Kalishaun Lane
Kalishaun Lane 11 soat oldin
I know that app
Nevaeh Guilbeault
Nevaeh Guilbeault 11 soat oldin
My favorite eevee evolution is umbreon
EchosGrove 12 soat oldin
You could start calling it a face-up. like putting on makeup.
hazel volk
hazel volk 12 soat oldin
HI!!! CHEAP WAY TO MAKE DOLL HAIR!!!!!!!!!!! so i have found a VERYYY cheap way to get doll hair it was a complete accident that i just came apon wille playing with ribbon so basicaly like normal you would cut a pice of ribbon twice the length you want the hair then pull on the fraying edge of the ribbon to be clear it has to be the type of ribbon that has all of the tinny horizontal lines on it
Rebecca Warshawsky
Rebecca Warshawsky 12 soat oldin
excuse you sir omg 😆
Horse Lover
Horse Lover 12 soat oldin
Lol why do I see rainbowdash XD
MinxTwo 12 soat oldin
Reminds me of a how its made episode lol
CookiexxRoblox RobloxFan
CookiexxRoblox RobloxFan 12 soat oldin
Omg!i love your vids! And all your dolls! But im going to try and get pinned, Dollightful Dollightful Dollightful ♡
Nola 13 soat oldin
this video was in markiplier's new video 'where does youtube send new canadian viewers' lol
Mochi Vibes
Mochi Vibes 13 soat oldin
Rebecca Warshawsky
Rebecca Warshawsky 13 soat oldin
“get some pants bro” -Ty Tanium
Mega Eclipse
Mega Eclipse 13 soat oldin
i love moths
Rebecca Warshawsky
Rebecca Warshawsky 13 soat oldin
Miranda Zuart
Miranda Zuart 13 soat oldin
the doll is very pretty and cool if only i had it :,)
Shumai 13 soat oldin
it's so cute lmao
Avian Wyche
Avian Wyche 14 soat oldin
Can you make a steam punk owl
BrandySue Ritterhouse
BrandySue Ritterhouse 14 soat oldin
Hey i like to cringe the people who watch this so hear me cringe you all cause thats what i do! was this CRINGY? if not the CRINGE IS COMING!! I wAnNa bE a cUp cAkEEEEEEE yUm YUUUUUUUUUM crrIInnGGGGGYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyy did i make you cringe cause people keep saying im cRinGggYY so I TRIED TO BE CRINGY HAHAHAHHAH!!! NO ONE CAN SAY IM CRINGY NOOOW! Hope i made you happy ^w^ Love you all! BYE!
Sarah Greeley
Sarah Greeley 14 soat oldin
Yo I'm fuckin screaming, why does your brother in law's doll look like Roger Taylor
Red Cedar
Red Cedar 14 soat oldin
Trans bunny? Trans bunny 🐰 😎
Frost Goddess
Frost Goddess 14 soat oldin
I love this dark dragon great job
{Gacha pata}
{Gacha pata} 14 soat oldin
It can take you this long to repaint her but it takes a factory 24 hours to paint
Claire 14 soat oldin
So cute!! 🌸💕
Sunny Braille
Sunny Braille 14 soat oldin
So cute I love it so cute love the face
Adrien Of The Stars
Adrien Of The Stars 14 soat oldin
He kinda looks like the trans pride flag and that makes me so happy
Meli 15 soat oldin
*sees Cherry at the very end* YAAAAAAAAAAS
ItzKatz 15 soat oldin
Male glaceon looks like the sarcastic guy whos kinda selfish but loving lol
Gacha blendy
Gacha blendy 15 soat oldin
Oml I want to buy him lol 😂
*•.꧁𝐌𝐨𝐨𝐧 Owl Adventures꧂.•*
*•.꧁𝐌𝐨𝐨𝐧 Owl Adventures꧂.•* 15 soat oldin
You could make a pastel owl or bird like a parrot I think the kitty and the rabbit would be great friends with the bird. :D
•Gacha Sarah•
•Gacha Sarah• 15 soat oldin
Wow so cool
Kiwi Keylee
Kiwi Keylee 15 soat oldin
You should do a series of pride flags with mini dolls ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
Rocks 15 soat oldin
13:57 She was already saying this since 2018. People can learn a thing or two.
Mizzlinq 15 soat oldin
Ooooh I’ve got an idea for the unused onesie. You can make a bear doll. (This is a suggest you don’t have to do it lol)
[-plum bum-]
[-plum bum-] 15 soat oldin
dang she skinny😶
resverie 15 soat oldin
super excited to (hopefully) see more custom dollightful BJDs in the future! this one came out super adorable ☺️ (tho... after watching utopia, anthropomorphic rabbits definitely creep me out a bit xD)
Curtis Ruffin
Curtis Ruffin 15 soat oldin
How much money would it cost for you to make me a fox
Aimia Martinez
Aimia Martinez 15 soat oldin
Make a Coraline Doll
Curtis Ruffin
Curtis Ruffin 15 soat oldin
I was just wondering how much money would it cost for you to make me a fox
Mary anne clavey
Mary anne clavey 15 soat oldin
You should've added a puff ball on the back of the onesie to make a bun bun tail :O
Addilynn LaMarr
Addilynn LaMarr 16 soat oldin
when he moved after the face up and you where going to do the hair its was like he moved himself and it scared me... I screamed
Mearness 16 soat oldin
Someone: drawing eyes on dolls are so hard! Me: *laughs in oc has black and white eyes*
saji86 16 soat oldin
He reminds me of Rufio
Nature lovers gacha
Nature lovers gacha 17 soat oldin
your video's have in spired me to start doll customizing and I'm thinking of doing a mothman because his myth is started the one of the states nabouring mine is that to advanced since I'm just starting out or should i go for it?
