daniela sanchez ospina
daniela sanchez ospina 21 soat oldin
Esta canción me duele cada letra por mi país Colombia 🇨🇴 es tanta la impotencia que siento que la verdad me duele despertar y pensar que esta utopía de miedo, rabia, temor e impotencia no termina 😭 veo sangre manchar mi bandera y no aguanto más, mi mente está colapsada y uan así salimos a las calles a marchar y hacernos escuchar porque un pueblo unido es más 💪 fuerte.
solange Maprosti
solange Maprosti 21 soat oldin
The part when she sings * FLAMES* why....where the high note ????
CML 21 soat oldin
Francisco Andrade
Francisco Andrade 21 soat oldin
the song starts: me: *I'm h*rny, i'm h*rny, come on*
Ro Javo
Ro Javo 21 soat oldin
my favorite collab after her and ari's 🤧💖😍
Dadrian porter
Dadrian porter 22 soat oldin
Who is my bsf
Su Yıldız
Su Yıldız 22 soat oldin
This song is really great🥺😍
Dadrian porter
Dadrian porter 22 soat oldin
I sen this to my crush
Gerikoss Quilis
Gerikoss Quilis 22 soat oldin
gorro_do_negro 22 soat oldin
So eu chorei com esse hino?🤧💜
HEY, LEAKIM! 22 soat oldin
Não creio que essa live foi aqui no Brasil AAAAA
Arda Arslan
Arda Arslan 22 soat oldin
this thing make me feel like a powerful woman im a man
sarah taylor
sarah taylor 22 soat oldin
The Bystander, An amazing new Sci-fi story of an incredible global phenomenon by Harry Wolden
Eziah Aurum
Eziah Aurum 22 soat oldin
Luana Andrade de Oliveira
Luana Andrade de Oliveira 22 soat oldin
Cade os brasileiros ????
Lari Vlogs
Lari Vlogs 22 soat oldin
Art'n'stuff 22 soat oldin
Great song lol she’s a bad guy in the song
Johana Varela
Johana Varela 23 soat oldin
Me a puesto todos los sentidos atentos, vaya letra, el video lleno de realismo, DEMI LOVATO me as dejado con la piel de gallina!!!!! ERES UNA GRAN ARTISTA Y ESO LO DEMUESTRAS CADA VEZ MÁS, SIGUE COSECHANDO MÁS TRIUNFOS QUE TU PUEDES CONTRA TODOS ESOS DEMONIOS 👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍
chloe cleopatra
chloe cleopatra 23 soat oldin
she's sooooo gorgeous without make up oh my god
Mixed Pop
Mixed Pop 23 soat oldin
This is crazy and u know the thing called legendary ♥how strong her voice is!!
loys Ro
loys Ro 23 soat oldin
me encanta su voz tan personal.
Massiel Díaz Sepúlveda
Massiel Díaz Sepúlveda 23 soat oldin
¿Somebody Listen This Song In 2021??
Bosa Dalata
Bosa Dalata 23 soat oldin
Ay sir
Michi Ki
Michi Ki 23 soat oldin
The fact that she inserted a warning was so sweet 😭
yaregine velasquez
yaregine velasquez 23 soat oldin
Khairul Amry
Khairul Amry 23 soat oldin
I'm still here in 2022 guys
Barbie 23 soat oldin
1million like omg . Yes demiiiii 😌
Jéssica Leite
Jéssica Leite Kun oldin
Sempre choro quando escuto essa música. Demi, minha querida, você é uma rainha 💜
Khairul Amry
Khairul Amry Kun oldin
I'm still here 2021
Khairul Amry
Khairul Amry Kun oldin
I'm still here 2021
Black and White vids
Black and White vids Kun oldin
i've litteraly loved you since zhe barny cartoon came out, your soooooooo talented
Samantha Singleton
Samantha Singleton Kun oldin
Maria Rita Costa
Maria Rita Costa Kun oldin
That's necessary but so painful to watch. You've gained a new fan, Demi. I can totally relate to your story.
