Dale Wortman
Dale Wortman 10 soat oldin
My ex wife cheated on me and I was broken. This is the song that gave me the strength to keep on keepin on. It made me realise that she was the woman I love and cherish with every fiber of my being and even though she chose someone else I still wish her the best in life. I've moved on and everyday is a struggle knowing she was my true solemate but sometimes things happen and I would never leave or stray from the woman I have married now sge is a wonderful woman. She has my heart and I will be the best man I can be until death. But this will always be my song to my ex
Kyla Thompson
Kyla Thompson 10 soat oldin
He has great potential, sad the song choice was not great
Mary Hooker
Mary Hooker 10 soat oldin
Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis 10 soat oldin
So I guess if you sing “Baby I Love You” you always end up on John’s team lol
Md Hanif
Md Hanif 10 soat oldin
I just finished watching the previous audition video & refreshed the page to see this pop up..
Life With Lez
Life With Lez 10 soat oldin
I love the voice!
__ Kagami
__ Kagami 10 soat oldin
1st comment LETS GO BABY
Jason Fraser
Jason Fraser 10 soat oldin
Clean up on isle Kelly. Need extra Wet Floor signs 😆
Jennifer Murray
Jennifer Murray 10 soat oldin
Shame on Kelly for not giving him the 4 chair turn!!! He’s so good!
Akho'z vero
Akho'z vero 10 soat oldin
John don't have words to say Like no words for the day 😂
Mira Yoon
Mira Yoon 10 soat oldin
I don't believe Ryan is 27 yrs old. He looks older than me :O. I'm 28 yrs old
Shay W.
Shay W. 10 soat oldin
Can’t believe they didn’t turn for her!!!! She’s so good!
TARUN GUSAIN 10 soat oldin
Blake giving those backup vocals was adorable ❤️
Nattalia Robinson
Nattalia Robinson 10 soat oldin
Love from🇯🇲🇯🇲
Carolina Beatriz
Carolina Beatriz 10 soat oldin
Jus Jon is so talent and fun.
Lacey Lou
Lacey Lou 10 soat oldin
The emotion she puts into this performance is amazing!!!! I really like her😁
Carani JE. Carani
Carani JE. Carani 10 soat oldin
His voice is like a broken breaks my ear😂
__ Kagami
__ Kagami 10 soat oldin
Sound like KAREN to me
Ronallisa Sabrina
Ronallisa Sabrina 10 soat oldin
yesss, make us proud at home! #TrinidadandTobago <3
cordenti 10 soat oldin
That whistle at the end gave me so much chills.
NerdGirl72 10 soat oldin
Kelly face though
Betty Forton
Betty Forton 10 soat oldin
I first saw Ben Allen band at Coconut Falls Fort Myers Florida. I hope he doesn’t forget us little people in Southwest Florida. Hi think he is awesome, you did real good Blake
Lizbeth Camacho
Lizbeth Camacho 10 soat oldin
He didn't sound with passion... Hi has a good voice but he just used that and didn't feel the song
Elian Den
Elian Den 10 soat oldin
Me dejo con la boca abierta. Tremenda artista, me encanta el sentimiento de esta cancion✨
Sávio Luis
Sávio Luis 10 soat oldin
One of the best voices this far just to be eliminated somehow in a dumb way (you can read it as: losing for a country generic guy) later on the show. Unfortunately that is how The Voice is.
Kitsune 10 soat oldin
Idkw, but she reminds me of Lady Gaga. Her high note was so good, perfect vocal control and head voice
D Lamar
D Lamar 10 soat oldin
1:30 She turned into jhud for a second. 😂😂
Akho'z vero
Akho'z vero 10 soat oldin
Black was so worried about Gwen here
Meth Productions - Music and Videos
Meth Productions - Music and Videos 10 soat oldin
Why did he stretch it out? He knew no matter what that he would pick John!!!
Mauricio Perez
Mauricio Perez 10 soat oldin
Who realized the dancer touched the butt of dua lipa? XD 1:31
Nicole Cortes
Nicole Cortes 10 soat oldin
I don’t know how, but I’ve never heard this song it and I never back down from a dare, challenge accepted...❤️👑👯‍♀️
Debbie Smitherman
Debbie Smitherman 10 soat oldin
I believe if James had chosen a song to show his range of voice it may have been better for him. He may have gotten a chair to turn. It was a really fast performance. He has potential with the right song.
CanadianUkiGal 10 soat oldin
Great voice and good looking too! Good luck!
robertantonnyc 10 soat oldin
James in his leopard print was about to sing the house down. That big note was a little rough. He’s got the power but needed a better approach and POV. I don't believe the coaches didn't recognize the song.
gingersnap789 10 soat oldin
kelsi is AMAZING. i love kelly's humility - so refreshing to see in their industry. blake and gwen's back and forth made me laugh. <3 can't wait to see what she does next!
D Lamar
D Lamar 10 soat oldin
He's gonna win and rob everyone and im gonna be pissed. Im calling it now.
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing 10 soat oldin
She could win this. When Kelly Clarkson says you actually sing HER song better than her.......this is something to watch out for. Be afraid, other very afraid. LOL. 🤣
Christie Kraczek
Christie Kraczek 10 soat oldin
These judges SUCK this year!!
