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Andrew Bradway
Andrew Bradway 9 soat oldin
Deng is pronounced as "Dung"
Red Tractor
Red Tractor 9 soat oldin
So. Phillip J. Fry was right when he said he makes his own grease?
mtnmanrab 9 soat oldin
When I learned that there are modern people believing this junk theory I was flabbergasted
marcus holtzheimer
marcus holtzheimer 9 soat oldin
I have long curly hair and haven’t used shampoo in a very long time. Just water and some fancy conditioners every other shower
mark renton
mark renton 9 soat oldin
I haven't used shampoo in about 2 years , I have soft water and is amazing how clean it gets my hair. I do from time to time wash it with shampoo but only when it gets oily.
LittleLady 9 soat oldin
Why does it take 1 and a half minutes to get to your point?
andrewaru92 9 soat oldin
This is textbook capitalism at work. When ray crock bought the real estate for the first McDonald’s site, he did it with a plan not to be the best burger franchisee, but the most powerful real estate mogul in the restaraunt quick service game. “If you hold the keys to the door, you get to decide who goes in and out and what they pay”
Mike Nguyen Studios
Mike Nguyen Studios 9 soat oldin
And there is so much perfume at the duty-free because people stink on planes so it's advised to buy some perfume.
dabec0 9 soat oldin
Whats the name of the song that starts at 7:40?!? That drop is crazy!!!!
Jason Ramsey
Jason Ramsey 9 soat oldin
I have hair down to the middle of my back. Ditching the shampoo got rid of the flakes and itch for me. I now lightly wash it just to kill germs and fungus.
peace 9 soat oldin
Hi Johnny, I never thought about this before but what you say makes sense and is very consistent with the why big business works. My question is, what do you use when you wash your hair if anything, thanks.
warpath482 9 soat oldin
dude you wife is funny
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes 9 soat oldin
Check the $FOX 🦊🚀 rocket before we head to the moon. Incredible plans coming ahead. 50k$USD FOR MARKETING. Huge influencers coming soon. #FOXNFT 🦊🦊🚀🚀
DisruptReality 9 soat oldin
Had this issue happen on a machine i purchase and was told that it would void the warranty if i had it repaired by someone else or my self. Warranty would cover service calls for only about a year. By skipping the headaches and repairing the machine myself and voiding the warranty i saved thousands on parts and service calls. Not saying thats what you should do. If you have a machine breaking down sometimes taking the initiative to fix it your self and voiding your warranty is what is necessary.
johncarlo evangelista
johncarlo evangelista 9 soat oldin
I'll try, I won't shampoo for a WEEK, Maybe? ... I hope the results are good .. And if the results are good, I won't shampoo ever again.
Daniel Owen
Daniel Owen 9 soat oldin
I'm getting shampoo ads during this video
Bangun Hapsoro Official
Bangun Hapsoro Official 9 soat oldin
Nice opening... I really like how you make this video
Ben Loehr
Ben Loehr 9 soat oldin
You set off my Alexa lol
gttkp 9 soat oldin
What do you do instead? Just scrub with water or just let it get wet and do nothing? Do you still use product?
Mark Bruschi
Mark Bruschi 9 soat oldin
There is no doubt a lot of McDonald's employees are lazy. But after they got rid of supersize cuz bad parents can keep their little porkers from overeating plus the lady that sued for hot coffee I don't blame McDonald's for taking 4 hours to clean anything.
Rosco 9 soat oldin
Skip breakfast folks. fasting in the morning is much healthier if you make it a routine
Nick Stark
Nick Stark 9 soat oldin
I really dig your videos. You do use the word ‘like’....a lot. It’s a bit distracting and takes away from your credibility/confidence (mine) (in you) as a documentarian. Keep up the good work otherwise. 😎
Eastern Exposure
Eastern Exposure 9 soat oldin
Hope you don't end up swimming with the filet-o-fishes after this video
Tara Sager
Tara Sager 9 soat oldin
but the film on your teeth is microbes eating at your teeth i believe? I agree with the hair i’m washing like 2-3 times a month oil has totally chilled out. but then again when working out it gets nasty. maybe not no poo but def not 5 times a week poo. and ingredients matter no silicones no sulfates bla bla blah
Austin 9 soat oldin
Austin 9 soat oldin
Isaac Abner
Isaac Abner 9 soat oldin
Motion City Soundtrack and some ska. We would have gotten along just fine.
