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Toy Story 4 Ever
carlos eduardo teixeira
carlos eduardo teixeira 12 daqiqa oldin
sad won't be on theaters
Libitina Venus
Libitina Venus 32 daqiqa oldin
AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! 😂 He said “Don’t worry, you can crush a soul here. That’s what life on Earth is for”. Honestly that’s the line that’s convinced me to watch this movie
•Lola• 56 daqiqa oldin
Make me cry :( ^^
Nicky Lykky
Nicky Lykky Soat oldin
Parce ese tráiler estuvo muy salvaje mi so
Jude Lucero
Jude Lucero Soat oldin
Plot twist: It's Lionel Richie's Life story
August Hottinger
August Hottinger Soat oldin
The dogs face when he was pet with love instead of being abused made me start sobbing i stg
Quiiverr Soat oldin
the middle school administration after he fell: "the counts off, there's one soul missing"
Leo Gt
Leo Gt Soat oldin
So basically Pixar is inventing religions? First coco now this
sean duffy
sean duffy 2 soat oldin
1:32 is that guy voiced by whoever voices onion from apple and onion
NICHOLAS D'AURIA 2 soat oldin
I. Can. Not. Wait. To. See. This.
TheMainChow 2 soat oldin
Did anyone else get this in their recommended?
Chaos Chile
Chaos Chile 2 soat oldin
This is actually a Great Eye Opener for the Adults who thinks Teenagers and Kids can't get Depression
che e
che e 2 soat oldin
This is beautiful 🌹✨👏❤️❤️
Madan Mohan
Madan Mohan 3 soat oldin
Ty Pixar for bringing such good movies💙❤️❤️
Messias Oliveira
Messias Oliveira 3 soat oldin
I love you
• siimplyviolet •
• siimplyviolet • 3 soat oldin
i remember going to the theater to watch incredibles 2 and this popped up and we almost left cause we thought we had entered the wrong room lol
FM Nsc
FM Nsc 3 soat oldin
nine... nine years ago...
TRY TO UNDERSTAND yaar 3 soat oldin
Doctor Black's train 🚅 🤣
MisoRamensama 4 soat oldin
there go berlin in the movie!
Gaming Server Gigatita
Gaming Server Gigatita 4 soat oldin
Gg Pixar au top
MarcDogy fan Patoxxo fan
MarcDogy fan Patoxxo fan 4 soat oldin
Please monsters inc 2:return of boo
Zixea 4 soat oldin
Disney: yeah we are progressive! Look we have a black character! Also Disney: ok lets turn them into a completely different thing within 10 minutes of the movie.
Cat 3 soat oldin
Woo woo! Thanks Disney, for the blob at least he's not a frog.
Alejandra Mina
Alejandra Mina 5 soat oldin
The video is so 😢 but is verry cute.
Hyanggi Lee
Hyanggi Lee 6 soat oldin
Xavier Ezra
Xavier Ezra 6 soat oldin
Soul same with coco
RhysDX 6 soat oldin
The slapping face is joke is incredibly unfunny. And I don’t get the joke at the end But this still looks very good
MikeTheGameDev 7 soat oldin
Put 2x
gopal krsna
gopal krsna 7 soat oldin
pixar has wrong concept of soul. I dont know but if they referred from spiritual texts.
Laddawan Promdontri
Laddawan Promdontri 7 soat oldin
Okuyasu eating Tonio's food
J D 7 soat oldin
Combat Carl vs Covid19
Count Ortiz
Count Ortiz 7 soat oldin
I Can imagine atticus and trent reznor trying not to sound dark to make a Disney movie Ost ...
Jelle Timmermans
Jelle Timmermans 7 soat oldin
Why is that main music motive/riff in the latter part of the trailer so gooood. I got it stuck in my head from thr first watch!
Nighat Mahmud Munmun
Nighat Mahmud Munmun 8 soat oldin
I'm screaming inside of my head.. Wow wow wow.. When it's come to entertainment😎🎭, i think 2020 isn't that bad at all. It's full of surprises. Yay✧⁺⸜(●˙▾˙●)⸝⁺✧ waiting for some zigzag felling. Yahoooo..... 🤘let's rock baby (˘³˘)♥
Naveen Boddu
Naveen Boddu 8 soat oldin
that's what Hinduism says
Attack on Hype
Attack on Hype 8 soat oldin
1:30 you can really hear Onion from cartoon network Apple and Onion
Zaire Franklin
Zaire Franklin 8 soat oldin
Me the end of the video trying not to cry:😳
Aayan 9 soat oldin
Will this be dubbed in hindi on Disney plus VIP subscription
Francis Xavier Redondo
Francis Xavier Redondo 10 soat oldin
The future movies are looking promising like Raya and the last dragon and Soul
Shakthi Rithish
Shakthi Rithish 10 soat oldin
i Love Disney Movies ! Waiting For Soul!
jackiemations yt
jackiemations yt 11 soat oldin
S.Naveen Kumar
S.Naveen Kumar 11 soat oldin
No Smell, No Taste Test once for corona!
