Illinois COVID Cases
Rain On The Way
2 kun oldin
Job Search Organization
BriRhi Everything
BriRhi Everything Soat oldin
It looks worse than my taekwando and kung fu class
Dontrale Gaston
Dontrale Gaston Soat oldin
Debbie D
Debbie D 2 soat oldin
Insanely gorgeous house. So lovely yet they had to go all minimalist IKEA ugly on the kitchen and (except for the tub) bathroom.
John Melon
John Melon 3 soat oldin
Good work
min riggs
min riggs 4 soat oldin
why are there so many abandoned babies in the states? I've never seen so many dumped baby viddies from one country. that's really disturbing.
Rosalie Avila
Rosalie Avila 5 soat oldin
Oh come on, do you think she is going to admit to abusing him???
wwaynemcg 5 soat oldin
"Just give up your car"? "Yea...good advice Charlie". LOL No...that's STUPID advice charlie! When you give up everything to thugs, they will only be emboldened and come back for more. Don't be a pussy. Fight back hard. If they die in the meantime? Better them than you. Stupid parents, and "community organizer" making excuses. Damn fools!
Jamie Cann
Jamie Cann 6 soat oldin
Trouble is it’s in Chicago
DannynoloveXx11xX 6 soat oldin
That’s what I call good behavior
Helen Kapene aka Helzart
Helen Kapene aka Helzart 6 soat oldin
That is so gorgeous
Tyson Montanna
Tyson Montanna 9 soat oldin
quyen nguyen
quyen nguyen 10 soat oldin
Lmfao, white people I tell ya. I don’t know what they really want. But when they get what they want it’s not what really what they want.
Timothy Horner
Timothy Horner 10 soat oldin
They are all crooks
emily 13 soat oldin
pov: u searched this
Anna Ferdenzi
Anna Ferdenzi 13 soat oldin
OMG why taser in the first place and especially when pregnant. Really. Officer you took a life you need to pay. Sacked and improvement for this woman and a fatal shooting with a friend of yours. What's wrong with the American justice.
George Blabbermouth
George Blabbermouth 13 soat oldin
I got an email from a Nigerian Lottery Company telling me I won. I don't even recall entering but they say i saw. All i have to do is pay the $250,000 cost for transfer and Im GOLDEN. Luckily i have just that much is stock. Im gucci
dritan selimi
dritan selimi 14 soat oldin
Katie Price
Car Univ
Car Univ 15 soat oldin
Sad can but she had to know bad people were going to be at that party. Think about it. Why do teen ag and 20 yr old guys throw a hotel party and invite young girls. She knew she was putting herself in possibly bad situation. And of course there were drugs there she had to of known that as well. May God bless her and her family. Young women need to be more aware of the choices they make and the consequences.
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 16 soat oldin
All cops are scum.
BrayanPerez65 18 soat oldin
Why isn't he in prison?! He should be serving 1st degree manslaughter because he killed an unborn baby! He should also serve 2nd degree of attempted of murder of his partner's shooting!
Robert Preston
Robert Preston 18 soat oldin
lol democratic places are always such an embarrassment
Hecking Hecker
Hecking Hecker 18 soat oldin
I got this video while searching stafi45. could this torture victim be him?
Sheila Gravely
Sheila Gravely 19 soat oldin
Just beaten?? Shame. Maybe someone else will get to him and give him another punch or two.
Tree Daddy
Tree Daddy Kun oldin
Avm1 you can use the app for a few years only 124567890><? The only thing is it
April Moore
April Moore Kun oldin
My condolences and prayers
TJ Nash
TJ Nash Kun oldin
It's in Chicago so no way Illinois is the mid America California.
Enaida Rosa
Enaida Rosa Kun oldin
I don’t think the little kids will say that the teacher is the one that has a problem like wtf she’s being mad Racist and disrespectful for no reason. I hope she losses her job .
Krislynn Janes
Krislynn Janes Kun oldin
Some random person puts a boot on my car first thing first call the nonemergency number for the police
Easy get a grinder and remove it. Or better yet just carry a Gun with a High amount of force and shoot it off. Yes it can be shot off but the grinder is a easier way
KUR0N3KO-5AMA Kun oldin
he would have been mad af when he came to demand money but im just grinding it off
Bryan Hooked
Bryan Hooked Kun oldin
Oxycodone is a the medication for Pain the only place to get hold of it with prescription is at ,
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Kun oldin
Y’all don’t want a diverse community you just want some black D be honest now😏
Lennon Hodges
Lennon Hodges Kun oldin
Finally people restoring history thanks for having a brain and restoring it instead of demolishing the beauty
Sal Palladino
Sal Palladino Kun oldin
Mr. Otero
Mr. Otero Kun oldin
Cat G
Cat G Kun oldin
hope the police from all the different areas ,gather up the evidence and have him put away for years.
Mika Kun
Mika Kun Kun oldin
**Tree exist** Zeus: *...And i took that personally.*
Booka Tube
Booka Tube Kun oldin
why tf wasnt the kitcen locked she evan get to walk thru there
Cliffordlonghead Kun oldin
Hope that teacher wo won't get revenge
Lynne TMB
Lynne TMB Kun oldin
Sad, if true. Marry a young woman, and this happens
Bernie Getz
Bernie Getz Kun oldin
Racists dog!!!!!! Too bad dog was not lose at BLM riot. That would be some funny stuff. Poor dog, hope he didnt get sic.
greeny Kun oldin
Free whoever dude throwing hands was just for that
Sonne Kun oldin
🤣 🤣 🤣
Bacardi Doggo
Bacardi Doggo Kun oldin
Those pathetically worthless pigs should spend the rest of their lives in prison.
