Piloting a GIANT MECH!
Thanos Sword Build!
Flying a JET SUIT!
u·ω·u 3 soat oldin
BE YT 3 soat oldin
how can you have too much oxygen? i don't need sleep in need answers! (pun intended)
Wafi M
Wafi M 3 soat oldin
2050: we made the first AT-AT
Noah Nicholson
Noah Nicholson 3 soat oldin
O dreeeeaaaam
Purebredbrute 3 soat oldin
Wow.. a bed with a screen.. blown away
Jaxta 3 soat oldin
Should make a machine that makes you a super soldier
king kong
king kong 3 soat oldin
This is how linus would look like if he moved to venice beach california and started to lift weights (pumping iron reference) LOL !!!!
Crabastian Builds
Crabastian Builds 3 soat oldin
I like how he dropped the cpu cooler fan to look like Linus
Cake Maniac
Cake Maniac 3 soat oldin
In b4 "we made the first Dyson sphere"
Col Games YT
Col Games YT 3 soat oldin
I also play PUBG
omar manzanero
omar manzanero 4 soat oldin
Can I have a iron man helmet please 🙏
gmrnugget games
gmrnugget games 4 soat oldin
4:58 my rx 580 started to cry when it saw this
NQ - 05BA 802741 McBride PS
NQ - 05BA 802741 McBride PS 4 soat oldin
NQ - 05BA 802741 McBride PS
NQ - 05BA 802741 McBride PS 4 soat oldin
make a dc red hood project
azzahra malaika
azzahra malaika 4 soat oldin
Lakshmi Chillale
Lakshmi Chillale 4 soat oldin
Any legend watching in 2021
Aiden Smith
Aiden Smith 4 soat oldin
hacksmith needs to shave the beard
DarkSharkGaming11 4 soat oldin
They made the guy from FoRtNiTe!!!
Dafa Almer Dzaky
Dafa Almer Dzaky 4 soat oldin
how dare you burn baby yoda
omar manzanero
omar manzanero 4 soat oldin
Can you try making the mandalorian dark Saber and mandalorianrifle
Goodstorms Games
Goodstorms Games 4 soat oldin
A longer coil means more acceleration the metal is pulled to the center of the silinoid. The strongest point of magnetism. So you can simplify the electronics. Only need one timed circuit instead of several in series.
Jesse Hopkins
Jesse Hopkins 4 soat oldin
How are they not dead yet
The best Of the best
The best Of the best 4 soat oldin
If elon mask sees this he will start making marvel heroes.
BERLIAN MAKKAH 4 soat oldin
Or right dist is a movie oooh yeah
Ayhan Gunes
Ayhan Gunes 4 soat oldin
Smsmzmzmmk smsmzmzmmk s s zxs smsmzmzmmk z alzl alzl s z ALL a az smsmzmzmmk a aisksk!s!s!aka!a!akakakkakakakakakalal
master bladder playz
master bladder playz 4 soat oldin
where do I buy that
Jeffrey 4 soat oldin
so it's the sandals that make you drop things?
Kristopher Riley
Kristopher Riley 4 soat oldin
Idea for the lightsaber what if there was a circuit board in the handle that controls the plasma and then two notches for the off and on by the handle btw luv how the salt changes the color of the lightsaber
Zachary Belcher
Zachary Belcher 4 soat oldin
Use vazo
Stirling Roche
Stirling Roche 4 soat oldin
Hacksmiths will: Give my predator suit a cloaking device
Aden Joseph
Aden Joseph 4 soat oldin
the quote used by James the most is... Alright that was fricking awsome
misbah shoaib
misbah shoaib 5 soat oldin
lets go i have the same case
BRIDGES 5 soat oldin
Can i buy this gaming pod somewhere? 😂
BRIDGES 5 soat oldin
Man i would love to have this pc i could do soo amazing projekts with it
Enezti SanchezGamingYT
Enezti SanchezGamingYT 5 soat oldin
this is normal what is the hype (note I'm Canadian.)
