Caleb Mangas
Caleb Mangas 17 soat oldin
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Chris Up In Here
Chris Up In Here 17 soat oldin
OK, this triggered me a bit. OK, I'm over it.
Brandon Eberts
Brandon Eberts 17 soat oldin
Not gonna lie.. Destroying this truck is gonna hurt me a little. With that being said, FKN SEND IT!
Carsandconcerts 17 soat oldin
Not the Toyota Hilux!! Nnnnoooo
Real Clean Cobalt
Real Clean Cobalt 17 soat oldin
So is nobody gunna talk about the body that got mulched up at 12:39 haha
Yo Joe
Yo Joe 17 soat oldin
This is what happen when you give poor people Money. They don’t know the value of a buck. We need to keep them in their place.
Christian Lewis
Christian Lewis 17 soat oldin
The squatted pos should have a tow off against the Toyota $100 on Toyota
questions questions
questions questions 17 soat oldin
Wearing a murdersota shirt
IceCubeJr1998 -
IceCubeJr1998 - 17 soat oldin
Just take the Ford raptor engine and put it in a small Cessna.
Bryce Carvill
Bryce Carvill 17 soat oldin
Did anyone else notice that the back door was clearly unlocked 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Justin Emery
Justin Emery 17 soat oldin
Punchin windows as the other 3 doors are unlocked 😂😂😂 LMFAO fuck ya gotta love WD!!
Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties
Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties 17 soat oldin
Who Pist Him Off? Who Told WD that Toyota Trucks were indestructible? Dude is literally making this video for you guys that started this mess lmao
HammyHamm 17 soat oldin
Your money do what you please with it brother ;)
JBOY531 17 soat oldin
How smooth was it over the jumps?
PowerstrokeHD 17 soat oldin
I know what he is doing good. Reducing Co2 emissions. JK
Rafael Herrera
Rafael Herrera 17 soat oldin
WD good video
Kaiden Bowen
Kaiden Bowen 17 soat oldin
When u sell that truck i want to buy it
JECL Productions
JECL Productions 17 soat oldin
you are the coolest guy ever
St1ckyJesus 17 soat oldin
Mulching complication so satisfying
Bronco huntly_72
Bronco huntly_72 17 soat oldin
Your killing it bud..git it done
leo loera
leo loera 17 soat oldin
Meanwhile the backseat door is unlocked 🤦‍♂️
Ashton Grainger
Ashton Grainger 17 soat oldin
That little truck hurting his hand dont know what it has coming 😂😂
Mr _TubTub
Mr _TubTub 17 soat oldin
And yes the ads were working only two of them tho
M_MAICO 17 soat oldin
Soon it’s gunna become a truck grave yard 😂
Ace Neto
Ace Neto 17 soat oldin
This is the first time my heart hurts a little bit thinking of destroying a truck lol rip poor Toyota
wiZard 17 soat oldin
We all know what's gonna happen
Firebird 17 soat oldin
atleast it sounds nice
Problem Child
Problem Child 17 soat oldin
the key on the fork is killing me dude
William Rose
William Rose 17 soat oldin
People shouldn’t care what you do to trucks you bought them.
Adam Stywall
Adam Stywall 17 soat oldin
Sherri Jo Winslow
Sherri Jo Winslow 17 soat oldin
The mulching comp was cool! Also it's everyone's "Dream" truck, but they'll never afford to own it, so don't worry what other people do with it!
Bentley Harvey
Bentley Harvey 17 soat oldin
This was my favorite vehicle introduction yet. The first couple of minutes of this video was awesome! Good Content Gang
Cullen & Dad
Cullen & Dad 17 soat oldin
And then there was this...
Lucas Aronsson
Lucas Aronsson 17 soat oldin
U made me wanna buy a hilux
LionOfNobility 17 soat oldin
Came here to see a Hilex get destroyed, stayed for the mulching compilation.
Truety's Gaming
Truety's Gaming 17 soat oldin
LOL I am not going to lie when he said "ini mini myni mo this ones dead today" I laughed my ass off!!!!!!!!!! Destroy away my friend Destroy away and keep trolling the haters! Us normal/reasonable folk love it!!!!!!
Blackopsboy 17 soat oldin
He helps society out by destroying pieces of junk that are surprisenly strong
4Wheels TV
4Wheels TV 17 soat oldin
HAHA I always laughed so hard when cody's use his fork . Nice skills !
jay Parker
jay Parker 17 soat oldin
don’t fuck it too fast, curious to see what it can put up with before it dies
Toyota 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
A.J. VanFossen
A.J. VanFossen 17 soat oldin
Damn that's why the price of lumber skyrocketed! 🤣🤣🤣
Adam Stywall
Adam Stywall 17 soat oldin
I lmao when he said "eny meiny miny mo this ones dead today.
