Daniele Maestri
Daniele Maestri 20 daqiqa oldin
My wiiiiiifeeeeeee
Greg Guare
Greg Guare Soat oldin
Awesome! I would have given Michelle a red 5 star!
Ben .88
Ben .88 Soat oldin
Not sure what he thinks his cooking but here in England that isn't shepherds pie
Christopher Christopher
Christopher Christopher 2 soat oldin
is it me or is watching matty eat the food after like watching a drug addict use
Leticia Valenzuela
Leticia Valenzuela 2 soat oldin
Magnificent 🙌🙌
Jeremy Ellingsworth
Jeremy Ellingsworth 2 soat oldin
I love that UZpost put Melania Trump rambling about her dipshit husband's education policies at the beginning of the video, and then Matty comes in clutch with the "destroy racism" and Universal Healthcare. Really should just move the family to Canada.
David Reinhard
David Reinhard 2 soat oldin
Ey if boiling a bunch of shit is what sustains sumo wrestlers, I'm sold. I'll trust Byamba.
billmassy 2 soat oldin
it would be better if these two were better storytellers. they have good stories but tell them sooo badly
Winter 2 soat oldin
As if I couldn’t love Matty more, here he is being adorable with his son.
Adam Schlinker
Adam Schlinker 3 soat oldin
Donair was invented in Halifax (well, how we think of it now. Obviously it comes from middle Eastern cuisine).
CookieMastah 3 soat oldin
Mathy, to me you look beautiful with or without any mustache.
The1Mustache3 3 soat oldin
My Mustache is better.
Florian Schmidt
Florian Schmidt 4 soat oldin
It’s more like a hollondaise than a sabayone isn’t it?
OCooog 5 soat oldin
A paint bbq podcast episode is what the world NEEDS right now
PMP 6 soat oldin
One dry hand for schnitzeling, fella.
Lewis Normand
Lewis Normand 6 soat oldin
Another great episode. Greasy Sinuses. Amazing.
Talia Geddi
Talia Geddi 7 soat oldin
Thanks for raising awareness around pizza gate matty
El Gringus
El Gringus 7 soat oldin
I used to wash dishes at a place when I was like 19 years old. Some days it was just slower than dogshit, so I had to find ways to entertain myself. Well we had these deepfryers, single unit with two vats yada yada..toss an ice cube into one from the other side and behold the fury of a pissed off cook damn near jumping over everything to get to you lol
Archie 7 soat oldin
whose high pitch?
Karen smith
Karen smith 8 soat oldin
“This video is sponsored by Apple stone meat co.” Mattie: C U M S A U C E
David Reinhard
David Reinhard 9 soat oldin
Matty dresses way too conservatively. Like come on, spice up your look a bit my dude.
Cobus Van Der Walt
Cobus Van Der Walt 10 soat oldin
Imagine partying with him
Kári Sæbjörn Kárason
Kári Sæbjörn Kárason 11 soat oldin
I´m here for the Skyr
Levi Taylor
Levi Taylor 11 soat oldin
What is that song
Kari R
Kari R 11 soat oldin
michal wowczuk
michal wowczuk 11 soat oldin
no one has made a joke about the dick mold with the butternut ?
Ivan Alexandr
Ivan Alexandr 12 soat oldin
Brock Landers: Angels live in my town
Brandon Burk
Brandon Burk 13 soat oldin
I can pretend to be Italian.
sabinebdx2 14 soat oldin
I love you so much Matty!!! Merci!
Patrick Moschiano
Patrick Moschiano 14 soat oldin
I dropped one of my raycons in the toilet and it still works.
Matt Natoli
Matt Natoli 15 soat oldin
Patrick Adams
Patrick Adams 17 soat oldin
love u
Jeremy Last Name
Jeremy Last Name 17 soat oldin
My fiance JUST bought me your cookbook.....I thank you for the countless date nights I will get laid because of your book
Chris Mollard
Chris Mollard 17 soat oldin
I feel like the lacrosse team WAS the acid trip.
Chris Allen
Chris Allen 18 soat oldin
Matty absolutely nails it as he describes small town Canadian Saturday night fight nights. This man is a Canadian treasure.
Dubst 18 soat oldin
the drone frickn killed me
andres rivas
andres rivas 19 soat oldin
There has to be a collab with Papa Josh and Matty plzzz
Fire Ash
Fire Ash 20 soat oldin
I would like the correct pizza recipe for this. Tried the one listed doesn’t match up. 8grams of yeast when in the video he says 4grams?
