Making an instagram ad..
3 yil oldin
danelle grobler
danelle grobler 5 soat oldin
Her veneers look rancid
Alex 5 soat oldin
These are honestly way darker than Dobrik’s Vlogs
Sian Jones
Sian Jones 5 soat oldin
Why tf is literally everyone in the vlog squad so hot
Rosalinda Gonzalez
Rosalinda Gonzalez 6 soat oldin
jeff marry me pls
Sian Jones
Sian Jones 6 soat oldin
The fact that Jeff could have literally ended that guys career and just shaved a line down the top of his head 😭
Naari G
Naari G 6 soat oldin
Jeff is so funny and hot and beautiful and sexy and also so funny
Tilak Patel
Tilak Patel 6 soat oldin
Keep Vardan forever on the show but keep johna for jokes
Etjfhf Cjciff
Etjfhf Cjciff 6 soat oldin
I like how I’m Jake’s video he says he can come to his party,but in Jeff’s he just completely cuts it out🤣
Aubrey Jade
Aubrey Jade 6 soat oldin
kyle with the nike box 😂😂
Sian Jones
Sian Jones 6 soat oldin
Hold on, I never realised how attractive Kian is..
Sian Jones
Sian Jones 6 soat oldin
Hey look! Jeff got a new bestie 😭
Bluu Gaming
Bluu Gaming 7 soat oldin
Wait why was he tilting over? Why did he almost pass out?
Claire Mailloux
Claire Mailloux 7 soat oldin
Them in the park looking like a tribe doing a ritual lmaooaoao
Claire Mailloux
Claire Mailloux 7 soat oldin
100% Fu(k you
Claire Mailloux
Claire Mailloux 8 soat oldin
What am I watching
Claire Mailloux
Claire Mailloux 8 soat oldin
Me asking myself wtf I’m watching during the whole video
Jacob Galvan
Jacob Galvan 8 soat oldin
Get rid of the mullet, trim your beard, and lose another 10 lbs and you'll be back to your old self
Vallejandro 8 soat oldin
what a fking tension did jeff must felt when david pranked him. Nice hosting bro
Evan Atkinson
Evan Atkinson 8 soat oldin
Bro that fuckin spider that walks on the screen had me trippin
Damien Baxter
Damien Baxter 8 soat oldin
Bro I love the song at the end
Dream pet Labradoodle
Dream pet Labradoodle 9 soat oldin
These TikTokers saying they trying to do better but I’m 12 1/2 and don’t make mistakes like saying the N word even though I’m black.
Aidan Cook
Aidan Cook 9 soat oldin
u dick head u turned on siri and paused the video
Kyra Joy
Kyra Joy 9 soat oldin
where the 360? before and after :((((
Amanda Rohrs
Amanda Rohrs 9 soat oldin
jeff post more videos like this!!! i love the barbershop stuff it’s really funny but i love these types of videos you’re too funny here ily
xanarcy Death
xanarcy Death 9 soat oldin
Ah yes
THE ODD YT 10 soat oldin
THE ODD YT 10 soat oldin
THE ODD YT 10 soat oldin
Idrece Ghadie
Idrece Ghadie 10 soat oldin
Jonah is the best
Sarah Price
Sarah Price 11 soat oldin
Life lesson: Don't mess with Grayson Dolan.
Peaches Bp
Peaches Bp 11 soat oldin
Aww I love that Jeff has nerf with him
Joe G
Joe G 11 soat oldin
Vardon is an idiot
Stay Woke
Stay Woke 11 soat oldin
I’m not even hating on Jonah but vardon lowkey is funnier make him permanent
Joe G
Joe G 11 soat oldin
Vardon doesn’t look like vardon
Peaches Bp
Peaches Bp 11 soat oldin
Bro if vardon lifted weight he would look like fucking model
Peaches Bp
Peaches Bp 11 soat oldin
I Stan vardon Suzy and dad
Yung Jed
Yung Jed 11 soat oldin
6:21, literally thought a fukin spider was on my screen 💀 😭
Diana Faith
Diana Faith 11 soat oldin
Who else threw their phone when the roach showed up on the screen? 😅
fabvee 11 soat oldin
Jonah is so underrated!
