Krista Schmitt
Krista Schmitt 8 daqiqa oldin
Totes jelly of bri's natural curls
jamison matteo
jamison matteo 26 daqiqa oldin
as a trans kid this makes me so happy to see :,)
baileigh brown
baileigh brown 56 daqiqa oldin
“Your partner Brian”.... you mean you’re wife Brie?? ❤️❤️ I realize this was most likely pre filmed but I just love Brie especially since the official coming out video 🥰
Regina Fallangie
Regina Fallangie Soat oldin
I’m going to b honest, I don’t understand this at all...But u know what?? I recognize that I don’t have to understand. It makes sense to u both & it’s ur lives to live. I couldn’t imagine not feeling like my mind matched my body. I don’t walk in ur shoes. I believe to live & let live. Life is too short to not b authentic to urself & whatever that looks like for u. ✌️ PS I know u don’t need the approval of a random internet stranger. That’s not what this comment is about. It’s about letting others know, that even if it doesn’t make sense to them, all we need to do is show respect & decency to other humans & treat others how u would want to b treated.
Monique Barber
Monique Barber Soat oldin
This couldn't have happened to better people.
vianca colocho
vianca colocho Soat oldin
Would you guys consider doing a Little Food Fight not using a recipe? Also I’d love to see you guys make hummus
Candy-Coated Disaster
Candy-Coated Disaster Soat oldin
I want a video of Ned Fulmer and Kristen talking about their wives. Pls? 🥺🥺🥺
Desiree Saucier
Desiree Saucier Soat oldin
Just checked out Brie’s Instagram and Kristen is right she does look a lot different! She’s glowing! So happy you’re all happy 😊😊
Desiree Saucier
Desiree Saucier Soat oldin
Just checked out Brie’s Instagram and Kristen is right she does look a lot different! She’s glowing! So happy you’re all happy 😊😊
Desiree Saucier
Desiree Saucier Soat oldin
Just checked out Brie’s Instagram and Kristen is right she does look a lot different! She’s glowing! So happy you’re all happy 😊😊
Chloe Anderson
Chloe Anderson Soat oldin
I just love how supportive you guys are with each other, first non buzz feed video I’ve see but I’m glad to know y’all are friends in real life and doing this together!
Chloe Anderson
Chloe Anderson Soat oldin
And I’m sorry for the shitty things you experienced from this company!
Desiree Saucier
Desiree Saucier 2 soat oldin
Lol my dad is Todd and knows almost nothing about me 😂😅 struggle
pink pizza
pink pizza 2 soat oldin
Not trying to be rude but bri only dated you for acceptance... She is going to leave you for a man
Isis Iris
Isis Iris Soat oldin
Your bitterness amuses me greatly! LOL.
pink pizza
pink pizza 2 soat oldin
You do know your wife will leave you for a man
Mattie Yoncha
Mattie Yoncha 2 soat oldin
See. Even though Brie picked Kristin’s pancake I feel like they’re the type of wife to be impartial and honest and I want more little food fight 😂
Caroline Smith
Caroline Smith 2 soat oldin
i love this! such great people and vibes
Carly Ebert
Carly Ebert 2 soat oldin
Brie is literally my favorite judge 😂
Audrey Ruth
Audrey Ruth 2 soat oldin
2 married queens is probably the most powerful couple on earth.
Curly Tells
Curly Tells 2 soat oldin
Beautiful 🥰🥰🥰
Eli on the Internet
Eli on the Internet 2 soat oldin
Brie looking concerned but not surprised that her wife nearly caught on fire is a whole mood
garnetrising 3 soat oldin
Rewatching this after watching Brie's coming out vid; didn't anyone else catch Jen catching herself with Brie's pronouns? I love how much it says about the comfortability and openness between these three that the transition between Brie's pronouns was so natural <3
Bluex T
Bluex T 3 soat oldin
ehhggs hold it together
MicrowaveOven111 3 soat oldin
Wait wait wait- are pancakes called pancakes because they are cakes made in a pan?
