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Toby Cosmo
Toby Cosmo 18 soat oldin
How many racists did you hire for this one?
Damian La Rocca
Damian La Rocca 18 soat oldin
Que es esta basura???!!!
Toby Cosmo
Toby Cosmo 18 soat oldin
Why is Lucasfilm defending vile despicable racists? I guess im done purchasing ANYTHING Star Wars
Toby Cosmo
Toby Cosmo 18 soat oldin
RDawg007 18 soat oldin
Does Phasma have the beskar spear?
Gary Leavens
Gary Leavens 18 soat oldin
Anakin was made by the force, but Thrawn was created from passion.
LIRDCE 18 soat oldin
Too many meme in this trailer
Mad Society20294
Mad Society20294 18 soat oldin
Wow 3k likes probably bots
Lord Baryonyx
Lord Baryonyx 18 soat oldin
The Old Republic was 1000× Much better than this era. The High Republic gets a D-
L DR 19 soat oldin
Woke trash. Hard pass.
Exult LD
Exult LD 19 soat oldin
How u gonna get a Qui Gon saber and get ppl who don't even no the lines like BRUH. No, I Am Your Father.
Brayden B
Brayden B 19 soat oldin
VODE AN this is the way
Good Monday
Good Monday 19 soat oldin
o /l\ ll
Rais Hills
Rais Hills 19 soat oldin
0:08 Cal Krestis
raijinmeister 19 soat oldin
Oh, the comments are still on. Take this dislike, by the way. Disney knows sith about Star Wars.
Robert Nickel
Robert Nickel 20 soat oldin
Here in 2021. Rewatching, seemed fitting to watch the trailer before starting Ghosts of Geonosis. Still sends chills, great trailer.
nilocblue 20 soat oldin
When I get sad thinking about the new Star Wars trilogy and its utter cinematic failure, I come to this, and "there is still hope"...
Ethan Nance
Ethan Nance 20 soat oldin
This was just the movie
thirteenth doctor
thirteenth doctor 20 soat oldin
You thought it was snoke who made the first order but it was I dio wait wrong franchise
Nathan Jarman
Nathan Jarman 20 soat oldin
I do love it when an actual racist makes it onto the star wars show :)
Noel Thörnqvist
Noel Thörnqvist 20 soat oldin
If star wars doesn’t make a comeback i will personally go John Wick and game end disney
Bestnightcoreofalltime 20 soat oldin
Great Disaster....hmmm hey disney i have a great idea maybe there is a galactical blackfriday and the Jedis lose their jobs 🤷🏼‍♂️ And than they have to be space vikings 🤷🏼‍♂️ Dont know dont care wont watching it anyway.
Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds 20 soat oldin
Mirialan? More like Mary Sue
MC TDAWG 20 soat oldin
Im out. DISNEY/StarWars, Kennedy still haven't figured out what drives a good Jedi story. I don't want a youngster or female lead.
Damian Adams
Damian Adams 20 soat oldin
Burn new Republic books Star war have a black racist person writing your books
Darth Jaycen
Darth Jaycen 20 soat oldin
Fun fact: Plo Koon would be physically 17 or 18 in this time period
GreyFensir Wulf
GreyFensir Wulf 21 soat oldin
How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man? 44k likes vs 30k likes for Starwars media? OOF.
BlueSpeed12 21 soat oldin
I'v seen fanfic on wattpad tell a better story than this.
Ken Peters
Ken Peters 21 soat oldin
Who doesn’t love Mark.
