Minecraft In Real Life
Heck's Kitchen
10 oy oldin
Campbell Langley
Campbell Langley 2 soat oldin
Fuck Fusk
Christian Lacey
Christian Lacey 2 soat oldin
ding ding has the best chance
Lemon Power
Lemon Power 2 soat oldin
BacoK08X x
BacoK08X x 2 soat oldin
I like men
Chi wai Cheng
Chi wai Cheng 2 soat oldin
Donk Donk
Cat's Tail Bartender
Cat's Tail Bartender 2 soat oldin
Luckily My Games Doesnt Have PvP :p
Ari Lewis-Clarke
Ari Lewis-Clarke 3 soat oldin
LMAO I am not even lying but I opened clash of clans and the opening of it played in exact sync coincidentally with this video hahaha
Minard YT
Minard YT 3 soat oldin
Same as my country. Philippines
Pranav Ramkumar
Pranav Ramkumar 3 soat oldin
Did anyone see that he is studying in grade 13
The_Karma 303
The_Karma 303 3 soat oldin
Bro if it was up to me you would of won the Grammy this got me laughing like hell bro
Kira ꨄ
Kira ꨄ 3 soat oldin
Me - where's my assignment Nathan - I aTe It O_o
Game Boi8315
Game Boi8315 3 soat oldin
As a Kevin I can confirm: *This happens*
Kloon Tock
Kloon Tock 3 soat oldin
2 words: Tornado kick!
CappyTrappy 3 soat oldin
Thejas S Gatty
Thejas S Gatty 3 soat oldin
RetroRoosterGaming 3 soat oldin
someone in primary sections-Do you love ice cream? nathan-yes that someone-then why dont you marry it?haahhahahhaahhahaha! nathan-I ate them.ice cream and my wife
Painting of dead Seed
Painting of dead Seed 3 soat oldin
Jingg ginggg
ICO FAMILY 3 soat oldin
Hello ging ging
Ging ging
Ging ging 3 soat oldin
Hey other gingggg ging!
Cooper the demon pro
Cooper the demon pro 3 soat oldin
Bro I thought ging ging was real!
Ivan Lam
Ivan Lam 3 soat oldin
This is all true and relatable to me
Reign Hannah Zoe Payaban
Reign Hannah Zoe Payaban 3 soat oldin
Me and my 7 year old cousin playing be like:
dead valley 69
dead valley 69 3 soat oldin
it,s ging ging ok?!
Luddawan Prince
Luddawan Prince 3 soat oldin
Sorry jing jing
nopi lay
nopi lay 3 soat oldin
Coolman65 Kool
Coolman65 Kool 3 soat oldin
He never got his water
X slushie X
X slushie X 3 soat oldin
g i ng s t o g e th e r s t r o n k
broccoli called deku
broccoli called deku 3 soat oldin
Giiiiiing gings
AstrxlRL 4 soat oldin
AstrxlRL 4 soat oldin
AstrxlRL 4 soat oldin
AstrxlRL 4 soat oldin
PinkNoob 4 soat oldin
longest 2 minutes and 38 seconds of my life
Cracked Man
Cracked Man 4 soat oldin
so no one is gonna realise steve and alex doesn’t have armor
Ok Ok
Ok Ok 4 soat oldin
I was crying cause I couldn't sleep and I was dying XD
Joshua Hull
Joshua Hull 4 soat oldin
Jing jing
Fathima Roshana Muhammad Imtiyas
Fathima Roshana Muhammad Imtiyas 4 soat oldin
Ding dong
Jacob Cheng
Jacob Cheng 4 soat oldin
The comment below me is cool
VeryWeirdDev_ 1
VeryWeirdDev_ 1 4 soat oldin
Now i will *SU* *Nah* *ME*
Ninja Legend
Ninja Legend 4 soat oldin
Ninja Legend
Ninja Legend 4 soat oldin
are you real
Tino 2
Tino 2 4 soat oldin
that What the hell? at 3:43 just sounds like me
GhostGlacier 4 soat oldin
I know someone in real life that would actually do this
AModdedGamer 4 soat oldin
ding dong
Battle Star 101
Battle Star 101 4 soat oldin
I learnt from this video is that ging ging is a nerd
L J-K Island
L J-K Island 4 soat oldin
Ging Ging is funny
SEAN PASQUALE 5D-2021 4 soat oldin
hi fling fling
Kade Connell
Kade Connell 4 soat oldin
This vid got 69 likes
Spirit Gaming
Spirit Gaming 4 soat oldin
all he wanted was homework
jostin games
jostin games 4 soat oldin
Wats up giiiing ging
Kaanthat Chayaphan
Kaanthat Chayaphan 4 soat oldin
2:05 I like how he said that
cannedgu 4 soat oldin
Are you asian?
Dishwasher 4 soat oldin
don’t you hate it when a murderer uses an uno reverse card so that you become the murderer
divina angus
divina angus 4 soat oldin
SlayerLolo 4 soat oldin
These signs wont stop me.....because i cant read
Happy Pill
Happy Pill 4 soat oldin
giiiiing ging i want A+ i might get F------------------------ on my quiz ok here we go i say giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing ging there
I am Bosai
I am Bosai 4 soat oldin
2:55 I watch
Marisa Kabbara
Marisa Kabbara 4 soat oldin
The guys who were being mean are dickheads
Liss Cull
Liss Cull 4 soat oldin
Hi liang Liang
Hinata Shoyo
Hinata Shoyo 5 soat oldin
I just watched a water ad.
parkour freestunters
parkour freestunters 5 soat oldin
He should have done, WHAT ARE MINECOINS at the end
I am spider Yeet er
I am spider Yeet er 5 soat oldin
Player: “yo wth” Updated version: ”yO WHAT THE FUCK”
Armando Hernandez
Armando Hernandez 5 soat oldin
Finnaly something that made me laugh in 2021
Deacon Williams
Deacon Williams 5 soat oldin
Tuvshinbayar Mandakh
Tuvshinbayar Mandakh 5 soat oldin
No one is talking about the one piece soundtrack
Rick Astley
Rick Astley 5 soat oldin
What does the thumbnail mean?
Painting of dead Seed
Painting of dead Seed 5 soat oldin
Dongko ding your funny
D'Peanut 5 soat oldin
I like how everytime when he says the keyword, the camera zooms in
Motoboy 5 soat oldin
ring ring hahahahaha
Phalax 98
Phalax 98 5 soat oldin
also awsome merch ... NOW HOW DO"S THAT FEEL HUH?
Phalax 98
Phalax 98 5 soat oldin
Phalax 98
Phalax 98 5 soat oldin
lol when ging ging make that joke ... " that not very realistic cuz when I go to sleep the ugly zombie there in real life" phone rings ... " oh wait it calling me right now ... oh hey honey"
Esteban YT
Esteban YT 5 soat oldin
Cool how all the characters interact with each other.
Razazad Razazad
Razazad Razazad 5 soat oldin
Props to him
PHA5E Lightseeker
PHA5E Lightseeker 5 soat oldin
he missed the chance to put the ching cheng hanji rap
Nezuko Chan
Nezuko Chan 5 soat oldin
I’m gonna say out of those 1006476 views I’m probably around 100 of them..
No Hacks
No Hacks 5 soat oldin
I remember these days using mod menus and ip stressing ppl.....good times (sigh) good times
Ricahrd Olive
Ricahrd Olive 5 soat oldin
this video had me dying he just earned himself a new subscriber
Obzzest 5 soat oldin
It’s sad that there are people that are actually like this these days lol