EIiza 11 soat oldin
Sturges 11 soat oldin
Didnt you have a theory about Steve and Alex being able to lift the entire universe and more? That means that the forces must be stronger, as that planet would collapse in seconds.
EIiza 11 soat oldin
I don't know about you, but I really think some of these fan games could become canon, as some of those competing restaurants, that are mentioned in Sister Location. (Did I get the right game?) Just look at them, it makes perfect sense! (It's not going to happen, but we can all pretend, right?)
Jacob Wiebe
Jacob Wiebe 11 soat oldin
Did anyone else think lbs was short for libids when they were young
Rocketreaper09 11 soat oldin
4567 lvl 😂😂😂
Kale Sauce
Kale Sauce 11 soat oldin
The way that I thought I was the only one getting these ads
strawberryfieldsforever 11 soat oldin
"Way, way back in 2014, Five Night's at Freddy's came out." *shows footage of Five Night's at Candy's*
klatte 4life
klatte 4life 11 soat oldin
Gabrielle Kihara
Gabrielle Kihara 11 soat oldin
Meggystar 11 soat oldin
Please make part two
AmericanProud 11 soat oldin
Couldn't the shroom light and glow stone fill in for the sun in the nether like how you can use the to replace the sun if you have a underground farm.
Fazrin Loy
Fazrin Loy 11 soat oldin
Finally, a non Muslim person says something about the thing every single Muslim person must know.
Buggie Bridge
Buggie Bridge 11 soat oldin
boy oh boy is this some good water im drinking
AmericanProud 11 soat oldin
What's the feed ratio for humans Asking for a friend...
XtremexStudios 12 soat oldin
as a sonic fan, he has ancient chaos energy and that energy runs through his quills you left out that he has this energy that allows him to do these things. No one even really knows where it came from, canonically of course. Archie comics though aren't canon, the games are. That's why in games he's probably slower than that of his comic self. Comics it feels like you can practically do and get away with anything, it's all just drawings on paper. Now try to do that in a video game that's harder and would mess with people's minds too much and doesn't flow with the story they're telling. Plus if you knew, yes he does "meet himself" lol. In Sonic Generations you race against your double ganger. If he wins you die....well lose rather and you have to start again. I guess sonic did a huge light speed to create himself just for a mini game lol.
Morshu Rtx
Morshu Rtx 12 soat oldin
I discovered Game Therory With This Video
EnderMcCloud 12 soat oldin
Congratulations Mathew and Stephanie. This is a big milestone you hit. With all the hard work and love that you've put into all your channels, I'm sure they'll be around on one platform or another for many years to come. And I'll be here, watching them all. Love your videos and live streams (even the more cringe-inducing ones). And take care of those colds. It's not fun having to work when you're not feeling your best. So get as much rest as possible.
Milk Man
Milk Man 12 soat oldin
What if in fnaf 4 the fredbear plush isn’t the one talking it’s actually someone talking to Evan with a walkie talkie
PinkJune Peanut
PinkJune Peanut 12 soat oldin
Ya know this top decade game recognition calls for a song. *Ahem* (REALLY Off piTcH) "LEgends NEver DIiieEEE!!!" Okay, I won't further torture your ears. ^_^
Maiden Heaven
Maiden Heaven 12 soat oldin
Please do a theory about genshin impact:>
ruv 4458
ruv 4458 12 soat oldin
disc 11 and 13 are connected to the cave noises
Hammy_Burger2 12 soat oldin
12:00 "Well she still has to live out her life back on Earth where things are actually kind of far from being fine these days" *published Aug 22, 2020* *that didnt age well did it*
Dagomyre _
Dagomyre _ 12 soat oldin
Yoooo 14:55 Zachscottgames dude it gives me 2013 vibes.
LaurenWolfDragon 12 soat oldin
James Bowen
James Bowen 12 soat oldin
Wouldnt 119,000 cm3 be 1190 m3? Or like.. a cubic kilometer?
MainDepth 12 soat oldin
I still like to think he is 13 at most
Drew Nix
Drew Nix 12 soat oldin
what if the blood from sans is actually the entire ketchup bottle he drank at grillbys
Eleazar Acosta
Eleazar Acosta 12 soat oldin
Dude thanks I need this I’m doing a presentation on Minecraft and these vids are gonna help
TheAllSeeingEye 12 soat oldin
im waiting for the twist that the glamrocks are evil and vanny is the good guy
Owen Crown
Owen Crown 12 soat oldin
This theory legitimately makes a lot of sense for some reason, but I have one thing to say that will disprove it entirely: *NO*
Rivaldy 12 soat oldin
*H E N T A C L E T E N T A I*
MainDepth 12 soat oldin
I mean in xyz he literally looked 19
LaurenWolfDragon 12 soat oldin
I am Mind blown and totally convinced
Plague Plays Games
Plague Plays Games 12 soat oldin
I tried to chop a tree down by hitting it with a branch, it didn’t work.
