Banter Blitz with Liem Quang Le
Banter Blitz with Wesley So
Dago 64
Dago 64 Daqiqa oldin
i mean, hard to diaagree. But, for influenced i think it has to be Botvinnik lol. Like i get why he chose Kasparov, but still
Carlos Simancas
Carlos Simancas 3 daqiqa oldin
There have been 5 absolute genious in the history of chess: Morphy, Capablanca, Tahl, Fischer and Kasparov. They could have been genious in music, science, maths, whatever... Carlsen belongs to the purest positional school of chess: Rubinstein, Capablanca, Smyslov, Kárpov, Krámnik and him.
TheLomotion 5 daqiqa oldin
zancospancos Soat oldin
Favorite player for these
Ariel jr Madridejo
Ariel jr Madridejo Soat oldin
This man just didn’t get how a genius could act being high on drugs
C. Garcia
C. Garcia Soat oldin
chess24: More Sam Shankland banter blitz, please! He is really great, makes it look easy. 👍👍👍
Bojan Boskovic
Bojan Boskovic Soat oldin
Damn Sam, I like layout you make here! Stay deadly cool!
Isabella Tovino
Isabella Tovino 2 soat oldin
Is he not related to the Carver twins? They’re so visually similar it’s striking. 😱😱
Fredrich Risebrandt
Fredrich Risebrandt 2 soat oldin
I just couldn't stop smiling in pure awe through the entire video, what an amazing man!
Ibnal Farabi
Ibnal Farabi 2 soat oldin
next the best of: opening middlegame endgame
The Goat
The Goat 2 soat oldin
Kevin Wellwrought
Kevin Wellwrought 2 soat oldin
Aryan is the most handsome GM.
Pritesh Soni
Pritesh Soni 2 soat oldin
Wow! Except the first, I guessed all three person correctly! Am I eligible to be a world champion?
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar 2 soat oldin
India has 1.3 billion population, so influence should be 10!
Castor Tarantino
Castor Tarantino 2 soat oldin
If Anand wasnt sane he would drop the best hip hop album. Check his interview on the world chess championship
MrMorlaf 2 soat oldin
He never talks about Morphy or Khan. I take it he is strictly restricting himself to official World Champs....
U.V. S.
U.V. S. 2 soat oldin
Tal: sacrifices everything and mates with almost nothing. Carlsen: plays bongcloud vs. Nakamura Carlsen wins!
Inception 3 soat oldin
Fischer would disagree
always good to watch banter blitz
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams 3 soat oldin
"This is the 24th game from Seville, obviously." Obviously.
Joel Dick
Joel Dick 3 soat oldin
For Sanity I would put Euwe.
Joel Dick
Joel Dick 3 soat oldin
It would have been Fine if he would have made it to WC.
Goratch the mule
Goratch the mule 3 soat oldin
Wow this guy is so good he could one day be the world champion
susanta sutradhar
susanta sutradhar 4 soat oldin
R.I.P for Wesley so 😂😂 Cause he all time arguing that Fischer is the greatest of all time. Fischer is ahead of all position.
Jiří Mohl
Jiří Mohl 4 soat oldin
Find someone who looks at you like David looks at Magnus.
HelgeKS 4 soat oldin
1:20 somebody just lost his job
Earth moon
Earth moon 4 soat oldin
Where she reads text-_- 1:43:49
saad Buhdeima
saad Buhdeima 4 soat oldin
Genius: Capablanca/P. Morphy Entert. : Tal/Fischer/Alekhine Influence: Botvinnik/Fischer/Karpov/Kasparov Sanity: Anand
yan jun
yan jun 4 soat oldin
Good that Bobby Fischer isn't alive anymore. Otherwise I don't know what would have happened
yan jun
yan jun 4 soat oldin
1:19 it was at this moment that chess24 decided to go long castle
Earth Water
Earth Water 4 soat oldin
Just mad. Wow. Glory of humanity
Code Engineer
Code Engineer 4 soat oldin
I noticed that Magnus respects players who are first from a country to make it big.., just like himself.