Midnight_ Xavier
Midnight_ Xavier 10 soat oldin
Um...that was not a good song choice and it was going all over the place. ☹ I think it was just the nerves and how you happy and jumpy he was...but this is just my opinion...
Akho'z vero
Akho'z vero 10 soat oldin
Waw I literally crying now I'm melting not long ago hearing Kelly singing this song
Dom Deezy
Dom Deezy 10 soat oldin
I’m actually so mad...... His voice is phenomenal it’s just one of the worst song choices I’ve heard
Laolu Adewumi NG
Laolu Adewumi NG 10 soat oldin
I think nerves got a huge part of him
Devin Alexander Fairrow
Devin Alexander Fairrow 10 soat oldin
Josh 10 soat oldin
He sounds so much like Ronnie Dunn!!! =O
Red Zie
Red Zie 10 soat oldin
Brittanie D.
Brittanie D. 10 soat oldin
Wow... another 🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Michael Avery
Michael Avery 10 soat oldin
I'm so confused. Why was this not a four chair turn? She was absolutely stunning and she even did one of the coaches song. She's in the finale for sure. One of the best singer I've heard by far this season.
Jessie Bodrie
Jessie Bodrie 10 soat oldin
they don’t turn around if they love their singing or not, they turn around if that fits the style of singing they like. for example, blake would turn around for a good country song.
Asyong Homestead
Asyong Homestead 10 soat oldin
He Joins I love OPM before that was 4 years ago. Wow Panalo!
Cora Zur
Cora Zur 10 soat oldin
Kelly is so annoying for not turning lol
liv's vlogs
liv's vlogs 10 soat oldin
I found her on TikTok and when she said she was gonna be on the voice I was so happy for her
Anthony SingingWater
Anthony SingingWater 10 soat oldin
That was only 58 seconds? wow idk what to say about that
VRL 10 soat oldin
Some of the notes aren't there
Ralph James Dungog
Ralph James Dungog 10 soat oldin
Wow big voiceeeeee. She's gonna be in the finale.
Andrea Schroeder
Andrea Schroeder 10 soat oldin
Brittanie D.
Brittanie D. 10 soat oldin
Wow.... ⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️
Erlan Azhibaev
Erlan Azhibaev 10 soat oldin
Lmao fastest voice audition, he has power but it was really bad song choice.
Muhammad Zaky fadhila
Muhammad Zaky fadhila 10 soat oldin
David Pontes
David Pontes 10 soat oldin
#IDareYou is an ANTHEM by queen Kelly Clarkson! And Kelsie did a great job singing it! Congrats and thanks so much for bringing this anthem to the show! It was amazing! 👏👏❤️❤️
Andi We Firdaus
Andi We Firdaus 10 soat oldin
Kelly : You better sing that song Kelsie : Yeaaaaahhhhhh.. 😏
KC ROCH 10 soat oldin
who was his grandpa
Richy Vidal
Richy Vidal 10 soat oldin
Ooof she’s one of my favorites so far
Scott Wolf
Scott Wolf 10 soat oldin
She was robbed
Alexis Ramirez
Alexis Ramirez 10 soat oldin
He picked team Gwen, if you are wondering
Jack Kelly Dunn
Jack Kelly Dunn 10 soat oldin
Rockin Country,finally!Sounds similar to Ronnie.
taylorandcarolina 10 soat oldin
I watch this just to watch Blake's ways 🤣🤣🤣
Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing 10 soat oldin
Jon is right. Blake could bring out other things out of Jon that John could not because Jon and Blake are different genres. Should go far. Wish him luck. 🤨
Nicole Cortes
Nicole Cortes 10 soat oldin
John Legend says he’s waiting on the world to patient, ONE DAY AT A TIME SWEET JESUS😂👈🦁💯👯‍♀️
Debbie Smitherman
Debbie Smitherman 10 soat oldin
Ben is one hell of a singer. He is going to go all the way. I fell in love with his voice from the time he started. He may well take it all the way. Blake you got a great one here.
Roy Pardo
Roy Pardo 10 soat oldin
that whistle note
Harissa Castelo
Harissa Castelo 10 soat oldin
Just imagine him singing Music of The Night from Phantom of the Opera! That would be stunning!!
Anna Ogbole
Anna Ogbole 10 soat oldin
Awwwnnn...the love on this show tho ❤
Nguyen Van
Nguyen Van 10 soat oldin
Omg she is soooooo good
Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis 10 soat oldin
1:07 My jaw hit the floor lol
wily cantante
wily cantante 10 soat oldin
Saludo desde república dominicana bello programa
Chandra Nichols
Chandra Nichols 10 soat oldin
Wow he was amen!!
Andrew 10 soat oldin
I actually remember watching the exact episode Kelly is talking about she sang on AI. It was a note you don’t forget!
Andrew 10 soat oldin
@Vicki Davenport yes. I found it on UZpost after I commented 🤣
Vicki Davenport
Vicki Davenport 10 soat oldin
Was it natural woman?
Keileen 587
Keileen 587 10 soat oldin
Omg! Gave me chills!!!❤❤❤My money is on her for the win!
Nicole Cortes
Nicole Cortes 10 soat oldin
Careful with those blocks, I blocked Blake but he hopped right over it!
kelly hitting those notes like it is normal
joseph jenkins
joseph jenkins 10 soat oldin
i literally love this show so much