Rhead Sparks
Rhead Sparks Kun oldin
That teacher needs to be reprimanded, that's the teacher's problem that he does not like coconut smell, I love coconut, he does not know what's good for him, and how dare he says that it stinks, wear a mask🤣we all are wearing mask anyway😂🤣
Ian Tyrrel
Ian Tyrrel Kun oldin
Ignorance is the hallmark of Chicago.
jerome5ify Kun oldin
I love the attitude of the officers, barely stopping him
Alex Mae
Alex Mae 2 kun oldin
We never used cremes, but we used oil for hair, you know like Sicilian-Americans. And yea, it stinks like hell! It is disgusting, stop making everything racial
Autumn's Child
Autumn's Child 2 kun oldin
Nice house, imagine living there in old America, nice.
charles 2 kun oldin
I'm a security officer and I don't care how drunk he like to see him punch me like that.
Marion Morgan
Marion Morgan 2 kun oldin
His head looks like it has a boot flap on it.
David Blanton
David Blanton 2 kun oldin
Last car he will try and take. Dipshit. Do not fight back - that is bullshit.
carvcom1 2 kun oldin
No mention of SIU in Carbondale. Hi Ed Curran!
Patricia Johnson
Patricia Johnson 2 kun oldin
I guess we will never know what really happen. But we will always remember his great music. RIP
rebecca williams
rebecca williams 2 kun oldin
where are the grand parents and the father had that been my grandbabies living situation i would have went got me a bat and came back and got my grandbaby then i would have busting asses all the squatters would have been evicted asap my daughter would have had her lazy ass up cleaning scrubbing painting repairing and making that home clean you know clutter is one thing but straight out filth and disgusting ways is a whole different thing kids should be treated like little angels they are innocent she was an absolute adorable baby this makes me sick.
Bacardi Doggo
Bacardi Doggo 2 kun oldin
He is very lucky he didn't get beaten with a tire iron.
COLDSIDE VIC 2 kun oldin
He better get use to them ass whoppin wait till he get up that road he might die
Bree Wills
Bree Wills 2 kun oldin
They also restrained her arms. Horrible. That poor girl
Gaming-With-Trey 2 kun oldin
Why would she shut the door if she was in the freezer
Mac Allan
Mac Allan 2 kun oldin
So what did you do about it?
JAEDON SHYDON 2 kun oldin
The drink was spiked, they found it in her system
young nurse
young nurse 2 kun oldin
This is not the first time I have seen horrors like this !!!! It is a sin and a shame that these "funeral homes " , are allowed to keep their licenses after this stuff happens!!!!!
Carmella Anderson
Carmella Anderson 2 kun oldin
Died from complications of Meningitis...Shame on all those who said his wife abused him. Imagine being with the love of your life in the end and people and media saying you killed them for money. The story was reported in the Chicago papers March 2018.
Da Potato
Da Potato 2 kun oldin
But when you commit a minor drug offense you are imprisoned for life.
J Black
J Black 2 kun oldin
Is that blue from the movie ?
maxflight1000 2 kun oldin
whats a "police gun"?
transfactory 2 kun oldin
the only way he would be innocent is if the crime is being good looking
jjacksonjr2 2 kun oldin
LoL so long military career!! I'm sorry that this happened to her ✊🏿💪🏿
Angel Roca
Angel Roca 2 kun oldin
Yes, let what belongs to you be stolen. Leave your beloved car in the hands of a thief, who will make it disappear, disarm it or sell it to gangs that will take care of it. You will be fine without a car; work more and harder; save money and buy another. After all, you are smart, capable and honest to do it. Forget the matter; time will give you peace and you. will be able to forgive. (what stupid advise is given at the end. You have de right to defend yourself, your family, your property and, by the way, your country from thugs).
steph soppanish
steph soppanish 2 kun oldin
the company should buy it and turned into a museum
Spookrider100 2 kun oldin
Another one of lifes losers.
destiny rose
destiny rose 2 kun oldin
she looks like coach beiste in glee i SWEAR 🤭😭
Juan Jones
Juan Jones 3 kun oldin
He needs life in prison for that haircut 🥴🤦‍♂️
Vivian Florence
Vivian Florence 3 kun oldin
*my gun was just deliver to night from mrmasterglock on wickr*
Michael Gilley
Michael Gilley 3 kun oldin
The firefighter didn’t break the law. Why should he be arrested? The teen broke the law it’s his fault he got shot.
George Oliva
George Oliva 3 kun oldin
Everyone knows dam well who it was even I know who it was and police still haven’t done anything about it
Ian Battles
Ian Battles 3 kun oldin
If you or I had a trained attack dog that bit an innocent person, the government would euthanize the dog. So why hasn't this K9 been euthanized yet???
Christina F
Christina F 3 kun oldin
What a**hole fu**ing tases a pregnant woman 😠😠😠😠
Cookie XO
Cookie XO 3 kun oldin
When your mom uses this type of oil: *Guess I'll die*
Avenue Q
Avenue Q 3 kun oldin
Parkway gardens? That’s the O 😳 that was prolly that lil girls folks nem 🤷🏾‍♂️
K. Moon.
K. Moon. 3 kun oldin
Hilarious... he didnt sucker punch her though.