PEPCORN: a cooking video
how to make jorts
new shoes
2 yil oldin
alone in my apartment
shingle jingle
2 yil oldin
buy my bed
2 yil oldin
this video got me a job
It's November 8th
3 yil oldin
When I Make a Good Pun
Rejected Old Bay Jingle
My Autobiography
4 yil oldin
4 yil oldin
Best Comeback Ever
4 yil oldin
Watermelon Man
4 yil oldin
infinitemarian 2 daqiqa oldin
Yep. This is my mind at three in the morning
Hjördis Léonardon
Hjördis Léonardon 5 daqiqa oldin
I am kinda confused about the mullet, It has a lot of « guy officiating at the court of Louis XIV » vibes in it.
Christian Prestegard
Christian Prestegard 10 daqiqa oldin
11:00 mans lookin like Vector from Despicable Me
Anonymous Secret
Anonymous Secret 12 daqiqa oldin
I only got to about 20 seconds into the video before he kicked me out. Any Swedes wanna tell me what the rest of the video is like? A man can only dream :(
Rohan Hansen
Rohan Hansen 15 daqiqa oldin
Hannah L
Hannah L 25 daqiqa oldin
Dorian Smiles - Dorian - Dorian Grey - the picture of the homoerotic gothic doppelganger reflected in the woods themselves. The reverse un-self. An obsession with the trappings of capitalism yet an aching to escape the clutches of conventional class structure... an inability to fully separate the self from the work nevertheless... this is a msterpiece about the human spirit and its relationship with the capitalism that removes us from ourselves and I want to write a thesis on it.
it's all a dream
it's all a dream 31 daqiqa oldin
Its 15 holes in the foil, BTW.
Dree Raven
Dree Raven 38 daqiqa oldin
Damn Hozier’s new single sounds great
TAW 41 daqiqa oldin
I have shingles too and I’m 15. Tis bullshit
Yung Marsupial
Yung Marsupial Soat oldin
I felt uncomfortable enough when he said Swedes only to actually leave. Great vid
Madd Dr. Ew
Madd Dr. Ew Soat oldin
also - ARGAN OIL!!!!!
Madd Dr. Ew
Madd Dr. Ew Soat oldin
I use the hell out of all the american crew mens products and that small little dollop you use is basically a waste because of the ratio between your hair and the product. I have short hair and I usually use more than that amount.
William Davis
William Davis Soat oldin
when's this comin to spotify though?
Alainpbat Soat oldin
As someone who bleed a lot on all my clothing.... this... concerns me
Megafang Soat oldin
Brain, what is that yellow baby on the windowsill? It's giving me a weird vibe why is it there?
ScottyDog Soat oldin
BRIAN you should get a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer!!!!! it spreads the air out over a wider area and has little pegs on it that help w separating the hair, it makes it go faster and also makes ur curls show up "more" idk how to describe it. i love mine
Lord Tachanka
Lord Tachanka Soat oldin
The video started it was daytime outside and at the end it’s dark outside lnfao
deer.prince Soat oldin
when is this song dropping on spotify
bellamy b
bellamy b 2 soat oldin
Finally, a tutorial from someone with my hair type -greasy -wavy -does a lot of things that I don't personally like
ogolthorp 2 soat oldin
You’re probably not reading comments to this anymore but this is legitimately beautiful and touching. You’ve managed to capture coming through the other side of depression using silly musical instructional dance videos.
Ethan Morgan
Ethan Morgan 2 soat oldin
This has wicked archive 81 vibes
On fire
On fire 2 soat oldin
What is the music in the background
lizardbreathbiz 2 soat oldin
Mans look like Vector from Dispicable Me wit da bowl cut
CJananSx3 Winchester
CJananSx3 Winchester 2 soat oldin
At the beginning I was wondering why I was still watching.... I now know.
Ethan Morgan
Ethan Morgan 2 soat oldin
This has archive 81 vibes
sunfire65 2 soat oldin
Your hair in "When I Make A Good Pun" is my favourite, short and dapper looks really good on you.
Gavin Borges
Gavin Borges 2 soat oldin
How much do you think those beds are worth now
PotatoBirdGaming / HumanlyInhuman
PotatoBirdGaming / HumanlyInhuman 3 soat oldin
how does one manage to make this good of an edit in 2016
TheDreadWolf 3 soat oldin
A BDG classic, by the end I am both amused and concerned
natalie 3 soat oldin
*hey why does this absolutely slap?*
Lauren Prince
Lauren Prince 3 soat oldin
Around 9:30 you definitely look like you're ready to be kidnapped by pirates to find a cool treasure island
misterpillows 3 soat oldin
The haircut turned out great imo, karen did great
Julia Marchi
Julia Marchi 3 soat oldin
I couldn't find the jar version at the store. So... I made my own. It's soooo good. but... so spicy... Mistakes were made
curse55 3 soat oldin
I don't know if this is your best video, but it's definitely the one I've watched the most times.
Shadow Jesus
Shadow Jesus 3 soat oldin
What’re you going to do now that unraveled is over dad?
Robin Gates-Shannon
Robin Gates-Shannon 3 soat oldin
if that prediction is right tho
Eternal Frost !
