Teals Tealsworth
Teals Tealsworth 19 soat oldin
“Shut your mouth, Shut your mouth just sit there and look pretty.” -Tyler Toney 2020
Daniel White
Daniel White Kun oldin
i wore cory's or um the other twin's coustume
sid_gamer Kun oldin
I’ll replace
Jan Broda
Jan Broda Kun oldin
3:30 and now i know how to use my future baby 🤣🤣
fatima muzzammil
fatima muzzammil Kun oldin
fatima muzzammil
fatima muzzammil Kun oldin
Best was cobys military costume
Rudrajit Dey
Rudrajit Dey Kun oldin
Why this channel isn't called "Dude Almost Perfect", I shall never know.
LaugingxTAFFY Kun oldin
This was an actual + video with how everything worked out and how it was made incredible effort👍
Finn Campbell
Finn Campbell Kun oldin
7:02 amen
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Joseph Kun oldin
Can you do another toy trick shot video?
Daylin Blosser
Daylin Blosser Kun oldin
Gar were all old and washed up that’s why we love you!
Cade Keith
Cade Keith Kun oldin
work harder Gar. purple nation
Alyena Hoy
Alyena Hoy Kun oldin
3:28 I'm sorry for your life. 🤣🤣🤣
CARTER CAM Kun oldin
foot oof.
Mnky YT
Mnky YT Kun oldin
do it agen
ninja blueberrie
ninja blueberrie Kun oldin
new stereotypes ideas: hockey stereotypes, school stereotypes, sports stereotypes. Put other ideas in the replies please.
Dare Angel Sisters
Dare Angel Sisters Kun oldin
please dont quit Ty
Grayson Ward
Grayson Ward Kun oldin
Thanks DP
Grayson Ward
Grayson Ward Kun oldin
Dude Perfect is the best! And what makes them even better is that there AGGIES!!! Giggem
dog boi
dog boi Kun oldin
Dibs on tootsie pops
boo cats
Gizzle Boi
Gizzle Boi Kun oldin
Child trick shots please
Emma Kun oldin
How does Garret have more hair as an old person than as a young adult???
Thrinith Shevon
Thrinith Shevon 2 kun oldin
You gotta appreciate the fact that Tye failing so much and yet able to maintain zero profanity.
Vipul Bansal
Vipul Bansal 2 kun oldin
lol 1st comment in a month
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny 2 kun oldin
"who brought the samurai sword?" "oh that's me! never leave home without it :D"
Faith Bailey
Faith Bailey 2 kun oldin
Does anyone know the name of the song in this video?
Syriha Thompson
Syriha Thompson 2 kun oldin
I am soooo the girl version of Ty!! Me: GETTING AGGRESSIVELY MAD Ty: RAGINGGGGGG
Alessandro Everist
Alessandro Everist 2 kun oldin
When I saw the title I got sad cus didn’t want him to quit
Alimaan 2 kun oldin
what was that powder???????????
Alimaan 2 kun oldin
GAMErs Fire
GAMErs Fire 2 kun oldin
On May 4 commenting May the 4th be with you
Cade Hottman
Cade Hottman 2 kun oldin
6:47 now you see why ty has the part of rage monster😂😂😂
CornOnDa cob
CornOnDa cob 2 kun oldin
I’ve been watching do for 8 years and I still can’t tell the difference between Coby and Cory
Cameron Mulloy
Cameron Mulloy 2 kun oldin
Give less of an effort? Garr it's gotta work man
Juancarlos Martinez
Juancarlos Martinez 2 kun oldin
Never give up Garrett
Annt Min Cho
Annt Min Cho 3 kun oldin
I. Love. You
agnes lyc
agnes lyc 3 kun oldin
Are we going to get the behind the scenes for the music vid?
XFlamingsYT 3 kun oldin
What is the background music name?
XFlamingsYT 3 kun oldin
What is the background song name?
NobleNoob 3 kun oldin
I love the Heckler Und Koch 416 cus of the conversions
Makayla Sejkora
Makayla Sejkora 3 kun oldin
What cool place should we film in next? The Ozarks in Missouri with boating stereotypes.
Gordon the Tender engine
Gordon the Tender engine 3 kun oldin
Makayla Sejkora
Makayla Sejkora 3 kun oldin
R.I.P. DP Tripod & Derek's arm!
