wonderland 6 soat oldin
Oh my goshjrhgurhofiewpjhfioehgiwaohfoihgiewohf *I FOUND ONE OF THE OLD VIDEOS ON MY RECOMMENDED*
Isabel Moshe
Isabel Moshe 6 soat oldin
I know what it’s like to loose a dad, my dad died when I was 12 and I’m 13, that was the worst day of my life,my mom and my dad divorced when I was barely 1 years old and every Sunday I’d go out with him to a restaurant or a movie until... he died of diabetes about a year ago so your not alone , ik what it’s like so I send my regards
Dakota Vanosdol
Dakota Vanosdol 6 soat oldin
i thibk the codes mable
Sara Rowe
Sara Rowe 6 soat oldin
My guess is Mabel
Xx_its Misty_xX
Xx_its Misty_xX 6 soat oldin
The first one in true it also happens to me .
Kirby From dreamland
Kirby From dreamland 6 soat oldin
1st person gets pinned but this is the answer:”dolls” it’s not Mabel or any other word it’s “dolls”
Luke Arbulu
Luke Arbulu 6 soat oldin
I watched that Chanel big fan
Olivia Cat
Olivia Cat 6 soat oldin
I like the host club too
Kids Corner
Kids Corner 6 soat oldin
I’m just going to say:”EVERYONE WHERE UR MASKE! Me:Rebeca doesn’t have a mouth or nose so what’s the point of having a mask
Care Bear
Care Bear 6 soat oldin
I'm scared. ARE THOSE MOUTHS?!
Edible Goldfish
Edible Goldfish 7 soat oldin
Why do I feel like she's been lieng about having no love life and she has a husband and 2 kids
Dana Martinez
Dana Martinez 7 soat oldin
Why you take pic of the buns?😑
N1_Cosmic 628
N1_Cosmic 628 7 soat oldin
I feel the way of the imaginary Audience and what I do to compensate is I become the funny one in my class
hold up
hold up 7 soat oldin
Why did u not jump off the back side
Alejandro Francesco B Pinohermoso
Alejandro Francesco B Pinohermoso 7 soat oldin
Wait *THEY HAVE MOUTHS* that's impossible?!?!?
SugarBabyT 7 soat oldin
Omg y am i just noticing we have the same last name!!! Yassss