HotRussianWomen NearYou
HotRussianWomen NearYou 10 soat oldin
I don’t know... it’s like a spoiler : \ thank you but nah
NatySpaghetti ghetti
NatySpaghetti ghetti 10 soat oldin
over here in chile i just have scrambled eggs and fruit (apple, half a banana), some tea or coffee and thats pretty much it. I used to have a lot of oatmeal with banana, super filling and healthy :D
TurboSoggy68 43
TurboSoggy68 43 10 soat oldin
Taylor purposefully make there machines to have flaws so they can make more money from them constantly having to send the "guy" Selfish fks ps i wrote this at 15:48 so I don't know the answer
Aaron 10 tiger
Aaron 10 tiger 10 soat oldin
Im Nike ur McDonalds. Im doing it ur loving it.
iLuv Toads
iLuv Toads 10 soat oldin
i only wash my hair twice a week. sometimes only once. my hair used to get sooo dirty so quick and i just stuck it out for a week and it’s never done that again. most people have that “2nd day hair” and how awful and oily it is. no one can tell my hair isn’t “clean” until about day 5 when it starts to get a little oily near my roots. i tell people this and they either don’t believe me or think i’m gross. yes i shower everyday but i don’t get my hair wet.
Vegan4life1 10 soat oldin
Two huge companies taking care of each other because great, great, great, great grandpa and his best friend Mr Taylor made a pact yrs ago to always help each other out making $.
John Moseley
John Moseley 10 soat oldin
Yeah, I haven't washed my hair with shampoo or any other soap for years. It's never greasy. In fact, at the top, it's a little dry. I used to use Head and Shoulders and stopped because I thought it might be making my hair fall out. Five or more years later, my hair still seems to be at the same level of thin, touch wood.
Bill Vill
Bill Vill 10 soat oldin
I've seen a lot of your work, incredible work, but this was somehow the most touching.. And I gotta say, you certainly found the right partner for you. Just the galaxy foto deal, months of dedication, would probably drive any partner crazy..sooo, I thank you both for your work..tell her I think she's incredibly wonderful and strong dealing with someone as intense as yourself..💜💜
Snoop Eastwood
Snoop Eastwood 10 soat oldin
nice story bro....fake news and with political narrative
Dallin Mickelson
Dallin Mickelson 10 soat oldin
So what do you do when you actually get your hair dirty? When I actually get my hands dirty I use soap.
Clint & Jen Botha & Gent
Clint & Jen Botha & Gent 10 soat oldin
I have a close Dutch friend. The first thing he taught me is that Holland and The Netherlands ARE NOT the same thing. Holland is an area of the Netherlands. It’s like saying Kentucky and America are the same thing. Kentucky is in America. America isn’t Kentucky.
Leah Cushman
Leah Cushman 10 soat oldin
Most McD s do not plan ahead and schedule routine cleanings. Neither do they train people to do a proper cleaning. Through my adult years I have worked in 6 different Mickey D's. None of them had a plan in place for machine maintenance. Finally, the last place I worked, I requested to be put in charge of the ice cream machine. I kept to the schedule and we had ZERO problems.
Andy V
Andy V 10 soat oldin
there's several territory disputes between the US and Canada but they are rarely talked about.
No Bo
No Bo 10 soat oldin
how would you factor false memories into this, because every time you recall the same memory you're present tense alter it ever so slightly due to your mood and enviroment until over time it becomes utterly alien and yet you are none the wiser to the change.
kid vicious
kid vicious 10 soat oldin
Great video
Long John
Long John 10 soat oldin
Germans have breakfast right.
