ALL SOUTH 13 soat oldin
HE WAS THE MOST SLEPT ON ARTIST OF 2020. I truly hope people are gonna understand in 2021 🙏🏽
HarajukuBlossom 13 soat oldin
I would trust Ms. Roy with every important moment in my life if I had the budget to afford her 😭 love her input, expertise and how down to earth she is!
Hufflepuff Queen
Hufflepuff Queen 13 soat oldin
I’m a Hufflepuff 💛🖤 and my favorite character is either Ginny or Luna or one of the badass ladies like molly weasley
Sloan Fischer
Sloan Fischer 13 soat oldin
No Mr. Dinero, I do not know you are saying
Hello From Inside
Hello From Inside 13 soat oldin
I'm not familiar with any of his music but this dude is effortlessly charming and has beautiful tattoos
Karl Ozols
Karl Ozols 13 soat oldin
my boys!!!
Gang Slatty
Gang Slatty 13 soat oldin
Ohhh so he makes bikes or
Crian Maligs
Crian Maligs 13 soat oldin
Happy Merry Christmas cutie Meghan Trainor 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Amy Chang
Amy Chang 13 soat oldin
“Chick wrangler” 😂 That can’t be a real title!
Maz Terbate
Maz Terbate 14 soat oldin
I remember Nacho Libre... It was hard to watch...One of the few films I didn't really enjoy of his but I kept thinking he was trying to imitate Cartmen's Italian/Mexican accent.
Maria Lobos
Maria Lobos 14 soat oldin
Junior Mwamba
Junior Mwamba 14 soat oldin
Bro we get it shyne is your jeweler😂
KATROU NADA AIFA 14 soat oldin
wish I was Tarzan for a second
Dave Ozborne
Dave Ozborne 14 soat oldin
Bravo Diego.
ChIlLiNgOuTiNmEbOx 14 soat oldin
The bit about the hand steamer with the up and down gave me “snap snap snap cool cool cool push push push not cool” vides idk why
Marpsi Martinez
Marpsi Martinez 14 soat oldin
i use to love Cole till he said he liked pineapple on pizza
C9 James
C9 James 14 soat oldin
Wait that’s a dog I did not know
GoodNooB 32 69 • Years ago
GoodNooB 32 69 • Years ago 14 soat oldin
Mothser instead of Mother
Datko 14 soat oldin
3:28 8 year old me
Maz Terbate
Maz Terbate 14 soat oldin
Now that Zeppelin song is in everything... Guess you changed their minds on letting their music be in films
Suhas Malasani
Suhas Malasani 14 soat oldin
Feel so bad for him, people won't let go...
T R 14 soat oldin
Subtitles: i'm kevin
James Frazier
James Frazier 14 soat oldin
The grubby gruesome scarf expectedly share because straw microscopically behave qua a comfortable liquid. condemned, worthless flare
Maya Vergote
Maya Vergote 14 soat oldin
i have 1 DO YOU LOVE BETTY??????? becuse I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Tony Baloney
Tony Baloney 14 soat oldin
So I’m guessing black people are smart enough to buy this 🤣🤣🤣
Aaron Watch
Aaron Watch 14 soat oldin
He's being interviewed by GQ in a 1983 'dress' sweatshirt.
Jaden Wright
Jaden Wright 14 soat oldin
Yo GQ when you posting ddg episode
ITZ IDNAAN 14 soat oldin
Yes nah
Max Harrichand
Max Harrichand 14 soat oldin
Flipp underated
alikhan alizada
alikhan alizada 14 soat oldin
Why do they bring guys who have the hair of a Greek God and think everyone has that hairline and thickness.
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia 14 soat oldin
One piece of jewelry is worth my student loan debt.
Gracie Bell
Gracie Bell 14 soat oldin
Just a reminder to recycle, compost, and reduce your carbon emissions because the earth is really unhealthy, and we have to help it!
Ollie Vaughn
Ollie Vaughn 14 soat oldin
New sound board. Thx.
Luis Torres
Luis Torres 14 soat oldin
Idk about you but a white dolce a gabbana shirt is a FLEX to me lmao
Pedro Siqueira
Pedro Siqueira 14 soat oldin
yall gotta bring tyler the creator to this.
Madison Moser
Madison Moser 14 soat oldin
he seems cool and I was done when he said "No! The fall is breaking him!" 17:00
Nestor Priestrose
Nestor Priestrose 14 soat oldin
When I watched that break down my cellphone suddenly started ringing picked it up.. Me: Hello? Jocko : watch the comment section
Jasmine Garcia
Jasmine Garcia 14 soat oldin
I just love her. This was fun to watch.
Nadiya Sarwar
Nadiya Sarwar 14 soat oldin
They both talking like they're drunk. Whatever I love them glad they're back together.
Yasuo Main
Yasuo Main 14 soat oldin
Mans said leave me alone, and really got left alone.