OKANOWOK et HORTHEX 21 soat oldin
The better STAR WARS
SgtSlimThicc 21 soat oldin
so why this on my recommended
Dom McCb
Dom McCb 21 soat oldin
Same the movie was shite
Bemnet Ayele
Bemnet Ayele 21 soat oldin
Anniversary of trailer coming out a year and 2 days ago
Xavier 21 soat oldin
Great other ignorant that hate people based on their color skin, great job disney
Darth GrumpBert
Darth GrumpBert 21 soat oldin
2021 Chills 'n' Feels
MicroClases 21 soat oldin
Lazy writing
Personified Ape
Personified Ape 21 soat oldin
Thank you Justina and Krystina for giving me the heads up before I invested any of my time and money into this rubbish. You said I won’t like it so I’m assuming it’s rubbish. The time saved I’ll try and unlock Darth Maul. Cheers see ya!
Lauren Fisher
Lauren Fisher 21 soat oldin
35:19 thunderstorm ⛈
Ognjen Tanasković
Ognjen Tanasković 21 soat oldin
0:05 Why is this scene so familiar...
Matthew Andersen
Matthew Andersen 22 soat oldin
Is even funnier now that he’s publicly said he hates the sequels
Galvatron1117 22 soat oldin
Hey idiots, I'm not saying fire her, but at least don't be hypocrites.
Xander Fulton
Xander Fulton 22 soat oldin
We are all the republic 😁
Star Wars Re-Edited
Star Wars Re-Edited 22 soat oldin
Lol people are not even giving this series a chance. I mean, I’m not all that excited about Jedi vs Space Vikings, but we have to wait and see if the series will be good. Most people are hating on this series, not because of the quality of the books but because of political views. Disgusting behavior by some of these people
Star Wars Re-Edited
Star Wars Re-Edited 18 soat oldin
@Winter Now I’m not saying it isn’t. Not gonna lie, High Republic only looks kinda good at best, but at least from my personal experience, most of the hate is politics-related.
Winter Now
Winter Now 20 soat oldin
@Star Wars Re-Edited as I said before, many of the critical voices aren't political. For someone who thinks that this is no time or place for politics, you're clearly incapable of facing the fact that much of the criticism here is legit.
Star Wars Re-Edited
Star Wars Re-Edited 20 soat oldin
@Winter Now LOL exactly! Give it a chance, leave politics out of this! That’s literally what I said! Give it a chance. Clearly you haven’t been reading my replies correctly
Winter Now
Winter Now 21 soat oldin
@Star Wars Re-Edited LOL obviously you forgot about what you wrote. Most people hate this series because of politics - what you said.
Star Wars Re-Edited
Star Wars Re-Edited 22 soat oldin
@Winter Now lol yes it is.
Speeding Atheist
Speeding Atheist 22 soat oldin
Hey Krystyna, gonna talk about the monolithic block of white people some more?
Jory 22 soat oldin
Look how they massacred my boy.
Denise Allison Stout
Denise Allison Stout 23 soat oldin
When is Lucasfilm gonna stop hiring all these racists writers...
Shaleen Srivastava
Shaleen Srivastava 23 soat oldin
Watch @corridorcrew for vfx of luke
Zelda64 Star Wars Yugioh Dragonball & More
Zelda64 Star Wars Yugioh Dragonball & More 23 soat oldin
Boycott Disney star wars
Zelda64 Star Wars Yugioh Dragonball & More
Zelda64 Star Wars Yugioh Dragonball & More 23 soat oldin
Ben Solo is garbage, Ben Skywalker Lukes son is only Ben after Kenobi real fans regard
Denise Allison Stout
Denise Allison Stout 23 soat oldin
Anti-white Star Wars yeah... I’m definitely not spending any money on this garbage...
Victor Vincent
Victor Vincent 23 soat oldin
Ratioed still
Eggy Patrick
Eggy Patrick 23 soat oldin
Those last four episodes were pure perfection, cant say the same about the other episodes tho
Denise Allison Stout
Denise Allison Stout 23 soat oldin
Nancy Alwood
Nancy Alwood 23 soat oldin
Why in the hell would you delete this? Memorable with character development. What am I missing?
