Thank You PMSC 2019
Zavier Hernandez Tio
Zavier Hernandez Tio 2 soat oldin
Me:Im ready for becoming a pro Later Me:Oh i already a pro i do all of it
Şükrü Levent Uçar
Şükrü Levent Uçar 2 soat oldin
But they are saying let him win
Pintu Banerjee
Pintu Banerjee 2 soat oldin
Really I like 2021 1st Aprill
Jharna Alam
Jharna Alam 2 soat oldin
I have a question: Where could i find the system date?
Mateo Balaba
Mateo Balaba 2 soat oldin
He took my tricks wow i dont know how
Shawna Goodrunning
Shawna Goodrunning 2 soat oldin
عاشقت الحزان
عاشقت الحزان 2 soat oldin
Sanskar Bhattarai
Sanskar Bhattarai 2 soat oldin
I am happy because the some people's names are characters of naruto
Noor Mohamed
Noor Mohamed 2 soat oldin
But sometimes I got confused between AWM and M24... Who all agree with this?
Leoul Assefa
Leoul Assefa 2 soat oldin
Ur tip make me pro on among us , 10 q bro
Crazy Playz
Crazy Playz 2 soat oldin
Shreeram Pawaskar
Shreeram Pawaskar 2 soat oldin
It did not work at 4:03
sandhya rani loka
sandhya rani loka 2 soat oldin
Do a part 5 I liked the video
asif youtube
asif youtube 3 soat oldin
bro 1 pubg video upload
Rose Ann Dysoco
Rose Ann Dysoco 3 soat oldin
Why does their name came from Naruto? *lol*
Mahesh Agarwal
Mahesh Agarwal 3 soat oldin
My fun trick is not working what to do?
DaloZ3r 3 soat oldin
I have a question that is //what happen if imposter willl watch the cameras???
Leoul Assefa
Leoul Assefa 3 soat oldin
Where is the join button ? :(
Shadow 3 soat oldin
Upload PUBG tips & tricks please
Abhishek S
Abhishek S 3 soat oldin
We need PUBG tricks Who all want 👇Like here👇
Cooking with Devang
Cooking with Devang 3 soat oldin
plz do a pt 5 i love these vids so dang muuuuuuuuuuuch!
Gamerz 3 soat oldin
Shivam Maurya
Shivam Maurya 3 soat oldin
Best tricks ever bro 😀😀👍👍
NEEL KHEMKA 3 soat oldin
Only legends know that the thumbnail was changed
restore fuker
restore fuker 3 soat oldin
But pubg is band
Geometrical Dominator
Geometrical Dominator 3 soat oldin
While I like tip 2 sometimes it may not work since a body from another part of the map could have been found
Jerry Bro
Jerry Bro 3 soat oldin
8k f off for just pro max ahha
FroZeN MiST 3 soat oldin
Listen yall... this i think youlll like... please dont call me beggar i honestly think you all would like this
Ruthwik Red Channel
Ruthwik Red Channel 3 soat oldin
We want part 5
Syaheed Nazmi
Syaheed Nazmi 3 soat oldin
any pubg tips
Raghav Bhardwaj
Raghav Bhardwaj 3 soat oldin
Medbay inspect sample trick ..everyone knoes
RAHUL Chorsiya   2M
RAHUL Chorsiya 2M 3 soat oldin
Koi mere channel ko bhi subscribe kar do bhai 🙏🙏🙏🙏
FAZE DAME 3 soat oldin
Me 2020 anyone else
Debashis Datta
Debashis Datta 3 soat oldin
7:35 I know this I have saw this in a random lobby and asked how and he told me how to do this
Star Cordova
Star Cordova 3 soat oldin
Why is sasuke and itachi there😂😂😂😂
Kamuni Subhashini
Kamuni Subhashini 3 soat oldin
I know all these tips and tricks already nothing new
Iliyan Dryanov
Iliyan Dryanov 3 soat oldin
I didnt understand the change data to 2021
Manoj Manoj
Manoj Manoj 3 soat oldin
Dank Random Guy
Dank Random Guy 3 soat oldin
Legends know thumbnail is changed
