Josh Jones
Josh Jones 3 soat oldin
My mom and I Love this song
Careless Wings
Careless Wings 4 soat oldin
Gorgeya Fogarty
Gorgeya Fogarty 4 soat oldin
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Martin Schuler
Martin Schuler 5 soat oldin
Man if I could vote a million times
Dawn Welch
Dawn Welch 5 soat oldin
Him and Luke combs are legit the best in country music... they don't disappoint... I don't think they could ever write a bad song. Morgan is definitely slept on.
John Helton
John Helton 6 soat oldin
What’s wrong with the way I talk? 🥃
Angelique Boneville
Angelique Boneville 6 soat oldin
I love to sing and I’m in love with singing this song💘
Jarrad Fulton
Jarrad Fulton 6 soat oldin
This is what should be on our country music stations.
Michael Davis
Michael Davis 6 soat oldin
WAY better than chasin you
Dawn Welch
Dawn Welch 6 soat oldin
Damn!!! This is deep!!!! ❤
Evin Cooper
Evin Cooper 7 soat oldin
Any other east Tennessee people here
Cecil K
Cecil K 7 soat oldin
#1 by march
William Ledbetter
William Ledbetter 8 soat oldin
If this is country then I’m black
Heidi Eck
Heidi Eck 8 soat oldin
If im going to listen to Florida Georgia line so are my neighbors
Amber Conley
Amber Conley 8 soat oldin
My poor husband ❤️❤️❤️
Amber Conley
Amber Conley 8 soat oldin
Somebody’s reason for leaving on the porch light ✋✋✋✋
Amber Conley
Amber Conley 8 soat oldin
Giovanni Beltran
Giovanni Beltran 8 soat oldin
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Pamela Elizondo
Pamela Elizondo 9 soat oldin
Nonstop play
R. D.
R. D. 9 soat oldin
Can’t stop listening to Morgan Wallen music is awesome! Can’t stop Smiling thank you!
Ashley Jock
Ashley Jock 9 soat oldin
Love this song it is amazing I can’t believe this song was sung by him he is a good singer I love this song
R. D.
R. D. 9 soat oldin
Morgan your like a pick me upper been waiting for some good country music love the sound and the lyrics have your cd worn out in a month and I’ll be buying another thank you!
R. D.
R. D. 9 soat oldin
All I can do is smile great song writing totally pure country Morgan don’t you disappear country needs you like really bad! Thank you.
R. D.
R. D. 9 soat oldin
Morgan gotta keep this up man Country is hurtin right now and your a great fix thanks for the music really great !
Josh Kane
Josh Kane 9 soat oldin
This song that's what's up
Chris Kubond
Chris Kubond 9 soat oldin
Great song and video. God bless the brave men and women of the military. They are the heartbeat of this country
Ashley Jock
Ashley Jock 10 soat oldin
I love this song he is a good singer love it
Presley Foy
Presley Foy 10 soat oldin
Hey I’m going back home
Ninjashark 04
Ninjashark 04 10 soat oldin
Amazing and I don’t even listen to country that much
Millie Fischer
Millie Fischer 11 soat oldin
Oh. My. Gosh. LOVE
Frida Guerrero
Frida Guerrero 11 soat oldin
He rocks that mullet so fine 😍
Lawson Playz
Lawson Playz 11 soat oldin
Shaniya Feeney
Shaniya Feeney 11 soat oldin
I’m Mexican and I like this type of music cause it sound calming
Psychological Kruk
Psychological Kruk 11 soat oldin
Some straight trash
Stacey Lewellen
Stacey Lewellen 12 soat oldin
Morgan wallen has good songs
Username Lastname
Username Lastname 12 soat oldin
Morgan Wallen + Houston Rodeo. Let’s make it happen once this Corona is gone. Your music makes me just crack a beer open every time man, good stuff.👍🏽
Makayla Shelley-Clay
Makayla Shelley-Clay 12 soat oldin
2:28 hits hard
Makayla Shelley-Clay
Makayla Shelley-Clay 12 soat oldin
just the high note
Dillon Coronado
Dillon Coronado 13 soat oldin
Need to find me a girl who loves country!
Jo Spaulding
Jo Spaulding 13 soat oldin
this song is amazing
danni castrillo
danni castrillo 14 soat oldin
I want a house on the hill not in them
danni castrillo
danni castrillo 14 soat oldin
Loooove this song makes me want to move to the country I wanna be a same gas station cup of coffee kind of person lol
georgethagod 14 soat oldin
best country singer
Kayla Ruff
Kayla Ruff 14 soat oldin
Morgan wallen is a damn goat
Roxanne Routh
Roxanne Routh 14 soat oldin
I love you so much MORGAN WALLEN my nam is jolene.