Ahsoka Skywalker
Ahsoka Skywalker 23 soat oldin
EP9👏WORST👏STAR👏WARS👏”FILM”👏EVER. Somehow beat out Ep8?!?
filifard the great
filifard the great Kun oldin
5:24 "A mentor and his teacher"
toplamp Kun oldin
7 years and a few months later.
DarkerTC Kun oldin
There watched the movie in 2 mins
R. S.
R. S. Kun oldin
Marc Field
Marc Field Kun oldin
Just another of those that should have been left in.
Theoret1cal Kun oldin
Anti white racism is still racism
Prince Bernal
Prince Bernal Kun oldin
I wish I was there 😥 because I'm a fan
Timon Heidema
Timon Heidema Kun oldin
"Rogue One is my favorite too! Less me and more fun!" Is that some shade to the Sequel Trilogy?
Porgleader1 Kun oldin
we will prevail
Jacob Gálvez
Jacob Gálvez Kun oldin
Out of all the possibilities that The Force Awakens set up for, and we got The Last Jedi afterwards....then it just disjointed the entire trilogy. Such utterly wasted potential....
Stardust Skywalker
Stardust Skywalker Kun oldin
Racism against white people is still racism I’m done with Star Wars and Disney
Alo Alo
Alo Alo Kun oldin
Star wars why are you employing racists like Krystina Arielle ?
Henry Louis
Henry Louis 22 soat oldin
@Goldthwait Higginson Dorr White privilege is a real thing. It is the societal privilege that benefits white people over POCs in society, also, I don't care if your ancestors were miners and farmers. White privilege is real and it's a problem now in modern-day society.
Goldthwait Higginson Dorr
Goldthwait Higginson Dorr 22 soat oldin
revalidate your life for thinking "white privilege" is an actual thing, I'll tell that to my ancestors who were all farmers or miners
Dr. Drip 2 Electric Buggaloo
Dr. Drip 2 Electric Buggaloo 23 soat oldin
Definitely done with star wars lmao
Henry Louis
Henry Louis Kun oldin
She's not racist, all she did was to call out white privilege and white supremacy. If calling that stuff out is racism to you, then you should revalidate your life.
ČŠŽ ŽŠČ Kun oldin
This is parody ?
ČŠŽ ŽŠČ Kun oldin
This is BAD
DDDA CREW Kun oldin
Looking back at this trailer: I ask why was Maul in it? Fair enough if Thrawn and Maul were part of the same storyline but literally they had nothing to do with each other. I'm also glad they didnt it would of been horribly cliche if they had teamed up. Maul's story was perfection and his goal was just kill Obi Wan
Alhareth Aljanabi
Alhareth Aljanabi Kun oldin
I played this game 247
Giorno Frog
Giorno Frog Kun oldin
Imagine if Cody shows up as an Imperial Clone Trooper. Think about what would be going through Hunter and Echo's minds. Oh god
Alejandro Perez
Alejandro Perez Kun oldin
Disney still sacrificing depth & purpose for some cheap thrills. Read issue #1. Not impressed at all. This is Star Wars not the knights of the round table. I wonder what Filoni thinks about this. Let's face it, he is the heir to the empire!
Henry Louis
Henry Louis Kun oldin
I think he likes it.
Alo Alo
Alo Alo Kun oldin
Those authors of high republic want cancel Filoni and Favreau.
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Kun oldin
Use the force luke close your eyes and shoot
Nick 13
Nick 13 Kun oldin
5:55 this is so relatable
?????? Kun oldin
And of course, youtube recommends a new hope
John McCarthy
John McCarthy Kun oldin
“We are the guardians of peace and 𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐞”.
Joshua Lord
Joshua Lord Kun oldin
Shame no one gives a s**t about the rise of rey isn't it
AHKIDA Moonlight
AHKIDA Moonlight Kun oldin
Wow this is going to be trash all ready know it. I was hoping for decent story telling.
Nilton Villanueva
Nilton Villanueva Kun oldin
de lo peor!!!