Jeezy - Niggaz (Audio)
Jeezy - Don't Make Me
Jeezy - Look Like
Jeezy - 1 Time
Yil oldin
Jeezy - Respect (Audio)
Jeezy - Spyder (Audio)
Jeezy - G-Wagon
3 yil oldin
Jeezy - Recipe (Audio)
Jeezy - U Kno It
4 yil oldin
Jeezy - So What (Audio)
Jeezy - Goldmine
4 yil oldin
Jeezy - G-Wagon (Audio)
Jeezy - J BO (Audio)
Jeezy - Gold Bottles
Jeezy - Gold Bottles
Young Jeezy - I Luv It
Young Jeezy - Nothing
sékou diarra
sékou diarra Soat oldin
Bankroll fresh Telent incroyable Rip Forever
Da’shaun Thompson
Da’shaun Thompson 3 soat oldin
2021 is almost here and I can't fuck around no more too many mistakes made. I'm going rise to the occasion.
Apache Lusk-Stines
Apache Lusk-Stines 3 soat oldin
Glory EIM
Glory EIM 5 soat oldin
Jeezy next hit !! Demi bodied it
Mark Mull
Mark Mull 5 soat oldin
Fucking right
Techwood16 5 soat oldin
King 1985 legend
King 1985 legend 5 soat oldin
Jeezy is the best it's that simple
King 1985 legend
King 1985 legend 6 soat oldin
Classic album
King 1985 legend
King 1985 legend 6 soat oldin
Gucci talking all that shit with his slow ass can't even put a classic album together keep winning jeezy u are the best in alanta it's that simple
Titus Dixon
Titus Dixon 6 soat oldin
If P Valley brought u here u not a real jeezy fan!
King 1985 legend
King 1985 legend 6 soat oldin
Jeezy 🔥 album 🔥
King 1985 legend
King 1985 legend 6 soat oldin
I will support jeezy until I die
Augustus Tranello
Augustus Tranello 6 soat oldin
YuNg J1ZZL3 from the Bottom of the Map, 50 round clip from the something sUMthing, DRUNK 316-702, i got whores in my backpocket, but they talking bout YOU=me+20-20x420=TRUMP.2020
Augustus Tranello
Augustus Tranello 6 soat oldin
support me on my real patreon if you're bored enough to l00kKk it down/^^^^
Reyy Vasquez
Reyy Vasquez 6 soat oldin
More videos like this pls good actors viva la raza
midnyteblues 6 soat oldin
Drew Lock sent me here lol.
Catalyst Warcry
Catalyst Warcry 6 soat oldin
Generational wealth for whoever likes this comment!!
Sharina Moss
Sharina Moss 7 soat oldin
I miss the old kanye
Joni Verhage
Joni Verhage 7 soat oldin
I'm only here 4 Ye verse!!!
Ker Lozano
Ker Lozano 7 soat oldin
The fragile saw hooghly whistle because margin suddenly arrive excluding a joyous mary. thirsty, dashing russian
Alphamale 43
Alphamale 43 7 soat oldin
Da Ghetto! Rep you Ghetto. DETROIT is my Ghetto 💯
Misti Blu
Misti Blu 8 soat oldin
Jeezy ❄️☃️💙🔥 2020 and beyond. Let's get right. Trust nobody In my Boosie voice
Pay J
Pay J 8 soat oldin
Plies!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Misti Blu
Misti Blu 8 soat oldin
The Goat PERIOD ‼️ 2020
Edward Smith
Edward Smith 8 soat oldin
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee's BACK 🤦🔥💪💯
jj Cardinale
jj Cardinale 8 soat oldin
Another slapper
Richard Thweatt
Richard Thweatt 8 soat oldin
Jesucristo, serás mi Salvador, salvarás mi vida, me ayudarás a llegar a amarte y al Padre Dios Su Voluntad que tuvo para mí desde la Creación, porque necesito una manera de saberlo para siempre. ¿Dejaste por nuestros pecados? ! Quiero que me presenten al Padre, haciéndome totalmente Inmaculado. Entonces, cuando me presentas a tu Padre, ¿puedo enorgullecerte? O pruebe que Dios Padre sabía cuando tenía a Sus profetas donde estaba bien y que Nuestro Jesucristo tiene y tuvo y puede salvar a quien quiera. Quiero tener un gozo que venga de Ti que haga atractivos los mandamientos y decretos del Padre. Oro que como La Palabra de Dios en Romanos 1: 11_12 te haga fuerte en el Señor. Lo recibirás en tu armario de oración, lo que se necesitaría para hacerte creer, sentí como si oyera a Jesús decir, qué te haría creer, atraerlos hacia Mí, ese es un regalo que tengo, me preocupo por el Reino de Dios, tanto como lo explica, te preocupas por mí. Quiero la vida eterna Jesucristo, te agradezco a ti y a Dios Padre por no renunciar a lo que Él comenzó. Porque te conozco, Jesucristo, eres el Hijo unigénito de Dios. Quiero que sepas que yo soy para ti Jesús, por favor da gracias a Dios Padre por mí Jesús. Aprendí eso del dibujo. Él dijo, sí, yo diría. Causa una vida santa, sacrificio vivo. Lo sé . ¿Porque no hay duda de que tengo mucho que hacer? Cuando trabajo lo suficiente. Derecha . Sigo pensando en eso, no puedo confiar Dije que el Espíritu Santo si no puede, orando para que lo permitas. Digo que Jesucristo es el Rey de reyes y se trata de Él
Rickiea Mitchell
Rickiea Mitchell 8 soat oldin
2020 I gotta leave u alone you ain’t no good let’s ride 2021
Ephrem Hailemichael
Ephrem Hailemichael 8 soat oldin
Nigggaaaaa. Why was I hating on demi this whole time?.. She murrrrrrked.
