Christopher Steward
Christopher Steward 6 daqiqa oldin
This tv show is the cingest thing I've ever seen, thats why I love it haha. How can you want to kiss a girl thats kissed 20 other guys. Oh the drama 🤣
abhishek vkd
abhishek vkd 13 daqiqa oldin
So this is the guy your girlfriend say not to be worried about .........
Storm 20 daqiqa oldin
One thing I know for sure ..if you’re 39 and need the bachelorette tv show to get a husband then you’re probably going to end up disappointed.
Mamzie Sylva
Mamzie Sylva 52 daqiqa oldin
That was a bit harsh!
Trent Pearo
Trent Pearo Soat oldin
Cheater talked to dale before show started
Jade Acton
Jade Acton Soat oldin
Boohoo a man called u beautiful and wanted to get you know you more
Tyven Gabriner
Tyven Gabriner Soat oldin
*PS4 turns on
Nancy Chan
Nancy Chan 2 soat oldin
he got caught not doing his homework
Luc Bordage
Luc Bordage 2 soat oldin
The dodgeball incident crosses the line. This show would never do this type of event if it was the women forced to strip naked. Tayshia is the one that could save this season, make it watchable. Claire is being played by most of these guys and she isn' t handling it well (she falls too hard too fast). HBrown had a much better cast of guys, a few a***holes but most of them were good guys. Too bad she got deceived on her season. Same thing is happening with Claire. Hope Tayshia has better luck.
Mary 2 soat oldin
Lol Joe's like "I LOVE BEING FAMOUS" XD Classic
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor 3 soat oldin
This show has turned the word " Clarity" into my waking nightmare. Ughhh.
Simona 4 soat oldin
If Dale would’ve said those things i bet her reaction would’ve been different, but i feel that since she’s so smitten over Dale, she doesn’t really give a chance to the other guys.
MAXVY Videos
MAXVY Videos 4 soat oldin
Ego hit her so hard and she couldnt handle it so well 🤣
Laura Baca
Laura Baca 4 soat oldin
Jordan is too girly and annoying.
Rosie Dust
Rosie Dust 4 soat oldin
She sounds like a job interviewer and a middle school teacher ffs
Mike Manion
Mike Manion 5 soat oldin
I'm watching this with my 17 y/o daughter. We both agree that Claire creates her own drama, which has most likely led to problems in every relationship she's ever been in. Okay, you're 39 and single for a reason. High maintenance, labor intensive and absolutely exhausting to be around. Three strikes, you're out.
Katerina Arzog.
Katerina Arzog. 5 soat oldin
Νόμιζα ότι μόνο το ελληνικό είναι τόσο ξεφτίλα... έκανα λάθος αυτό το τερμάτισε.
Meg S
Meg S 6 soat oldin
Hahah as soon as he dropped the "crazy" word it all went down hill from there 😂😂
Patricia Singh
Patricia Singh 6 soat oldin
Why you acting like you're so special
Patricia Singh
Patricia Singh 6 soat oldin
Shut up clare
Patricia Singh
Patricia Singh 6 soat oldin
How he can know about you, he now learning about you old lady.
Patricia Singh
Patricia Singh 6 soat oldin
Clare you are crazy, everybody can see you're not a nice person, you was very rude to this guy , just get lost old lady.
Brandon Brewer
Brandon Brewer 6 soat oldin
Like damn.... girl chill. Let him get to know you. Good grief
Kylie Thrasher
Kylie Thrasher 7 soat oldin
unpopular opinion but tia didn’t force anything Colton asked her out first and she just wanted clarity, i know exactly where she’s coming from and i know how she feels... this absolutely breaks my heart
Maddie puccia
Maddie puccia 7 soat oldin
Really sad watching this now knowing that Becca and Garrett aren’t together And Ashley and jp together
Tia Paterson
Tia Paterson 9 soat oldin
Britney: “ Oh Nick’s instructions are debatable” Nick: “ Alright turn left” Britney: *goes right*
N 9 soat oldin
Why is she acting so desperate geez
N 10 soat oldin
That poor boy. She is so intense and bitter
Sammy Ytube
Sammy Ytube 10 soat oldin
LOL, nice discussion on that neck is so much more intimate. And yes, older Clare was in lust with younger brown Dale from the moment that she peeped him out of the contestants line up before meeting them. And being on a show like this is one of the few times that she gets to indulge in fantasies like this since in her regular life she would probably never encounter it.
The Blue Moon Rants
The Blue Moon Rants 11 soat oldin
LOL 😬😂
Sarah Mulugeta
Sarah Mulugeta 12 soat oldin
fra setch
fra setch 12 soat oldin
It's a great segment. Truly a natural moment for her. Nice to watch.
Jennifer Huizar
Jennifer Huizar 12 soat oldin
Wow she’s being so mean to him
Joey Lam
Joey Lam 12 soat oldin
Woo go Claire!
