Pro Bowl Kid Reporters!
Carson Eichhorst
Carson Eichhorst 2 soat oldin
0:08 look its mr. Corvette Corvette
Ju Pin
Ju Pin 2 soat oldin
Nate got knocked out by a paul brother....
Smelly Feet
Smelly Feet 2 soat oldin
This is lame. Why not just watch it on real network tv? All this slime stuff has nothing to due with football.
Jake Lobban
Jake Lobban 2 soat oldin
Corvette corvette
loch rosa
loch rosa 3 soat oldin
No one wanted needed or asked for this
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 3 soat oldin
Thanks for posting this video....
candy soto
candy soto 3 soat oldin
As a lions fan, his drawing made me wanna commit die.
Sawyer TV
Sawyer TV 3 soat oldin
Mr.Ratings-Adjuster is scared of Aron Donald man
John Love
John Love 4 soat oldin
jordan love my cousin
Tiko 2.0
Tiko 2.0 5 soat oldin
Christian McCaffrey is the nicest person ever
stephen Lol
stephen Lol 6 soat oldin
Why does Patrick sound like he always needs to clear his throat
Toby Jennings
Toby Jennings 7 soat oldin
jorge brito
jorge brito 7 soat oldin
The stupid freon functionally rob because graphic selectively remain pro a expensive ladybug. loud, unkempt appeal
Egg Shell
Egg Shell 8 soat oldin
Aaron Donald once said 99
Byron Bighorse
Byron Bighorse 10 soat oldin
Tomlin- are you healthy? JuJu- yeah Juju is eating McDonald’s while talking to Tomlin Tomlin watching the video-BRUH
Joey Hudson
Joey Hudson 10 soat oldin
I wanna see kyler Murray react to his😂
Ahmed Alzubaidy
Ahmed Alzubaidy 10 soat oldin
Corvette corvette
ur dumber than i thought
ur dumber than i thought 4 soat oldin
clutch_versa_ rl
clutch_versa_ rl 10 soat oldin
Should've done TikTok Dances in 2021 for the whole NFL
The Underground
The Underground 11 soat oldin
As dude entering his late 20s I actually really found this enjoyable. I have been watching football since I was 10 years old but I really liked the analogies Nate used to breakdown the game. Kids got it good learning the game this way. I learned the game playing NFL 2K5 and watching the last few years Al Michaels and John Madden calling games together for the NFL.
Chase Derrow
Chase Derrow 12 soat oldin
Rojo wasn’t even close 😂
Poppy lover FTW
Poppy lover FTW 13 soat oldin
What the? Did he said the f word omg 😱 5:28
L M32
L M32 14 soat oldin
That seahawks logo 🤣🤣
Stanley Malbrough
Stanley Malbrough 15 soat oldin
Imagine Dante on defense 🤣🤣🤣🤣
MrScorched 15 soat oldin
corvette corvette...
ur dumber than i thought
ur dumber than i thought 4 soat oldin
Will Moran
Will Moran 16 soat oldin
Corvette Corvette
ur dumber than i thought
ur dumber than i thought 4 soat oldin
Jack Pasquale
Jack Pasquale 16 soat oldin
2:40 🤣
Jack Pasquale
Jack Pasquale 16 soat oldin
So many of these guys sucked at first are mostly great players now, like Josh Allen and Mike Geseki
Syphix Football Highlights
Syphix Football Highlights 17 soat oldin
Bruh this guy is completely wrong Drew Locke is the goat 💀
Murat Karatepe
Murat Karatepe 17 soat oldin
Browns vs Chiefs
Kanye West's Clone
Kanye West's Clone 19 soat oldin
Game is so trash. NFL should be embarrassed.2k had a down year and smashes madden
Cain Tim
Cain Tim 23 soat oldin
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Roger Fernandez
Roger Fernandez Kun oldin
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Yoboy Cookie
Yoboy Cookie Kun oldin
Patrick: the nerd Juju: the class clown Alvin: the quite kid Aaron: the bully
Empra Mcdade
Empra Mcdade Kun oldin
For reading abilities it's both Brady and Rodgers. Brady reads defenses well and Rodgers makes great decision making as well as heads up plays.
