Alex Woo
Alex Woo 2 daqiqa oldin
Awesome. Congrats, Brian!!!
Dee Malave
Dee Malave 10 daqiqa oldin
I hope he stays permanent.
donald campbell
donald campbell 34 daqiqa oldin
I think that there should have been two champs, on that show, I think it should 2outof3 wins.
Kenneth James
Kenneth James 47 daqiqa oldin
CBS...Jeopardy execs...keep Mr.Jennings on, he's doing a fabulous job...just the right fit.
AVV 59 daqiqa oldin
Ken’s secret plan was to shatter every Jeopardy record so he could cop a feel when he lost. He waited till he was heads up with a lady to ensure the cop.
Jerry Kwerve
Jerry Kwerve Soat oldin
The las Vegas gambler for guest host
AVV Soat oldin
When you realize Limitless was a true story.
L. Wolfe
L. Wolfe Soat oldin
omg how strange to hear more after the goodbye lol
Transuranic Elements
Transuranic Elements Soat oldin
Until I saw the full episode a few months ago when ABC reran this episode while the late Trebek was going through another surgery, I always thought that the decade starts at Jan 1 of the 00 year. I've been living a lie 😭😂 I asked practically everyone I knew about the 1st day of the 21st Century or the new millenium and they all answered the same: Jan 1, 2000 and all has to look up to see if they were really wrong when I told them that they were 😂
Dogman15 Soat oldin
What was the unaired clue?
John H
John H Soat oldin
Wow not allow both of them to move on to the next day? That tiebreaker is BS. Guy plays great for the entirety of the game and gets knocked down from 37,600 to 2,000? Are you kidding me?
L. Wolfe
L. Wolfe Soat oldin
just watched this on netflix. omg, what a comeback!
revin hatol
revin hatol Soat oldin
From the Sony Pictures Studios, 0:01
Cory Van Treuren
Cory Van Treuren Soat oldin
Ken is Killin it ! Keep it up dude 👊
Vidgmchtr 2 soat oldin
That makes me wonder, since I only saw a handful of episodes of Jennings's 75 game career, were there any co-champions with Ken, since co-champions were still a thing back then?
Austin101123 2 soat oldin
Wow! I thought they had 2 winners when 2 players tied. Never seen a tiebreaker before.
FT029 2 soat oldin
1:25 it's pretty easy to see them both ringing in. glad to see they're a good sport about it
Mark Rebehn
Mark Rebehn 2 soat oldin
0:27 This guy was wrong! It's not 'Clockwork Orange', it's 'A Clockwork Orange'.
Bower Power
Bower Power 2 soat oldin
They might have got him for it later, or maybe they went easy on him. I agree though, he should have missed it.
lulu belle
lulu belle 2 soat oldin
1:28 the questions James she didnt know the questions
60sTeen 2 soat oldin
Not a tough question. Brian was just able to ring in first. I just love Ken hosting. He has a bit more chatter about responses. Alex didn’t do that, and I’m glad he’s being himself. He enjoys the game, still with a contestant’s mindset. He knows the feeling of standing behind their...I don’t know...bases? “And thank you, Alex” gets me EVERY time.😢
lulu belle
lulu belle 2 soat oldin
He got his revenage
Barb311 2 soat oldin
Should just have both of them back the next day
Frank Romero
Frank Romero 2 soat oldin
Seems like Ken is getting more comfortable in being host. I like his enthusiasm speaking with the contestants after the first break.
T Bone
T Bone 2 soat oldin
1.) It was a FANTASTIC tournament 2.) Alex Trebek was the host 3.) My hope finally came 4.) Now Mr. Ken Jennings is the guest host.
Nicholas Cox
Nicholas Cox 3 soat oldin
That astute one was poorly written
HD_Waffles 3 soat oldin
I got the 1789 one!
StrongStyleNinja 3 soat oldin
It’s fair to say Ken Jennings should be the permanent host. I’m sure he would do Alex proud.