Ganesan Krishnamurthy
Ganesan Krishnamurthy 4 soat oldin
First six games might decide the match.
RAJ VARDHAN Singh 4 soat oldin
In terms of genius Fischer is 10 , you jealous carlsen , he is the one who single Handedly beat the whole world and become champion .. not like you who have every resources, teacher like Kasparov but still can't win a single game against caurana in World championship match .... Fischer is goat 10/10
Abhishek 4 soat oldin
Genius score:7 Wait a minute WHO ARE YOU?
David White
David White 5 soat oldin
It’s funny, it’s as though the 8’s and 7 elsewhere justify the 9 for sanity Nevertheless, I would’ve given him higher scores than he gave himself for genius, entertainment and influence The usual response to this is, “well, I leave that to others”
Naveen Soni
Naveen Soni 5 soat oldin
TAL was a Genuis.... Hence Proved
20-183 Sushruta Kr. Samanta
20-183 Sushruta Kr. Samanta 5 soat oldin
I think in modern days, Nakamura is a greater chess influencer with all the streams and events he host.
David White
David White 5 soat oldin
I would’ve given Magnus a higher score than he gave himself
swapnil kumar
swapnil kumar 5 soat oldin
This is perfect ❤️ magnus showed he's as sane as Anand cuz capablanca is the actual genius because he found all the top moves over the board and didn't study that much like Bobby
Roy Biv
Roy Biv 2 soat oldin
So was Morphy.
socratead 5 soat oldin
I am amazed that Magnus doesn't realize how much damage Kasparov did to the chess world. We have on one hand Karpov, Anand, Magnus, and all the previous world chess champions who respect their commitments to defend their title according to well-established world chess championship cycles and on the other hand, we have Kasparov who messed up the whole chess world and used the title for his personal gains. I hope that Magnus when he will grow older and become more experienced with people will realize that Kasparov is not someone to look up to. Moreover, "greatest of all time" is something that a high IQ individual should never say because one cannot compare the level of people from different historical moments in the development of any professional or scientific field.
Disentropic 2 soat oldin
I both dislike kaspy and recognize his chess as absolutely brilliant and exciting. There's no need to idolize him to recognize how great he was at this game.
Prateek Singh
Prateek Singh 5 soat oldin
Andrew Tuma
Andrew Tuma 5 soat oldin
i can't even remember my login for
Vishnu 5 soat oldin
"I have known many chess players, but only one chess genius." - Emanuel Lasker about Capablanca
Connor Monday
Connor Monday 5 soat oldin
If I get to play a 2700 GM I'm not going to play out being down tons of material for no compensation I'm going to resign and give other people time for games. I get the never resign mentality but I feel like it's different in these situations. Maybe it's educational to see these converted for some but I never understand that.
Robin Remy
Robin Remy 5 soat oldin
I wish that when, out of honesty, I said that I play "simple chess", it were Capablanca's kind of simple chess. 😢
Shmuel Hirsch
Shmuel Hirsch 5 soat oldin
Fischer is definitely the most entertaining off the board
Freakedboy 5 soat oldin
Everyone's tal fan
elmer palado
elmer palado 6 soat oldin
Can Magnus Carlsen give Alekhine a low score in evaluation
Crutial Bret
Crutial Bret 6 soat oldin
I love how "Americans" are triggered .....Vishy 9/10 in genius... Fischer "7/10" in genius 😂
D M 6 soat oldin
That is insane.