Nina Simpson
Nina Simpson 3 soat oldin
Such a cute name for such a cute person! Is it spelled Brie?
Marie Goodner
Marie Goodner 3 soat oldin
Yay Jen !
daniel jr
daniel jr 3 soat oldin
So in other words, they're in a heterosexual relationship pretending that it's homosexual
Isis Iris
Isis Iris Soat oldin
In other words, mind your own business. Simple as that.
Sarah 3 soat oldin
Kristin, I can relate so deeply to your experience. I was also told by my therapist that I needed a break, but I insisted that I was fine and that I could somehow work harder to get out of it. I ended up involuntarily hospitalized because my body and mind could not take the stress any more. Over a year later, I’m doing so much better after really taking time to take care of myself. It is so hard to do! I am so happy both of you got out of that environment
ADayWithMaryJ 3 soat oldin
Eating food with your best friend sounds like a dream job ily you two 🥰😍 best birthday gift the videooo💖
Syd Fonti
Syd Fonti 4 soat oldin
How Jen so hot and cute at the same time 😻
Witch's Brew Views
Witch's Brew Views 4 soat oldin
Congrats on your wife coming out!
Erica Greene
Erica Greene 4 soat oldin
Makes me hate capitalsm even more
Erica Greene
Erica Greene 4 soat oldin
Particularly this Liberal brand of it.
Sarah Mbassa
Sarah Mbassa 4 soat oldin
I flinched when I saw all the nutmeg go in 😳😳🤣
RavenComics 4 soat oldin
Its cute that Jen referred to Brie as "them" instead a lot. Still being considerate of her privacy but trying to not misgender her ❤
Sarah 4 soat oldin
It’s cracking me up that Brie called herself a peripheral character 😂
MiniCrafty18 4 soat oldin
Little food fight with little food dishes in mini kitchens
Erin Wood
Erin Wood 4 soat oldin
The makeup looks so good, and I am beyond envious of Brie's skin!!!! holy porcelain goddess...
Sarah 4 soat oldin
So proud of you Brie ❤️ I love the name! It’s so pretty
Katelin Coffey
Katelin Coffey 4 soat oldin
Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller 4 soat oldin
“Just take your titty pills and calm down.” Iconic. Congrats, Brie!!
Alexis Federman
Alexis Federman 5 soat oldin
Get you a bae who looks at you the way Kristen looks at Brie 💕
Ellie Burson
Ellie Burson 5 soat oldin
the comments about brie’s name and how she chose it she liked despite it being close to her deadname actually make me feel really good!! i did something similar! i’m nonbinary and i chose my name that was similar to my deadname, so having that in common with brie was like. weirdly comforting. woohoo!
K B 5 soat oldin
I am ALL about this energy!! You gals are the best ! 🤗
michelle g
michelle g 5 soat oldin
You’re “cooking” Which requires oil Kristin. LOL
Makeup Coven
Makeup Coven 5 soat oldin
Love Bri! She is fantasy and I love her confidence
Dawn English
Dawn English 5 soat oldin
I feel like Kristen has an advantage at the moment because her wife judges the show still a great show
égalo 6 soat oldin
I do love the use of "They", still respecting Brie not coming out publicly yet still keeping a good environment. Love you gals
RipeUnded **
RipeUnded ** 6 soat oldin
The location of those buttons... not cute.
Morgan Elmer
Morgan Elmer 6 soat oldin
Kristin- I am obsessed with your dress! Where did you get it? And y’all are both HOT!
DrPengin Guitar
DrPengin Guitar 6 soat oldin
This into made me insta subscribe! Such great!
TheScrappy Millennial
TheScrappy Millennial 6 soat oldin
You guys should do that tortilla trend. For your next little food fight. Who can make the best variation of the “folded tortilla.”