CJplaysmusic 17 soat oldin
I miss monster max😢
king fox 267
king fox 267 17 soat oldin
When are you gonna destroy squatted truck
GrindhousePE 17 soat oldin
Jeremy Clarkson would be proud
pikku kedu
pikku kedu 17 soat oldin
Am i the only hilux fan that dont care that he is propably destroign that truck tht i would like to fkin own
Car Nerd
Car Nerd 17 soat oldin
I work for Toyota and I think this is funny. Top Gear didn't do good enough job to prove that it's indestructible.
SKRFACE 392 17 soat oldin
sixmane 17 soat oldin
They dont realise the power of a farmer
Demo2 ETH
Demo2 ETH 17 soat oldin
This really hurts to see a perfect mint classic Toyota Hilux getting destroyed...but its still good content
cdanist 17 soat oldin
George Williams
George Williams 17 soat oldin
I'm so happy for this video still can't wait till the squatted shitbox gets what it deserves 🙌
Based Chronic
Based Chronic 17 soat oldin
Whislin is making these haters mad and i will support it forever
Michael Watson
Michael Watson 17 soat oldin
Kill the Squated truck instead please
James Behm
James Behm 17 soat oldin
That fork joke was too good haha . thought for sure the truck was finished
Matthew Guilford
Matthew Guilford 17 soat oldin
He did us a public service by taking a squatted pieces of shit off the road that are unsafe to drive.
Jdm Flash
Jdm Flash 17 soat oldin
Ugh. It’s gorgeous tho. This is gonna hurt.
Bobbi Zeek
Bobbi Zeek 17 soat oldin
love your content bro💜💜 soon as I get the notification I drop everything to watch and the Toyota Hilux is a nice truck and i hope it holds up pretty good and I'm ready to see you smash the shit out of it
T h o m a s
T h o m a s 17 soat oldin
Please don't
Pubg Specific
Pubg Specific 17 soat oldin
How dare you destroy a Toyota.... keep doing it😄
Marc Tenney
Marc Tenney 17 soat oldin
Everyone talks about WD and all of his truck destruction. But like his fork skills👌👌👌. And P.S. Cody I’m a yota owner and you go right ahead even though I live that truck if it helps support you and your doings, go right ahead
GamerOne 17 soat oldin
R.I.P to the truck. It's nice, but I'd much rather be entertained seeing it destroyed 😅🤣
suvdrift 17 soat oldin
"I lost my key" *Looks at rear door lock*
MarchJude_ -
MarchJude_ - 17 soat oldin
Appreciate the warning so we can prepare ourselves😂, no video has triggered me but this one will just be a little harder to watch
Eric Lakota
Eric Lakota 17 soat oldin
Yea that looked so fun you should of hit some trais see how well she did off raod and then crushed it get hummer next
Jai King
Jai King 17 soat oldin
The majority of people in Australia will tell you that the Hilux is worth its weight in gold. But ugh, so many dickheads own them.
Evan Cathers
Evan Cathers 17 soat oldin
Wow. That truck was CLEAN
Brakernight 17 soat oldin
Rear door was unlocked 🔓 lolol
Frankie Jordan
Frankie Jordan 17 soat oldin
Shooting range
Gldn1017 17 soat oldin
This guys whole life is lived on: Challenge accepted mode
BC Productions
BC Productions 17 soat oldin
Such a sick truck. Feel bad for this one but at least we'll see how much it can truly take.
Don Adams
Don Adams 17 soat oldin
did anyone else notice the rear door is unlocked?
Team Pizza
Team Pizza 17 soat oldin
I Wanna GTR R32 pls :)
CMW18 17 soat oldin
Honestly the truck is kinda ugly. Destroy away
allothernamesbutthis 17 soat oldin
The topgear one is red... That survived! Not watched the video yet 🙈
Jaxon Rabbers
Jaxon Rabbers 17 soat oldin
I have night Mares about the fork.
Randomchannel 17 soat oldin
Whose this David Koresh looking guy😂
isaac duran
isaac duran 17 soat oldin
That storage unit in the rain scene is just top tier filming and storytelling
Shotgun Messenger
Shotgun Messenger 17 soat oldin
That truck means nothing to me.
A Z 17 soat oldin
Thats such a perfect hilux 😍 but i really wana see how much pain it can take 🙈😂