Kemaurion Walker
Kemaurion Walker 15 soat oldin
Me when I first saw this: shut up and take my money
JayEsAye 15 soat oldin
Can't wait to see ohm play against these
Addi Mel
Addi Mel 15 soat oldin
Dbd player: this is hard to watch
Eternal Evening
Eternal Evening 15 soat oldin
Well holy shit, that looks WAYYY better, a little bright but better.
Evermoore 16 soat oldin
I had a feeling
Logan Thayer
Logan Thayer 16 soat oldin
What are thay based on
Kujonen 16 soat oldin
Its kinda disgusting how much emphasis the trailer puts on it being "Exclusive" and "Time limited" even tho its a complete lie and outright false advertising
Spazzola 16 soat oldin
new killer?
Heaven Kabana
Heaven Kabana 17 soat oldin
i’ve been waiting for them to add a slender man type killer in this game for 5 years now..still waiting
Kevin Shan
Kevin Shan 17 soat oldin
That is the witcher mob right the gatekeeper in heart and stone
은하 17 soat oldin
crypr tv on another level.. 🙆
George Saffos
George Saffos 17 soat oldin
Now we come to the question. Is the Killer Mr. X, or Lady Dimitrescu?
John-Maddox Dupuis
John-Maddox Dupuis 17 soat oldin
SirChill 17 soat oldin
SirChill 17 soat oldin
Look see is POG
Lucids The Templar
Lucids The Templar 17 soat oldin
Bruh I wish it wasn't skins
Gwen 17 soat oldin
we want big mommy vampire
The Boss
The Boss 17 soat oldin
I'm not pissed about this chapter, but I'm hoping to god that X makes it in.
An!meGameR#27 17 soat oldin
What the hell whats the use i bought ghost face now how can i stalk with no dark
Im_Hyper 17 soat oldin
The look see looks badass
Protogen Gaming
Protogen Gaming 17 soat oldin
Would have loved for look-see to have been a killer instead. It would've worked better then being a skin with doctor which ruins the vibe
Junkichirou Joestar
Junkichirou Joestar 18 soat oldin
I love the lore for Ji-Woon, and his whole concept is very original and it's very great. Even if people say the killer is trash, it isn't all that bad to me, you just gotta practice and use him right! :D
Aruki Tsukaru
Aruki Tsukaru 18 soat oldin
Alexys Gonzalez
Alexys Gonzalez 18 soat oldin
Thats actually hella impressive
Poison Viper456
Poison Viper456 18 soat oldin
Do you think these will be limited time outfits?
m0nkey k1ng
m0nkey k1ng 18 soat oldin
My mans bill has been making waves
Unprepared 18 soat oldin
wtf holy crap
Aizen Delgado
Aizen Delgado 18 soat oldin
Like every killer hit me when I go to the window the killer gets from a far range
Aizen Delgado
Aizen Delgado 18 soat oldin
Please fix hit boxes please
Yasmin Chan
Yasmin Chan 18 soat oldin
Bought the premium pass almost instantly and I regret nothing
PLO Meatoad.
PLO Meatoad. 18 soat oldin
Outlast when?
xXZahnGamingXx 19 soat oldin
I just noticed. In the anime style he doesn't have lipstick.
Buccwitblicky 19 soat oldin
They could’ve or should’ve made look see a killer I would’ve bought him
Bernardo Lopes
Bernardo Lopes 19 soat oldin
No more blending...there goes any stealth play
G B 19 soat oldin
Why not have aponi as the spirit
Dean Strain
Dean Strain 19 soat oldin
I have a challenge with plague but I don’t have the plague
egggamer1800 19 soat oldin
If you don't release it will come take a piece
Theawkwarduck 19 soat oldin
elgnam 19 soat oldin
soo baaaaaaaaad
Pedro Netoo
Pedro Netoo 19 soat oldin
NO minuto 1:20 na sombra aparece 3 numeros 45 32 69 se você fizer a equação correta o resultado sera 45.4637681159 esse numero por sua vez abre um caminho
Dead Inside
Dead Inside 20 soat oldin
The doctor looks amazing!!!