BaGDaD MaN 9 soat oldin
Like nice song bro you are the best
Justyn Murphy
Justyn Murphy 9 soat oldin
Vintage Canon Vintage Snow
Zakisha 9 soat oldin
This is my joint!!!💙🖤💙🖤
jemel riggins
jemel riggins 9 soat oldin
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 hot shit
CJ HENNINGS 9 soat oldin
Brian Rolax
Brian Rolax 9 soat oldin
Choppas hold a 50 by da door
Ashley Gray
Ashley Gray 9 soat oldin
2020 Anyone?
CJ #GroveStreet
CJ #GroveStreet 9 soat oldin
Fab with the old school Jays fitted :D 3:19
Kip Delaney
Kip Delaney 9 soat oldin
Shit....still listening in 2020 👌
Michael Walker
Michael Walker 10 soat oldin
Night time vibes A fat blunt and 2 12s in the trunk
Coolz 823GSC
Coolz 823GSC 10 soat oldin
Reggie Da Snow
Reggie Da Snow 10 soat oldin
They didn’t see this coming from the ☃️, fucked them up with the album🔥🔥🔥
Black General
Black General 10 soat oldin
It’s crazy cause Mexican Men go after black women but will have a heart attack if they sisters date black men
The Laura Miller Show
The Laura Miller Show 10 soat oldin
Love it
Flip Lundy
Flip Lundy 10 soat oldin
Flip Lundy
Flip Lundy 11 soat oldin
Rafael Ricardo
Rafael Ricardo 11 soat oldin
Os melhores gangster está aí este cripe mecheu com migo😔🙏
K y
K y 11 soat oldin
I have to admit...Jeezy is a better artist than Gucci
Jennifer Whittington
Jennifer Whittington 11 soat oldin
Jeezy fine as hell 😍
Dj H tv
Dj H tv 11 soat oldin
big meech 3:24
Polonium-210 XXX
Polonium-210 XXX 11 soat oldin
Major distribution
Mike Lee
Mike Lee 12 soat oldin
Sound is so dope. Underrrated
Mr. Thanks Good
Mr. Thanks Good 12 soat oldin
Damn... I don't think anyone else could have remade a 2Pac song like this. It can only be done by certain ones.
Davy Brazell
Davy Brazell 12 soat oldin
Jeezy is a real one!
Mr. Thanks Good
Mr. Thanks Good 12 soat oldin
Now this is a work of Art. Being grown, means being Mature. Only the Grown & Mature moves to this kind of muzik. Go ahead and drink y'all haterade on this one if you want too.
Sleez DaDon
Sleez DaDon 12 soat oldin
This shit hard asf been a min since I listen to jeezy but boy this shit flame
Sleez DaDon
Sleez DaDon 12 soat oldin
So we gon act like he didn't diss 50 cent lmfao
Jean Midi
Jean Midi 13 soat oldin
Gang signs shorten leverage!
Ibrahim kingfaith
Ibrahim kingfaith 14 soat oldin
Until 2080 will still listen to this song
Sunny Day
Sunny Day 14 soat oldin
They cant compete wit Jay Z. Haha. All your tatts can't do nothing. Black men got it. Yall lil in the category. Lol
Herb Smith
Herb Smith 14 soat oldin
Sick of nightmares being poor (almost teared up)
Herb Smith
Herb Smith 14 soat oldin
Apollify 15 soat oldin
Florida requires you wait 4 days now
Anesu 16 soat oldin
I cant stop playing this song!
KVMWVЬНРIN WVЬ8NH 16 soat oldin
IceAgeSmurf 16 soat oldin
Dorian Thomas
Dorian Thomas 16 soat oldin
When Go Crazy dropped back in the day I knew then Jeezy had it in him to become what he is today
Gimmetheball Andgetouttheway
Gimmetheball Andgetouttheway 17 soat oldin
I’m wit a Spanish bih if she ain’t fckn ADIOS!! Omg 🔥🔥🔥
Richard Roy
Richard Roy 17 soat oldin
Just started my business and I watched this by accident. Hella happy I did cause this was motivating as FUCK. Never heard your story - so glad I did. Living legend. Thank you pimpin 🙏🏽
IceAgeSmurf 17 soat oldin
Joseph White
Joseph White 18 soat oldin
That's my joint cuzzo aka family ❤️💛💚✌️🦁✌️🌎💙🖤👣🇬🇳🇹🇯🇵🇷🇺🇸🇨🇺🧢
Michael Heard
Michael Heard 18 soat oldin
I might slide thru and say whadup tonight my negus. Proud of u fam. Came a long way fam. U never been a dope boy, "U LYN NEGUS" but I did see the rise.
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown 19 soat oldin
Who still here in 2020 ?
Scarlett Fowler
Scarlett Fowler 19 soat oldin
Redd Pill Network
Redd Pill Network 19 soat oldin
Jeezy was dissing Ross on his second verse. That beef was fire!
BABY CHI-TOWN 20 soat oldin
Fuck Jeezy I lost all respect for him after he tried to get Gucci mane killed🖕💯
jak w
jak w 20 soat oldin
I'm shocked Jay wasn't on this
S Mone
S Mone 21 soat oldin
Thats how i feel.
LSJW Thanks
LSJW Thanks 21 soat oldin
Bumping again after verzuz
Kenyel Raynor
Kenyel Raynor 21 soat oldin
Too $hort born to mack album cover.
chopsticks and knives
chopsticks and knives 21 soat oldin
2 fakest rappers in the game unite again
Kerry Farria
Kerry Farria 21 soat oldin
Told my ex...... 12/4/20 Da'fuk I Look Likeee? 💯💯 fake azz Nigga!!