Spent on Food
Spent on Food 3 soat oldin
At first I didn't care for this fella but now I'm rooting for him.
Neil 6 daqiqa oldin
I didn't care for his little jab at ken with his "H& R block" answer in Final Jeopardy last week, I think if I were him, I'd be thankful to just be on the show out of all the available contestants.
Frank Blazi
Frank Blazi 3 soat oldin
Damn so if you lose the tiebreaker you only walk away with $2,000. That’s rough
Aidan W
Aidan W 3 soat oldin
Frankly I don't think this is that difficult a question.......
KPCarter2000 3 soat oldin
So I guess they did away with the co-champion rule
8-Bit Emerald Enzo
8-Bit Emerald Enzo 3 soat oldin
Does the Jeopardy rulebook say any 2 or 3 player tiebreaker (with the same number of cash in a positive integer) must face off the sudden death round? In a sudden death round of final jeopardy, whoever responds the question right first wins. It's always only one response.
Boomer Zierath
Boomer Zierath 3 soat oldin
Wait. Why is jeopardy still happening if Alex died?
humblepharmer 3 soat oldin
0:43 What is a diabeetus
jetnut89 3 soat oldin
Everybody in the comment section is all gaga for Ken Jennings. I love the guy but I think they can do better for host. He needs more experience in front of a camera. Andy Richter would make a great host.
Timetraver_ 3005
Timetraver_ 3005 4 soat oldin
Ok I’ll be right back I flooded my house with tears so once I’m done with cleaning this up I’ll cry more he was my childhood I’d watch him everyday before school started. We’ll miss ya Alex but we’ll always have you in memory and in our hearts.
Flashbacktv 4 soat oldin
He doesn't have the voice for it like trebek did, yes he knows the game but you need that tone that trebek had its like an actor many actors can play the part but not every actor fits the part.
Dg Steel
Dg Steel 4 soat oldin
It is so weird to not hear Alex trebec
Liam Kenny
Liam Kenny 4 soat oldin
Me: 2021 is not bad after all. Alex Trebek: So long partner. Me: *crys*
James Ernst
James Ernst 4 soat oldin
I wish Alex Trebek could be in and see this :(
Ruben Thompson
Ruben Thompson 4 soat oldin
Practicing this language that shares its roots with a country that is shaped like a high heeled boot becomes this meat What is “brushing up on my Italian sausage”
Scratch Adams
Scratch Adams 5 soat oldin
I think ken is okay but needs some voice lessons to have a deeper presentation. His voice is too high and doesnt command attention.
newlywedbeth 5 soat oldin
So, what was the answer? Why does the clip start after the answer and only show the three questions?
Muktar Al-Habass Ishram
Muktar Al-Habass Ishram 5 soat oldin
This is soo racist
Eric Avila - 02
Eric Avila - 02 5 soat oldin
Bye, Alex Welcome, Ken
Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller 5 soat oldin
Please leave the post game chats in!! I really love seeing those!!
Add E
Add E 5 soat oldin
Starting the century on 1900 is just as valid as starting it on 1901, since the line between BC and AD was a guess, assigned at a later date. And since the dates were assigned later, it's mathematically strange NOT to have a year 0, instead skipping directly from -1 to 1. I'm not saying the judges are wrong, that is the way the gregorian calendar works, but it does pit the mechanics of the calendar against all instinct. These people aren't stupid, they just didn't realize what kind of trap the question was.
nokken9 5 soat oldin
If anyone at Jeopardy reads this: Keep Ken!
ConvictedAshes 5 soat oldin
"Thank you Johnny Gilbert" was ALWAYS the legendary Alex Trebek's most spoken phrase on the big screen!!!!!!! Johnny's got a GREAT announcing voice. Like the late Rod Roddy on the Price is's the voice you recognize instantly!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeffro451 !
Jeffro451 ! 6 soat oldin
Ken Jennings is the man Alex would have wanted helming the show.