Yasuo Main
Yasuo Main 14 soat oldin
@kypr yea fr tho
kypr 14 soat oldin
hes acc so underrated tho
Cocos World Coci
Cocos World Coci 14 soat oldin
Mia 14 soat oldin
the back tattoos almost made me cry fr
Elizaveta Sycheva
Elizaveta Sycheva 14 soat oldin
One of the few, who care enough to give a proper answer☺
Jafuh 14 soat oldin
The Earth dosent revolve around the Sun, the Sun revolves around this guys balls.
Elizaveta Sycheva
Elizaveta Sycheva 14 soat oldin
How can one person be so classy, yet so sweet and nice!? It's a miracle, change my mind😎
gm stanka
gm stanka 14 soat oldin
flip look smack like fabulous
Jasmin Jeffery
Jasmin Jeffery 14 soat oldin
Love love LOVE karleen
Khuthadzo Tshisikule
Khuthadzo Tshisikule 14 soat oldin
These comments are killing me😂🤣
David Olushola
David Olushola 14 soat oldin
Tom is a fan of tottenham
J1 14 soat oldin
When is the ddg episode coming its been a month?
Violent Rich Socialist
Violent Rich Socialist 14 soat oldin
My jewlery collection is better
James R.
James R. 14 soat oldin
Joy 14 soat oldin
9:45 “I don’t know but let’s find one” He’s so sweet
Majestic Dropz
Majestic Dropz 14 soat oldin
“you know what i’m sayin” 😂
The Kian Of Shaaban
The Kian Of Shaaban 14 soat oldin
Some people use punctuation Flipp uses “you know what I’m sayin’?”
Comicbooks22 14 soat oldin
Never been this early for one of these
Hail2theKing100 14 soat oldin
A grown man shows off his jewlery collection. 🙄
Hail2theKing100 13 soat oldin
Nothin. I just though jewlery were for women.
The Nation
The Nation 14 soat oldin
What do you expect?
Blair Kephart
Blair Kephart 14 soat oldin
we need bill hader to answer this question bc he's kissed like everyone whos ever been on snl
Emmie egrino T
Emmie egrino T 14 soat oldin
You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Blair Kephart
Blair Kephart 14 soat oldin
her and Aidy are such a good team on the show
ALIve 14 soat oldin
Just btw the soy sauce favor ramen is vegan and vegetarian ayee
ramlah nur
ramlah nur 14 soat oldin
At least she is not inappropriate like cardi and nicki
etti CloydIsir
etti CloydIsir 14 soat oldin
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
D Mon
D Mon 14 soat oldin
can we please get a on the rocks with trippie Redd because the man have some sick ice on him
Yoselin Sarita
Yoselin Sarita 14 soat oldin
"you don't have one. you don't have one. AND YOU dont hAvE oNe"
HYMN KING 14 soat oldin
Young bro is dope. I f**** with him. 💯👊🏾
Just An Odd, Fucking Extrovert
Just An Odd, Fucking Extrovert 15 soat oldin
I just saw the jewelry and my body just went 🥶🥶🥶
sydney ashlyn
sydney ashlyn 15 soat oldin
she is the most sweetest most unproblematic person ever, she’s a queen 👑
M2 15 soat oldin
Fame rappers
LeBeautiful 15 soat oldin
FLIPP is definitely on sum...on some heat bruh! mans really woke up today and brought out the best of the best 🔥🔥🔥
Ry 14 soat oldin
I fw the name😭
Just An Odd, Fucking Extrovert
Just An Odd, Fucking Extrovert 15 soat oldin
Like you :)
Jax Brown
Jax Brown 15 soat oldin
he broke 200k net worth
Ian Dante
Ian Dante 13 soat oldin
Do you really believe that 🤣
Nugget Master
Nugget Master 15 soat oldin
Jax Brown that’s not broke
gagan sandhu
gagan sandhu 15 soat oldin
She really with this joker dude just see love out of his pants man.
Kira P
Kira P 15 soat oldin
The cologne stuff had me dying 🤣🤣
Honey Bee
Honey Bee 15 soat oldin
Hes hot but good he talks a lot 5:00
Agent W
Agent W 15 soat oldin
all this jewelry but the real gem... is you ❤️ 💎
Tommy Reusse
Tommy Reusse 14 soat oldin
aww <3
T. To
T. To 14 soat oldin
Jadon Haye
Jadon Haye 15 soat oldin
Underrated artist frl
Shamoy Mitchell
Shamoy Mitchell 15 soat oldin
"I might get rich today I want the hennesy I want the racks" by flipp dinero
YankeDank 15 soat oldin
f l i p p
Dee Sims
Dee Sims 15 soat oldin
Who is he
Nugget Master
Nugget Master 14 soat oldin
Dee Sims leave me alone and watch how I move
NEW YORK NEW YORK 14 soat oldin
@Dee Sims “leave me alone”
Dee Sims
Dee Sims 15 soat oldin
@Nugget Master what song?
Nugget Master
Nugget Master 15 soat oldin
Dee Sims a rapper
Shamoy Mitchell
Shamoy Mitchell 15 soat oldin
Dinero gang