Schmidt54 22 soat oldin
You just made it stash resistant
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 22 soat oldin
I just found this lock on my job site, locked, and tried the method out. It worked! 😂
celadonkim 22 soat oldin
wtf. it had 1 job. ffs
Bflo23 22 soat oldin
Horrible that the $3 Master Lock spinning dial gym locker lock takes more work and more time than this $21 hefty combination padlock.
Oh hi Mark
Oh hi Mark 22 soat oldin
Man what a way to promote your product.
Bryan Donahue
Bryan Donahue 22 soat oldin
Totally geeking out here. But when you showed that the puller has a thrust bearing, it made my day.
SoupYT 22 soat oldin
My uncle has a revolver under his bed, he even let me hold it when i was 6-7yrs old and it was vert heavy, He was the coolest uncle of all!
efin dumb
efin dumb 22 soat oldin
welded shut? sounds like Mrs. LPL had a request!
Miku 22 soat oldin
Damn gold coin cholcates and thats quite a bit nice
Bob Douglass
Bob Douglass 22 soat oldin
Johnny L
Johnny L 22 soat oldin
Defcon One
Defcon One 23 soat oldin
Everything sold out at covert instruments... :(
Adrian Vulea
Adrian Vulea 23 soat oldin
Why not place it in the vise the way it would be installed normally in a door?
Gravity 23 soat oldin
1:27 And for a second I thought it was a fluke.
Tim, was Chad Broski
Tim, was Chad Broski 23 soat oldin
Holy shit they are expensive though, was getting my hopes up but $320 is a little too much for me
Microbuncher 23 soat oldin
He really sounds like a lawyer for lock picking lol
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 23 soat oldin
engineer: it's slash resistant. user: what did you test it with? engineer: a butter knife!
Ξ L Ξ K T Я O N 23 soat oldin
its getting so easy to open "my" front door :))
Sondre K. Jacobsen
Sondre K. Jacobsen 23 soat oldin
Which Lishi tools would be most useful for Norwegian / Scandinavian locks and padlocks? Such as Trioving, Abus , Habo etc?
Itsuki Cheng
Itsuki Cheng 23 soat oldin
So what’s a good lock I don’t want my cookie to be stolen
Dragontooth428 23 soat oldin
where is the stuff lock
Peter Tremlett
Peter Tremlett 23 soat oldin
use the circlip pliers from over the top of the barrel, it will make it a lot easier to work with
C V 23 soat oldin
valentines day, a day where the LPL walks across bridges and ends relationships by picking locks
Tom Gimon
Tom Gimon 23 soat oldin
I guess it’s not worth mentioning that the lock can be removed using a screwdriver.
Martin Newton
Martin Newton 23 soat oldin
This has been known about and kept quiet within the lock community for years, there is no benefit to exposing it. Why does LRL (lock rapping Lawyer) AKA Walter (as in Mitty) think he has the right show the world this information. Unnecessary and irresponsible !
Riokku 23 soat oldin
They didn’t mean the lock exceeded maximum security, they meant the packaging
Private Skittles
Private Skittles 23 soat oldin
thank you i stole my bully's bike
Cbeilken 14
Cbeilken 14 23 soat oldin
Idk about you but I want the knife not the bag
Thugz 23 soat oldin
He has a sniper scope on that
RamadaArtist 23 soat oldin
Wait, so this is just a brute force password attack. Can you make dial locks with more than 3 numbers in the combination? Because a lock that had 6 or 7 would effectively make this method of entry physically impossible, (at least in like, a single human lifespan.)
rnghwdbcs 23 soat oldin
A few years ago I've left my bike locked with this one for a night in a fairly secure area. Next day I came back and took my bike, only to realise that there are several shallow cuts and a slight bend on it - ie someone tried to cut it but it has stopped him. So yes, in some areas it's just enough.
Merbella Selkie
Merbella Selkie 23 soat oldin
In several videos you mention your "collection" of locks (which I 'm gathering is now probably quite extensive!), I'd love to see more of the collection as a whole and perhaps your top 5 or 10 most interesting locks (from any perspective.... historic... pickability......etc)
Dark_Light_ Drake
Dark_Light_ Drake 23 soat oldin
I got this notification 5days late
Microwaving Machine
Microwaving Machine 23 soat oldin
The locks aren't getting weaker, LPL is getting stronger
DavidT 23 soat oldin
Thieves don't spend time picking bike locks, they just pull up to a bike stand with a van, pull out the cordless angle grinder and in a busy street in front of disinterested members of the public, just leisurely cut away locks and load bikes into the van.
wobbly sauce
wobbly sauce Kun oldin
Still lasted longer than a number of other high scales.
dreem walka
dreem walka Kun oldin
Mr Puzzle: Try this LPL: hold my beer
Zzzz UWUwut
Zzzz UWUwut Kun oldin
YEP COCK Kun oldin
mofut nuts
Evan Walker
Evan Walker Kun oldin
Slash resistant lol wouldn't stop a butter knife
arthurneddysmith Kun oldin
5:10 If there's a set screw and a hole that leads to it, it would be a weakness for drilling though--but for the fact that a grinder would be much quicker.