Monssef Bensoltane
Monssef Bensoltane 5 soat oldin
bro i nistailed honey before you even posted this video
Sea-Ra 5 soat oldin
I think you should make a virtual reality version of this
DogekidYT 5 soat oldin
ASMR in a nutshell
Luelle 5 soat oldin
it's all fun and dizzyness when someone from outside unplugs the cable
goofang gio
goofang gio 5 soat oldin
Please can you do a heart repulser
Lata Jain
Lata Jain 5 soat oldin
You could have used ps5 and X-box in the gaming pod through admin cable and slots presented in it and you could have used gaming consoles for better experience
Benedikt Bischof
Benedikt Bischof 5 soat oldin
32GB Ram but two 3090 🤦‍♂️
mikoro88 5 soat oldin
One thing is that one of the clasps is in the wrong direction, but the fact that nobody has commented on it yet.. So strange.
Tim Parker
Tim Parker 5 soat oldin
Try shooting steel ball bearings.
Luelle 5 soat oldin
aorus ram, you know it's fast 'cos it has rgb
Mike Dunne
Mike Dunne 5 soat oldin
That lightsaber is the trashiest lightsaber ever
Mike Dunne
Mike Dunne 5 soat oldin
It’s not even a lightsaber it’s fire
waksio tolentino
waksio tolentino 5 soat oldin
Me:Wutttt Viewers: wow
Caden Traylor
Caden Traylor 5 soat oldin
Hey Hacksmith, Im am trying to construct my own railgun based off of your design. I am wondering what shape of copper bar you used for your rails, and where to get the part purchased or machined. Thank you, love the content.
Abduchi 5 soat oldin
“She is a thick boy” -James
Dillan Manani
Dillan Manani 5 soat oldin
This is where it all started
Shrikant Yadav
Shrikant Yadav 5 soat oldin
The real hammer😃😃😃
Charlie Pau
Charlie Pau 5 soat oldin
Who else want this In their room
Atilla İlgün
Atilla İlgün 5 soat oldin
Omari lee
Omari lee 5 soat oldin
My dream
Mista Makr
Mista Makr 6 soat oldin
Too much power?
EP works
EP works 6 soat oldin
be carefull it is harmful
Kanishaka Panotra
Kanishaka Panotra 6 soat oldin
Hacksmith is fabulous
Johh Hgdh
Johh Hgdh 6 soat oldin
Make a portal gun
Rustyshiv678 6 soat oldin
7:34 holy shit mini oz is a gun
Punithan Magindran
Punithan Magindran 6 soat oldin
Guys try to make largest binocular 🤔🤔🤔
adib gaming
adib gaming 6 soat oldin
Cant you make a iphone14...I'm you're fans from Malaysia🇲🇾🇲🇾
Trend America with Liam
Trend America with Liam 6 soat oldin
Nathan Lol
Nathan Lol 6 soat oldin
If i saw that my first instinct would be to touch it
gamer9800 6
gamer9800 6 6 soat oldin
No way
Gabriel Zandi
Gabriel Zandi 6 soat oldin
What happens when you make the bullet smaller?
ShinBlackAngel 6 soat oldin
Maybe star wars is movie from future and future has a lightsaber
Ts Ka
Ts Ka 6 soat oldin
FlyRetroGamer 6 soat oldin
8:00 discord light mode
nancy rogers
nancy rogers 6 soat oldin
my fav scene is when he says ok lets do something real im going to that wall.
Mr Pedantic
Mr Pedantic 6 soat oldin
This channel now has 666 videos on it
Evan Pudsey
Evan Pudsey 7 soat oldin
wightlines 1
wightlines 1 7 soat oldin
Not that they would make much diff but get some gloves on man lol
frederick de los santos
frederick de los santos 7 soat oldin
On our research subject my teacher scolded me for submitting a plan for hoverboard using reverse magnetic polarity😂😂. I mean it really is impossible cause we don't have the money for that nor the time
Karl Forgues
Karl Forgues 7 soat oldin
What spesification your turbine ??
Enes Aygun
Enes Aygun 7 soat oldin
I like Hacksmith Industries.
1izen 7 soat oldin
looks like Daniel Bryan
Outdoor with Kearns
Outdoor with Kearns 7 soat oldin
น้องกัสเบล 7 soat oldin
Keep destroy Terminator T-800 Model 101
Dylan Wang
Dylan Wang 7 soat oldin
I subscribed and liked
H.ali2106 09
H.ali2106 09 7 soat oldin
I swear the hacksmith looks like every superhero