Negrita Overcomer
Negrita Overcomer 12 soat oldin
At the end of the day , looks like Juan Pablo saw the real Clare and was smart in not picking her 😬😬😬!
Jaden Rossi
Jaden Rossi 13 soat oldin
He got busted
Slay 13 soat oldin
And now 3 kids 😭❤️
Negrita Overcomer
Negrita Overcomer 13 soat oldin
Wow 😱😱😱... She is acting like a mean bitter woman! People need to heal their hearts before looking to pursue a new relationship because she looks like she is going to destroy any man that reminds her the pain that past boyfriends have caused her ! That’s why God says that above all we must protect our hearts and our minds to not be wounded ! Because her people (Clare) hurts people (Brandon)! Im so sorry for that handsome and cute gentleman !
cjwsk12 13 soat oldin
She's so uptight and she lacks social skills. She's not good at making the other person feel comfortable she is very odd tbh..
BB 13 soat oldin
I mean she's saying 'I know what I wanting every sentence. I mean girl , I don't think we ever know what we want. We just set a goal in life or a vision and just go for it. That doesn't mean there won't be change of plans and alterations along the way. She has fixed her mind too much on an unrealistic expectation that she thinks she'll get in just one person. I feel like marriage is also a lot more about mutual understanding and making small little affordable sacrifices ( not in a bad way ) for each other. She needs to loosen up ,big time
MsCristinika7 13 soat oldin
We will see her in 10 years single and frustrated. Who wants to bet that Dale won't be able to stay around her for max 6 month?
lauren huggins
lauren huggins 14 soat oldin
I thought pilot Pete was awful but this is just sad
lauren huggins
lauren huggins 14 soat oldin
lauren huggins
lauren huggins 11 soat oldin
@iLove PaulWesley u clearly dont understand sarcasm either way she barely gave him a shot to get to know who was more obsessed with dale clearly left the show and had them strip on TV. Either way she doesnt have my vote . Thx for the paragraph 😁
iLove PaulWesley
iLove PaulWesley 12 soat oldin
Clare was being very reasonable, he said that as soon as he knew that she was The Bachelorette he "just had to sign up" and she asked "why, what about my personality do you like" and he said "I don't know, I don't know anything about you". But he just had to sign up the moment he found out it was her? Remember that this is not a regular season where the contestants do not know who The Bachelorette is. He knew it was her, and he could not type in her name and see a little bit about her. He could not say anything he likes about her other than "you're pretty." She was not asking for the minute she was born or her blood type or even her birthday. She asked for one thing he likes about her other than her looks and he could not give an answer. Clare was right to send him home.
caroline nduta
caroline nduta 14 soat oldin
More like a work interview gone bad
Yee Boi
Yee Boi 14 soat oldin
Where’s Meredith & Jen?
Marietou Sangare
Marietou Sangare 16 soat oldin
I see absolutely NOTHING wrong in her sending him home. NONE
Samantha Glass
Samantha Glass 16 soat oldin
So she just wants... compliments?...
Jenny G
Jenny G 16 soat oldin
Claire is a little pushy but she is so fun to watch
Layla D
Layla D 16 soat oldin
That’s really not fair. Does she expect every guy to know every detail about her and what she endured in her past shows to prove that they’re there for the right reason. She doesn’t make sense omg.
Shelby Madison
Shelby Madison 16 soat oldin
“When I found out you were the bachelorette, I just, I knew I had to be here” - bro if you’re gonna say that you better be able to back it up with more than “you’re gorgeous”
Kasuga Pachaka
Kasuga Pachaka 16 soat oldin
Who's here after watching her and Dale
scrumdalicious 16 soat oldin
girl you’re 39 and single cause you can’t choose what you want. girl has been on the show franchise what 3 times?? sis likes the attention and drama.
Ruready4jesus? 16 soat oldin
Omg!! She is just cutting him down because he couldn't tell her more about herself!!
Alicia Mason
Alicia Mason 16 soat oldin
She's only got 6 weeks to explore connections. It's not much time. If they can't talk about anything deep and open up then it's not going to happen. He wants to talk about how pretty she is and where she was born? Boy, bye.
Chao Lee
Chao Lee 17 soat oldin
She wants them to fall in love with her right from the beginning- like girl that’s now how real love works. Don’t get mad at guys when they are honest with you, then you get mad cuz you didn’t get the answer you wanted to hear.
Eldon muller Ruiz
Eldon muller Ruiz 8 soat oldin
How are you doing today Chao Lee? Its really nice having you on here .. I saw your profile on here and i think we definitely are on the same page on many levels. Trust, communication, loving, honoring, understanding, patience and respecting your partner. So crucial to provide balance. This is what creates such great chemistry between two people that are committed to one another.
Kalia Xiong
Kalia Xiong 17 soat oldin
Can she just go home with dale and can we get someone new? So tired of her bs lol
Katie S.
