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Virtual Hiring Event
Lot J Fails Final Vote
V T 13 daqiqa oldin
The difference being that the Capital police encouraged the protesters, removed gates, and waved them in, and then fired on them. There is footage of this, and its unfortunate people died. RIP. But it was another false narrative the left needed to go after Trump once more. Keep an eye out for the Pelosi laptop🇺🇸
Lindstheteacher 21 daqiqa oldin
Yet child porn exists?
Leyla Leyla
Leyla Leyla 22 daqiqa oldin
Precious baby gorilla 😍
Maya Indo-Wolf
Maya Indo-Wolf 24 daqiqa oldin
Queen. Kristal
Queen. Kristal 25 daqiqa oldin
Uhmmm the point is the man stole doesn’t matter how much the chains are worth .stop trying to turn it on the owner.just stealing a candy bar can get your a several hundred fine.
Prince Numius
Prince Numius 25 daqiqa oldin
Them chains ain't worth no 15,000 🤣😂 liers 😂🤣
Some Guy
Some Guy 25 daqiqa oldin
Show up on time.
Chris Rice
Chris Rice 26 daqiqa oldin
I think if this did go on social media they would have not been fired but because it did I think they was kinda forced to do something like this
Jr Rose
Jr Rose 36 daqiqa oldin
Ha...of course
Cathie Leah
Cathie Leah 39 daqiqa oldin
i will forever be grateful to mercerjoan09 on !G for helping me and my family with the stimulus check
Cathie Leah
Cathie Leah 40 daqiqa oldin
i will forever be grateful to mercerjoan09 on !nsta for helping me and my family with the stimulus check
Sandy Daggs
Sandy Daggs 40 daqiqa oldin
Sandy Daggs
Sandy Daggs 38 daqiqa oldin
I did not get the $600 moore, Oklahoma has my direct deposit info please check with them
Lynn Young
Lynn Young 43 daqiqa oldin
Everyone's Level of disrespect is different She step over her level One quick slap gave her a fast one Well expected What when woman thought when she threw that drink but I he end results of a slap as needed ‼️
Miss Shop saver
Miss Shop saver 58 daqiqa oldin
I’m sorry but I believe the 3 people who got bell palsy over the evil news
Bill D
Bill D Soat oldin
These evils should burn in hell
Америка со всех сторон.
Америка со всех сторон. Soat oldin
Capital riot was organized by antifa and BLM dressed like trump supporters
Royalty Princess
Royalty Princess Soat oldin
Trump voice this fake news
Royalty Princess
Royalty Princess Soat oldin
The government trying to poison us with this china vaccine
Америка со всех сторон.
Америка со всех сторон. Soat oldin
BLM are criminals
Америка со всех сторон.
Америка со всех сторон. Soat oldin
Stop discrimination of white people
Америка со всех сторон.
Америка со всех сторон. Soat oldin
Stop black racists
aThinking Millennial
aThinking Millennial Soat oldin
Its going to get worse once Biden lets them all in the country and opens the boarders up. 3rd world USA here we come.
Reginald Linnette
Reginald Linnette Soat oldin
They shouldn’t have been terminated for that, they could of written them up or suspended them
Jelani Omari
Jelani Omari Soat oldin
Why should we claim the money on our taxes ? That don't make sense
Maniac50AE Soat oldin
I love how theres so much to talk about on this video and yet every comment is about the $15k claim the owner made
Darvin Molina
Darvin Molina Soat oldin
The customer isn’t always right
Mark S. Roop
Mark S. Roop Soat oldin
What makes one do evil? Nature or nurture?
Rose Soat oldin
F'ing liars!!
Michelle Soat oldin
So every video like this one is shown on UZpost with not a care in this world but this video wasn't shown smh Oh I know y....
WinterySoda 2 soat oldin
Jst like in resident evil 7
Leon King
Leon King 2 soat oldin
Slippers count!
GI Jane
GI Jane 2 soat oldin
That outgoing President idiot is President Trump say his name right and remember it!
Apologetically J.Muirsgrand
Apologetically J.Muirsgrand 2 soat oldin
Law and Order for????🧐
SmokeDawgg 2 soat oldin
I hope the dog was OK.
Jerome Lund
Jerome Lund 2 soat oldin
"When you listen to FOOLS, the MOB rules!!!" Ronnie James Dio
Fish Out of Water
Fish Out of Water 2 soat oldin
Richard Padget
Richard Padget 2 soat oldin
The city needs to paint over every bit of that bulshit
Bella Grace
Bella Grace 2 soat oldin
Amazing that three of those ugly necklaces is worth $15,000. A nice piece of 18k over silver looks just as good and price is around $100. A fool and his money is soon parted, but in this case it was free except the jail time.
Randy Savage
Randy Savage 2 soat oldin
Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh!!☝🏼
Leslie thats me
Leslie thats me 2 soat oldin
Dump the Trump rally January 6th 11:00 a.m. the guy carrying the lectern was part of that was at the Capitol building breaking in before President Trump stopped talking.. he said go peacefully and patriotically to show you Congress your support. 600 Trump rallies not $1 of damage. BLM caused one trillion dollars in damages for the last year setting fire to America wake up America wake up wake up wake up wake up
Leslie thats me
Leslie thats me 2 soat oldin
The FBI is already confirmed they wasn't dump the Trump insurgent antifa BLM protest on January 6th at the Washington monument at 11:00 a.m. and that guy carrying a lectern and John Sullivan and many many other BLM and antifa agitators were at the Capitol building before Trump finished speaking
Leslie thats me
Leslie thats me 2 soat oldin
The guy carrying Nancy pelosi's lectern is a BLM supporter and there's photo proof
george mihaita
george mihaita 2 soat oldin
Another feminist bites the dust.
Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen
Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen 2 soat oldin
1:48 Besondere
Tina Bishop
Tina Bishop 2 soat oldin
okay, so look up what Oregon's gov. Kate Brown told the State today !
Aisha Mohamed
Aisha Mohamed 2 soat oldin
In Islam we're taught if a Man kills a fellow brother or sister it is as if he has killed the whole humanity. May Allah guide him the devil won that day💔
Richmond Breya
Richmond Breya 2 soat oldin
I mean Alexis wasn’t a victim let her tell it. She said her kidnapper gave her a good upbringing and she still calls the lady mom. What is she getting paid for? Her biological mother was the victim. Her child was stolen.
Tia Clarke
Tia Clarke 3 soat oldin
Damn that was slick!
John Fish
John Fish 3 soat oldin
My two pit bulls are professional cat killers, it took them 2 months to kill every cat on my block.
Josh Walker
Josh Walker 3 soat oldin
The masks are all about brainwashing us into compliance
Gay Vladka Putina
Gay Vladka Putina 3 soat oldin
Had they all simply gone to a financial advisor and invested the hundreds of millions of dollars in low-risk mutual funds, they'd all be able to live large off the interest and avoid all this stupidity.
special ED
special ED 3 soat oldin
Arrested because of the skin colour
BAD GOY 3 soat oldin
Any jewelry store that is between JCPenny and RubyTuesday... Case closed
Shen Trey
Shen Trey 3 soat oldin
Fbi is the ss of America- USA is racist towards white people - and nancy is the hitler
Beer Can Full of Toes
Beer Can Full of Toes 3 soat oldin
It is the drivers responsibility to do a pre-trip check of the truck before departing. His fault for not reporting issues that caused it. It was probably the naked wife in the truck the distracted him in whatever way though.
ziala915 3 soat oldin
She completed her order!? And she eat the food? Hmm ok
who cares
who cares 3 soat oldin
Another fake victim looking to get paid. Sad!
Black Bass
Black Bass 3 soat oldin
Karen Karen Karen - and all the rest of you chumps - if you mess with us - you will be corrected! Stop your foolishness.
John Doe
John Doe 4 soat oldin
BLM still right ?
Ray Torres
Ray Torres 4 soat oldin
Anyone who has HATE in their dark 🖤 towards a brother or sister is a Murderer. And a murderer has no eternal life. 1 John 3:15
george talley II
george talley II 4 soat oldin
Maximous Decimous
Maximous Decimous 4 soat oldin
Trust index go f yourself puppets
Karen K
Karen K 4 soat oldin
Dumb when we all saw the whole video.
TheThoman Man
TheThoman Man 4 soat oldin
This is why I tell my children don't trust the police.
kayonthetrack 4 soat oldin
mans removed that stock for dat ADS💯
Kvngjr20 4 soat oldin
so still gotta file for the $600 if u got sent it sent to a old bank account thats closed?
Kvngjr20 4 soat oldin
They should be able to fix this
Josimar Taylor
Josimar Taylor 4 soat oldin
Cap 🧢 15k 😂😂😂
Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart 4 soat oldin
Sorry, it did not have to. He should have stayed in his home where he was safe and called police to assist. I would have shot too. He was not a "monster"....but went out there looking for trouble and didn't think about it rationally. He was not protecting his home.
Carla Costa
Carla Costa 4 soat oldin
Turn yourselves in! The FBI will find you! Idiots!
Foreign BROKEBOIS 4 soat oldin
Who’s here from ace
slayerr4365 4 soat oldin
The only example of where I think guns have a place to protect your home. Too bad cant be that simple
Jaxdash Bolt
Jaxdash Bolt 4 soat oldin
Arispotle 4 soat oldin
Anyone justifying the sks man... just ask yourself this: If a car parked outside your house for a few minutes, would you grab a gun and go out there, tap on the car with said gun and point it at the occupants? If you do, you've got a death wish, and that's on you.
Christopher Ritchie
Christopher Ritchie 4 soat oldin
@3:30 can't they go after their tax returns and social security when they turn 65? any retirement plans?
Socalkid socal
Socalkid socal 4 soat oldin
I would like to purchase a rebel flag, an Al Qaida flag, an Isis flag, a Hakenkreuz (you newbees call it swastika) or a hammer and sicle flag. But I will pay top $ for the rebel flag because its not just anti American but also treasonous.
OtakuMan hakdre55
OtakuMan hakdre55 4 soat oldin
Gotta give it to the thieves, they were as slick as grease... kek
Louis Potter
Louis Potter 4 soat oldin
It’s an inside job. Ted Cruz opened the gates for them. Get him out of office!
John Dale
John Dale 4 soat oldin
HELPME100 4 soat oldin
Talented young man, some things could never be released