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DeadManWilly: I’m both Dead and Alive
DeadManWilly: I’m both Dead and Alive 4 soat oldin
0:00 I guess the videos over
RoachMadness 4 soat oldin
I hope they got payed for that ad
Ashley Gwynne
Ashley Gwynne 4 soat oldin
Probably the funniest ending on youtube.
Fried Ricez
Fried Ricez 5 soat oldin
wait so if you break two bottles nothing happens to your eyelids? QUICK SMASH ANOTHER
KayAteChef 5 soat oldin
If your enemy has nukes... get some nukes too.
Benedict Dabrowski
Benedict Dabrowski 5 soat oldin
Highly talented, great performance. I don't agree with his sad things, but nice work.
Jonathon Yates
Jonathon Yates 5 soat oldin
What's the tune policed in throughout the first few minutes?
Spiced Apple Sauce
Spiced Apple Sauce 5 soat oldin
as someone who's family is from vladivostok... *it's ridiculous because we could cross a river for shopping and we'd be 2h back*
Floof 5 soat oldin
or if you are lucky, fratricide
Shelley Duncan
Shelley Duncan 5 soat oldin
"Poor old Middlesex, already lumbered with a funny name, was gobbled up almost entirely by Greater London and the remaining bits were ceded to neighbouring Surrey and Hertfordshire. As a result, since 1965, Middlesex is no longer a thing..." My husband and I both interjected, exclaimed "There's one in North Carolina!" Thanks for such a neat-o show, and for having us rowdy-some over!
Spiced Apple Sauce
Spiced Apple Sauce 5 soat oldin
why am I questioning if I'm from North or South.... I'm from Devon i-
Mr Cheesecake
Mr Cheesecake 5 soat oldin
New England's basically the filtered version of Britain
John Marvin
John Marvin 5 soat oldin
Translation of important note for Americans and Canadians: "For God's sake, don't ride on the right side of a semi/18-wheeler/tractor-trailer/truck, because that's where almost every bicycle death occurs!"
Giorgianni Cartamancini
Giorgianni Cartamancini 5 soat oldin
Once I didn't wear a helmet like you, then I took a Golf to the temple
Miles Tatts
Miles Tatts 5 soat oldin
Maybe I could be on the border of Northumbria and Mercia?
meffinn 6 soat oldin
imagine if she died during the event
Albert Klarname
Albert Klarname 6 soat oldin
Giorgianni Cartamancini
Giorgianni Cartamancini 6 soat oldin
Got the video in my recommendation, the quality is amazing!
Emeka Eleko
Emeka Eleko 6 soat oldin
WAT - ER SURPRISE. That was perfect guys. Hi five from me too!
Nic Farra
Nic Farra 6 soat oldin
Youse are bloody dags, so I've subscribed, and I'm *considering* patreoning.
Craig Jones
Craig Jones 6 soat oldin
I know this is probably an annoying comment to have, probably one you get a lot, but this is the first of your videos I've seen and I thought you were Beardyman, whom Wikipedia informs me is your brother. You bot sound and look so similar. Anyway, I'll carry on playing the video now,are it to 0.11 before I had to go and check. I'll drop by again later to comment on the actual content of the video, thanks, bye.
Robert Mihalache
Robert Mihalache 7 soat oldin
It’s so amazing how much hard work you’ve involved in this video. Congratulations 👏👍
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 7 soat oldin
Ayyy! Loughborough made it straight into the video 😅
Thomas Luethi
Thomas Luethi 7 soat oldin
@jayforemen you will have to checkout the application for the swiss maps (swiss topo) all swiss maps are available through the app. they are not as accurate as the swiss military maps i used, but the information those maps contain are insane
Jasper 7 soat oldin
he looks like beardyman
Andy Chen
Andy Chen 7 soat oldin
How bitches be talking when they have taken 1 course in theatrical art in their freshmen year:
Rissk Itt
Rissk Itt 7 soat oldin
How to pronounce British names. Simply speak in the strongest British accent you can and pray.
Roberto Fontiglia
Roberto Fontiglia 7 soat oldin
No sir I have not wasted my time at all pausing the video to read the proposed law that all dogs should wear clothes (at least a jumper).
Doug Steel
Doug Steel 8 soat oldin
Hey. GMT and UTC aren't the same. I'm not normally this pedantic. UTC is measured in milliseconds from, if I remember, 1st Jan 1970. You'll notice this if you have to write code.
Isaac Timmins
Isaac Timmins 8 soat oldin
once restrictions are lifted we need more of this,
Карась Васин
Карась Васин 8 soat oldin
что это за язык?
Spoops 8 soat oldin
I worked in an archive for a while, and found a series of Soviet maps of the UK, and a number of the local military bases had been labelled as schools (likely due to British intelligence trickery) and all schools were marked as non-targets.
cherry girl
cherry girl 8 soat oldin
This has real 2010 UZpost energy
Robert Mihalache
Robert Mihalache 8 soat oldin
Very well explained. Excellent quality. Well done.
Dada Woods Life
Dada Woods Life 8 soat oldin
And in Australia, you can change timezone by traveling north to south (or v.v.). I know, because ... states. It's a commonwealth. And some states vary by 30 minutes. Suddenly China looks very sensible. And no, the curtains wouldn't fade and cows would still get milked, or whatever.
Robert 8 soat oldin
This is a weird episode of map men
the bronylike superchannel
the bronylike superchannel 8 soat oldin
hello the king
the bronylike superchannel
the bronylike superchannel 8 soat oldin
is that the bullseye theme at 2:29
Jakey Snakey
Jakey Snakey 8 soat oldin
woah.... neverhood soundtrack? dont hear that often
Babalonkie 9 soat oldin
Russian spies also measure the height of church bell towers in Salisbury...
