Carly Baxter
Carly Baxter 18 soat oldin
oh god danny your the same age as me in the first video you look like a 7 year old do you not have hormones???
Aethereal Crab
Aethereal Crab 18 soat oldin
I think of JoJos bizarre adventures when I hear JoJo
Samantha Purdy
Samantha Purdy 18 soat oldin
In high school my teacher explained why we are called Gen Y... Because if you draw pants on it the Y looks like a butt crack and the boys used to sag their pants... Lol
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown 18 soat oldin
10:10 Who's Reg?
Phasending 18 soat oldin
Gen z: melinnials arent cool anymore. Also gen z: ayo lit fam poggers on my juul
Dwyer D
Dwyer D 18 soat oldin
I'm '82 so I'm a custard boy on the GenX border but I definitely don't come off as a millennial while still falling within the parameters of one. I hate thinking I'm actually, technically, a millennial. I guess the difference between being a "GenY'er" or a "millennial" is behavioral 🤷‍♂️
Zina Treasure
Zina Treasure 18 soat oldin
Hetero- Phobic
Hetero- Phobic 18 soat oldin
This came out almost 2 years ago😃
Carly Baxter
Carly Baxter 18 soat oldin
danny what the heck you're 11 you cant drink pina colada
okayswayway 18 soat oldin
the fact you went to buzzfeed to find out tells that your a millennial
mofilafal 19 soat oldin
1:22 Danny you ok?
Bethany Kiep
Bethany Kiep 19 soat oldin
Kurtis needs to take this
Izzy Olsson
Izzy Olsson 19 soat oldin
Q Tip
Q Tip 19 soat oldin
12:03 this shit is just so funny to me because it’s so obvious that buzzfeed was not expecting any men to be taking these quizzes
Mobbed RF
Mobbed RF 19 soat oldin
see he isnt dream he admitted it
Axolotl 2253
Axolotl 2253 19 soat oldin
i was born in 2004 around 2010 i chose a flip phone as my first phone so wtf am i
Sami Coello
Sami Coello 20 soat oldin
Ok, lets see how "millennial" I am. Wears hair in side part, wears skinny jeans (some times), uses the laughing emoticon, Hufflepuff here, JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, its a clock, loose jean, first phone was a flip phone... their cute, Harry Potter, I'm 13.
Jason Ruiz
Jason Ruiz 20 soat oldin
I mean you do need help if you literally get shot in the arm every day.
Alina Bentley
Alina Bentley 20 soat oldin
Im pretty sure that after gen z comes gen Alpha, or gen A
Cr1msxn_. 20 soat oldin
Elizabeth Sandifer
Elizabeth Sandifer 20 soat oldin
5:03 pov: your name is leah (my name is leah...)
Chiara Abbate
Chiara Abbate 20 soat oldin
“In a boy-scout” I GASPED
Marissa Argyris
Marissa Argyris 20 soat oldin
Me looking at that second quiz: 28 out of 40 is not 76%... it's 70%...
Nat Szymczak
Nat Szymczak 21 soat oldin
I'm born in '97 and I have no idea where I fit in. My husband calls 95-2000 the lost generation 😂😂
Cedequas live
Cedequas live 21 soat oldin
CrystalMatthews93 22 soat oldin
Not Danny being born in 1994 and doing a quiz to see if he is a Cusper 😂. Dude, you are a millennial! 1997-1999 (sometimes 1996 can be included) are the cusp
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos 22 soat oldin
Whats my cusper name for bordering on GenX-Y GenXiey
Rani 22 soat oldin
harry styles on the thumbnail got me lol, I see harry I click
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos 22 soat oldin
Im right on the Other end of the cusp...i feel im more Gen X rather than Gen 1983, grew up pretty much without computers and internet...even my sr yr of highschool, 2000/2001 not everyone had a computer and it wasnt mandatory to type our school reports, internet was still dial-up and cell phones were Not in everyones pockets yet. CDs were still a thing and streaming music was done illegally on Lime Wire....And all the things that were 'in' when i was younger is now "retro" and back in style. 90s/2000's fashion,,, im now like my parents when i was a teen.
SP4{3 R4!N
SP4{3 R4!N 22 soat oldin
I was born in 2009 but I remember watching VHS tapes and having this box TV that broke. It would show the incorrect colors and Uncle Grandpa was a alternative universe. The Little Mermaid was my favorite. My mom had a lot of Disney movies because she loves Disney, a lot. I also remember my brother smearing lipstick on the wall lol. I miss my box TV. It looked cool
Gold Star Studios
Gold Star Studios 22 soat oldin
Shit, this song is deep
V Lamont
V Lamont 23 soat oldin
kathleen le
kathleen le 21 soat oldin
DylyBoy Gaming
DylyBoy Gaming 23 soat oldin
didnt this dude act like he was dream or something?
Declan Daley
Declan Daley 23 soat oldin
that be fire
Sara 23 soat oldin
Hey Danny, you’re 26, you’re a millennial. And that’s ok but don’t lie to yourself😔🤚
Sara Kun oldin
7:52 all the gen z potterheads rn 👀
anabelle kang
anabelle kang Kun oldin
danny......a hike....for a First Date...jail
Daniella Sloane
Daniella Sloane Kun oldin
Umm...when I hear “tik tock” I think of Return To Oz. Yet..I was born in 1985. Where am I??!? I’m not even on the cusp. I’m in Oz, man. Fck your boxes, gen z. I fit in neither! I’m not gonna okay your liberal conservative mind games.