Simply holo gurl
Simply holo gurl 17 soat oldin
1:21 euuuu
PeachyMun :P
PeachyMun :P 17 soat oldin
You should make a utau for the Vocaloid-sequel design you initially made for her
mythicalgirl100 17 soat oldin
1:58 NOPE!!!
mythicalgirl100 17 soat oldin
Hehe 2:04
taylorrr 17 soat oldin
AAAAA im so proud of you, ive been around for a while on my old accounts :D you've come so far!
Lenzie Shirey
Lenzie Shirey 18 soat oldin
crazy how ms dollightful keeps on getting more and more powerful
Claire 18 soat oldin
i didn’t even notice how similar she is to a dnd character i made holy crap
YuyuLeBrave 18 soat oldin
"tattoos all have meaning" ha, yes, my mermaid tattoo as the very deep meaning "I like mermaids" More seriously, the more you get tattoos, the least meaning they have, not a single one of my tattoos as a meaning deeper than "I think it cool"
Patrick 19 soat oldin
I like how the dollightful community specifically isn’t toxic and is mostly just a really chill and nice place ❤️
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 19 soat oldin
Мне нравится думать, что рано или поздно может появиться третья зверушка, которой наконец подойдёт тот костюмчик💚
icyvampy 19 soat oldin
So beautiful <3
kill me-
kill me- 19 soat oldin
Someone: to cooperate you need to know the differences of these two pictures "mini Katherine" "Katherine" Fans: *we see no difference*
Robby Morning
Robby Morning 19 soat oldin
And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Heb 9:27) For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. (1 Timothy 6:10) And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:15) For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? (Mark 8:36)
シJulia._.Wasn’tTaken 20 soat oldin
I remember when I watched you all the time when I was 8 and then I lost your channel. Two years later, hi I’m back!
Accidental Arson
Accidental Arson 20 soat oldin
"Pretty Decorative Panel" hmmmm yes no Bi flags to be seen just some decorative panels
Skye_vibes 20 soat oldin
33:47 * epic anime music*
Simona Gorgieva
Simona Gorgieva 20 soat oldin
Finaly she made a doll from skratch its bin like what 2-3 years😂
Anne Zhang
Anne Zhang 21 soat oldin
meanwhile the dolls at america is doo doo quality
_stitch_lover _maddy_
_stitch_lover _maddy_ 21 soat oldin
Them eyebrows be bussin bussin
Matildo1212 21 soat oldin
This video was in markipliers video about the UZpost algorithm and it reminded me how much I enjoyed your videos and so, here we go for another doll binge!
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 19 soat oldin
Hey where is the cottontail 🥺😟
Madeline Tetrault
Madeline Tetrault 22 soat oldin
I think that she should have the ability to heal any withered plant no matter how damaged it is, Iggy should have this abillty too but only Amanita can eat poisonous mushrooms, because the spotted mushrooms are poisonous.
tessa 22 soat oldin
PLEASE START SELLING THESE OH MY GOD it turned out so amazing
Sterlie Playz
Sterlie Playz 22 soat oldin
Wondering whennnnnnnnn
Madeline Tetrault
Madeline Tetrault 22 soat oldin
I actually thought that she would be a fluttershy charictar but i love this so much more than my idea!
PERUMAL S 22 soat oldin
Dolls plsss❤️
PERUMAL S 22 soat oldin
Can u do BTS inspired solls pls❤️❤️❤️
sunni claws
sunni claws 23 soat oldin
i think she did lose a tail peace two fell off she only grabbed
Xylia Mai Marden
Xylia Mai Marden Kun oldin
Gosh darn it! I wish I had the stuff because I so want a doll made by her and her husband!!! It's so cute!
PunkStar49 Kun oldin
Dollightful you moonlight jewel, and the doll fairy have been my biggest inspiration when I draw so I decided to draw you guys as cloud keeper
dominique Kun oldin
anyone else keeps coming back to this vid cuz you somehow got a crush on a doll? cuz aquarien is just- idk, they just pretty and awesome- ????
Zoey McCormack
Zoey McCormack Kun oldin
c and c
valyn Kun oldin
can you make another doll for pride month this year? :D
Catstache kitten
Catstache kitten Kun oldin
Wedge flip flops at the B E A C H
Darkhellia DarkFire
Darkhellia DarkFire Kun oldin
The vast majority of your channels are legitimate repainting jobs on pre-existing dolls you own. Currently on your channel you have Box opening videos, customizations of toys besides dolls, doll customizations that are also repaints, a few How-To videos, art/sketch videos, tutorial videos on doll customization plus supply videos, channel update and news videos, doll reviews, overview videos containing thoughts about certain projects you've worked on, tour videos of your dolls and studio, showcasing videos, and Q&A videos. For any video involving dolls you should retitle them if needed, for example if you are modifying an existing doll through customization work than titling the video as a Repaint is appropriate but a video like this where you construct a doll from scratch should be titled Original Custom Doll or something similar to that effect. For the Stockbox Repaints keeping them titled that way is fine, for regular doll customizations keeping them titled with Repaint is also acceptable. I would also make playlists to seperate your various different videos into similar catagory groups for example have all of your Sketch With Me series in one orderly playlist, all your repaints in another playlist, your stockbox repaints in their own playlist, original custom dolls in another one, and so on and so forth.
life is an illusion
life is an illusion Kun oldin
I’ve always found dark skin tones go BEAUTIFULLY with pastels- just the contrast brings out both the outfit and the skin itself.
michaela humphries
michaela humphries Kun oldin
before she put the eyes in it kind of looked like a fanaf animatronic
Janah Myel Lorelle Manalang
Janah Myel Lorelle Manalang Kun oldin
you both did so good! like they are so pretty i could never-