Eternal Frost ! 3 soat oldin
11:00 me: Nightmarish Screaming
Eternal Frost !
Eternal Frost ! 3 soat oldin
Me during the second half of the video: furious sobbing
Dusk Blues
Dusk Blues 3 soat oldin
this is the way to go when cutting your own hair 10/10
s4intlike 3 soat oldin
well that was not what i expected
IsabelleTheStoop 3 soat oldin
that laugh sounds like you've been smoking 2 packs a day for a year it's heavenly
TheBeccabus 3 soat oldin
This took quite a turn half way through... Wow
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 3 soat oldin
BDG is the new James Wan.
David Stavis
David Stavis 3 soat oldin
I, a cis male, came home from the grocery store with a hairdryer today :|
Kshitiz Sharma
Kshitiz Sharma 3 soat oldin
Brian, I love you. But you look like a white supremacist
Janus, Goddex of Stars
Janus, Goddex of Stars 3 soat oldin
I've watched this about ten times now, and I'm sob-singing along. It's been a shitty night, but this is nice.
Timothy Y.
Timothy Y. 3 soat oldin
I could get over the shaved mustache, but this is going to take some getting used to!
Danny Flint
Danny Flint 4 soat oldin
here we see the mating dance of the Gil, notice how the female (Gilbert) responds by saying "New shoes?" uncommon among the species, as most Gil (male) try on new shirts or different hairstyles
sean kehoe
sean kehoe 4 soat oldin
Why is this slightly homoerotic
unnamed traveler
unnamed traveler 4 soat oldin
The amount of pain I felt when he snipped his hair. Oh Lordy I'm at the bowl-cut part now. Agony.
Slurp 4 soat oldin
this guy is truly mad
Giancarlo Paniccia
Giancarlo Paniccia 4 soat oldin
Chef kiss
Julius Mireles
Julius Mireles 4 soat oldin
Every now and again I get this on my feed and I gotta watch it
Unlicensed Morgue
Unlicensed Morgue 4 soat oldin
I always thought Brian would wear clothes in the shower so this video was pretty affirming for my perspective on the world
Betty G
Betty G 4 soat oldin
Um the haircut actually look good...
TheFaytkaiser 4 soat oldin
I, in a bout of insomnia, ended up watching this at 2am, alone, in the dark, wearing some good head phones. I legit almost crapped myself. 10/10, excellent creepy.
Ross Relic
Ross Relic 5 soat oldin
I know there is a lot more to the video than this but the interaction with Dorian Smiles in the woods is EXTREMELY similar to the classic interaction with a doppelganger described in Schubert's Der Doppelganger. Seeing one doppelganger has traditionally been a horrific experience like this and it's just cool to see it portrayed in a video because I've only heard it portrayed through song or writing. I LOVE this video.
Croissant 5 soat oldin
Eric Logeman
Eric Logeman 5 soat oldin
This is my favourite video. It feels like life
rd ctrlr レッドコントローラー
rd ctrlr レッドコントローラー 5 soat oldin
Haha, what?
ttam 809
ttam 809 5 soat oldin
Statement of Brian David Gilbert, regarding two mysterious spreadsheets
Mystic Dream
Mystic Dream 5 soat oldin
3:49 killed me 😂
HamsterMaster8 5 soat oldin
But Brian! How did you get that gorgeous 'stache?!
stella 5 soat oldin
As a Swede I feel very appreciated, thank you brian you good goofy boy :)
toot fruit
toot fruit 5 soat oldin
Brian David Gilbert sometimes (always) scares me with his videos
Natalia DaSilva
Natalia DaSilva 5 soat oldin
i love how nice he was to karen when she was stressing out about fucking up his hair
Vincent Brown
Vincent Brown 5 soat oldin
That mullet hairstyle looks like it shared a meal or 10 with Paul Revere
Bunnie Bie
Bunnie Bie 5 soat oldin
me first half: someone please show brian the curly girl method PLEASE me second half: aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA
queereon 5 soat oldin
I always laugh at 7:38.
Ethan Lee
Ethan Lee 5 soat oldin
Sure we could talk about Laura's goblin energy or Brian's being chaos incarnate, or even Patrick's knee slapping. But I can't stop replaying Patrick eating his wig at 1:13
Pantherkid 6 soat oldin
Really great that Sabin Figaro from FFVI gets some representation at 9:20
Big Skib
Big Skib 6 soat oldin
me at the start of this vid: man, I really wish BDG would try a mullet I bet he could work it me at 8:05: LETS GOOOOOO
JustKatanna 6 soat oldin
I needed more time with the mullet 😩
Carlos Augusto
Carlos Augusto 6 soat oldin
recino2 6 soat oldin
Fine and quarantine. I'm sure Emily Dickinson would be proud.
sophia w
sophia w 6 soat oldin
9:17 he looks like a founding father
Dalethesnail530 6 soat oldin
BDG my dude, you could do the shaved sides look, you got the head for it.
daemonCaptrix 6 soat oldin
Anyone else think Brian sounds like Paul Simon here?
Mick-Eric Boettge
Mick-Eric Boettge 6 soat oldin
air dry > blow dry
Lu 6 soat oldin
did it work? wish u luck