Akhil Goriparthi
Akhil Goriparthi Kun oldin
Dude I wonder how hard it must’ve been for Danny to be both of them at the same time must’ve been some pretty mad editing skills
Jasmine Natasha
Jasmine Natasha Kun oldin
Random funny weird story: I've never had soda or coca cola, and I eat a lot of Asian food. So my entire life when I saw all the coca cola ads I always thought that that cola tasted like soy sauce. Like super salty and savory. I asked someone a couple years ago what cola tasted like and they were like "oh, it's super sweet" and I was shook
Midnxghts Kun oldin
Danny, create a main channel! But DO NOT drink la croix. Thank you! -Susan
Hydrus Borg
Hydrus Borg Kun oldin
"You care deeply about the environment" Litter: Am I a joke to you?
AnIllusionOfSelf Kun oldin
8:49 "similar reality shows: Who Wants to Marry My Dad?" 😕😟
tanupreet kaur
tanupreet kaur Kun oldin
You are dream Danny
tanupreet kaur
tanupreet kaur Kun oldin
tanupreet kaur
tanupreet kaur Kun oldin
I am
Anastasia Rivera
Anastasia Rivera Kun oldin
You know what? I DID stumble across this video thinking it was a main channel video
HappiestTick234Playzz Kun oldin
Berry: Smells like medicine, tastes good Solution: Plug your nose.
You’re right but
You’re right but Kun oldin
liz Kun oldin
omgthisissoawesome Kun oldin
I'm only one year older than Danny, but watching this made me feel like a middle-aged woman
Ashley Peterson
Ashley Peterson Kun oldin
I'm on the cusp and I randomly went down the Kid Pix nostalgia route a few weeks ago 😢
HappiestTick234Playzz Kun oldin
After Gen z, is Gen Alpha, which started in 2010. Its so unfair, we just get called "z" and they get Gen Alpha, which sounds like something out of a space movie....
Logan Kun oldin
"I am Drew I am Danny I am groot"
HappiestTick234Playzz Kun oldin
So it IS pronounce, La croy! Next time someone asks why I think that, Im gonna say becase Danny Said so.
Aidan Kelley
Aidan Kelley Kun oldin
a lot of these are very suggestive, like i too had a flipphone but thats because thats what i was given as a starter phone, could of easily been given an iphone but i was given the flipphone as something to start off with, and i also was around during VHS, but we didnt record on them, just watched movies, then switches to cds very quickly,
Haley Joerger
Haley Joerger Kun oldin
i was born in 1996 and i got millennial
Mark Neagov
Mark Neagov Kun oldin
This is pog
Humid 「he&him」
Humid 「he&him」 Kun oldin
Humid 「he&him」
Humid 「he&him」 Kun oldin
and also yeah, I'm pretty firmly a millennial but I grew up VERY ONLINE compared to other people my age so I find myself relating a lot more to zoomers, lol
hi bye
hi bye Kun oldin
3:50 jojo characters joined the chat... Is ThIs A jOjO rEfReNcE
AnnMarie Dull
AnnMarie Dull Kun oldin
My younger brother is Generation Alpha...
Livvy Kun oldin
Tbh what I don't get is the Harry Potter thing. Since when does Gen z not like Harry Potter? The fandom's definitely not just millenials. I know like 2 Gen z people who don't like Harry Potter
Rosy rooroo
Rosy rooroo Kun oldin
So I was born in 2000 so like I’ve always jus called myself a Gen Z... but bro now I’m a cusper for sure. Like Hannah Montana, got the best of both worlds.
Doublekil Kun oldin
the motorola razor was my first phone :,) it wasn’t activated cause i was like 6, but i took some epic pics on it
king yeosang
king yeosang Kun oldin
finally found this meme
shani yan
shani yan Kun oldin
danny not knowing the movie “friday” is just as heartbreaking as drew’s reaction to spicy candy </3
Ellelis Parrott
Ellelis Parrott Kun oldin
Why after the 3rd time watching this video, I finally hear the big Putin sound in the beginning of the vid. It's great
thalmor maguire
thalmor maguire Kun oldin
I know for a fact that I am a millennial because I literally listen to staind and korn. Those are 90s and early 2000s bands. Of course, I like rap music, but I always have had an interest in punk music. If I were gen z I would be listening more dababy and mainstream rap. I don't even like mainstream rap, I listen to trap metal and lyrical rap. My favorite rapper is nascar aloe for crying out loud. I may have been born gen z, but I didn't grow up in a gen z environment.
Yeonki Min
Yeonki Min Kun oldin
Drew: Sadist Guy Danny: Child Man
Brianna Moritz
Brianna Moritz Kun oldin
I was born in 2001 but I remember KidPix SO VIVIDLY from elementary school. Memories that I forgot were there came FLOODING back
Sam Mahoney
Sam Mahoney Kun oldin
Generation Greg 🕴🏽
shani yan
shani yan Kun oldin
Kid Pix has been living rent free in my head without a name for 20 years. Thank you.
Diana Dunajska
Diana Dunajska Kun oldin
One day I’m just gunna pass out after not getting enough air from constantly laughing.
bea Kun oldin
i drink like 5 lacroixs daily. that shit smacks
Savy McIntosh
Savy McIntosh Kun oldin
the next generation is called gen alpha. or i guess the kids being born right now
Idk Brotha
Idk Brotha Kun oldin
danny is ur basement a grow room?
Hamid Kalateh
Hamid Kalateh Kun oldin
1:02 this is my favorite part
Peachy Babe
Peachy Babe Kun oldin
Where lacrox
hannah lynne shroyer
hannah lynne shroyer Kun oldin
danny why are you so close to the steering wheel
KiraRuby Kun oldin
*DANNY HAS MAC UNPOG CONFIRMED* 6:03 Mac does that mouse get big thing
Tati Kun oldin
Kid Pix! This does put a smile on my face