Jeff Naslund
Jeff Naslund 6 soat oldin
Ken is the best heir apparent after Alex. He is the only other Jeopardy “legend.“ It’s almost as if he was groomed for the show. Love how he ends it
Michael Reynolds
Michael Reynolds 6 soat oldin
Ken is a great host
eric veneto
eric veneto 6 soat oldin
They forgot the most famous Canadian!
Johnny Tran
Johnny Tran 6 soat oldin
I get emotional everytime he thanks Alex
warmsunny today
warmsunny today 6 soat oldin
How about Kirsty Alley as guest host? Alex was a conservative. So replace Alex with a conservative.
John Lee
John Lee 6 soat oldin
Was he? Where did you hear this?
Karen Lee
Karen Lee 6 soat oldin
I lost on Jeopardy ! April 1974. Good times.
xTHECONNORx 6 soat oldin
Next time, pick some more obvious video games like Super Mario Bros. & Sonic the Hedgehog!
Murph 6 soat oldin
For some reason, I thought if there were a tie, both came back the next day.
Jason Dickstein
Jason Dickstein 5 soat oldin
So did I.
Rob M
Rob M 6 soat oldin
i dont like the tie breaker, because if they both know it its just a matter of buzzer speed.
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde 6 soat oldin
The magical buffer emphatically connect because stretch orly wink inside a detailed sign. knowing, unusual weed
rose jacks
rose jacks 6 soat oldin
Please keep Ken Jennings as a host, he has a wonderful personality!
John Wilcher Jr
John Wilcher Jr 6 soat oldin
I don't get it. I watched that episode too
CookieLord 6 soat oldin
These are known as Rebus Puzzles!
SleepyCrusader 7 soat oldin
I really want Jennings to be the permanent host
Linda Gendron
Linda Gendron 7 soat oldin
Ohhh Wow!
Linda Gendron
Linda Gendron 7 soat oldin
He is great and mentioned Alex!!!!
Purselmer 7 soat oldin
I BEAT THESE GUYS TO THE TIE-BREAKER ANSWER! First time EVER my history degrees have come in handy.....let me have this people. Please...
Justin Pollio
Justin Pollio 7 soat oldin
That’s awesome you get to hear Ken’s commentary at the end of the show. You don’t hear that on the TV broadcast.
shioriryukaze 7 soat oldin
I've never seen this scenario!
Joe R M
Joe R M 7 soat oldin
I miss having co-champions... and the rare triple champions that all come back the next day.
cdub22222 7 soat oldin
Can we talk about Maggie's TERRIBLE wager
jeepthing98 7 soat oldin
I had no idea that the host podium has a display showing what the players are writing, until now. Alex always read the responses as if it's the first time he had read them.
Heather Newman
Heather Newman 7 soat oldin
Really happy that Ken is doing a fine job hosting! You can see him becoming gradually more at ease.
huskyjerk 7 soat oldin
Trebek looks like the flute player in the Moody Blues.
Drake Featherwing
Drake Featherwing 7 soat oldin
Weren't tiebreakers only used in events like the TOC and tournaments? Guess they didn't want the co-champ mechanic any more. Hmm...
Flash Focus Bruh
Flash Focus Bruh 7 soat oldin
Pat Sajak hosted Jeopardy for April Fool’s day back in the 90s.
veermist art & mkw • Instagram: veermist
veermist art & mkw • Instagram: veermist 7 soat oldin
I like how James Holtzhauer fundamentally changed the game entirely, no one would bet like this 5 years ago
Legendzzz 2002
Legendzzz 2002 7 soat oldin
This just happened yesterday
Flash Focus Bruh
Flash Focus Bruh 7 soat oldin
Ken’s first tiebreaker
Ryan Torrie
Ryan Torrie 7 soat oldin
Hello trow price... rofl it’s like October dude what was that... John nothing your being paranoid... hahahahaha
ckendall67 7 soat oldin
Cool finish! Other than the famous 3-way tie that happened a few years back, I like seeing these rare finishes in Jeopardy. :-) I also enjoyed some of the postgame chats included in this clip as well. :-)