Peaches Bp
Peaches Bp 11 soat oldin
Bro I wanna be like dad
VanillaJokes 12 soat oldin
“You remind me a lot of myself.. In the future” 😂
Alexis Duarte
Alexis Duarte 12 soat oldin
Where new video at
The Red Headed Gamer
The Red Headed Gamer 12 soat oldin
this is so so so so bad
Alfredo Guadalupe
Alfredo Guadalupe 12 soat oldin
I hate that this girl is blind but she’s peaky I hate it
Peaches Bp
Peaches Bp 12 soat oldin
I love that Jeff said “ we can do this”
Peaches Bp
Peaches Bp 12 soat oldin
Bro that made me smile
Køwaii 13 soat oldin
He should do Danny Duncan fr
Shad0w Samura1
Shad0w Samura1 13 soat oldin
I see that Jeff watches New Rockstar so im not alone.
CAS OUWE 14 soat oldin
Can we het flight on the show?
Abraham England
Abraham England 14 soat oldin
“Is that ecstasy?” 😂😂
Jax 14 soat oldin
When he started doing the renegade I died
Joseph Breeden
Joseph Breeden 14 soat oldin
That fitness center is everything
Will Hammer
Will Hammer 15 soat oldin
Fucking love vardon
Jeter Official
Jeter Official 15 soat oldin
a year ago today damn 😳😆
adrian vazquez
adrian vazquez 15 soat oldin
The coke on the mirror lmaoooo
adrian vazquez
adrian vazquez 16 soat oldin
Oh you’re trembling..... lol
Babi Ladi
Babi Ladi 16 soat oldin
she did fucking guy imagine her doing a manual 180 barspin out
M.O.R.E ART 16 soat oldin
"wouldn't you rather talk about the heroin?"
edwin delamerced
edwin delamerced 16 soat oldin
No one talking about “ Matt the rat king “
Sophia Lattanzio
Sophia Lattanzio 16 soat oldin
It’s always sunny in Philadelphia but in a barber shop lol
Owen 16 soat oldin
2:05 the Batman story 😂😂
Nep 17 soat oldin
Jonah ruined the show
Alex Bold
Alex Bold 17 soat oldin
im 3 years late but wow that was amazing
who am i ririsocool
who am i ririsocool 18 soat oldin
I love her
Exort 18 soat oldin
why does she look like FaZe GabeTV
Zee R
Zee R 18 soat oldin
Jeff keeps getting better and better... like fine wine
Sian Jones
Sian Jones 19 soat oldin
Jeffs laugh is so cute
SAMANTHA VELA 19 soat oldin
I love how Jeff put “*heart warming*” like he’s like “oh, if your a piece of shit person don’t watch this”
Mahd 19 soat oldin
Eric andre show type vibe
Jadan Gonzalez
Jadan Gonzalez 19 soat oldin
Not the fact that he actually looks like russel from up😭😭😭😭😭😭
min Yy
min Yy 19 soat oldin
I’ve forgotten about Area 51 until this video. Time passes
Jordon Hutchison
Jordon Hutchison 19 soat oldin
This dude is such a fuck boy. All them tik Tok dudes look exactly the same
Conan's Maniac
Conan's Maniac 19 soat oldin
Noah is too pure for this show
AkaPeegly 21 soat oldin
I dont like tiktokers but as far as these two go, they were either baked as hell, or they are pretty chill lmao, which i like lmao
AkaPeegly 18 soat oldin
@Ailsa Ni that too, he is a better co host lmao, this video was so chaotic and funny at the same time lmao
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 18 soat oldin
Why tf is no one talking about vardan he’s so funny.
Alicia Will
Alicia Will 21 soat oldin
My bird is 4 inches
nova almquist
nova almquist 21 soat oldin
I'm so uncomfy this is why I subscribed.
vert igo
vert igo 21 soat oldin
i love her haircut,, she looks am badgirl or something
J Vignesh Rao
J Vignesh Rao 22 soat oldin
My new ringtone!
Emily J
Emily J 22 soat oldin
Joe and Danny are so underrated. Everyone listen to their podcast. Honestly the best podcast I ever listened too
willmt 22 soat oldin
Holy shit he does look like Sean tho...