Katie S. 17 soat oldin
YA’LL he said, “Can we not talk about that here.” After she questioned him if he knew anything about her besides being “beautiful”. That’s superrrrr sketchy, seems like he didn’t want to look bad on camera
Free Spirited Dreams
Free Spirited Dreams Soat oldin
Yeah... wth
Vanessa Turner
Vanessa Turner 17 soat oldin
Once a minuplator always one 😒
Victoria Blake
Victoria Blake 17 soat oldin
I honestly don’t know why everyone’s acting like she’s in the wrong here lol. It’s kinda disheartening to hear that all someone likes about you is your physical appearance and while I don’t think he’s a bad dude (just VERY awkward) she’s got a hole house of guys trying to win her affection, she’s totally entitled to be “aggressive” over this (which I don’t think she was). Honestly if you say you came on the show FOR a specific lead, the natural follow up is ‘oh, why?’ If all you’ve got is “Ur hot lol” then maybe don’t steer the conversation there. Besides, this isn’t night one. There’s not a single thing he’s learned about her enough to at least bs his way through that question?
Chao Lee
Chao Lee 17 soat oldin
I think they wanted her to make the move...I mean she is the bachelorette.
Brandon Townsend
Brandon Townsend 17 soat oldin
You're worse than Arie! Lol. That part was pretty funny. I don't feel like that was an insult.
Rhyan Brook Smith
Rhyan Brook Smith 17 soat oldin
Imagine liking a guy and you’re talking to him, midway conversation he stops you to ask about other girls in the house. smh! I feel so bad for Bennett.
Rhyan Brook Smith
Rhyan Brook Smith 17 soat oldin
Clare just missed the opportunity to talk to a potential partner. The guy who chose her first to go talk had good intentions. instead of focusing on him, she’s focused on the other “guys” not getting up for her? Is she truly here for love?
E M 17 soat oldin
She did you a favor man. You can do way better. This chick is just str8 up drama. She's never going to settle down as long as the network gives her attention. Any bets on if her and whoever she runs off with stay together? We'll see you in Bachelor in Paradise Claire.
Abby L
Abby L 17 soat oldin
Tayshia needs to replace her soon
Heather Fults
Heather Fults 17 soat oldin
Well hell Clare he said he wanted to be on the show because you were on it and you keep asking him why he wanted to come on the show 🤣
greimalkin 17 soat oldin
She's so self-absorbed and full of herself
Zayno Lcri
Zayno Lcri 18 soat oldin
But I felt bad for the rest of the guys.
Malissa Moss
Malissa Moss 18 soat oldin
“No one wants to step up and talk to me”.... but I’m going to be rude and walk off from one guy who did 🙃🙃
Quinn Lesmerises
Quinn Lesmerises 19 soat oldin
poor guy, i felt so bad, shes not even making an effort to understand him
KiaLing Time!
KiaLing Time! 19 soat oldin
I’m ready for her time to be done on here. I feel like Clare tries to be “confident” and “knows what she wants” but it’s ironic because all of her behaviors are quite childish and very unbecoming of what a confident woman embodies. You don’t need to scream from the top of a mountain or announce before you enter every room, “I am confident! I know exactly what I want!” It defeats the purpose. 39 isn’t even old but its like she wants the world to think she’s old by how she talks about her age. Which is ironic because she wants to come off as this 39-year old woman who has experience but she falls so irresponsibly. She always falls fast and then it screws her over. There’s nothing wrong with slowing down and just enjoying the process of falling.
BB 13 soat oldin
Exactly ! You summed it up perfectly. I can't believe she sent Brandon home based off of that. I mean, the dude was being honest and told exactly what was expected, to be here and find love. She'll seriously fall into the pit again if this continues. I feel bad for Brandon but he deserves better
Sabrina 19 soat oldin
Is it just me or can anyone watch the full video? This is just awful.
DollFaceKendi 19 soat oldin
Even tho I don’t like Jordan Colton asked the question & Jordan was answering his question & then that’s when David jumped in & it seem like David was trying to get more information out of Jordan by asking more & more questions about his tender & I didn’t see not bit when Jordan was bragging about It David definitely switched his words telling Becca!💯
OceanLove 19 soat oldin
She's 39 and single for a reason. This girl is exhausting!
DrDan 19 soat oldin
No woman in our Milky Way galaxy is worth chasing...especially Clare. What a waste
Yesenia Silva
Yesenia Silva 19 soat oldin
Are you kidding me right now.. She's looking for perfection I think she's to insecure.
OceanLove 19 soat oldin
This girl is exhausting. I feel sorry for anyone that ends up with her. She needs to chill out big time. lol
MILWAUKEE MOTOR 19 soat oldin
the whole way she started the conversation: what are you doing here? i think she is prejudging him on his looks
DuchessDiz 20 soat oldin
Ugh...CAM is so cringey. Everything about him screams FREAK.
Patricia Singh
Patricia Singh 20 soat oldin
Worst bachelorette ever, high ANXIETY.