Waidens 6 soat oldin
Ngl I have read through every story of GM's but carlsen is best gm from all of them. Though other GM are phenomenal cause they didn't had material like carlsen which make then genius.
woodensurfer 6 soat oldin
Too bad to chess that Tal had such poor health while still young.
woodensurfer 6 soat oldin
The ending depiction is contrary to what Carlsen says. Genius is Capa
Avusturyali ahmet
Avusturyali ahmet 6 soat oldin
These scores dont make sense gives 7 genius score to fischer and gives 9 to anand. Lol. Fischer found chess960 and he played the game of the century. Pls dont be a$$ carlsen. I like u but dont be as$
Avusturyali ahmet
Avusturyali ahmet 6 soat oldin
As a magnus fan i can say that fischer is genius. I would give him 10. Without fischer there wouldnt be chess and chess960. Fischer is creator of chess
Aenima Lewis
Aenima Lewis 6 soat oldin
Magnus looks at the chess board like how we recognise past famous sport matches
Try Hard
Try Hard 6 soat oldin
Bro how is this possible
Chess Freak
Chess Freak 7 soat oldin
2 mins for editor
Floyd Maxwell
Floyd Maxwell 7 soat oldin
Wesley So is the nicest of nice guys. Helps everyone. Goes for a double length Banter Blitz. Courteous, encouraging, patient. Hats off to you, Wesley!
Steve Hudson
Steve Hudson 7 soat oldin
Judit doesn't belong in this video series. Magnus lies a lot for the sake of political correctness.
Steve Hudson
Steve Hudson 7 soat oldin
As for Anand being the most sane, I think he's confounding sane with bland,
AnandSivaram22 6 soat oldin
If you are 'interesting' over a particular level, you could be borderline insane you know. Also Vishy has those interesting elements to him, his sense of humor I believe is under appreciated many times. But yes, being bland to an extend and not too indulgy IS one of the traits of being sane? I don't think he's confounding anything with anything.
Tute 7 soat oldin
The amount of respect Magnus and Anand have for each other is awesome.
Dovi Salomon
Dovi Salomon 7 soat oldin
He had a much better result in tata steel
J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan
J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan 7 soat oldin
in chess24's recent 'Magnus Carlsen ranks' series, why no wesley so? maybe magnus carlsen refuses to acknowledge wesley so as a world champion because doing so (lol) would acknowledge magnus carlsen's 4-0 LOSS IN THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS. TROLOLOLOL i dare magnus carlsen to rank wesley so. i also wanna see how wesley so ranks bobby fischer. maybe it's correct to rate fischer genius 7/10, but fischer talent is at least 11/10? IMNSHO, carlsen's only defense for the 7/10 is to say genius is different from talent. Greatest player of all time: maybe not bobby fischer Greatest player currently: magnus carlsen Most talented player of all time: BOBBY FISCHER Most talented player currently: WESLEY SO > The quality of the games isn't very high because we make such fundamental mistakes in the opening. We don't understand it nearly enough and I think that would increase a lot if we were given a classical time control there. PLEASE. --- note: WESLEY SO IS A WORLD CHAMPION. see agadmator videos eg iKok7cq5d-g
Adarsh Sureshkumar
Adarsh Sureshkumar 7 soat oldin
Misha and Capa got exchanged! @Chess24.5, please correct the photographs!
Simon Gallup
Simon Gallup 7 soat oldin
Sorry MC 🧐 but this can't be your true judge on BF !? ☹️
Tomás Cisneros
Tomás Cisneros 7 soat oldin
There’s proof this is scripted.
Earwaxfire909 7 soat oldin
I would say: Morphy, Tal, Fischer, Carlson.
Roberto Borges Ramos Alvim
Roberto Borges Ramos Alvim 7 soat oldin
The way he describes Anand is sweet
Michael H
Michael H 7 soat oldin
OBVIOUSLY the 2nd position shown was from the 24th game of the Sevilla WC match between Kasparov and Karpov. OBVIOUSLY!
saikat93ify 8 soat oldin
I want to see him rank lesser known world champions like Max Euwe
saikat93ify 6 soat oldin
@jean menard Yeah, why not ? :)
jean menard
jean menard 6 soat oldin
The fact that Max Euwe became champion was accidental ! Alekhine was drunk !!! He even needed assistance to get off the stage ! At the beginning of the 1935 match Alekhine took a significant lead but then he started to drink : 3 bottes of brandy every day ! For the rematch in 1937 Alekhine was sober. We saw what happened ! He crushed Euwe ! So is it necessary to talk about somebody who should never have been champion ?