Vannes_zxc Kun oldin
2021? 🤷🏻‍♀️❤
Kao Mijares
Kao Mijares Kun oldin
Min Heers Lee
Min Heers Lee Kun oldin
I love song 🥰 From Vietnam
alex sander
alex sander Kun oldin
Whats wrong with being this song goes to ny heart and just pop it feels super amazing that makes fear away bc there is nothing we can do we just see that is super hard when u try u see its easy if u dont try jow are u gona know it ye eays dont chose u have to see :)
Ruby LEE
Ruby LEE Kun oldin
I just love those opening chords...they’re so strong and brassy like a trumpet just welcoming the queen into an arena. That’s what I see lol
Malika Rupan
Malika Rupan Kun oldin
Still here 2021 May
Naimah Hadiqah
Naimah Hadiqah Kun oldin
Yayayayayaya they kicked some butt #feircegirls
Aarya Patil
Aarya Patil Kun oldin
Ikbeneenoctopussy Kun oldin
Hardeep Sidhu
Hardeep Sidhu Kun oldin
Heart Attack Twerking
Tiffany Lowery
Tiffany Lowery Kun oldin
Powerful song
I want to go away
I want to go away Kun oldin
People from tiktok?
Stephanie Johanna
Stephanie Johanna Kun oldin
Bella Nguyen
Bella Nguyen Kun oldin
How can her voice be so perfect when she is sing live !!
Saloni Priya Sharma
Saloni Priya Sharma Kun oldin
amazing ❤✌👀
Firmando Sitohang
Firmando Sitohang Kun oldin
2021 stay
Stephanie Johanna
Stephanie Johanna Kun oldin
Rashieda Abrahams
Rashieda Abrahams Kun oldin
Wow how do you do it?? You are a good actor and a good singer and everyone should tell you this "don't ever change"♥️♥️🥰
Kayla Adams
Kayla Adams Kun oldin
Girlfriend you are still dancing with the devil, but this time you are bringing others down. Cough* froyo* cough* Your mind is your own worst enemy. You don’t need drugs to be a complete and utter idiot, ruining people’s lives.
Summer Valdez
Summer Valdez Kun oldin
I love this song 🎧
Rashieda Abrahams
Rashieda Abrahams Kun oldin
You are so cool demi lavato you are like my biggest celebraty 🤭🤭🥺♥️♥️
Rodrigo Parotti
Rodrigo Parotti Kun oldin
1 millón :)
Lxnley Ci3l
Lxnley Ci3l Kun oldin
My lungs :-(
Yudi Iska
Yudi Iska Kun oldin
Manuela Teles
Manuela Teles Kun oldin
E tá eu aki dnovo
Valeria Lafitte
Valeria Lafitte Kun oldin
Ganesh MV
Ganesh MV Kun oldin
Am I the only one thinking Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera) would have crushed this song??
giovanna leticia
giovanna leticia Kun oldin
the best song ever
Gleice Alves
Gleice Alves Kun oldin
gente do nada a carla dias ai prestem atençao
Alankreeta Jayant
Alankreeta Jayant Kun oldin
Demi has a strong heart she is just amazing💕💕
Jaimee Dela Cruz
Jaimee Dela Cruz Kun oldin
The song is just so wholesome guys like a big bop
Elma Tungala
Elma Tungala Kun oldin
I got high note at first attempt😇😇😇😇😇🙈
Diogo luan
Diogo luan Kun oldin
1M Já ?
NITA Kun oldin
Im sad !(
Gisell Robayo
Gisell Robayo Kun oldin
saurabh kumar
saurabh kumar Kun oldin
I’ve been practicing my high notes and I was practicing I hit it and I was in shock and so were my friends because I was on call with them at first were like what and then we started laughing our heads of and BTW IM 10 so I was extra shocked
l oxendine
l oxendine Kun oldin
Thank you Jesus
Exotic Kun oldin
Hey, you still using autotune?
markeuu Kun oldin
me while singing: and i burst into flaaaamm- *voice cracks
El Nathan Nathan
El Nathan Nathan Kun oldin
They guys is an actor in grey anatomy
아기소녀방찬이 Kun oldin
"Don't tell you're mother" "Kiss one another" "DiE fOr EaCh OtHeR" *P' Korn and P' Intouch have entered the chat* If you know you know (UWMA)
Am Yt Work
Am Yt Work Kun oldin
Rabia Kun oldin
2021 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
DANAXOX Kun oldin
Sayira Silverio
Sayira Silverio Kun oldin
this could’ve been her last song... wow
tzuyuna Kun oldin
Lmao how did ou feel when you got roasted on x factor?
tzuyuna Kun oldin
Auto tune much?
Cha Cha
Cha Cha Kun oldin
Archie Turner
Archie Turner Kun oldin
If your listening to this I’m may 2021 your a legend