jashwant Chowdhary
jashwant Chowdhary 3 soat oldin
Play every trick in the book and the crewmates use discord to vote u out🙄🙄
Zuraira Amreen Niyaf
Zuraira Amreen Niyaf 3 soat oldin
Why sasuke and itachi playing among us 😂
Flawless 3 soat oldin
the problem is my enemy also watching this video
Srinivasulu Asam
Srinivasulu Asam 3 soat oldin
Thanks bro
Black 3 soat oldin
Gday mate
Emiliya Georgieva
Emiliya Georgieva 3 soat oldin
how is he a cremate if he has a vent button? that confused me a lot. Don't mean any hate. Loved the video
Andy 3 soat oldin
4:35 I only do that to be bitchy 😂😂
Abhay Kumar Singh
Abhay Kumar Singh 3 soat oldin
amazing 😀😀🕪
Rheian James Millan
Rheian James Millan 3 soat oldin
Abhay Kumar Singh
Abhay Kumar Singh 3 soat oldin
klej agus
klej agus 3 soat oldin
Good tips
B'Star Bayu
B'Star Bayu 3 soat oldin
rodelyn nonoy
rodelyn nonoy 3 soat oldin
SolarDust Minecraft
SolarDust Minecraft 3 soat oldin
Even my name is SAM
The WhiteOnion
The WhiteOnion 3 soat oldin
0:39 PLOT TWIST: the guy who was watching the cams was the 2nd impostor
SILVER GAMING 3 soat oldin
Part 5
Dumb Cult
Dumb Cult 3 soat oldin
This is so helpful
Zac Andrei Martesano
Zac Andrei Martesano 3 soat oldin
but there is another trick to know if there is players in sec: check the camera bc u can see it for it to know easy if it blink there are players or player if its not blinking ur safe and u can vent out. thank you
Austin Hallam
Austin Hallam 3 soat oldin
This is so useful
AmalRaj PR
AmalRaj PR 3 soat oldin
4:04 doesnt blink hmmm Ur so mad suss
Insane The Gamer
Insane The Gamer 3 soat oldin
In this video there were both sasuke and itachi😂😂
J Miz
J Miz 3 soat oldin
Hey how do you change the system date? want to try that inverted map thing
Faisal Serang
Faisal Serang 3 soat oldin
I could watch these all day
Ehe te Nandayo
Ehe te Nandayo 3 soat oldin
1:14 the crewmate will hear the venting noise
Super gaming 08
Super gaming 08 3 soat oldin
My name is sauske in among us
Game Minner MUAZ
Game Minner MUAZ 3 soat oldin
thank u very much
King Khan
King Khan 3 soat oldin
Fun fact I forget all of this during game ,☹️
Pinguin the Penguin
Pinguin the Penguin 3 soat oldin
Pinguin the Penguin
Pinguin the Penguin 3 soat oldin
gian cedrick fajardo
gian cedrick fajardo 3 soat oldin
Lol, why did the thumbnail change everytime?
JamesDaMan Glameock
JamesDaMan Glameock 3 soat oldin
How do i change my systems date?
Cliff Firmalo Vlogs
Cliff Firmalo Vlogs 3 soat oldin
yayyy j became a member
CaarRotti 3 soat oldin
Tip: if you do shields task the lights turn on outside spaceship
pin pon
pin pon 3 soat oldin
I cannot remember all this :(
Pinguin the Penguin
Pinguin the Penguin 3 soat oldin
Nelluri Rakesh
Nelluri Rakesh 3 soat oldin
Bharath Waj
Bharath Waj 3 soat oldin
I want pubg tips and tricks
Ryan Chen
Ryan Chen 3 soat oldin
For the admin trick, it doesn’t show players in the hallways, hence they might’ve just entered via the hallway.
JOKER Killer
JOKER Killer 3 soat oldin
Where is ur pubg tip and tricks
Thangtei 123
Thangtei 123 3 soat oldin
I already know most of this
Rock and Roll To Lego
Rock and Roll To Lego 3 soat oldin
Thanks for the tips your good