Tulio Bruno
Tulio Bruno 15 soat oldin
Sou do Brasil. Gostei da musica.
marvin 123
marvin 123 16 soat oldin
04.12.2020 first time I hear a song from you. Instant sub - amazing voice!
Abigail Koors
Abigail Koors 16 soat oldin
Morgan Wallen I think this is your greatest song and I relate to this about my hometown a lot thanks for keeping my spirits up 💕💕💕
Caylee Watson
Caylee Watson 16 soat oldin
Hooked on this song
taylor hicks
taylor hicks 16 soat oldin
This song I think represented just how much talent Morgan has. You can’t tell me every single time you hear this song you don’t want to shed a tear and you have chills up your arms. He blessed us with some REAL country with this one. 💕
NoTalker Pranks
NoTalker Pranks 16 soat oldin
Thank you for making the song
Jessica Longhouse
Jessica Longhouse 16 soat oldin
Sing it baby! Still can't get enough of this song. This right here...... 🤘
Jessica Longhouse
Jessica Longhouse 16 soat oldin
Best artist out rn! Had your cd in my old ass truck for a year now. No bullshit! Love it!! And yes, i still have a cd player
Lee Driggs
Lee Driggs 16 soat oldin
Hell yea we do
Hearts of Gold
Hearts of Gold 17 soat oldin
Love this song
Jenn Adam
Jenn Adam 17 soat oldin
Faron Toledo
Faron Toledo 17 soat oldin
this song should be on the to broad.
Sammie Weddle
Sammie Weddle 18 soat oldin
whats up
Breece Harrison
Breece Harrison 18 soat oldin
🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 🤘😎🤘
Naya Correa
Naya Correa 18 soat oldin
Def my fav country song now
Wi Tu Lo
Wi Tu Lo 19 soat oldin
What wrong with that girl's lips?
Jim Bob
Jim Bob 19 soat oldin
I love Morgan's music, but I hate songs about girls like this....but i get it.
Michael Clemons
Michael Clemons 19 soat oldin
Henry McKenzie
Henry McKenzie 22 soat oldin
Love the songs!! You should do a song with Jameson Rodgers! That would be a bangerrr!!!!
FrankTheTank 22 soat oldin
I like 👍 ♥ 😋 ❤ 😍 😌 👍 2th
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez 23 soat oldin
This song brought me to tears. I remember coming home from Afghanistan on my last final deployment before leaving the Corp. I became a heavy heavy drinker. Drank to rid of my demons and bad memories in my 10 years in the service. I was hurting people around me. I cussed at everyone for trying to help me. The final straw is when I tried to commit suicide by hanging with a suicide note pinned to my shirt. My GF came home just in time to cut the rope down(I was already hanging there). I'm now 3 years sober and regularly attend VA group meetings.
Noah Smith
Noah Smith 23 soat oldin
Bro get help now please your a fantastic artist man
Rosemarie Fradeneck
Rosemarie Fradeneck Kun oldin
You have a beautiful voice singing your song makes feel so good ❤❤ God Blessed you have a gift from God ..🌹❤💯🙏
josh you ah
josh you ah Kun oldin
2020. I still got this turned up.!
Lorenzo Burke
Lorenzo Burke Kun oldin
Never disappoints. Best country singer in my opinion. Him and Luke combs
Eric Huffman
Eric Huffman Kun oldin
Scrim Othy
Scrim Othy Kun oldin
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J Bear
J Bear Kun oldin
Dont sell your soul buddy. Fortune and fame ain't worth it..
M. Thomas Brown
M. Thomas Brown Kun oldin
Thank you. Thank you for being big enough artists to show this how it is and not to stoop to tropes and cliches. Honestly, we're all probably dumb, sentimental or crazy enough to do it over again a thousand times knowing the outcome. Thank you for telling our story the way it should be told. I don't have the vocabulary to tell you what it means.
AyyExcuseMeSir Kun oldin
This man came into the game doing music that grabbed attention, now he got the attention hes doing exactly what he wanted to do.
mark dancer
mark dancer Kun oldin
have not liked any new artist in more than 20 years but i like this one
Corey Beavers
Corey Beavers Kun oldin
this is why i dont date
isaac deatherage
isaac deatherage 12 soat oldin
Oh, THATS why
Erin Anderson
Erin Anderson Kun oldin
God damn I’m so In love with you Morgan Wallen❤️❤️❤️
Victor Geno
Victor Geno Kun oldin
I had to take it off 3,600 and make it 3,601 just to make people mad
TacticalLumberjack Kun oldin
Soooo, I hope you all know this is a Jason Isbell song; and this is a cover.
Isai Hernandez
Isai Hernandez Kun oldin
This song deserves more views😤😤😤