Penno Cash
Penno Cash 20 soat oldin
Why do I find such joy in watching matty scream fuck into a bowl of pepperoni
Hristo Spasov
Hristo Spasov 20 soat oldin
Is the sign on the meat safe to eat ?
Guy Hocks
Guy Hocks 21 soat oldin
"its a documentary about a Danish butter boy"
Hotflop2011 22 soat oldin
Pretty good episode
zach schmidt
zach schmidt 22 soat oldin
Dude!... where did you get that badass hat from?
william deetz
william deetz 22 soat oldin
lemon grass of Pho? what a F%^&^*$ joke! insult to vietnam.........
SpitefulRennie 22 soat oldin
"I did a couple of fuckin' fat, pencil thick lines." /snort I'm trying to figure out if this is all just performance art. They're unreal 😂
Ryan Prouty
Ryan Prouty 23 soat oldin
This might the only place on the internet where the comments are almost just as entertaining as the show itself. Fuck this brings me joy. Matty's entire life is ALL CAPS.
Patrick Hache
Patrick Hache 23 soat oldin
What a stupid moustache
woollinthorpe Kun oldin
"We gotta do ads!?" 😂
Greg Guare
Greg Guare Kun oldin
Bastinini Kun oldin
Steven Bryant
Steven Bryant Kun oldin
Throw some cheese on that bih
were fcked
were fcked Kun oldin
High Pitch was recently (3-4 years ago?) the manager at Hard Rock at Yankee Stadium. He'd stand out there on the patio, and looked really bummy. He was barely recognizable.
Tyler Erickson
Tyler Erickson Kun oldin
Hattori Hanzo
Hattori Hanzo Kun oldin
Rick Fox would have to play both of you in his most challenging role yet.
Sharky 512
Sharky 512 Kun oldin
I live like 5 minutes away
Jobless Doctor
Jobless Doctor Kun oldin
Man u the best❤️
Ruth Makinster
Ruth Makinster Kun oldin
The only thing that makes Thursdays survivable... fracking machine lmao
Kevin Ramirez
Kevin Ramirez Kun oldin
Tbh. I feel like Matty has been neglecting us angels......
Jay Evans
Jay Evans Kun oldin
I want to buy 100 of those books same day
Divya Duraisamy
Divya Duraisamy Kun oldin
This is definitely one of my favorite episodes
Cody Portz
Cody Portz Kun oldin
You should do a tattoo tour! Please please
Adam Schlinker
Adam Schlinker Kun oldin
Your crew is really really good. The DOP, music, and editor are like the Matty Mathewson of film. And Michelle. Michelle is the Michelle of this show. Better than Matthew Mathematics.
Razz Na$-T
Razz Na$-T Kun oldin
Bam Margera?
Cassie Green
Cassie Green Kun oldin
I love Matty's hair! 😂
Adam Schlinker
Adam Schlinker Kun oldin
I like your tattoo.
Jarrod Dobben
Jarrod Dobben Kun oldin
Just came from a juns kitchen vid, what a contrast!
jalord santos
jalord santos Kun oldin
J G Kun oldin
Jerry Richardson
Jerry Richardson Kun oldin
I went to a local pizza place that forgot to take the pepperoni skin off, I went through the same stages of emotion!
Ry O
Ry O Kun oldin
matty I aspire to be like u in every way, my life Is so fucked right now you are such an inspiration cause i know u climbed outs shit made a life for yourself
Reel Risky
Reel Risky Kun oldin
0 chance this girl didnt recognise the crack pipe
J MG Kun oldin
For the worlds sanity, please Matty, do yourself some good and shed a few of those divine pounds your carrying. Shits slowly getting seriously over, over due.
Reel Risky
Reel Risky Kun oldin
How is George producing this pod too?
Reed Tucker
Reed Tucker Kun oldin
mattys fit is mint
Samet Okutan
Samet Okutan Kun oldin
If Apocalypse Now was a cooking show
Phạm Quang Nhật
Phạm Quang Nhật Kun oldin
This is as accurate as it could get, he nailed it
Ron Valentini
Ron Valentini Kun oldin
this podcast has slowly worked its way to the top of my favorites.. so we love you guys here in your base city Toronto.. im sure you have heard it Matty,, you need to stop all the fillers you eat and be more healthy,, why you ask,,,,we need you around for a long time
Max Ajax
Max Ajax Kun oldin
Fucking love this guy!!
John Arroyo
John Arroyo Kun oldin
I love rewatching every episode, always makes me laugh.