Kellian Campbell
Kellian Campbell Kun oldin
Nice theme song
Valin Townsend
Valin Townsend Kun oldin
He switched to 99 cuz he knew he was bout to get hit sticked lol
Robert Fouquet
Robert Fouquet Kun oldin
Brett Favre? I thought that was Clint Eastwood
alida flus
alida flus Kun oldin
Happy every day
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 3 soat oldin
This was cheesy but still way better than Joe Buck
Fishiboi Yee
Fishiboi Yee Kun oldin
“ family first” now it’s tik tok first for him lol
Mobile Sports Machine
Mobile Sports Machine Kun oldin
i cannot imagine having to explain the game of football during a live nfl broadcast, big ups to em for not losing their cool
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel Kun oldin
MAD underrated
Daniel Nava
Daniel Nava Kun oldin
Im going to need this more in the future just so my girlfriend can understand football better without me explaining it
Hockey_Bacon Dude
Hockey_Bacon Dude Kun oldin
corvet corvet
Chris Mumpower
Chris Mumpower Kun oldin
The slime when you score a touchdown is the best part. You might, however, want to remind kids that they shouldn't be saying the word that Cordarelle Patterson said...
alida flus
alida flus Kun oldin
wow.... i wish i learned football like this
The SkrubLords
The SkrubLords Kun oldin
I loved this
Smokie 24
Smokie 24 Kun oldin
We have him now, Derrick Henry.
Kit Fisto
Kit Fisto Kun oldin
Corvette Corvette
ur dumber than i thought
ur dumber than i thought 4 soat oldin
Mad Kun oldin
ur dumber than i thought
ur dumber than i thought 4 soat oldin
Gary B
Gary B Kun oldin
James De Martini
James De Martini Kun oldin
this is great! Good way to get young kids into the sport!
Tic Kun oldin
You mean corvette first, family second
ur dumber than i thought
ur dumber than i thought 4 soat oldin
Alfonso Resurreccion
Alfonso Resurreccion Kun oldin
Do you think since more CTE studies are coming out, that less parents are putting their kids into football? And if so, do you think they’re using kids network to draw back in the kids to play?
SkuppyTXC Kun oldin
2:45 epic fighting tactic
Kurt Heitman
Kurt Heitman Kun oldin
Did they kneel before the game?
ThatKidWitTheAfro Kun oldin
......maybe I’m too negative. Maybe the inner child in me been dead too long but this is annoying 😂
Jeffery Olsen
Jeffery Olsen Kun oldin
Ill take Tom in the 2 min drill over russel
Nick Rutsky
Nick Rutsky Kun oldin
Back here now that Baker, Josh Allen, and Lamar are all top 10 quarterbacks
Dhu l-Qarnain
Dhu l-Qarnain Kun oldin
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Steven Carnevale
Steven Carnevale Kun oldin
I’m gonna be upset if they don’t turn Calvin Ridley to at least an 87 after his previous season
Aaron Gudino
Aaron Gudino Kun oldin
POV: Mahomes is actually a 50 overall and Mitchell Trubisky is a 99 overall Also Aaron Donald must destroy his girlfriend in bed
Jmag ination
Jmag ination Kun oldin
"those slime cannons are epic!" thats what she said
Rayaan Hussain
Rayaan Hussain Kun oldin
whAt tHe FuCkK
chris garcia
chris garcia Kun oldin
Am I the only one that’s want to see him legit train and break into 5 second times?😂
Commander Doom
Commander Doom Kun oldin
The NFL must have lost a lot of viewers.
El Gordo
El Gordo Kun oldin
corvette corvette
ur dumber than i thought
ur dumber than i thought 4 soat oldin
HERF Central
HERF Central Kun oldin
Alternative title: every bad play from the NFC east
Jon Raye
Jon Raye Kun oldin
Nfl is getting desperate
ChrisFSP Kun oldin
Jimmy don’t want no part of this. He knows
ChrisFSP Kun oldin
seemypoo109 no cap
seemypoo109 no cap Kun oldin
Jefferson: wait Kirk, lemme show you how it’s down
CJCHU Kun oldin
“See kids, what just happened there was the linebacker severed the running backs Achilles heel in two, and that’s why his foot is dangling off his leg like that! Now let’s see that hit again, but this time with slime!”
SanFranFan30 2 kun oldin
This was not as ridiculous as I thought it was gonna be.
Abraham 2 kun oldin
He shoulda done the “corvette corvette” when he got drafted
ur dumber than i thought
ur dumber than i thought 4 soat oldin
Michael Maciej
Michael Maciej 2 kun oldin
corvette corvette
ur dumber than i thought
ur dumber than i thought 4 soat oldin
J Ravens
J Ravens 2 kun oldin
God bless Jesus loves and has a plan for all!
Steven Untch
Steven Untch 2 kun oldin
This was cheesy but still way better than Joe Buck
Rhonda Frank
Rhonda Frank 2 kun oldin
Man Sf Wr Drew The Easier Logo And Failed
Owen Shirley
Owen Shirley 2 kun oldin
jesus christ aaron donald is huge
The Yeeter
The Yeeter 2 kun oldin
Juju went from family first to tik tok first😂😂😂😂
Bhumika Mohanty
Bhumika Mohanty 2 kun oldin
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