Ксения 11 soat oldin
Я рыдала не останавливаясь😭 Этот мультик прекрасен!
KLM Rayisoon
KLM Rayisoon 12 soat oldin
Plot twist: he's electro
Teemkrass t
Teemkrass t 12 soat oldin
Грусный мультик😪😔😭, и тут русские есть?
Muks 12 soat oldin
is nobody gonna talk about how this is one of the first Pixar movies to take place in and explore a giant city and also PG-13 rating??
CHARA DRYMUR 13 soat oldin
Prahar Patel
Prahar Patel 13 soat oldin
Pixar 😍
Billbo Kam
Billbo Kam 13 soat oldin
The Brain of Pixar hopefully bring us another masterpiece like they always do, from Toy Story To Onward To This!
CHEESYbread 13 soat oldin
Pixar's gonna make us cry again
Thiea Arantxa
Thiea Arantxa 14 soat oldin
me: nothing could top Inside Out this movie: *exists* me: O.o
A Cactus
A Cactus 14 soat oldin
i can already tell that this movie is probably gonna make me cry
Pokegames 0_0
Pokegames 0_0 14 soat oldin
Keep this pg guys this is pg13
logu kumar
logu kumar 14 soat oldin
தமிழில் வடிவேலு தான் குரல் குடுக்கனும்
Mico Bike
Mico Bike 15 soat oldin
♻️ "Exodus 34: 7 who keeps his grace for a thousand generations, who forgives iniquity, rebellion and sin, but does not hold the culprit innocent, because he punishes the sin of parents in their children's children and children, until the third and the fourth generation. " We see clearly the idea is the assumption of reincarnation, reincarnation and the key to understanding certain issues. For example, we can quote the text of Exodus that says about the 3rd and 4th generation will spy / receive the guilt of the 1st generation of the ancestors. Exodus shows that there is a sequence proving that we are heirs to our past faults.
AlinBri98 15 soat oldin
Lol his mouth didn’t move at the end good job 👏 2:11
Lamar Brumfield
Lamar Brumfield 15 soat oldin
oh I love Disney cars
Lamar Brumfield
Lamar Brumfield 15 soat oldin
Iyou love Disney cars
Lee gaming*
Lee gaming* 16 soat oldin
Evouzer Memet
Evouzer Memet 16 soat oldin
Even after 2006 had passed, he still looked like a rookie until today.
Park Mindo
Park Mindo 17 soat oldin
The visuals here is better than the real life wow 😭
Jose Nicaragua
Jose Nicaragua 17 soat oldin
But, where's AJR :"(?
pptuber123 henrique
pptuber123 henrique 17 soat oldin
Nossa vei eu chorei muito #love
anton bennett
anton bennett 17 soat oldin
thank you Pixar made me smile and cry, been along time
S.H.H. 18 soat oldin
Denim Van Buren-Milarii
Denim Van Buren-Milarii 18 soat oldin
The music in this is better than the one for elastagirl and mr incredible
Glauce Carvalho
Glauce Carvalho 18 soat oldin
Anna Lafuente
Anna Lafuente 18 soat oldin
cant wait to be sad on christmas
lee seng kit
lee seng kit 21 soat oldin
Disney onwards the Phoenix gem 🔥💎 Disney raya and the last dragon the dragon 🐉💎
ThunderVR 21 soat oldin
Zoe 21 soat oldin
Richard Ayoade????
Digital Eyes
Digital Eyes 21 soat oldin
It's Anny
It's Anny 21 soat oldin
They're just hating on this because its Mexican
Luigi Marinus Gaming
Luigi Marinus Gaming 21 soat oldin
At the end of Soul, when Joe becomes John Cena
-błøødÿ büńž-
-błøødÿ büńž- 21 soat oldin
Louis’s Engine: Haha Ears Go Brrr
Adie 21 soat oldin
Black culture, too? Let's go
Jerad Turner
Jerad Turner 21 soat oldin
0:17 favorite part
foldingwishes 22 soat oldin
Why no one is getting on you for literally dehumanizing black people boggles my mind. Sony Pictures Animation did it right with Spiderman Multiverse. Your glory days ended a long time ago while everyone else around you matured and updated how they see everything, artistically and morally.
Marcus Cheng
Marcus Cheng 19 soat oldin
Everyone, boycott this sacrilegious film Soul for religious blasphemy, religious insensitivity and misleading God's people! Pete Docter is a disgrace to all Christians worldwide for teaching the very forbidden concept of reincarnation and life before human birth and enabling Lasseter's misdeeds against women, children and interns. @Pixar Be very afraid for you have angered God by violating the tenets of His Order of Creation and the Catholic Church. All Christians, God and the Vatican are watching your every move.
DearMissAzlin 2016
DearMissAzlin 2016 22 soat oldin
Autistic Gal is really autistic totally
Autistic Gal is really autistic totally 23 soat oldin
I wonder if Disney plans on giving Joe a Caucasian wife and a biracial daughter?
Heilen Méndez
Heilen Méndez 23 soat oldin