AmyJacklin //AJ
AmyJacklin //AJ 9 soat oldin
Ok the like going through Scunny if bullshit we literally have a STEELWORKS and one of the worst rated air areas in the UK there is literally no way any single part of us is in the south
Pilum 9 soat oldin
I say, you should put Excalibur into the center of parliament and everytime Election Day comes along representatives from each party try to draw the sword and whoever manages to do it becomes PM and his party gets to rule the country. After their term is over the sword is put back in the stone and the process is repeated.
Jötunn 9 soat oldin
Hanscom is about 20 minutes from my house, and I haven't seen more than one or two of the runways. It's a logistics base these days with a large civilian population.
xfire7 9 soat oldin
I wish they had invaded . That way the E.U. wouldn`t have existed .
J World
J World 9 soat oldin
Bangladesh sees highest border deaths in 10 years .The year 2020 has witnessed the highest number of killings of Bangladesh nationals along the border by the Indian border force in the last 10 years. The killings continued even after Delhi's repeated assurance that border deaths would be brought down to zero.
Oscar La touche
Oscar La touche 9 soat oldin
1:54 i live there
Pizza PowerXYZ
Pizza PowerXYZ 9 soat oldin
I don't live in London why do i need to know this?
Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll 9 soat oldin
I've just realised that Tom Scott is in the credits.
Rat King
Rat King 9 soat oldin
I like this more
Ben Attwood
Ben Attwood 9 soat oldin
People say that Matt Lucas cameoed. That isn't true, he saw Jay, asked him what he was doing, and then ranted for 20 uninterrupted minutes.
Jones Aviation
Jones Aviation 9 soat oldin
When you asked your grandma if she would want her house knocked down u should of asked her where she gets her food from whilst u were there
Millie McIntyre
Millie McIntyre 9 soat oldin
i saw a bbc tweet that put manchester and leeds in the south and every time i think of it i feel violently ill
Psevdonim123 10 soat oldin
All tube lines: okay guys, it's London boundary, let's stop here Bakerloo: damnit, I gotta go back to Harrow thhen... Metropolitan: I'm just gonna go a bit further, no big deal Central: what the hell is "boundary"?
Elijah Edric Guinto
Elijah Edric Guinto 10 soat oldin
The first ever post-Brexit video (as in the first after the transition period).
Youtube Expert
Youtube Expert 10 soat oldin
underrated activity that all humans should engage in: Binge watching this channel on 0.5 Speed while high. It the best feeling I had in decades. Not sure why.
Beto 10 soat oldin
I once been in Portree (Scotland) and there was a point called "Hoe Rape" on the map in front of the tourist info centre.
Adamohm 10 soat oldin
As a kid I had a local street atlas and I'm convinced that it had trap streets. The road my family lived on at the time was depicted in the atlas as having a side street called "Marlene Drive" which didn't exist in reality or any other map. I was always fascinated by the mystery of it, only to be disappointed when I learned about trap streets and what they are for.
Adam Kurent
Adam Kurent 10 soat oldin
I think the queen has maybe dislocated her lower jaw
Colombiani 10 soat oldin
You look pretty with that haircut. It suits you
DartLuke 10 soat oldin
1:22 Andropov was chief of KGB. Started big anticorruption campaign. As result it was war between Ministry of Internal Affairs(Soviet Police) and KGB. It is possible that he was assassinated
DartLuke 10 soat oldin
1:22 Andropov was director of KGB. Began big corruption investigation. Started conflict with
frank 10 soat oldin
Only 15% of the KGB's budget was used for spying as we know it. The other 85% percent was used for "ideological subversion" (propagandizing receptive populations). Source: ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov
Фердинанд Уткин
Фердинанд Уткин 10 soat oldin
ДЕГ момент
Pirvog Compost
Pirvog Compost 10 soat oldin
Because socialism is a far more effective system and Soviet people were more educated and better trained.
The Original Chefboyoboy
The Original Chefboyoboy 11 soat oldin
oi, mate... know where I can get a map? Bonus Comment: Because they were Russian made they were all drawn with a pencil!
Tim C
Tim C 11 soat oldin
"On August the 1th" You cheeky bastards.
Koolgingerkats 11 soat oldin
Love how he called Sudan france
Oscar Torres Rodriguez
Oscar Torres Rodriguez 11 soat oldin
The naive may habitually burn because science regionally balance amid a thoughtful rock. sable, utter veil
Wolfine152 11 soat oldin
I work for a gambling company not in the UK and we broadcast towcester greyhound racing. I always joked to my coworkers thats its actually pronounced toaster, and thats what we all started calling it.. only to find out a month or so later its actually called toaster.
beeble2003 11 soat oldin
2:57 "St Jame's Park" The underground station is St James's park. St James' Park is a football stadium in Newcastle. "St Jame's Park" does not exist.
MarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NI
MarkDavidson / M__ZIME - GB&NI 11 soat oldin
As long as it's no one French we'll be fine!!! I didn't mean that but have you watched this channel? Or BBC's QI?!!!!!!
Tyne Productions
Tyne Productions 11 soat oldin
You know you’re watching a British channel when they call their video a program and a sponsored bit an advert
Lao orart
Lao orart 11 soat oldin
I'm dying over the ending, c'était franchement très intéressant !
William B
William B 11 soat oldin
why is no one talking about the 1999-2002 Mitsubishi Carisma at 1:24