Liberté Egalité Fraternité
Liberté Egalité Fraternité Kun oldin
This is so friggin cool!
green pale
green pale Kun oldin
I am badly want to swap impossibly heavy cryptonite chain for something elegant and light like this. But looks like Abus couldn't care less. May be they interested in free to ride bike
ewerybody Kun oldin
What do these lock makers do professionally? 🤔
zachary Dunning
zachary Dunning Kun oldin
You know a lock is trash when a zip tie opens it
Draygoes Kun oldin
Ah sharktank. The show that allows anyone to believe they know anything about multi million dollar business deals.
Dylan Ryan
Dylan Ryan Kun oldin
There is no connection on the back of the plug, How does it work without an imput
Clicer Gaming
Clicer Gaming Kun oldin
This is just an advertisement for the black mamba knife
Kind Man
Kind Man Kun oldin
this is scary dude 😭 i feel like the locks on my front door are completely worthless now
UnimatrixOne Kun oldin
Is this also available for (door) locks commonly used in Germany?
MGL Kun oldin
Main feature of this lock in Germany is that it meets requirements of insurance companies that cover the Jobrad (program to lease a bike/ebike through an employer). And it's convenient to carry on the frame. My Kryptonite Evo mini is much more secure but a pita to carry as it always either blocks dropper post or ends up dragging against the wheel.
Szakusiek Kun oldin
"you're as strong as your weakest link" What's the point of getting super locks when they're installed on a glass door?
Silver Poison
Silver Poison Kun oldin
Id like to say, this randomly popped up in my recommendations lost, and by sheer luck, UZpost was right, i like your content
angulion Kun oldin
Any recommendation on pick-hand getting fatigued and discomfort fairly quickly when practicing?
Kariko762 Kun oldin
The moment I hear “disc detainer” I’m genuinely waiting for the “pick the Bosnian Bill and I made” Hhaha
Tony Kun oldin
Such a great whisky.
Black Sama
Black Sama Kun oldin
I imagine your father Crocodile Dundee style, Thats not a Jhonson, THIS IS a Jhonson.
Mike S
Mike S Kun oldin
Hahaha made by ABUSE, er, I mean ABUS.
otakureiss Kun oldin
It's your first day on the job and down the hall you hear "gonna use bottom of the keyway tension".
0xdeadface Kun oldin
Can you please do this more with time lapse. I don't know why but it's very satisfying to watch.
600 Hemi
600 Hemi Kun oldin
Its an lockout key for an crusher
sayit likeitis
sayit likeitis Kun oldin
You're pathetic low life. Why don't you just call every damn thief in town offer them a free course on breaking locks how can you do this sort of thing should be ashamed of yourself
Moe Gains
Moe Gains Kun oldin
i still remember that rune scimmy i lost because my mom didnt warn me that shes about to call somebody when i was in wildy:(
KatonRyu Kun oldin
When the wave rake came out my first thought was "Oh God, that poor lock."
I-vlog Kun oldin
I just started watching this guys videos the other day. And I’ve come to the conclusion that any bike lock can easily be defeated with the right skill set and tools. What you should be more concerned about are finding ones that are difficult to cut to prevent low skill crackheads from just cutting the lock off and stealing your bike. Also parking it in smart places and bringing it in side at night. A skilled thief will get your bike if they want it. You really should have 2-3 different theft deterrents on your bike. This will delay a skilled thief long enough to hopefully get caught or for them to think it’s not worth the trouble when there is 10 more bikes with a simple lock and cable next to yours.
Moe Gains
Moe Gains Kun oldin
just skip the “fluke” part. nobody ever thinks you picking a lock is a fluke lol
Baktash Sana
Baktash Sana Kun oldin
I am looking for a starter lock picking set, any recommendation?
George B
George B Kun oldin
I wonder if a field video would be interesting. See LPL have to maneuver and pick in less than optimum conditions and see what sort of adjustments may be needed. It might take twice as long or etc to pick the same lock in a field condition vs in a vise
Curtis Bell
Curtis Bell Kun oldin
How did this man not laugh during this?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 23 soat oldin
If Windows Defender was a lock…
lukas Bolle
lukas Bolle Kun oldin
If you happened to have a very special skill set in Photo/Video forensics you can get LPLs face during the first half of the video from the reflection on the lock shackle
Colin MacRae
Colin MacRae Kun oldin
Any tips on what to look for in a document safe to protect from house fires?
Mariusz Kłos
Mariusz Kłos Kun oldin
try it without a vise - that's how a bike thief is working
IoEstasCedonta Kun oldin
It was probably a good marketing decision to send LPL an advance copy.
TheVoiTube Kun oldin
Easiest unpickable locks are fake locks onto door that has other means to open it. Means can include remote devices, like phones etc. Fake lock can have mechnism and all, but function is mostly decorative ornament.
Malloriak Kun oldin
Seems such lock used to secure service phone in lobby agaist public, not from intentional break/ so thats why so poor security.
Nielegalne Wyścigi Tramwajów
Nielegalne Wyścigi Tramwajów Kun oldin
When You See It
Love Tap
Love Tap Kun oldin
it wasn't slashed, it was cut Kapp
David Szaks
David Szaks Kun oldin
Lol This is like when banks put those 1 foot thick steal doors on the vault when the walls are made of drywall.
Aleksey Magno
Aleksey Magno Kun oldin
It opened faster than a master lock