Ma Do
Ma Do 10 soat oldin
People have been praising Bush in the last year. Disgusting. Biden voted for that mess.
videostudio365 10 soat oldin
The sad part about this story is its happening in America as well the government is so corrupt and in bed with big tech and big Pharma and all of these huge companies and there using there power to silence Donald Trump his supporters and everyone who is against him
Lindsey Berry
Lindsey Berry 10 soat oldin
I laughed so hard at that “stop it get some help” clip I had to pause the video
Ee Zee
Ee Zee 10 soat oldin
I never go to McDonalds (though I honestly did like it as a kid). But I heard it was started by a satanist and that there's human meat in it from children that are sacrificed. Whether it's true or not, McDonalds is disgusting anyway and bad for not only people but animals and the environment. The reason why McDonalds is so successful may very well be because the creator of it sold his soul. I mean, why go to McDonalds when you can easily pan fry a vegan burger from the grocery store and slap it on a hamburger bun along with pickle, lettuce, tomato? I mean, it's not like you have to make your own bread or bun, etc. so it's just as convenient. Also, there's vegan ice cream at grocery stores. Just scoop some of that into a recyclable plastic bowl or cup and take it with you to go or something. It's just as convenient. Human beings don't make sense in terms of their consumption sometimes.
JGUNW1R3D 10 soat oldin
#McGreedy? #McBroken? It’s a shame when companies like McDonalds turn in to the worst version of themselves.
TurboSoggy68 43
TurboSoggy68 43 10 soat oldin
im lucky, all of the mc'ds in my area have working ice cream
Tom 10 soat oldin
Not surprisingly, the age demographic who believes in flat earth is the same demographic that is ruining society and pushing for communism.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 10 soat oldin
Now I no why I can't get a milkshake at various MD when I'm traveling thruout the US
JrLindsay J
JrLindsay J 10 soat oldin
Where are the sources for this story?
No Bo
No Bo 10 soat oldin
their doing this now, with deodorizing your privates like your armpits, and diamond rings, bacon etc
Samuel S _사무엘 에스
Samuel S _사무엘 에스 10 soat oldin
Things I an American have for breakfast :D 1 - Non sugared Cereal 2 - Eggs 3 - Rice balls 4 - Nothing 5 - Left overs 💀. I don’t really care much it’s just a meal.
Jessica Matthews
Jessica Matthews 10 soat oldin
This is just making my mouth water 😂 I obviously don’t have the disdain for American breakfast that you do
ferndog1461 10 soat oldin
Johnny Harris is talking & making powerful folks uncomfortable. Johnny Harris may the focus of KGB/CIA/Mossad orchestrated HoneyPot blackmail soon...
No Bo
No Bo 10 soat oldin
it's like their spreading murder kits all over the world
Guy Cooper
Guy Cooper 10 soat oldin
It would seem that the flat Earth movement gained momentum at roughly the same time as the industrial age. The rejection to the round Earth is analogous to the rejection of technological advancement. The irony of the flat Earth movement is that it implies that all of the world's leaders are working together on some huge conspiracy. The U.S., North Korea, and Iran are virtually on the brink of mutually assured destruction at any time, but they somehow all agree to perpetuate the round Earth concept. Hmm, that seems logical. NOT. However, I'm sure the flat Earth-ers would simply brush that away as a ruse to keep us "distracted from the more important truth of the flat Earth". The flat Earth-ers will embrace science and technology that serves them and their agenda and reject the science and technology that does not serve them. I know a gentleman of a certain religious faith that does not endorse technology (think horse and buggy) and he therefore does not own a cell phone, tablet, etc. However, he is not above literally borrowing those physical technologies from others to serve his needs. People often reject what they personally do not comprehend. They resist change in spite of the fact that the world has changed every night while they were sleeping. They did not witness the change, or participate in that change, so they are uncomfortable with it. People fear change because we don't know where it will take us tomorrow. People do not fear the past because we know how that ended. We don't know how the future ends.
Bonnie Girl
Bonnie Girl 10 soat oldin
Buy a different franchise for sure.