Nhật Minh Phan
Nhật Minh Phan 20 soat oldin
Oh so we have a blind hunter:)))
CreepXD 20 soat oldin
crap when i saw the doctors top of the face I thought they added slendy for a sec
Criminalu GT
Criminalu GT 20 soat oldin
add vlad tepes killer
Criminalu GT
Criminalu GT 20 soat oldin
add vlad dracula killer to the game and mori with wooden spear
pepsi man
pepsi man 20 soat oldin
Yeah it doesnt look all that great but its still a good game
Sicilian Pie
Sicilian Pie 20 soat oldin
Legion should be Sunny Family Cult
Forgotten Kryos
Forgotten Kryos 20 soat oldin
Nemesis, please!
Gen Air!
Gen Air! 20 soat oldin
Who else can see James A Janisse from Dead Meat come to Dead by Daylight as a Survivor😂
Всеволод Афанасенко
Всеволод Афанасенко 20 soat oldin
Does anyone plays Had? I haven't seen her for years
RoScoYo1 21 soat oldin
Cool! Now we need a The Brute build on The Demogorgon!
night observer
night observer 21 soat oldin
Oh, now coldwind farm looks just like in cutscenes
Brawler Ho
Brawler Ho 21 soat oldin
Ethan Ibasco
Ethan Ibasco 21 soat oldin
"The Boomer"
Максутка 2005
Максутка 2005 21 soat oldin
Luke Weatherway
Luke Weatherway 21 soat oldin
This Bill skin is such a disappointment. It looks almost the same as his prestige outfit. They could have at least made him younger or something.
Invincible_VLTRM 21 soat oldin
The doctor is my favortite skin
The Unoriginal Pizza Guy
The Unoriginal Pizza Guy 21 soat oldin
I thought it was fan
Grimgor Ironhide
Grimgor Ironhide 21 soat oldin
REALLY cool tie in guys! Proud of you for collabing with eachother
Zac Barton
Zac Barton 21 soat oldin
So that is where all the money from the debugging team went! Thx bE, when will the game be playable again?!
Just Asking
Just Asking 21 soat oldin
OMG!!! Kill me now!!! 😍😍😍😍
They call me The Legion
They call me The Legion 21 soat oldin
0:33 sukuna
Chad P
Chad P 21 soat oldin
Y'all need to make a time rotating map where each gen that progresses the time changes. Daytime maps turn into Nighttime and Nighttime turn into Daytime.
goemon9378 22 soat oldin
1:31 the before actually looks scarier and more realistic to me
Ace Giron
Ace Giron 22 soat oldin
Lol. Why were those Killers camping? Thats such a bad idea/strat. You get one sure kill for what? 3 gens?
StaticMachina 22 soat oldin
can barely tell the difference with the old bill, why didn't you release his head as the younger version just as advertised? lol
Christopher Sabados
Christopher Sabados 22 soat oldin
That. Doctor skin is so cool
『 E r e n 』
『 E r e n 』 22 soat oldin
Ayo we want leon as a survivor and claire
Saku Raitonen
Saku Raitonen 22 soat oldin
Would like to see more outfits for Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. Also for Freddy Krueger. 🎃
Firewall 22 soat oldin
Octo 22 soat oldin
Big tall vampire lady?!?!?!?
Barry’s Sega Odyssey
Barry’s Sega Odyssey 22 soat oldin
This rift is trash what is with all the recolors
Main Sails
Main Sails 22 soat oldin
So are we all dead now?
Red The Redacted
Red The Redacted 22 soat oldin
Oh boy a killer named the trickster! I can't wait to trick people. Hopefully it's nothing like throwing knives haha that would be dumb
Gribzyy 22 soat oldin
Nitriveouse Gaming
Nitriveouse Gaming 22 soat oldin
Hey dbd. What if in the next tomb we have both Steve and Nancy as one story entry. And the video we collect is the drawing of the time they were with Johnathan in the first Season trying to kill the Demo. I think that would be really cool.
Crazy Taker
Crazy Taker 22 soat oldin
Finally a skin for Will overbeck
Scp - yogitrap
Scp - yogitrap 22 soat oldin
can you make a new killer and stop making skins for killers
롯데리아 화장실 잠수
롯데리아 화장실 잠수 22 soat oldin
Bill trust
Justice Murray-Young
Justice Murray-Young 22 soat oldin
This music makes me want to moonwalk while simultaneously brutally murdering someone