Makayla Sejkora
Makayla Sejkora 3 kun oldin
With great power, comes great responsibility.
Ayyash Tulip
Ayyash Tulip 3 kun oldin
Work hard
FireNerf21 3 kun oldin
Miami stereotypes: The NASCAR guy The Weirdo The clumsy girl The kid who Amazon’d 60 iPhones and cant decide a winner so he tries all of them The 18+ guy The rage monster 4 The pool Karen The DP impression Jerry LOL what? The Final impression The Nashville shocker
Zoe Zibbel
Zoe Zibbel 3 kun oldin
Actually, both.
ThE wiGgLy WoRm INC.
ThE wiGgLy WoRm INC. 3 kun oldin
Maybe we could be called the bloops Because Some of y’all’s BTS are of bloopers
nagy gergely
nagy gergely 3 kun oldin
these trickshots feel so much more meaningful when you see how much they worked on them
Aarya Tailor
Aarya Tailor 3 kun oldin
Abe BB
Abe BB 3 kun oldin
Rip tripod
Jaap Singh
Jaap Singh 3 kun oldin
I saw the title and just went NAAHH FAM
Ari Hyun
Ari Hyun 3 kun oldin
noooooooooooo ty I was in team ty nooooooooooooooooooooo
Ari Hyun
Ari Hyun 3 kun oldin
btw i love you ty
Survivor Kid
Survivor Kid 3 kun oldin
7:00 Cracks me up every time.
Sean McNaughton
Sean McNaughton 3 kun oldin
You need a jump pad or trampoline
Lisa Gray
Lisa Gray 3 kun oldin
Let's see how close we can get to the elk with a gun🤣🤣🤣
Hugh W.
Hugh W. 4 kun oldin
Call us The DP Loyalists
Lincoln Hall
Lincoln Hall 4 kun oldin
Try Hard
Dexter Bellsham
Dexter Bellsham 4 kun oldin
monke pee yay monke funny monke need more monke worship monke
Captainrex097 908
Captainrex097 908 4 kun oldin
Candy corn is so underrated
Maddie Schryer
Maddie Schryer 4 kun oldin
OMG i seriously considered unsubbing when Cory said Star Wars is a billion times cooler than Harry Potter
Emma 4 kun oldin
Don't worry Ty, it's not that you're bad, it's just that since the ball is so light any imperfection in the way you hit it is magnified, so you need to hit it perfectly to get it in.
Adbu Rakh
Adbu Rakh 4 kun oldin
Maconchese2020 Evans
Maconchese2020 Evans 4 kun oldin
Have you guys ever done a trick shot first try?
Terra Nightwalker
Terra Nightwalker 4 kun oldin
Garret's wifes face at 4:41 XD i would be scared LMAO
Prathyusha Aduri
Prathyusha Aduri 4 kun oldin
no way
Sharon McFarlane
Sharon McFarlane 4 kun oldin
Do a sport stereotype
Oskari Vartiainen
Oskari Vartiainen 5 kun oldin
Btw, how do you even break a pool
Dabbing Goats
Dabbing Goats 5 kun oldin
Yesir panda
Darlene Taylor
Darlene Taylor 5 kun oldin
I think we should be cal “dude perfect V.I.Ps”
Darlene Taylor
Darlene Taylor 5 kun oldin
Gemma Littlefair
Gemma Littlefair 5 kun oldin
I really liked when you fitted darfaider
Shelden Sarcedo
Shelden Sarcedo 5 kun oldin
Tim: Cody calls me a nerd 🤣🤣
Toasted Carpenter
Toasted Carpenter 5 kun oldin
Fun Fact: Tootsie Rolls actually saved an army. Anyone know where I got my source hmm?
Ahmed Aslam
Ahmed Aslam 5 kun oldin
and people say trick shorts are easy
Ahmed Aslam
Ahmed Aslam 5 kun oldin
never seen tyler that much agary😠😠😠😠😠
Cutie tasha and friends
Cutie tasha and friends 5 kun oldin
Ty. "Enjoy this video because we are never making one like tu his again." Me. " in another year there will be another toy trick shot video..."
Andrew House
Andrew House 5 kun oldin
2:10 where’s the chocolate at