Emily Chambers
Emily Chambers 7 soat oldin
I’m sorry but the undertaker reference was my favorite . Congrats on your journey
ali600n 7 soat oldin
I could literally be watching you guys reviewing toenail fungus and it would still be amazing, hilarious content 😂😂
Frank N. Tommy
Frank N. Tommy 7 soat oldin
Y'all got me wheezing!
dani calleiro love
dani calleiro love 7 soat oldin
my trans heart 😭❤️
Rapidashisaunicorn 7 soat oldin
It’s weird watching this knowing retroactively that Brie is a woman, and that off camera you guys weren’t using they/them/(dead name)
samanfuh d-d-deezy
samanfuh d-d-deezy 7 soat oldin
This is way too vague
rynnCo 7 soat oldin
Duncan Robertson
Duncan Robertson 7 soat oldin
Jen saying case closed bitch has me cry laughing.
destiny 8 soat oldin
I should make money out of it ! line
Gabby Doux
Gabby Doux 8 soat oldin
stand in the place where you l-
SabiLewSounds 8 soat oldin
I'm sorry you guys went through this but thank you for sharing your experiences. You will help many people with this.
squirrley4life 8 soat oldin
I don't know why...but I want them to eat all the cheese at Trader Joe's and have Brie be there as the Cheese Queen who makes the final decision on whether the cheese is really great, pretty good, just okay, or penalty box bad.
MtlChick 8 soat oldin
Thank god. Others that cook like me. 😂😂😂
Yesenia Bueno
Yesenia Bueno 8 soat oldin
cardboard box
cardboard box 8 soat oldin
i'm so happy for her!!!! i felt very valid as a non binary person 😁
TheMom WithTheThroatTattoo
TheMom WithTheThroatTattoo 8 soat oldin
Now imagine how nice life would be if everyone was just totally comfortable in being whoever they want to be with no judgement!
dgarr1996 8 soat oldin
How cool would it be if they did a video with the try guys!?!?
Pal 8 soat oldin
I have a question. Why do Americans put the microwave above the hob, doesn't it get all steamy
Isabelle Zachary
Isabelle Zachary 46 daqiqa oldin
They have vents built in that direct it up outside
Crystal Unicorn
Crystal Unicorn 8 soat oldin
Hi Brie!! (I hope I spelled it right) welcome we support you and love you! You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress! I’m a fem non-binary person (I prefer more masc pronounce tho) and you look snatched in that dress! Like girllllll! Your amazing! I’m currently kinda closeted (I came out and everyone like whent nope and now I’m back in kinda) it’s so nice seeing a fellow trans person! I also love you makeup to!
Crystal Unicorn
Crystal Unicorn 8 soat oldin
Jen and kitchen are so cute together like ifvhtcxehkvx
Nashae Williams
Nashae Williams 8 soat oldin
I love this🥺
ソフィ 8 soat oldin
Kristen is ready to throw hands and I love it! Yes girl, protect your wifey!
Nathan Winterton
Nathan Winterton 8 soat oldin
can you do one of who makes the beet brownies?!
tiredghosts 8 soat oldin
there is only one braincell in this show, and brie has it
Andrea 9 soat oldin
I know that probably no one cares but the key to making a good blanket fort is umbrellas because they provide good structure for the top of the fort. This has been a public service announcement. You may resume your day and forget you ever heard this useful tip after watching this hot mess
starlight 9 soat oldin
Brie, your hair is lovely! So shiny and healthy. I’m so happy for you that you can truly be yourself now :) (also that dress is so pretty)
steph2992 9 soat oldin
So cute that Brie walked off with the other Dr Pepper lol
isayantasi 9 soat oldin
I can’t wait for my girlfriend and I to have our own place and carve out a little slice of heaven like Kristin and Brie. 🥰 The domesticity is soooo heartwarming.
Ana S
Ana S 9 soat oldin
i would like to see you both bake cookies, make falafel and fry them, and also try all the soups from Trader Joes 😛😛😂💙💙💙💙💙 love you both!
tricia albany
tricia albany 9 soat oldin
we need a compilation of the amount of times Kristen says my wife cuz just yes