Aviral 12 soat oldin
LoneWolfGmer 12 soat oldin
no one actually likes Austin lol XD
Isaac Bryce
Isaac Bryce 12 soat oldin
Lol me watching this in 2021 and hearing "Thor with a lightning axe" with him not realizing its really gonna happen. 😂
i am a person
i am a person 12 soat oldin
so me buying my old house in legend of zelda is making me violent
THE ARK GAMER 12 soat oldin
Matpat does this mean that when you make a Wither thousands of souls make that wither come to life
Shrimp The Cybop
Shrimp The Cybop 12 soat oldin
Me seeing new game theory video Me seeing blue text Me getting sad because austin isnt as energetic😞
i cant think of a name
i cant think of a name 12 soat oldin
I think the box, at this point, has nothing in it anymore. Maybe it had something in it back in 2015, but now, 6 years later, i really don't think the box means anything anymore. And exploring the nature of this box wouldn't bring us any closer to solving the story of FNAF. This is just my opinion at least, but i could be proven wrong, considering that the quote is "some things are best left forgotten, for now"
michael Hood
michael Hood 12 soat oldin
Hot wings
The Natundi
The Natundi 12 soat oldin
Waluigi Gang
Hinth Darkshot
Hinth Darkshot 12 soat oldin
Remember the LAPIS thing? Yeah, the ocean temple symbol on the front made of Dark Prismarine is the alchemist symbol for LAPIS.
Hinth Darkshot
Hinth Darkshot 12 soat oldin
So, you mentioned in another episode that only the Desert Temple has a symbol, but that's no the case. That big triangle on the front is the alchemist symbol for LAPIS, the stone that is getting a massive implication in your lore.
戴木榮 Miguel Marciano 3
戴木榮 Miguel Marciano 3 12 soat oldin
BlackDawnYaoiLover 12 soat oldin
But also like, there's no way for it to have a day/night cycle of it's constantly facing the sun
DarkBuilder 12 soat oldin
Ok now im just confused. If the nether is another dimension, why have I seen OFFICIAL ARTWORK pointing DIRECTLY to the nether being the UNDERWORLD?
Andrew Morrow
Andrew Morrow 12 soat oldin
Amazing how much is known now compared to just a year ago when this video posted! The whole part of being able to end it in weeks if masks were worn, how the young were ones that it would affect the worst, that everyone just needs to stay at home to end it, and that it’s 100x worse than the Flu. All of which is mostly way off from what we know now!
CamTheKitty 12 soat oldin
I do genuinely like the toy animatronic one. That would be fun just for, as you said, they were friendly to kids
james daryl Galvez
james daryl Galvez 13 soat oldin
people with super effective chickens farms: Im 4 parallel universes ahead of you
AVERY PLAYS 13 soat oldin
mario wus a carpenter first then he was a plumper
Scott Perry
Scott Perry 13 soat oldin
Nether is the core of the earth
Briar Kerbo
Briar Kerbo 13 soat oldin
Looking back on this I'm pretty sure that the only thing that happened is that you can't leave comments on certain kids-aimed videos
K W 13 soat oldin
I don’t know how you and the theorist team come up with these Minecraft theories, because, well, it’s Minecraft, but really enjoy watching them. Thanks guys.
Ember Fox Games
Ember Fox Games 13 soat oldin
I literally got an animal crossing and Pokémon ad on this video. They’re always watching. 🤫
K W 13 soat oldin
I enjoy watching these FNAF theories, I’m sorry you have to put so much work into these videos, but I’m glad that you and the theorist team make these videos.
TheAllSeeingEye 13 soat oldin
and now i watched all GT FNAF. all 48 vids
FOXX VLOGS 13 soat oldin
The only way Logan can win is if it’s rigged lol
K W 13 soat oldin
shouldn’t this be on film theory -__- Hmmm
Cristian Flores
Cristian Flores 13 soat oldin
U ran out of ideas
OFabricio :D
OFabricio :D 13 soat oldin
the fourth channel could be the science theorists maybe?
SunsetGaming123 13 soat oldin
Nrwlz 13 soat oldin
We need @alfaoxtrot in here. THE CHEESE GOD WATCHES OVER US ALL
HDK-gamer 13 soat oldin
What if the mushrooms use heat energy?
Maximiliano Ignacio Suárez Aguiar
Maximiliano Ignacio Suárez Aguiar 13 soat oldin
What about witches?
a cat just chillin
a cat just chillin 13 soat oldin
The final novel scott ok he said finally we have to make 5000 more just to annoy him
mr butter yt
mr butter yt 13 soat oldin
My bday is mother's day.and one of my early bday wishes is matpat does a my singing monsters theory
Rosyundertaleidk YT
Rosyundertaleidk YT 13 soat oldin
Lathaniel Jenkins
Lathaniel Jenkins 13 soat oldin
May not look at this xD pokemon theory:Why is it called``POKEMON``?
Christian joel Cuña
Christian joel Cuña 13 soat oldin
Purple ametyst