Lannon David Oldenburg
Lannon David Oldenburg 10 soat oldin
The true US god is the military and they worship violence.
Usaid Hassan
Usaid Hassan 10 soat oldin
Hello Johnny so I have a question how come your hairs look so Amazing in every one of your videos you must be using some products that make your hairs so stylish I have the same problem as dry scalp maybe I'm using too much shampoo but i just cant believe that when you go for a shower you just rinse with water and that's it is there any natural product you use? please share I m curious :) and making great informative and fun videos
Tacooo Belll
Tacooo Belll 10 soat oldin
I think it depends on your job and activities tbh.. if you're a cook working 40 - 50 hours in kitchen you should shampoo more than others. Same if you go to the beach, or do sports.. if you're at your desk all day maybe once a week is fine.
Silver Acid
Silver Acid 10 soat oldin
I'm pretty sure there's a military base in Dakar Senegal. I remember going to their tax free store and buying stuff there.
Chapter 7 Certified
Chapter 7 Certified 10 soat oldin
This is generally true for body wash and showering as a whole as well… After a while your body naturally neutralizes During my most depressed times in my life I’ve gotten the most compliments on how I smell lmao
Wild Tex
Wild Tex 10 soat oldin
Haha UZpost censorship. Operation dragonfly
Bonnie Girl
Bonnie Girl 10 soat oldin
Good reason to go to other fast food places. McDonalds doesn't want owners to thrive.
Bryan Barron
Bryan Barron 10 soat oldin
Someone summarize the report please
James Rendek
James Rendek 10 soat oldin
The Earth must be flat, most people leave town and never come back...
Nikki M
Nikki M 10 soat oldin
In Australia this happens all the time. The thickshake machines "breakdown" in summer all the time
Christopher Chase
Christopher Chase 10 soat oldin
You're a true journalist. Thank you.
Rygir 10 soat oldin
I think this message is super important. Just like fatshaming and racism isn't ok, having ads tell you that something about you is supposed to have others ostracize you is teaching people VERY bad behaviour. It's teaching them to shame others!
Carrisebear 10 soat oldin
My husband: Steak for breakfast. Me: no, it’s expensive, eat cere... My husband: steak for breakfast.
adam smith
adam smith 10 soat oldin
Agreeing with his general idea, but it's much harder to understand what someone is saying if you only know 800 words than it is to speak. When you are speaking, you are in control of what words you're going to use, but when someone is speaking to you, they could use any word.
M. Zheng
M. Zheng 10 soat oldin
hmm traditionally we do congee and a a side dish of some sort. Our family has been in NA for 20 years and we just never understood cereal and its appeal, or donut for heavens sake. I didn't know until high school that Americans filled a bowl with cereal and poured milk in. We always thought it was fill a bowl with milk and sprinkle cereal, which already made the milk sooooo sugary and sweet (I honestly found it gross). Now I'm just lazy, a hard boiled egg, or oatmeal with nothing added + glass of milk + coffee. Plain oatmeal kinda taste like congee, it was hard to swallow at first cause it's so bland, but eventually I got used to it and quite enjoy the natural and light fragrance of the oat grain
Papp Sebastian Georgian
Papp Sebastian Georgian 10 soat oldin
Lol how this is even possible? If I don't wash my head for a week or so, I need to scratch it like hell
DANgerus 1399
DANgerus 1399 10 soat oldin
Seems like the smart thing to do would be have 2 machines. While one is on the cleaning cycle the other could be making ice cream
Michelle DeSelms
Michelle DeSelms 10 soat oldin
Typical old company behavior... it sounds a lot like massive Government intrusion too... Govt promises to "fix" everything... and doesn't.
Dan Mast
Dan Mast 10 soat oldin
I thought no one was supposed to own Antarctica!
EVZZS 10 soat oldin
D e m o c r a t s .
Joselito Palacio
Joselito Palacio 10 soat oldin
Hawaii is part of USA but its aboriginal people ARE NOT recognized or seen as American, instead, they are just Hawaiian. The white people are the only ones who are Americans (in Hawaii).