Ozlem Yildirim
Ozlem Yildirim 9 soat oldin
Jesus, missed it!!;;
Diego Metzger
Diego Metzger 9 soat oldin
Fiquei esperando começar tocar Cadê o Yank Pt2. 😹
Alberto Cannata
Alberto Cannata 9 soat oldin
i hope not just 10 episodes...i want Dexter become the new "Trinity" ,an old man : lumberjack, husband, father, serial killer
Robert Chambers
Robert Chambers 10 soat oldin
mon tokki
mon tokki 10 soat oldin
Will we see his son as grown-up? His son was "born in blood" same as Dexter and he left him with another psycho serial killer so...
Christine Rose
Christine Rose 11 soat oldin
Deter your back ❤️
AminalMamminal 11 soat oldin
Im so stoked! I wonder if he will see his sister in the same way he seen and talked to his dad
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 11 soat oldin
didnt know a 30 second video would make me wanna live 30 more years
Big Richard
Big Richard 11 soat oldin
Mahsa Soleimanieh
Mahsa Soleimanieh 11 soat oldin
Please don't kill him!!
fla la
fla la 11 soat oldin
i hope his character will be in season 2?
ML Carrs
ML Carrs 12 soat oldin
This better justify that ending that traumatized me for years.. 😁
AfroSamurai 12 soat oldin
This show put a smile on my face when I was recovering from Covid-19. Bring on season 3!
floplord 12 soat oldin
Bobby Varghese
Bobby Varghese 12 soat oldin
Assassins creed?
Isaiah 12 soat oldin
I love Dexter but People saying season 8 was the only bad season must have a low bar if you compare 6, 7 and 8 to the rest of the show. honestly the last 3 seasons were all over the place.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 11 soat oldin
👁️ 👁️ 👃 👄 After looking at reflection.
Debbie K
Debbie K 13 soat oldin
I miss this show already😢
Farhim Shah
Farhim Shah 13 soat oldin
Gonna miss blood splatter vibes.
eyup cvs
eyup cvs 13 soat oldin
ı got good feelıngs thıs tıme
Elias Crooker
Elias Crooker 13 soat oldin
Song name and who it's by?
عباس - رمه
عباس - رمه 13 soat oldin
انتى طلاق
Dawn Hewitt
Dawn Hewitt 13 soat oldin
Hoping Deb appears in flashbacks, she bought so much to the show. Can't wait to see this!
Tuğçe KORKMAZ 14 soat oldin
I love that song ❤️😍 i can't wait for the season 9 😍❤️
tacuu 14 soat oldin
TenaciousP45 14 soat oldin
So at this point there are as many bad seasons as good seasons? So lets tip that scale and make it an okay series please
Müslüm Emir Sarıçiçek
Müslüm Emir Sarıçiçek 14 soat oldin
Finalllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy King is back
Spaceshiptechnician 15 soat oldin
Hahahahahahaha. What a crock!! Hawkwind should sue for having their name associated with this bollocks. Well I suppose some six year olds will love this before graduating to 'Frozen'
JR TREKKING 15 soat oldin
Dex the best .
JSmith3629 15 soat oldin
Looking forward to the new season. Interestingly, nobody's mentioned the passing of Daniel Licht and how they'll handle the scoring. His music was a large part of Dexter's magic!
Elena Mocanu
Elena Mocanu 16 soat oldin
Yeh....i know the feeling! You feel so great even being used!:) God!
RQD2 16 soat oldin
this was a great great series, until the last episode ruined it for me. Really.. [email protected]?
ali mehmet
ali mehmet 16 soat oldin
piss wanka
piss wanka 16 soat oldin
DEXTER!!!!!! God, look at that hairline.. When will this be available to watch in the UK??
unknown person
unknown person 16 soat oldin
👁️ 👁️ 👃 👄 After looking at reflection.
Michael Armstrong
Michael Armstrong 16 soat oldin
Strange how 1 wrong turn and all of a sudden your life is intertwined with dangerous mobsters, a gang war, corrupt politicians & city officials, and your only chance at survival is your Father a judge.
Robert Lust
Robert Lust 16 soat oldin
34:59 are you nutz miami?
Delicateninja567 16 soat oldin
Катя Милая
Катя Милая 16 soat oldin
Жду больше, чем Новый Год🫀🫀🫀
Natsuno Fubuki
Natsuno Fubuki 17 soat oldin
Ooohhh! It's back! One of my favorite serial killer's series is back! Its been a long time since the last season, I really didn't like the last season though, but I'm exited for this one! Will an older Harrison appear? Where is Dexter? If Deb who was his reason for having that "human" side of his is ..."you all know what" would Dexter be then controlled by his dark passenger's urges? Is he going to kill without following Harry's code?
Matheus Pantuza
Matheus Pantuza 17 soat oldin
Did u see the man in the table behind Dexter? Look at the mirror... XD
James Robson
James Robson 18 soat oldin
This seems reminiscent of the 1980s BBC TV show: The Staggering Stories of Ferdinand de Bargos. There are episodes kicking around on UZpost if you're interested.
missdiablo 75
missdiablo 75 18 soat oldin
Mummy was in a very cool episode of "The Mentalist"
Andrelo Colman
Andrelo Colman 18 soat oldin
This is it!!!! We miss you Dexter💉❤🔪
blue cat
blue cat 18 soat oldin
Türkler ses verin 😂
Royal Naveen
Royal Naveen 18 soat oldin
Image of Wrapped body on window 👀, omg the bay harbor butcher back 😍 millions of people across the globe eagerly waiting for you DEXTER.
Royal Naveen
Royal Naveen 18 soat oldin
DEXTER, only serial killer one who everyone wishes that never die..... Eagerly waiting. Love ♥️ Dexter
Ykhavari 18 soat oldin
Dexter: The life after being a serial killer Lumberjack edition
Blank Dragyn
Blank Dragyn 18 soat oldin
This needs more attention oh my god I'm so excited
Blank Dragyn
Blank Dragyn 18 soat oldin
Bitch oh my Lord I'm readyyyyy
Amy N
Amy N 19 soat oldin
They need you in Miami Dexter!
Janu S
Janu S 19 soat oldin
Welcome to 2021
Candy Burgess
Candy Burgess 19 soat oldin
Love this opening with Nina. Dexter is my all time favorite series.
Joel Ejderlöf
Joel Ejderlöf 19 soat oldin
I think Deb will be the voice in Dexters head this time around, not Harry.
Ower_patterns James
Ower_patterns James 19 soat oldin
I just started this show and thought it had ended we'll damn this is something to look forward to
Patryk Szczypka
Patryk Szczypka 19 soat oldin
Love it !!!
Ilyass ATTOCHE 19 soat oldin
The *butcher* is _coming_ ...
Abhijeet Kundu
Abhijeet Kundu 20 soat oldin
For Temeria!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Gowtham Selvaraj
Gowtham Selvaraj 20 soat oldin
Can anyone please tell me the name of the song played in the teaser?
Abhijeet Kundu
Abhijeet Kundu 20 soat oldin
Somebody charged with drums and sticks in the frontline. What is he trying to achieve? Is it a rap battle?
Copper Head
Copper Head 20 soat oldin
They way they portray Harry as Dexters conscious and how he is supposed to be in his head.. sometimes I totally forgot myself that it’s a real person acting the roll. It’s like I to believe he is a figment of my imagination lol 🤣 I know that sounds crazy 😜 but I do forget he is a real actor standing there in the scene with Michael lol
Joe Potter
Joe Potter 22 soat oldin
Kinda love this song.
NILAY VERMA 22 soat oldin
Can't wait..
Kaleb Souza
Kaleb Souza 23 soat oldin
Só veeeeeeeeeemmmmmm
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 23 soat oldin
187 23 soat oldin
rip deb
Carlos Zavala
Carlos Zavala Kun oldin
Quill Kun oldin
Marshall killed Wilhelm
Gnarkson Kun oldin
Ahh, Stannis Baratheons soldiers.
This is my favorite music 🎶
40avo Kun oldin
I hope the show is as good as the cartoons
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Kun oldin
i’ve never been so satisfied with something that lasted 30 seconds 😩😂
Scott_itall Kun oldin
How man times can u kick a dead horse?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 23 soat oldin
Nope. They screwed it up with the dead sister, hurricane, lumberjack bullshit ending. Game of Thrones ended better than Dexter and that was a total clusterfuck. No thanks.
SaiRaghava Vemuri
SaiRaghava Vemuri Kun oldin
I still miss Deb 🥲
a a
a a Kun oldin
Someone is lying on a table!you can see the reflection in the window glass. Who else saw?
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Kun oldin
Im so happy. Blood is life
Minivan Recon
Minivan Recon Kun oldin
They are going to do him dirty like Han Solo. Bring him back just to kill him. Sucks.
RikcAvlog Kun oldin
Who js here after the teaser of dexter coming this fall?
Dru Blood
Dru Blood Kun oldin
I try and listen to his Chinese impression but I can never hear everything he says because I’m laughing too hard to the point of coughing!
Jasmin Lee
Jasmin Lee Kun oldin
Rewatching to remember every detail. Might start a notebook 💀
Алина ф п
Алина ф п Kun oldin
This tells. Me. Nothing